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Chapter 1029: Impasse

    Chapter 1029: Impasse

    With a movement technique, Felicitous Rain Lord quickly appeared in front of Yi Yun and company. He was very surprised and glad seeing Yi Yun here.

    “Yi Yun, you have come to the Door to the 33 Skies as well. Furthermore…you have managed to come this far unscathed.” Felicitous Rain Lord revealed a relieved look. He felt regretful bringing Yi Yun here after realizing that his assessment of the difficulty of the Azure Wood Great World had been seriously lacking.

    Especially with the Door to the 33 Skies, it was strange and fraught with danger. Unless one was a Supremacy, it would prove a challenge to survive—many warriors much stronger than Yi Yun had died, so it was hard to be optimistic about Yi Yun’s safety.

    However, he never expected that Yi Yun was not only alive but that he wasn’t injured at all.

    “I managed to get here on luck due to some fortuitous opportunities. However, I’m trapped in this plains of death as well. I wonder if Master has made any discoveries while in here?”

    “Discoveries?” Felicitous Rain Lord shook his head with a wry smile. “I’m not sure if it’s considered a discovery, but I’ll let you take a look…”

    As Felicitous Rain Lord said that, he grabbed Yi Yun’s arm and flew into the sky with him. In an instant, Yi Yun reached a height a hundred thousand feet into the sky. Yi Yun had not dared to fly into the sky above the plains of death, but to a Divine Lord, be it any demonic fumes or evil entities, none could approach him because of his powerful protective Yuan Qi.

    While overlooking high up in the air, Yi Yun was surprised to see nine black tumultuous rivers meandering in a way that surrounded the plains fifty kilometers away.

    The black river water was like an anaconda that devoured everything. Large swaths of land from the river banks were collapsing…

    “This is…”

    “These nine rivers have completely sealed off every path in the plains, making it difficult to escape this land, even for us. We thought of killing the bronze giant, but he’s too strong…”

    Felicitous Rain Lord said while he brought Yi Yun back down. At that moment, several Divine Lords and the Supremacies that were led by them had rushed here as well.

    “This punk.” Demonic Eye Divine Lord revealed a look of surprise. Although Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple was weak and unworthy to catch his eye, he had never expected that such a junior had managed to come so far alive.

    “I must be seeing things.” Daoist You Ming had been injured himself while Yi Yun had remained unscathed. This contrast made Daoist You Ming feel like coughing a mouthful of blood.

    And at that moment in time, Yi Yun saw You Feihua amongst the crowd!

    “You Feihua had managed to survive as well?”

    You Feihua had obviously seen Yi Yun too. As the saying goes, sparks fly when enemies meet. You Feihua believed him dead, but he never expected Yi Yun was fine and dandy.

    You Feihua had a special communication method with his father, Daoist You Ming. When he reached an impasse, he had contacted his father, who had paid a terrible price to save him. Hence, You Feihua had managed to luckily survive. What about Yi Yun?

    The Heavenly Sword Divine Lord from the Immortal Rain Sect descended from the skies as well.

    He looked good for his age and his figure was upright. He exuded an extremely keen aura as he swept his sword-like gaze at Yi Yun. “Felicitous Rain, is this your disciple?”

    “This is the Immortal Rain Sect’s Heavenly Sword Divine Lord, Shi Xuanji.” Felicitous Rain Lord tersely introduced him before he fell silent.

    Shi Xuanji looked at Yi Yun and suddenly asked, “Lad, did you see members of my Immortal Rain Sect here?”

    Yi Yun’s heart thumped. The members of the Immortal Rain Sect?

    He had obviously seen them. They had melted into the River Styx, turning to bone dregs, which were eventually absorbed by the bronze giant.

    “About that, I never encountered them at all.”

    Yi Yun answered earnestly.

    “Is that so…” Shi Xuanji frowned. He did not completely believe Yi Yun’s words, but no matter how much he permitted his imagination to run wild, he would never have expected that his disciples and grand-disciples had been killed because of Yi Yun’s machinations. It did not make any sense.

    “I wonder what happened to those fellows.” Shi Xuanji muttered to himself. He was somewhat worried. He could ignore most of the juniors, but Marquis Wu Yun was someone he thought highly of. It would be a pity if he died.

    “Master, don’t worry. Junior Brother Wu Yun might not have entered the Door to the 33 Skies at all.”

    Standing beside Shi Xuanji, a man with a cultivation level at half-step Supremacy spoke. He was Shi Xuanji’s personal disciple.

    “Hopefully.” Shi Xuanji shook his head, but suddenly—


    A loud blast boomed like thunder. People turned their heads in aghast as they saw the bronze giant roar at the sky. He had brandished his gigantic ax and cleaved at a metallic chain!

    Clang! Clang! Clang!

    The gigantic ax cleaved down, again and again, causing the metallic chains to tremble violently. The burning sparks caused by the crashing of metal spewed into the blue sky!

    Finally, with a bang that sounded ten times louder, the chain suddenly broke as though it was in response to the sound!

    A chain that had existed but unaffected by the hundreds of millions of years it had seen had now been cleaved apart by the bronze giant’s strikes!

    “Oh no!”

    Everyone felt their hearts sink when they saw this scene.

    The giant was freeing himself!

    With the Azure Wood Great World on the brink of destruction and the world’s divine tree being chopped at, these chains could no longer trap the bronze giant.

    It appeared as though the bronze giant had expended a great deal of strength to break the chain. He suddenly looked up and with a cold gaze, he glanced at everyone present.

    This glance made everyone’s blood flow accelerate. Apart from the Divine Lords present, who could face it calmly, the rest found it suffocating.

    What terrifying mental powers!

    “He is escaping.”

    “Slashing a chain has drained a lot of his energy. But the speed which he can quickly gather his strength again and continue is worrisome.”

    The Divine Lords and Supremacies present were overwhelmed by danger. It was no longer as simple as being trapped here. If this continued on, they would all be dead in a matter of days.

    “We might really be on the verge of death. It’s all because of all you outsiders that triggered the Azure Wood Manor’s seals and provided large amounts of flesh and blood as nutrients for the bronze giant. It’s because of you that this world is being destroyed at a faster rate.”

    “Who are you?” Demonic Eye Divine Lord looked at Granny Yin.

    “I’m one of the descendants of the orthodox Azure Wood Manor.” At that moment in time, Granny Yin’s identity was no longer worth concealing.

    “Descendants of the Azure Wood Manor?” Demonic Eye Divine Lord had heard of the Azure Wood Manor previously. He watched Granny Yin and Yue Yingsha with a strange look. “It’s no wonder that punk managed to safely come all the way here. As descendants of the Azure Wood Manor, you are able to avoid any dangers that you are aware of in the Door to the 33 Skies.”

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord’s comment enlightened many. You Feihua scoffed disgruntledly, “So that’s the reason. I was wondering how impressive this punk was. He came this far because he’s a toy boy. Then, there’s nothing inspiring about that.”

    You Feihua was a sworn enemy of Yi Yun, so there was no need for him to mince his words.

    “What do you know!?” Yue Yingsha glared angrily at You Feihua, who had not only humiliated Yi Yun, he had also demeaned her.

    “Stop arguing. What’s important now is to escape this land of death.” Heavenly Sword Divine Lord spoke. He was mainly looking at Granny Yin, whom he believed was likely able to provide suggestions of value.

    Granny Yin said, “Yi Yun, the idea was raised by you. I’ll leave the honors to you.”

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