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Chapter 1043: Covetous Intentions

    Chapter 1043: Covetous Intentions

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    "The divine tree has been awoken. Yi Yun, you have truly given me a pleasant surprise! Hahaha!"

    Felicitous Rain Lord broke out into a boisterous laughter in the sky. He was feeling elated because he believed that it was likely for Yi Yun to perish in the Door to the 33 Skies. He had never expected Yi Yun to awaken the divine tree at the final, crucial moment!


    On the lands beneath him, an entire mountain cliff had collapsed. As people stared at it intently, they realized that it was not a mountain, but a second divine root covered by rock. It rose up into the sky and struck the bronze giant!

    Two divine roots began striking the bronze giant from both sides with the might of the heaven and earth!


    Like a divine dragon thrashing its tail, all the impact landed on the bronze giant's massive back that resembled a vast plain. It sent the bronze giant flying out.

    The giant, who was a few hundred kilometers tall, could easily send the combined forces of four Divine Lords in retreat despite having most of its strength sealed by the chains. But now, he had been sent flying by the humongous divine roots!


    Dozens of chains tightened simultaneously as the bronze giant grunted in a deep tone. The parts of his body that had been tethered to the chains had been mangled into a bloody mess!

    The ends of these chains were embedded deep into his bones, and with the forceful tug, his body began to convulse as he spat out a mouthful of black blood!

    The bronze giant fell heavily to the ground, flattening a large swath of a mountain range. The divine tree's roots began to extend out from underground and like an orderly chain, it wrapped the bronze giant in layers.


    The bronze giant let out an angry bellow of disgruntlement. He grabbed the gigantic ax that had fallen to the ground and cleaved at the divine root once again.

    The bronze giant's might was formidable, so a single divine root was cleaved into two with a single strike of his ax, but at that moment—

    "Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

    More and more roots drilled out from underground, and soon, the plain of despair was destroyed. Amongst the countless tree roots that began wrapping around the bronze giant, some had a girth that resembled a mountain, while others were as thin as a human's arm!

    The bronze giant's muscles bulged as veins protruded. It was as astounding as a roaring river. Despite having used a strength that was sufficient to destroy a star, he was still unable to extricate himself from the roots.


    With a loud crackle, the ground split open. The bronze giant was dragged down into the ground by the divine roots along with the chains that were tethered to him.

    Regardless of his frantic struggles, his body continued to sink into the land. Finally, he was completely buried underground.


    With the quaking ground's tumultuous rumbles, the land closed up once again, burying the bronze giant completely.

    It was over!?

    Everyone was extremely surprised that despite being extremely powerful, the bronze giant was eventually sealed by the divine tree's roots before being dragged underground.

    People had previously believed that they were in a crumbling world which could not withstand the energy blasts from the battle between the divine roots and the bronze giant. However, they never expected that while the divine roots launched one attack after another, the world that was on the brink of destruction was gradually slowing down its collapse.

    Now, the shocking land had slowly mended the cracks in the ground, while the tempest gradually weakened to a halt. The entire world instantly turned a lot more peaceful.

    The Azure Wood Great World, which was on the brink of destruction, had apparently been saved. It was truly impressive that the divine tree could hold down a world and abate its destruction.


    Demonic Eye Divine Lord suddenly broke out into laughter. He no longer had the thought of escaping on his mind. The destruction of a great world was a calamity for him after all. Although he was confident of surviving it, the Azure Wood Great World was a very strange world. It had the divine tree, the bronze giant, and it was supposedly connected to something known as the 33 Skies.

    Only the heavens would know what mishaps could happen during the collapse of such a world. It was obviously best if he did not need to experience it.

    "Felicitous Rain Lord, that disciple of yours truly has some skill. He actually managed to awaken the divine tree." Demonic Eye Divine Lord was standing on the blood-colored skull as he slowly flew toward Felicitous Rain Lord.

    "Indeed, indeed. I'm surprised as well. He did not squander the risk I had undertaken to create an opportunity for him," said Shi Xuanji as he flew over too. The two had deserted during battle, but now, with the bronze giant subdued and the world no longer collapsing, there was naturally no reason for them to flee.

    Upon seeing Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord, Rime Divine Lord raised her elegant eyebrows. The duo was truly thick-skinned. They had previously fled at such a rapid pace, but now, with everything safe, they actually came back all smiles. It was as though the ones that had fled weren't them.

    Rime Divine Lord was a person who abhorred injustice. Just as she wanted to mock the two old fogies—

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    The ground experienced gentle tremors once again. It changed everyone's expression slightly.

    Rime Divine Lord was unable to deride them at that moment as she said with a solemn expression, "It looks like…that bronze giant has not been vanquished. He is only trapped underground and he is still struggling."

    She could sense the pulsations from deep underground that came one wave after another. Like a surging sea tide, every wave stirred her blood flow.

    "The bronze giant has been trapped for hundreds of millions of years, yet he still possesses such a powerful life force. The divine tree can only temporarily imprison him, but in that case, there might be a day when he will escape."

    "It's not that it's impossible, but I believe that even if it were to happen, there is no way to know how many years more it will be," said Shi Xuanji as he stroked his beard. He was not worried because he could sense that the bronze giant was clearly being repressed by the divine tree.

    "Old Man Shi is right!" Demonic Eye Divine Lord stroked his chin as he looked at the core of the divine tree as a strange glint flashed in his eyes.

    It would be great if the divine tree and the bronze giant could be subdued by him. Just extracting a bit of the tree's essence would be sufficient for the refinement of an elixir or enchanted artifact. If the divine tree and the bronze giant were used as guardians of the Fey Phantasm Sect, they would ensure a prosperous future for the sect for hundreds of millions of years.

    Of course, those were only wild thoughts. Scheming for the divine tree or the bronze giant was completely impossible, but if he…schemed against Yi Yun, who had entered the restricted zone…

    Many thoughts flashed through Demonic Eye Divine Lord's mind. He glanced at Shi Xuanji and noticed that he was also looking at the divine tree's restricted zone where Yi Yun was. He was similarly pondering over something.

    Ignoring the possible heritage left behind by the black-dressed woman, just the nebulous Primordial Chaos was enough to cause Divine Lords to come to blows.

    If the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven were to know that Yi Yun had obtained real nebulous Primordial Chaos in the restricted zone, many Divine Lords might end up swarming here like bees in a bid to capture a wisp of the nebulous Primordial Chaos for study.

    Not only could nebulous Primordial Chaos be refined into artifacts or used as supreme treasures to temper one's body, there was also an opportunity to gain insights into the Dao of Primordial Chaos. That would be an impressive opportunity.

    "Felicitous Rain, the divine tree has already been awakened. Why isn't your disciple coming out?" Shi Xuanji suddenly asked.

    "Top credit goes to Yi Yun for the preservation of the Azure Wood Great World. Furthermore, he has broken through to the Dao Manifestation realm and he condensed so many nine-leaf Dao fruits. He has also obtained a great life-changing experience. Now that he's in the restricted zone, who knows what the situation is in there. Let's go and see how he is!"

    As Demonic Eye Divine Lord spoke, a teasing smile suffused at the corners of his lips as he swept Felicitous Rain Lord with a glance.

    At that moment, Felicitous Rain Lord was covered in serious injuries. He had less than 10% of his Yuan Qi, so he posed no threat.

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