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Chapter 1031: Rivers Entering Oceans

    Chapter 1031: Rivers Entering Oceans

    Felicitous Rain Lord received the portrait solemnly. With the portrait in his hands, Felicitous Rain Lord could sense a much stronger aura than previously.

    His trip here to the Azure Wood Great World was to seek and find more traces of this senior. He even believed that the senior might actually be still alive.

    Felicitous Rain Lord was in pursuing her, as well as the pinnacle of martial arts.

    “I see. This senior is the Sacred Ancestor who created the Azure Wood Great World…” said Felicitous Rain Lord as he reflected with mixed emotions. Even as a powerful Divine Lord, one was unable to plant such a divine tree or create such a large world.

    But that senior had managed to do it. How far had she attained in martial arts…?

    Felicitous Rain Lord stood silently for a long time with the portrait in hand.

    Yi Yun noticed subtle transformations in Felicitous Rain Lord’s aura. It was a mystery what sort of enlightenment or thoughts he had while holding the portrait.

    “To be able to see this portrait is sufficient to lift the weight off my chest,” said Felicitous Rain Lord as he handed the portrait back to Yue Yingsha.

    “Felicitous Rain, aren’t you going to attempt at triggering the portrait?” asked Shi Xuanji.

    Felicitous Rain Lord only said with a sneer, “Isn’t the lot of you just hoping to enter the restricted zone? Is there a need to hide your intentions? Give a shot if you want to.”

    Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord had sullen expressions when they heard Felicitous Rain Lord’s unminced words.

    But how could they willingly give up on obtaining the portrait’s recognition like Felicitous Rain Lord?

    At that moment, Shi Yuheng said, “As a lacking junior, I would like to broaden my horizons by having a look at the Sacred Ancestor’s portrait.”

    When he said that, he noticed a satisfied gaze casting at him from Shi Xuanji.

    It was previously not appropriate for Shi Xuanji to make any comment, but a disciple of his would not have been inhibited in such a manner.

    On the other hand, Demonic Eye Divine Lord frowned. It was fool’s talk for Shi Yuheng to enter the restricted zone even if he were to obtain the portrait’s recognition.

    Yue Yingsha was somewhat hesitant, but Yi Yun said, “Let him broaden his horizons.”

    Shi Yuheng received the portrait and immediately sensed the immense power sealed within.

    “It indeed has an extraordinary aura.” Shi Yuheng’s eyes flashed a look of anticipation. If he were to gain the recognition of the portrait, it was possible for him to find an opportunity after entering the restricted zone. It could make him become a Divine Lord!

    “It sure isn’t simple to awaken this portrait.” Shi Yuheng sensed that there were no array formations or talismanic seals contained inside the portrait. It was like a tightly shut door without a lock. All one needed to do to enter was push it open.

    “This portrait can be activated as long as Yuan Qi is injected into it. It must have been a lucky fluke for Yi Yun to stumble across a method,” said Shi Yuheng confidently.

    Shi Yuheng did not think much of the Azure Wood Manor that had already waned for years. It might have been quite an impressive existence in the past, but by Yue Yingsha’s generation, it already couldn’t amount to much. After all, all they had was an old granny that had one foot in the grave and a young lass. A sect treasure that they valued greatly wasn’t necessarily difficult to activate. With a void of talent in the Azure Wood Manor, the two womenfolk who had encountered a lucked out Yi Yun must have believed that he had gained the recognition of the Sacred Ancestor.

    “How difficult can it be to obtain the recognition?” Shi Yuheng injected his Yuan Qi with confidence after he finished probing the portrait’s aura thoroughly.

    However…the portrait did not react as time slowly ticked by.

    “Oh?” Shi Yuheng furrowed his brows as he continued injecting… Gradually, his heart was beginning to pound like a drum.

    With the portrait not responding to his efforts, he could no longer remain composed with his master, three other Divine Lords, and everyone else staring at him.

    He increased the quantity of Yuan Qi he injected, sending torrential amounts of Yuan Qi into the portrait. As Shi Yuheng held the portrait, his face gradually turned pale. Yet, there was no reaction from the portrait at all.

    “What’s going on!?” Shi Yuheng did not believe that his hunch was wrong. Even if he were unable to obtain its recognition, he was certain that the portrait would react to him at the very least. Now, it was like a rock sinking into the immense ocean. His face was beginning to turn hot from his fluster as a result of the portrait’s inaction!

    At that moment, a drawn out comment from Yi Yun entered his ears. “Time is of the essence. How long do you want us to wait?”

    As Yi Yun spoke, the tumultuous sounds of the chains began clanging once again.

    “It seems like Brother Yuheng has failed. Let me do it!” You Feihua said with a gleeful laugh as he grabbed the portrait.

    Following that, a red glow blasted out from his ghastly claws that wrapped the entire portrait within!

    Countless phantom images appeared from the ghastly claws, and one could vaguely hear shrieking and howling screams.

    These ghastly claws appeared like they could devour everything. As it enveloped the portrait, the phantoms were constantly boring into the portrait.

    “I refuse to believe that a portrait will remain unresponsive after withstanding such a technique of mine.”

    You Feihua chuckled. It was surprising how brutal and intense his technique was at triggering the portrait.

    “What are you doing!?”

    Yue Yingsha turned anxious. You Feihua’s disrespect of a divine artifact left by the Sacred Ancestor was truly contemptible. Having just opened her mouth, she heard an explosion before she could even put in another word!


    The phantom images emitted shrill cries as though an invisible power had exorcised them from within. As the phantoms gradually transformed into smoke that dissipated, You Feihua’s ghastly claw immediately crumbled.

    The oppressive power did not decline in momentum as it ruthlessly sent You Feihua flying!

    In front of absolute power, You Feihua’s protective Yuan Qi was like paper that could be easily shredded and torn. Simultaneously a beam of light surged into his body and before he hit the ground, he had spat out a mouthful of black blood with a cry. The flesh around his chest had been left mangled!

    “Feihua!” Daoist You Ming’s figure flashed as he hurriedly caught You Feihua.

    You Feihua’s face was as white as sheets as he trembled constantly.

    Daoist You Ming probed his pulse and immediately, his expression sank. You Feihua was in a terrible state. Thankfully, You Feihua had only suffered the lashback of his own attack, preserving his life. The portrait was extremely strange. If the portrait’s power had inundated You Feihua’s body, it was unknown how terrifying the outcome would have been.

    “Hmph! Useless! Give it to me.” Demonic Eye Divine Lord beckoned with his hand as he grabbed the portrait that flew into his hand.

    A glimmer flashed in Shi Xuanji’s eyes, but he did not prohibit it.

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord wiped the contempt from his heart. Having grabbed the portrait, he sensed the aura contained within the portrait. His expression changed as well before he commented, “Although the portrait is bizarre, I do not believe that all my strength will not be able to trigger its power!”

    As Demonic Eye Divine Lord spoke, his eyes flashed. Black Yuan Qi burst out from his body and like the roaring rivers outside the Door to the 33 Skies, Yuan Qi surged into the portrait.

    “This old ghoul is actually using his ‘Heaven Opening Demonic Technique’. He is already giving his all.” Shi Xuanji watched from the side. ‘Heaven Opening Demonic Technique’ was a trump card of Demonic Eye Divine Lord’s, and it was also the core heritage of the Fey Phantasm Sect. The effects were extraordinary which made Shi Xuanji fear that Demonic Eye Divine Lord would snatch the opportunity of being the first to activate the portrait. If that happened, he might not have a chance of entering the restricted zone.

    However, with the passage of time, the spate of Demonic Eye Divine Lord’s energy steadily vanished inside the portrait. Yet, nothing happened to it. It was as though it was situated in a different time and space, and it was unknown where all the immense Yuan Qi it absorbed from a Divine Lord had gone.

    If Demonic Eye Divine Lord’s Yuan Qi was like a roaring river, the portrait was like a tumultuous ocean. Regardless of the amount of water the river unloaded into it, the water would completely disappear into the ocean, as though nothing had happened.

    This lamentable feeling dealt a great setback to Demonic Eye Divine Lord. However, he refused to admit defeat after coming so far.

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord spent a full fifteen minutes with sweat beads covering his forehead. Yet, the portrait remained unresponsive. This scene had left many people astounded.

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord had use of all his strength that was redoubtable and terrifying. Typical enchanted treasures would have exploded well before this point. Even top treasures would be glimmering with light as if they would shoot towards the sky. However, not a single stir had happened despite all the energy that had been injected into the portrait!

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord finally gave up. His expression was extremely ugly. He had been ostentatious with his words, but it was to no avail despite having squeezed every bit of his strength.

    “Demonic Eye, it seems unlikely that you will obtain the portrait’s recognition. Let me give it a shot.” Before the portrait landed, Shi Xuanji had already waved his hand.

    “Law of Rain.”

    Rain droplets that looked like an illusionary fog enveloped the portrait. The nomological concept contained in the raindrops had changed the space around the portrait, turning it into a world of rain.

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord had failed with an energy attempt, so Shi Xuanji had attempted using laws!

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord watched coldly. Although he had failed, he did not believe that Shi Xuanji would succeed. The portrait was odd. It was no wonder Felicitous Rain Lord did not even make an attempt.

    Upon thinking of that, Demonic Eye Divine Lord glanced at Yi Yun.

    Did this kid really obtain the portrait’s recognition?

    Shi Xuanji engulfed the portrait with his law, but soon, he realized that the raindrops did not touch the portrait at all. The raindrops would dissipate just before making contact.

    In his domain of rain, his law was the only law in the domain, effectively making him a god of the domain. Yet, the portrait did not become a part of his domain.

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