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Chapter 1032: Staking Everything on One Bet

    Chapter 1032: Staking Everything on One Bet

    “Shi Xuanji, it appears as though the portrait isn’t impressed with your law of rain.” Demonic Eye drew out the sentence he said.

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord was naturally glad to repay the mockery Shi Xuanji had given to him moments ago.

    “Hmph!” Shi Xuanji grunted coldly. The domain of rain immediately changed as the raindrops merged together to become a fog that enveloped the portrait completely.

    The foggy rain underwent constant changes, going from rain to clouds, and back.

    “Shi Xuanji is going all out now.” Rime Divine Lord thought to herself as she watched silently. Shi Xuanji was beginning to use his trump card, an extremely extraordinary form of the law of rain.

    At that moment, the portrait suddenly shook while inside the rainy fog. The scene delighted Shi Xuanji. The expressions on Demonic Eye Divine Lord and Rime Divine Lord’s face changed slightly as well.

    “Haha, it looks like my master has gained the recognition of the portrait!” Shi Yuheng said with a laugh.

    His failure from before had embarrassed him. He had been standing silently in a corner, but now, with his master, Shi Xuanji, obtaining the recognition of the portrait, he felt he had finally regained some of his dignity.

    A look of joy suffused across Shi Xuanji’s face as well. “This is destiny. It looks like I’ll have to enter the restricted zone after gaining the qualifications!”

    Upon hearing the smugness in Shi Xuanji’s voice, Demonic Eye Divine Lord’s eyes flashed viciously. Shi Xuanji was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He refused to permit Shi Xuanji from entering the restricted zone while he stayed outside to restrain the bronze giant.

    Just as Shi Xuanji was planning to conjure a few more Dao patterns for injection into the portrait, it emitted a dazzling light. Suddenly, with a whoosh, the portrait flew out of the blob of mist.

    The portrait had turned into a stream of dark gold light and flew to Yi Yun as he grabbed it in hand.

    Immediately, everyone was dumbfounded.

    The smiles on Shi Xuanji and Shi Yuheng’s faces froze.

    Yi Yun had only a cultivation level at half-step Dao Manifestation, so how was he able to snatch the portrait from a Divine Lord’s hands? It could only be possible that the portrait had fled from Shi Xuanji’s domain to enter Yi Yun’s hand.

    At that moment, the portrait in Yi Yun’s hand emitted a resplendent rainbow beam!

    The beam of light contained an immense and majestic power of genesis. As for Yi Yun, he was bathed in the rainbow light, as though he had merged as one with the portrait.

    The scene was astounding!

    “Sacred Ancestor…” Yue Yingsha’s expression turned pious as she watched the rainbow light.

    Granny Yin did the same as she watched with a solemn and respectful expression.

    However, Shi Xuanji and Shi Yuheng had nasty expressions on their faces. They had tried every means possible, but they had failed to activate the portrait. Yet, it emitted such an astounding light in Yi Yun’s hand. They only realized how terrifying the power contained within the portrait was after witnessing it in person!

    They also gradually came to understand that Yi Yun was turning impatient after seeing them mess with the portrait for so long without any results. Yi Yun had beckoned for the portrait, which caused it to tremble. It had nothing to do with Shi Xuanji. It was a figurative smacking of Shi Xuanji’s old face!

    “Shi Xuanji, it looks like you have failed as well.” Demonic Eye Divine Lord said with a tone of schadenfreude.

    “I was just making an attempt too! This portrait doesn’t care about cultivation levels, and it might have its own preferences.” Shi Xuanji said with a cold grunt.

    He did not even look at Yi Yun as he had lost all of his dignity today.

    Slowly, the light from the portrait converged into the portrait. In the meantime, Yi Yun sensed the existence of a vague connection between him and the portrait.

    “I told all of you earlier that none of you would succeed, but you refused to believe. In the end, wouldn’t Yi Yun be the only one entering?” Granny Yin said with a sneer. She never had any good feelings for outsiders. Furthermore, the two old fools had their noses so high up in the air that one could see straight to their brains. They had also shown complete disrespect to her sect’s sacred item. Besides, they did not take to heart what they as descendants of the Azure Wood Manor had said. These people made her mortified and hateful.

    Compared to Yi Yun, who was also an outsider, they were hundreds, if not thousands of times inferior.

    “Let him enter?”

    Shi Yuheng had disgraced himself once again by speaking too soon. He could have ignored it if the person were another Divine Lord, but who was Granny Yin? Did she have the right to mock them?

    He said disdainfully, “There are so many Divine Lord seniors and Supremacies here. Are their lives now dependent on a warrior at the half-step Dao Manifestation realm? Furthermore, it’s only speculatory. Would he really turn the tides after he enters the restricted zone?”

    “That’s right. His strength is weak and the awakening of the divine tree is just a legend. Who knows what mishaps might happen midway. Who can shoulder such a heavy responsibility!?” Daoist You Ming said fiercely as he glared viciously at Yi Yun.

    The other Supremacies from the Fey Phantasm Sect echoed his sentiment.

    Yi Yun’s cultivation level was too low. As people who felt self-important, how could they be assured to leave their lives in the hands of Yi Yun?

    Against the doubts, Yi Yun said calmly, “If you have other methods to resolve the situation, you are free to use them.”

    “How dare you, boy…”

    Just as Daoist You Ming was about to say something, his body clamped up from Felicitous Rain Lord’s cold stare. He did not dare to speak further.

    “Yi Yun is right. Although this plan might not necessarily succeed, it is the only way out of our predicament. If you do not want to leave, then stay behind and await your deaths,” said Felicitous Rain Lord.

    With Felicitous Rain Lord speaking, all the Supremacies from the Fey Phantasm Sect quickly fell silent.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    The bronze giant was attempting to release himself from his chains once again. The sound shook space itself as the ground ruptured from the quakes.

    Felicitous Rain Lord swept his glance across Demonic Eye Divine Lord and company and said coldly, “The moment the bronze giant escapes, none of us will survive. Today, the only glimmer of hope is coming from Yi Yun. We can work together and help him and the Azure Wood Manor’s saint to have a chance at entering the restricted zone.”

    Rime Divine Lord’s expression was as cold as always. She only took a step forward and gave Yi Yun a cursory glance without saying a word. However, she had made her intention clear.

    With the situation before him, Shi Xuanji could only harrumph coldly as he glared at Yi Yun and warned, “Boy, you are not to fail.”

    As for Demonic Eye Divine Lord, he said lightly, “In that case, let’s go according to plan.”

    Compared to letting the other Divine Lords gain recognition of what lay await, Demonic Eye Divine Lord was more willing for Yi Yun to enter the restricted zone.

    He glanced at Yi Yun with a deep, meaningful look. Yi Yun was only at the half-step Dao Manifestation realm, an ant that he could easily crush.

    Only Yi Yun’s master, Felicitous Rain Lord, was problematic.

    But if push came to shove…

    Felicitous Rain Lord looked at Yi Yun with a warm and gentle gaze. He said, “Yi Yun, since you are the senior’s chosen one, go ahead and enter the restricted zone.”

    “Yes, Master,” said Yi Yun with a nod.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    The bronze giant had once again gathered enough strength to make another desperate attempt to relieve himself of his chains!


    Another chain on the bronze giant’s body issued a cracking sound!

    The plummeting chain crashed heavily into the ground, causing the hearts and minds of everyone to palpitate.

    “Roar!” The bronze giant brandished his gigantic ax as he roared into the sky!

    “No time to waste. Attack!”

    With sword in hand, Felicitous Rain Lord flew up into the sky!

    Before the action began, Yi Yun sensed someone staring at him. It was as though a devil was glaring at him from hell.

    Yi Yun turned his head and noticed Demonic Eye Divine Lord looking at him nonchalantly before he smiled.

    “This Demonic Eye Divine Lord…”

    Yi Yun ignored him. Now, with a formidable foe in front of them, Demonic Eye Divine Lord had to curb any of his nefarious intentions.

    “Let’s go!” Demonic Eye Divine Lord flew into the sky as well.

    The other Divine Lords followed while the Fey Phantasm Sect’s Supremacies took up formation once again.

    Instantly, all sorts of attacks were hurled at the bronze giant!

    The color of the sky changed.

    And in front of the destructive barrage of attacks, the bronze giant looked coldly at these mortal warriors. With his feet planted to the ground, he brandished his giant ax!

    A terrifying typhoon stirred as the ax tore a rift in the sky!

    “Let’s go too,” said Yi Yun as he turned his head towards Yue Yingsha.

    She gave a heavy nod.

    They had to reach the core trunk of the divine tree while the bronze giant was preoccupied in his battle with the Divine Lords!

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