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Chapter 1030: The Way Out

    Chapter 1030: The Way Out

    “Oh? What sort of idea can you have?” Demonic Eye Divine Lord looked at Yi Yun with disbelief hidden in his heart. What could Yi Yun do when a Divine Lord was powerless against the circumstances?

    “Yi Yun, tell us about it,” said Felicitous Rain Lord as he trained his gaze on his disciple.

    Immediately, everyone’s eyes were on Yi Yun.

    Yi Yun said as he pointed to Yue Yingsha, “This is Miss Yue Yingsha, the female saint of the Azure Wood Manor. She has mentioned to me of means to awaken the divine tree from records described in their sect’s canon. The divine tree is connected to the chains, allowing it to imprison the bronze giant here. Now, the divine tree’s slumber has given the bronze giant an opportunity. It has been chopping at the divine tree and absorbing energy. If the divine tree can be awakened once again, it might be possible to restrain the bronze giant.”

    All the Divine Lords and Supremacies were left somewhat astonished when they heard his words.

    “How is the divine tree awakened?” asked Rime Immortal Lord.

    “A restricted zone has to be entered, and it should be located in the core of the divine tree,” replied Yi Yun.

    Isn’t the divine tree’s core the spot where the bronze giant is chopping at!?

    “How can anyone reach that place!?” Daoist You Ming barked angrily.

    He had been severely injured simply from having the bronze giant nullify his combined attack with the other Supremacies.

    Even Divine Lords would find it difficult to enter the restricted zone.

    The restricted zone was indeed considered the most perilous of perilous grounds. And it was the reason why Yi Yun had spoken of the matter so directly.

    Without Felicitous Rain Lord or the other three Divine Lords’ help, it was only wishful thinking for Yi Yun and Yue Yingsha to enter the restricted zone with their meager strength.

    “A restricted zone mentioned in the Azure Wood Manor’s canon? Lass, are you sure there are records of such matters in your sect?” Demonic Eye Divine Lord asked as he gave Yue Yingsha a questioning look.

    His gaze was like a ghost’s as if he could see through a person’s heart.

    Yue Yingsha did not speak. Instead, she silently prostrated herself and with a pious expression, she gently placed her milky-white hands on the ground.

    Slowly, a strange aura exuded from Yue Yingsha’s body. It resembled the divine tree’s as it began to resonate with the Azure Wood Great World in a certain way.

    Lush green grass grew around her body demarcated by her long hair that sprawled across the ground.

    “It’s the divine tree’s aura,” said Rime Immortal Lord.

    Yue Yingsha had the divine tree’s bloodline, so what she said was likely true as well.

    “I see,” Demonic Eye Divine Lord said as he stroked his chin. “Although it will be extremely difficult, it might be possible to achieve it at great risk. I’ll bring you into the restricted zone.”

    He knew very clearly what the restricted zone meant to the Azure Wood Manor. It was definitely a treasure trove of possible opportunities inside. He could search for them if he entered it.

    “Demonic Eye, stop dreaming!” Shi Xuanji said with a cold grunt. “You certainly won’t be the first person to enter the restricted zone!”

    As Shi Xuanji said that, his eyes flickered with a strange glimmer. He, too, was very interested in the restricted zone.

    All the Divine Lords present had guessed that the Door to the 33 Skies had an extraordinary origin. It possessed mighty power despite its fearsome perils.

    Furthermore, they knew that there had been a discovery of a mark left behind by a peerless warrior from an earlier exploration of the Azure Wood Great World. Those who had seen the mark had gained tremendously! Even a proud figure like Felicitous Rain Lord had lamented his own inadequacies when he saw the mark.

    The secrets contained within the Door to the 33 Skies was unlikely to have nothing to do with that peerless warrior.

    “All of you are interested in entering the restricted zone. Then who is to restrain the bronze giant?” said Felicitous Rain Lord coldly. The bronze giant was not someone even the combined efforts of the four Divine Lords could oppose. If someone had any malicious schemes in mind, everyone would definitely die in the land of doom once the plan failed.

    “Restrain the bronze giant? Hmph! So I’ll hold back the bronze giant and let others explore the restricted zone? Impossible!” hissed Demonic Eye Divine Lord. He gave a meaningful glance at Shi Xuanji as he said with a sinister smile, “Old Man Shi, I know that entry is something you want as well.”

    Shi Xuanji did not betray his thoughts on his face. All he did was stroke his beard and remain silent. He indeed wanted to gain entry as well.

    At that moment, Yue Yingsha spoke out. “Seniors, the restricted zone isn’t a place anyone can enter. It has to be opened by me, and to enter the area, the recognition of the Sacred Ancestor has to be obtained. In fact, it would be difficult even for me to enter the restricted zone.”

    When Yue Yingsha came to a pause, she looked at Yi Yun. The scene of the Sacred Ancestor’s phantom image facing Yi Yun had left behind an impression in her heart that could not be obliterated!

    “And to this point, I know as well that Yi Yun is the person most capable of entering the restricted zone and awakening the divine tree.”


    Before anyone else commented on Yue Yingsha’s words, You Feihua was the first to scoff involuntarily. “Him? This punk can gain the recognition that Divine Lords can’t? What bullshit is that!?”

    “That’s right. What sort of logic is that? Divine Lords are the chosen ones. There are few in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, and even if Yi Yun has some talent, he is currently a Divine Lord’s disciple. He’s still far from being a Divine Lord!”

    There were Supremacies from the Fey Phantasm Sect that said disdainfully. Many of them had no chance of becoming Divine Lords unless they had a great fortuitous encounter.

    Most personal disciples of Divine Lords could not become Divine Lords as the chances were too slim.

    “What sort of logic is it to say that Yi Yun, instead of my Master, will gain your Sacred Ancestor’s recognition?” At that moment, Shi Xuanji’s personal disciple spoke. His name was Shi Yuheng. As a Divine Lord’s personal disciple, he was naturally inclined to compare himself with Yi Yun, even though his cultivation level and age far exceeded Yi Yun’s.

    “The reason you ask…” Yue Yingsha glanced at Granny Yin and saw her nod her head slightly. She gritted her teeth and took out the portrait scroll. “This is a portrait scroll that has the Sacred Ancestor’s power sealed in it! Only those recognized by the Sacred Ancestor can trigger its power.”

    “Isn’t it just a portrait? Is that what you were talking about? How would I know if you pulled any tricks on it?” You Feihua cocked his eyebrows. A portrait was sufficient to prove that Yi Yun was more qualified than them?

    At that moment, a sharp look flashed in Felicitous Rain Lord’s eyes as he said, “This portrait has great power sealed in it! The aura of this energy…”

    A look of excitement suddenly surfaced on Felicitous Rain Lord’s usually composed face. “It’s really that esteemed senior!”

    Felicitous Rain Lord had once witnessed a mark left behind by a mighty figure on his first trip to the Azure Wood Great World. He had come here once again to seek that mighty figure.

    Yi Yun had once heard Felicitous Rain Lord mention that the mighty figure was situated at the peak of martial arts in his heart!

    “Young Lady, may I take a look at that portrait?” said Felicitous Rain Lord sincerely. He was filled with respect toward that mysterious senior.

    Yue Yingsha hesitated for a moment before she nodded. The portrait left behind by the Sacred Ancestor was nearly indestructible. It had been proven by the Azure Wood Manor a long time ago, so Yue Yingsha was not worried about letting others take a look at it.

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