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Chapter 1038: Yi Yun’s Dao fruits

    Chapter 1038: Yi Yun’s Dao fruits

    “What’s going on with the divine tree?”

    The sight was seen by not only Felicitous Rain Lord but also by the retreating Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord. The world tree that stood tall and formidable had produced a fruit covered in Dao patterns.

    “Isn’t that a Dao fruit?”

    Both Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord had seen countless juniors condensing Dao fruits throughout their lives. Quite a number of them were even their disciples. As the Dao Manifestation realm was an indicator of a warrior’s future accomplishments, they would attend the breakthrough of any of their important disciples.

    The process of a warrior manifesting his Dao was something they were particularly familiar with. First, a heaven-ascending Dao Tree would be projected. Next, Dao fruits would condense one after another on the Dao Tree’s branches.

    However, the heaven-ascending Dao Tree was at best ninety-nine deca-feet. Although the height wasn’t a ridiculous exaggeration, that was the limit. It was impossible for it to go higher.

    But now, the one in front of them…

    Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord were on the threshold of cursing. Was this even called a Dao Tree? This was the divine tree of the Azure Wood Great World! It was a divine tree that could prop up a great world like a celestial pillar!

    Due to the perfection in height, a Nine Nine Dao Tree was a Dao Tree that paved the ascent to heaven.

    However, in front of the divine tree, a Nine Nine Dao Tree was like a shrub. How could a person use the divine tree to manifest a Dao fruit!?

    “Could it be that someone is breaking through to the Dao Manifestation realm!?” exclaimed Demonic Eye Divine Lord in disbelief. However, he shut his mouth the moment he said the sentence. He had come to the realization that the only people inside the divine tree’s core were Yi Yun and Yue Yingsha. The latter was already at the Dao Manifestation realm, while the former was still at half-step Dao Manifestation. Could it be Yi Yun?

    Shi Xuanji had clearly come to the same realization as Demonic Eye. He said with knitted brows, “It’s only a Dao fruit. It’s still an unknown if it’s someone breaking through to the Dao Manifestation realm. Even if it’s that punk, it can only prove that he can partially merge with the divine tree, allowing his heaven-ascending Dao Tree to be projected on the divine tree. However, he still hasn’t awakened the divine tree. Now, with the Azure Wood Great World already collapsing, what’s the point of having a breakthrough here?”

    Just as Shi Xuanji finished his words, a rumbling bang was heard as a huge, shocking crack opened up in the ground. It was like an invisible god had split open the ground with a single strike.

    Hu! Hu! Hu!

    Black Apocalyptic Fumes were expelled from the rift like flames. There was not much time left for the world they resided in.

    “Xuanji, my brethren, you are right. With the bronze giant here, Felicitous Rain stands no chance at entering the restricted zone. There’s no way to save that punk. He is destined to be destroyed along with the Azure Wood Great World. His efforts of attempting to break through to the Dao Manifestation realm is ludicrous. That bit of strength is like an ant trying to shake a tree in the face of a world’s destructive power. How lamentable and laughable.” Demonic Eye Divine Lord said scoffingly. Yi Yun’s death would greatly delight him.

    However, his expression gradually stiffened after a few chortles. He had seen the Dao fruit on the divine tree grow bigger in size and become plump. It had already produced eight leaves and it was in the midst of condensing the ninth!

    A Dao fruit’s grade went from one leaf to nine leaves. It was already pretty good if a Divine Lord’s disciple was able to condense an eight-leaf Dao fruit. As for a nine-leaf Dao fruit, it was exceedingly rare. Even in powerful sects like the Immortal Rain Sect and the Fey Phantasm Sect, it was only occasionally seen once every few hundred millennia. The moment one appeared, it was celebrated by the sect with lavish banquets. Overlords from every corner would send their best wishes.

    And even so, a genius with a rare nine-leaf Dao fruit would typically cultivate in an ordinary Dao. The difficulty of condensing a nine-leaf Dao fruit with a Great Dao was ten times higher!

    What Yi Yun was condensing was the pure Yang Great Dao. As Yin-Yang laws had existed since the Universe’s inchoate beginnings, it was something that stood beyond the reach of many. However, Yi Yun had managed to attain perfection in the pure Yang Great Dao. Such a nine-leaf Great Dao fruit was something not seen in several million years!

    With Yi Yun’s Dao fruit quickly reaching nine leaves, an accomplishment that could affront millions of years of the Fey Phantasm Sect’s achievements, how could Demonic Eye Divine Lord feel at ease?


    At that moment, the ninth leaf had finally developed. The speed at which the Dao fruit went from coalescence to formation exceeded expectations. This was because Yi Yun had once attempted Dao manifestation, condensing a nascent form of the Dao fruit, before entering the Azure Wood Great World.

    “Chi! Chi! Chi!”

    The moment the nine-leaf Dao fruit took form, it immediately emitted a resplendent radiance. It was like a tiny sun that had just risen, spreading its golden rays into infinity!

    Pure Yang nomological runes began to carve themselves on the Dao fruit. It was a dazzling and astonishing sight.

    This was an exemplary perfect Dao fruit!

    At the same time—


    With a loud explosion, a pitch-black ax beam flashed. Felicitous Rain Lord had been sent flying by the bronze giant’s cleave!

    Despite parrying with the Three-foot Passage Sword, Felicitous Rain Lord was still left injured. He was not the bronze giant’s match after all. Felicitous Rain Lord’s hair was disheveled, while blood seeped from the corners of his mouth. However, his eyes were filled with burning fighting spirit!

    When he looked at the perfect nine-leaf pure Yang Dao fruit on the divine tree, he suddenly broke out into a boisterous laughter. His long black hair danced in the stormy winds that could rip apart a massive world.

    “Wonderful! Fate had determined that you and I enjoy a master-disciple relationship. If you are able to be like the golden carp that evolves into a dragon under stormy winds, I am willing to be the wind and give you that opportunity!”

    Felicitous Rain Lord’s voice resounded through the heaven and earth. As he brandished the sword in his hand, his body transformed into a stream of light as he shuttled through the tempestuous winds!

    His figure was like a petrel flying through the tempest with the bronze giant as its destination!

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    The ground ruptured as the sky trembled, causing large swaths of the void to begin fracturing. However, Felicitous Rain Lord ignored all of that. He battled the bronze giant with all his strength!

    From afar, the bronze giant whose massive figure could crush a mountain under its feet was in stark comparison to Felicitous Rain Lord, who was as minute as a speck of dust. This scene seemed to be fixed in time for all eternity.

    “Felicitous Rain is mad. He is actually risking his life to battle the bronze giant at this point in time! Is he not concerned for his life?” Shi Xuanji’s expression sank. Although he was not on good terms with Felicitous Rain Lord, the latter was still someone from the Immortal Rain Sect. He always felt that Felicitous Rain Lord was a person of value that he did not want to see perish.

    “Hmph, Felicitous Rain is courting death. If not for me knowing that his disciple is attempting to break through to the Dao Manifestation realm, I would have mistaken it as his disciple attempting to become a Divine Lord. What use is a Dao Manifestation realm? A nine-leaf Dao fruit may be rare, but a powerful faction can produce such a genius every few million years. In the entire Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, there would be even more of such examples. However, it is still highly improbable that a warrior with a nine-leaf Dao fruit can become a Divine Lord!”

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord said disgruntledly. What he said was the truth. There were too few Divine Lords in existence, or the Immortal Rain Sect would not have gone through such great effort to persuade Felicitous Rain Lord to return.

    However, just as Demonic Eye Divine Lord said those words, the second half of his sentence was left stuck in his throat because he had witnessed with his own eyes another Dao fruit condensing from the extremely magnificent divine tree.

    The Dao fruit was filled with a charm that seemed to flow with the passage of time. It was as though an invisible river of time was watering the fruit, allowing it to rapidly grow.

    The leaves began to unfurl like flower petals that had been nourished by rainy dew. The speed at which they unfurled was unbelievably fast. Typically, a young junior’s Dao Manifestation realm breakthrough would require a long period of time. However, the spreading out of the leaves only took Yi Yun a few seconds.

    One leaf, two leaves, three leaves…six leaves, seven leaves, eight leaves…

    When a tiny corner of the ninth leaf began unfolding itself, Demonic Eye Divine Lord and Shi Xuanji were completed astounded. A nine-leaf Dao fruit, a Dao fruit of the nomological time Great Dao. Another one!?

    Even a peerless genius could not cultivate in too many Dao. A warrior’s time in his youth was too precious. Cultivating in three Dao would be the limit even for a personal disciple of a Divine Lord. Furthermore, amongst the three Dao, one of them would be the main focus, while the others would be supplementary.

    The Dao that was mainly focused might not even condense a nine-leaf Dao fruit, let alone the supplementary Dao! However, Yi Yun had condensed two nine-leaf Dao fruits in one shot!

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