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Chapter 1039: Major Destruction Dao Fruit

    Chapter 1039: Major Destruction Dao Fruit

    One of the two Dao fruits was shimmering with the golden brilliance of pure Yang that radiated to infinity like a tiny sun.

    As for the other fruit, it was lingering with the aura of time laws. It was like an ancient treasure that was eventually born after absorbing the infinite worldly essence after several epochs.

    At that moment, the world was still on its path towards destruction. However, the two hanging Dao fruits on the branches had attracted the attention of everyone.

    “I don’t believe that the punk is able to condense two nine-leaf Great Dao Dao fruits. The Dao fruits on the divine tree are not necessarily the punk’s.” You Feihua muttered to himself through clenched teeth. Back then, the Dao fruit that he condensed was only an eight-leaf Great Dao Dao fruit. Furthermore, it was the law in which he focused in. As for his supplementary law, it was only a six-leaf Dao fruit. Compared to the divine tree in front of him, his results were nothing but garbage.

    You Feihua found it unacceptable, but at that moment, his eyes had completely glazed over as he saw with his own eyes sword Qi gathering on a branch. A third Dao fruit had suddenly appeared on the Dao Tree!

    There was a tiny sword in the Dao fruit that exuded an inherent sharpness which could be detected at a glance.

    The third fruit, a Sword Dao Dao fruit!

    In the Pure Yang Sword Palace, Yi Yun had seen and gained insights from a shocking sword scar. It was a strike that could split a world apart, one that far exceeded the realm of a Divine Lord.

    And in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, he had also learned the Three-foot Passage Sword from Felicitous Rain Lord!

    Times flies like an arrow and the lives of people curve like bows!

    Yi Yun’s Sword Dao was about being indomitable! It contained the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s supreme sword intent, and it could break through all obstacles with a single sword strike!

    Dazzling sword beams began emitting from the Dao fruit as one leaf after another began to unfurl consecutively. Every leaf was like a tiny lustrous sword. Finally, the sword-shaped leaves reached a final count of nine!

    “Nine sword beams…It’s another nine-leaf Dao fruit!” When Shi Xuanji saw the third nine-leaf Dao fruit appear, his face twitched. It was nearing numbness. With the cultivation level of a Divine Lord, such a loss of composure should not have appeared on his face. Furthermore, it happened while in a situation of extreme danger.

    Three nine-leaf Dao fruits! If it wasn’t for the inopportune timing, he might have begun trying to recruit such a talent for the Immortal Rain Sect!

    Unfortunately, such a monstrously talented disciple was Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple. What’s more, Felicitous Rain Lord did not acknowledge the Immortal Rain Sect at all.

    The Sword Dao Dao fruit hung on the divine tree’s branch and was lined beside the other two Dao fruits. The sword Qi lingering above the Sword Dao Dao fruit was extremely sharp. Its nine leaves appeared as though they could fly out at any time. Just a simple glance at it could result in injuries!

    Three nine-leaf Dao fruits were unprecedented. Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye had never heard of anyone from a major faction that had attained such heaven-defying accomplishments.

    But at that moment, a scene that made Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord completely petrified happened.

    Right above the three Dao fruits, a black vortex appeared at the peak of the divine tree. The vortex had gathered unknown amounts of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. Even a land of doom like the Door to the 33 Skies could not stop it!

    A black wheel of existence appeared from the vortex and on the wheel, there were countless of demon gods undergoing nirvana, the deaths of all entities and the destruction of a major world!

    This was the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence!

    “It’s the laws of destruction!”

    Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye were knowledgeable, so they immediately recognized it as the laws of destruction.

    Destruction was also a Great Dao, but other than the legendary Dao of Major Destruction, it would be on par with space-time, Yin-Yang if it were an ordinary Dao of Destruction. As for the possibility of Yi Yun having gained insight into the Dao of Major Destruction, that was something that did not occur to Shi Xuanji. But even so, a Great Dao that was not inferior to Yin-Yang or space-time was something that left Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord’s hearts twitching.

    This was the fourth Dao fruit! Why was everything that Yi Yun had insights in a Great Dao!?

    “Oh? This Dao fruit’s energy is not stable. Why does it feel like it’s about to explode?”

    Shi Xuanji sensed that the fourth Destruction Dao fruit was on the brink of collapse.

    The Great Dao of Destruction was the annihilation of everything. Condensing such a Dao fruit was easier said than done. It could even destroy a person’s Dao Tree.

    “Haha, this punk is being too greedy with four Great Dao. Isn’t he afraid that he will gorge himself to death? How can a tiny body of his be able to withstand it? He can’t control the Dao of Destruction. Something bad is about to happen!”

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord was secretly gloating at Yi Yun’s misfortune when he realized that the fourth Dao fruit was problematic. The collapse of the laws of destruction was not a trifling matter. He greatly wished that Yi Yun would have a Qi deviation during his breakthrough. It would be even better if his cultivation was left crippled.

    However, just as the fourth Dao fruit was about to explode, a gray-colored gas suddenly appeared from the middle of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. As if it was giving the wheel a finishing touch, it merged into the core of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

    Instantly, all the demons and gods undergoing nirvana in the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, the deaths of all entities and the destruction of a major world had a fresh breath of vitality infused into them.

    Demons and gods could undergo nirvana, but rebirth was possible through nirvana. All entities could die, but when their corpses returned to the soil, they would give birth to bustling new life. A world could be destroyed, but it was the beginning of a new world…

    Under the nourishment of the gray-colored mist, the Dao fruit that appeared to be on the brink of explosion stabilized.

    Following that, it began to constantly coagulate and unfurl its leaves.

    At that moment, Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord could no longer be bothered to count the number of leaves. They were staring intently at the gray-colored mist that had been infused into the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. A tumultuous wave had been stirred in their minds!

    They did not recognize the laws of Major Destruction, but they could recognize that grayish gas.

    It was the nebulous Primordial Chaos!

    It represented the laws of Chaos at the beginning of the Universe. The nebulous Primordial Chaos was an unattainable opportunity for any warrior!

    Yi Yun had managed to use the nebulous Primordial Chaos to attune the final Dao fruit. Destruction and Chaos had perfectly fused together. Could it be that he had not only grasped the laws of destruction, but he had also gained insights into the Dao of Chaos from the nascent state of the Universe?

    Shi Xuanji held his breath as Demonic Eye Divine Lord watched that sliver of nebulous Primordial Chaos with great envy.

    A tiny sliver of nebulous Primordial Chaos was able to crush mountains and a wisp of it was as heavy as a star. Be it absorption, refinement, or using it to construct weapons would make it a paragon of all supreme treasures!

    However, he was now watching helplessly as the nebulous Primordial Chaos was being completely absorbed by the constantly burgeoning black Dao fruit. Finally, the nebulous Primordial Chaos became a pattern that resembled a wisp of flowing clouds as it landed on the surface of the Dao fruit.


    Nine leaves. It was another nine-leaf Dao fruit!

    And every single one of these nine leaves was about half the size of the other three Dao fruits. They were completely black in color and veins covered the surface of the leaves like blood vessels with pulsing blood. In addition, there was a dark red luster below the nine leaves. With the passage of time, the luster turned increasingly clear and defined. It was a Nine Transformations Red Lotus!

    Nine Transformations Red Lotus!?

    Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord both knew that people had seen a mark left behind by that peerless woman when they previously entered the Azure Wood Great World. The mark was so astounding that it made everyone believe that the Azure Wood Great World was a land of great opportunity. It was possible that heritage had been left behind by the peerless woman.

    And that mark was a Nine Transformations Red Lotus!

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