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Chapter 1035: Danger

    Chapter 1035: Danger

    When Yi Yun’s consciousness merged with the divine tree completely, he was able to have a full appreciation of the immense lifeforce the divine tree possessed. It was like a limitless ocean and he was like a tiny boat floating in the ocean in the face of the divine tree. He was too minute.

    Yi Yun sensed that the Purple Crystal inside of him had already fused with the divine tree, as though he had already come into contact with the divine tree’s soul.


    The divine tree that had existed for hundreds of millions of years had its Origins slumbering for such a prolonged time that as the Purple Crystal’s controller, Yi Yun, was unable to awaken it despite having the Purple Crystal fuse with it.

    “Is it because I’m too weak?”

    Yi Yun perceived the Realm Rock that was wrapped by the gigantic root network. As long as he could awaken the divine tree, its immense lifeforce would be transmitted into the Realm Rock through the massive root network.

    But now, the Realm Rock was constantly cracking and continuing its collapse. As for Yi Yun, he was unable to awaken the divine tree…

    This made Yi Yun anxious as Felicitous Rain Lord was still engaging in a life-and-death battle outside. All hope was on him, but he was unable to awaken the divine tree.

    Yi Yun took a deep breath. His spiritual energy felt like it was slamming into a thick and dense wall. His constant attempts were to no avail as the divine tree remained asleep…

    “It’s still not enough!”

    Yi Yun endured the tremors that his soul and soul sea experienced with every impact. His forehead was already covered in sweat.

    Standing beside Yi Yun, Yue Yingsha and Chu He had seen all that had happened. They sensed that Yi Yun had encountered difficulties during the awakening process. Although Yi Yun was covered in radiant light, and his spiritual energy had already integrated with the divine tree, there was no response from the divine tree. If this carried on, Yi Yun’s strength would eventually run out. No one could withstand such an immense drain of spiritual energy.

    And the weaker he became, the more unlikely it was to awaken the divine tree.

    “Sis, what do we do…?” Chu He asked when she saw Yi Yun’s face gradually turn pale. She had learned from Yue Yingsha the gist of what had happened. Yue Yingsha prostrated herself as she prayed piously. As the Azure Wood Great World’s Saint, she was unable to do a thing.

    “A hundred million years ago, Her Excellency had awoken the divine tree, but now…the moment of the Azure Wood Great World’s destruction is approaching but the divine tree has been slumbering for an even longer period of time. It’s probably much more difficult to awaken it than a hundred million years ago…” Yue Yingsha muttered to herself.

    Her heart sank as she recalled how the Saint that had awoken the divine tree was far superior to Yi Yun in terms of strength. Furthermore, with the increased difficulty, did Yi Yun have a chance of success? Perhaps it was only she who was having wishful and naive thoughts…


    At that moment, in the exterior world!


    With a mighty roar, the bronze giant cleaved down with his gigantic ax which clashed with several beams of divine light.

    And in this energy storm, Daoist You Ming and the other Supremacies from the Fey Phantasm Sect let out tragic cries. They were slammed to the ground ruthlessly from mid-air.

    Despite being Supremacies, they were no different from ants while in the presence of the bronze giant. As for Demonic Eye Divine Lord and company, they had sullen and grim expressions.

    “The bronze giant is constantly absorbing the River Styx’s water. The restraint the divine tree has on him is weakening as well. We are beginning to be disadvantaged!” said Shi Xuanji.

    The four Divine Lords were previously able to barely withstand the bronze giant’s attacks, but now, they were beginning to find it tough. They could be heavily injured if they lost concentration!

    “Felicitous Rain, your disciple has already entered the restricted zone, right? Why has nothing happened?” Shi Xuanji asked Felicitous Rain Lord.

    “Hmph! Letting a warrior at the half-step Dao Manifestation realm shoulder our lives was a joke, to begin with.” Demonic Eye Divine Lord said fumingly. He was still upset over his inability to awaken the portrait.

    “It’s pointless grumbling. Now, the only thing we can do is to continue holding the bronze giant back and buy time for Yi Yun,” said Felicitous Rain Lord coldly.

    “We can’t last much longer. If your disciple hasn’t awakened the divine tree by then, we will have to give up on the bronze giant and seek a different path.” Demonic Eye Divine Lord said with a solemn expression.

    When Felicitous Rain Lord heard those words, he knitted his eyebrows and said with a cold expression, “Demonic Eye, what do you mean by that? My disciple has entered the core of the divine tree and he is literally just under the bronze giant’s eyes. If we were to retreat, what would happen to my disciple!? He had shouldered great risk in order to seek a way out, but here you are, allowing him to be destroyed by the bronze giant!”

    Felicitous Rain Lord knew that the restricted zone in the divine tree’s core was likely a tiny world. It was isolated from the world of the Door to the 33 Skies, but even so, Yi Yun was not completely safe!

    The bronze giant was a formidable existence. If he could even chop at the divine tree, it was possible that Yi Yun could die from the tremors that arose from the bronze giant’s chopping!

    “Hmph! What a joke! Don’t blame me if your disciple is unable to awaken the divine tree because of his lackluster ability! Furthermore, your disciple might have entered the restricted zone because he was eyeing the treasures within. Don’t make it sound so righteous and upstanding!”

    When Demonic Eye Divine Lord said those words, many of the Fey Phantasm Sect members began having various thoughts. They no longer did their best while in formation. Their own lives were what mattered most. They couldn’t care less about anything else!

    Felicitous Rain Lord was incensed, but he was out of options at that moment. He could no longer sense Yi Yun, and he did not know what Yi Yun was experiencing.

    At that moment, even Felicitous Rain Lord had his confidence shaken.

    The towering divine tree had been slumbering above the constantly collapsing land. Even if Yi Yun was a genius, could he really awaken the divine tree with his meager strength?

    If the lack of results continued, Demonic Eye would definitely retreat, dooming Yi Yun with absolute certainty.


    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    The violent energy from the battle in the external world caused mountains to collapse, but it did not affect the tiny world within the divine tree.

    And now, Yi Yun was still attempting to awaken the divine tree.

    Under the divine tree’s massive consciousness, Yi Yun was constantly making surging attempts.

    Every surging attempt made Yi Yun feel like he would be devoured by the divine tree’s massive consciousness the very next second. It would make him become a part of the divine tree. When the time came, Yi Yun would no longer have his own consciousness, and even though he was the divine tree, he would no longer be himself.

    However, with the Purple Crystal’s protection, Yi Yun’s soul sea and soul did not collapse under such impacts. They maintained a thin sliver of clarity.

    Gradually, Yi Yun felt his strength weakening. He had expended too much of his energy, and he did not know how long more he could last.

    Although the hopes of awakening the divine tree was gradually diminishing, Yi Yun felt that his soul was becoming more robust through the impacts. His Yuan Qi was also slowly becoming more coagulated.

    The divine tree’s massive power streaked through Yi Yun, making him feel like he was a metal being tempered by fire. He was struck, again and again, slowly turning from ordinary metal into a sharp blade.


    Yi Yun’s mental energy shattered once again as he gave a deep grunt while his face turned pale.

    “Another time!” Yi Yun released his Destruction Dao Domain, sending an aura of annihilation out from his body!

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