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Chapter 1040: Awakening

    Chapter 1040: Awakening

    Yi Yun had condensed his Dao fruit. A Nine Transformations Red Lotus propped up the nine-leaf Dao fruit, with every petal matching a Dao leaf. The symbolization of nine flower petals and nine Dao leaves could be considered perfection!

    However, how could the mark the peerless woman left behind appear on Yi Yun’s Dao fruit? Could it be that Yi Yun had inherited her heritage?

    Even if the restricted zone had any heritage, it was bound to be extremely profound. How could a junior like Yi Yun be able to gain insights into the laws left behind by the peerless woman?

    Neither Shi Xuanji or Demonic Eye Divine Lord could figure it out. From their point of view, even if the black-dressed woman had really left behind heritage, they were the only ones qualified to receive it. And after receiving it, it was necessary for them to expend a great deal of time to gain any insight from it.

    At that moment, the nine flower petals had condensed into a physical form. It was a phenomenon to see a red lotus propping up a Dao fruit!

    It was already a miracle for a typical peerless genius to condense a nine-leaf Dao fruit, but now, with Yi Yun’s last nine-leaf Dao fruit, it was not only more than twice the size of an ordinary Dao fruit, it was also accompanied by the phenomena of having a nine-petaled red lotus. This made people suspect that there were two nine-leaf Dao fruits fused into one!

    “Hahaha! Good! Well done!”

    Felicitous Rain Lord slashed through the bronze giant’s gigantic ax beam. His azure-colored clothes were already stained red with blood. In the tempest, he had seen Yi Yun’s Dao fruits as he laughed boisterously. “Primordial Chaos laws. Yi Yun has really gained insights into it!”

    Felicitous Rain Lord had previously suggested bringing Yi Yun along to the Azure Wood Great World in order to allow him to pursue his own martial path. It was a way for him to act in accordance with his actual wishes. It was simply an attempt, but the chance of success was undoubtedly extremely minute.

    However, he never expected for Yi Yun to succeed in gaining insights into the Primordial Chaos laws in such a dire situation!

    Yi Yun’s laws of destruction and laws of Primordial Chaos complemented each other. They were both the Universe’s Great Dao of Origins.


    Yi Yun had merged with the divine tree and he had condensed his Dao fruits. The immense energy of the divine tree began to steadily surge into his body. Yi Yun, who had previously attempted to manifest his Dao, had easily succeeded in one fell swoop on his second attempt!

    The Dao fruits were hanging on the Dao Tree. They were like the Heavenly Dao and they could only be described by immaculate perfection.

    A total of four nine-leaf Dao fruits, with the Dao fruit of Major Destruction at the crest. The three Dao fruits beneath it formed a triangle, as though they were surrounding and protecting the Dao fruit of Major Destruction.

    Such a phenomenon of Dao fruits was something completely unheard or unseen in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven.

    Shi Xuanji felt the skin on his face constantly twitching, as though he had been ruthlessly slapped several times in the face by someone.

    How ludicrous was Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple? When compared to Yi Yun, the geniuses he had nurtured in the Immortal Rain Sect were a completely unbearable sight. Demonic Eye Divine Lord’s expression was equally ugly. The geniuses of his Fey Phantasm Sect were not much better than the Immortal Rain Sect.

    But in an instant, Demonic Eye Divine Lord realized that even if Yi Yun had displayed his magnificent talent, so what? The world they were in was about to be destroyed!

    “So what if there are four nine-leaf Dao fruits? The Azure Wood Great World is about to be destroyed at any moment. No matter how much a genius he is, he is only at the Dao Manifestation realm. He will still die here! Felicitous Rain, what’s the point of continuing such arduous persistence!? Your disciple is destined to perish! A short-lived genius is not called a genius!”

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord’s words tore through the Yuan Qi storms and entered Felicitous Rain Lord’s ears.

    Shi Xuanji revealed a sneer as well. What Demonic Eye Divine Lord said was the truth.

    Regardless of how astounding or spectacular Yi Yun was, he would die here today.

    “Felicitous Rain, come back! You can’t persist any longer. If this goes on, you will be severely injured. You will not have any remaining strength to withstand the storms produced from the explosion of the world. There is still time if you retreat now. Although you have depleted 90% of your Yuan Qi, I will guarantee your safety. After this, return with me to the Immortal Rain Sect. That is where you belong.”

    “Where I belong? Hmph! My actions have always been to have a clear conscience!”

    “Our pursuit of martial arts was always about going against the heavens. It’s to blaze a way through all obstacles and to make sacrifices without any heed for safety. A martial path is forged out of thin air from impossibility! As for the both of you, all you do is scheme daily, weigh the pros and cons of everything and remain jealous of geniuses. Your martial arts is only this and nothing more!” Felicitous Rain Lord said in an unbridled manner. With a loud roar, he spat a mouthful of blood essence onto his sword. “I have practiced martial arts my entire life. My path exists in my heart. There is no need for the advice of others!”

    With a sword in hand, sourcing from his intent, the Three-foot Passage Sword slays all that is unjust!

    Shi Xuanji was stupefied when he saw Felicitous Rain Lord ignore the effects of burning his blood essence while charging at the bronze giant once again.

    Madness! This was complete madness!

    Although Felicitous Rain Lord had said those words in an extremely unbridled manner, he would die if he continued fighting in such a manner.

    The bronze giant was extremely terrifying. Rime Divine Lord had no relationship with Yi Yun, so all she did was partially restrain the bronze giant. More than 80% of the pressure was on Felicitous Rain Lord!

    A sword beam flashed as it tore through the tempest!

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord said with a sneer, “What an impenetrable thick head. Then die with your disciple here. Let’s go!”

    “Sigh!” Shi Xuanji let out a long sigh. With the situation developing to that point, he could no longer stop it either.

    It was not worth it to risk one’s life for a junior that was fated to die.

    However, just as Shi Xuanji retreated while Demonic Eye Divine Lord summoned the blood-colored skull in preparation to stow his disciples inside, he suddenly heard a series of pleasant chimes.

    It was like a wind chime producing melodious tinkles in a gentle breeze. If they were in a young lady’s classic boudoir, such a series of sounds would have been exceedingly normal. However, there were no gentle breezes in the land of doom known as the Door to the 33 Skies. With only the tempest that was annihilating the world, how could there be such a pleasant-sounding tinkle of a wind chime?

    “Ding Ding Ding.”

    The chimes that sounded as though they came from ancient times sounded once again. Even in a world that was crumbling everywhere, it could be heard clearly.

    At that moment, a faint halo bloomed from the tip of the divine tree. It was like the break of dawn, with the first light coming from the east, penetrating the endless darkness…

    The halo turned from a weak glow to an intense luminescence, It was like a roaring inferno that was consuming the firmaments!

    “This is…”

    At the boundary of the battlefield, an old hunched figure of a woman that looked like a withered piece of wood lay on bloodstained rubble. Her body was covered in blood and her skin had been drained of its color. There was not much life left in her.

    The drawn out sounds of the chimes resounded in her ear, but to her, it sounded like the sweet music from paradise. At the moment before her death, she suddenly regained a bit of vitality as she attempted to reach out her withered palm. However, she was too weak to lift her quivering hand. All she could do was rummage the bloodstained soil.


    A final indignation and obsessiveness had lingered in Granny Yin’s heart. She knew that the sect’s canon mentioned of the result of winds blowing at the divine tree. Chimes in the Door to the 33 Skies would be like the music from paradise that extolled throughout the Azure Wood Great World.

    However, she had never heard the sound before. She once believed that the chimes would not sound again forever.

    But today, with her at Death’s doorstep, she had heard the chimes from the divine tree.

    She tried hard to open her eyes, in the hopes of seeing the divine tree that met the wind. However, her eyes were already blind for there was only blood in her sockets. There was no way to open them.

    But even so, she no longer had any regrets left.

    She had heard the chimes. The corners of her wizened mouth suffused a peaceful smile.

    As she listened to the melodious chimes, she fell into an eternal sleep.

    Was it really him? That youth had finally awoken the divine tree that had been slumbering for eons…

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