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Chapter 1044: The Miracle in the Stone House

    Chapter 1044: The Miracle in the Stone House

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    At that moment inside the divine tree's restricted zone, Yi Yun's body was swathed in a greenish halo. An indescribable spiritual and ethereal aura suffused through his entire being, as though he would return to the land of immortals with the wind.

    Yue Yingsha and Chu He were still outside the Chaos Stone house, but they had sensed the tremendous change in Yi Yun's aura. It was not simply increased but it had undergone a qualitative leap. This leap made Yue Yingsha even have a feeling that Yi Yun was about to ascend to become immortal.

    "Yi Yun must have manifested his Dao already…"

    Yue Yingsha could not see Yi Yun's Dao Tree projection but she had a vague guess that Yi Yun's Dao Manifestation was likely extraordinary.

    At that moment, an immense blast of energy suddenly spewed out from the ground like a fountain. It surged into Yi Yun's body and as he was inundated by the energy, his muscles, bone, and flesh seemed to turn transparent.

    As the energy surged up along the divine tree's root network, Yue Yingsha saw a faint halo rising up from the ground. Soon, the light gushed beneath Yi Yun's feet.

    The divine tree's root network transported energy to its main trunk, and since Yi Yun was merged with the divine tree, the energy surged through his body. And at that instant, a primordial aura of immensity burst out from Yi Yun's body suddenly.

    The clear chimes were still resounding throughout the restricted zone. At that moment, Yi Yun gradually opened his eyes.

    His eyes were bright and profound. During the process of merging with the divine tree, Yi Yun's perception had extended to the divine tree's every leaf. Through it, he could sense the entire world.

    He had seen everything that had happened in the Door to the 33 Skies, including Felicitous Rain Lord's bloody but valiant battle. He had also seen Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord desert the fight.

    He had also perceived the restricted zone clearly, as well as everything inside the stone house that was constructed from Chaos Stones.

    "This stone house…"

    Yi Yun's mind stirred as he was surprised to find a gray plot of land in the backyard of the stone house. It was likely a tiny herbal garden.

    Yi Yun was rather excited when he first discovered the herbal garden. He believed that he might find some herbs, but soon, he was left disappointed. It might have had herbs planted in the past, but all of them had withered by now.

    After hundreds of millions of years, without anyone tending to them, any spiritual plant would die.

    Just thinking of it ached Yi Yun's heart. Such a miraculous ground with more than a hundred million years would have resulted in heaven-defying herbs. Just the thought of it could drive people into a frenzy.

    But now, the herbal plants had turned to dust and they had returned to land. It did nothing but advantage the gray soil. After absorbing so much spiritual energy from the spiritual herbs, it was unknown how incredibly fertile the soil was.

    Yi Yun was even considering if he should take a bit of the soil for the cultivation of herbs. Just as he was thinking of that, he exclaimed lightly as he suddenly discovered that the gray soil was in no way ordinary. The feeling the soil gave was identical to the Chaos Stones of the stone house.

    After a detailed sifting through the soil, Yi Yun had even seen tiny Chaos Stone particulate.

    Could it be that someone had ground Chaos Stones into powder and added some fertilizer to eventually transform Chaos Stones into soil?

    Could it even be possible that the spiritual herbs which had withered and rotted had become fertilizer for the soil?

    Upon realizing this, Yi Yun held his breath. How impressive was that? Perhaps only the black-dressed woman was capable of doing such things.

    However, it was such a pity that such a good herbal garden had been left to waste for hundreds of millions of years.

    Yi Yun could not help but investigate the herbal garden. If it were any other time, the sand that was ground from Chaos Stones was not something Yi Yun could probe. Chaos Stones screened all perception so even a Divine Lord was unable to probe the internals of a Chaos Stone.

    However, having merged with the divine tree, Yi Yun's perception could probe within. And the probe left Yi Yun astonished. He saw a lush green ball buried deep inside the gray herbal garden. It was about the size of a peach core and its surface was not smooth. Instead, it was patterned like a peach core and the patterns were formed with an indescribable auric charm.

    What gave Yi Yun a greater pleasant surprise was that there was a large amount of gray gas gathered inside the tiny ball. After making contact with Chaos laws, Yi Yun was certain that the gray gas was the nebulous Primordial Chaos!

    Back when Yi Yun broke through to the Dao Manifestation realm, he had already absorbed a portion of the nebulous Primordial Chaos, but now, he discovered that in the tiny ball, the amount of nebulous Primordial Chaos contained within was more than ten times what he had absorbed.

    Nebulous Primordial Chaos was absolutely rare in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. Even Divine Lords would covet it. If a tiny amount of nebulous Primordial Chaos was infused during the refinement of a treasure, it would increase the grade of the treasure by several grades. But in fact, almost no one would be willing to use nebulous Primordial Chaos for the refinement of artifacts. If they tempered the nebulous Primordial Chaos into their body, fusing their flesh and blood with the nebulous Primordial Chaos, it would result in an unimaginable increase in strength.

    What was this peach core? Why had it condensed so much nebulous Primordial Chaos?

    As Yi Yun pondered over the questions, he carefully observed it. He realized that it contained the same aura as the divine tree that held up the Azure Wood Great World.

    Could it be…

    A thought flashed through Yi Yun's mind. It was a suffocating thought for he came to a realization that the peach core could very likely be a seed born from the world tree!

    Everything had its birth and end. The Universe was no different; therefore, the divine tree also had a birth and end!

    After experiencing the immense river of time, it would eventually die. And this seed was likely the new life of its future!

    A seed produced by the divine tree that could hold up a world was grown in the herbal garden. With Chaos Stone powder as soil and rotten hundred-million-year-old spiritual herbs as fertilizer.

    Its value…was completely unimaginable!

    Yi Yun was momentarily stunned. If that was the case, it was definitely the most heaven-defying treasure other than the Purple Crystal which he had even seen ever since he began practicing martial arts!

    Yi Yun could not help but touch the herbal garden's soil. At that moment, Yue Yingsha and Chu He were still outside the stone house and they did not know what Yi Yun was doing.

    "The nutrients in the soil appear to have been absorbed clean by the divine tree's seed…"

    The divine herbs that had withered here had long devoted its essence to the divine tree's seed. Even the Primordial Chaos essence contained within the soil made out of Chaos Stone powder had been gathered by the divine tree seed. If the seed continued staying in the herbal garden, it was unlikely it could mature.

    Yi Yun took a deep breath as he shook his head. He gently swept away the soil that had its nutrients drained. Then, he realized that his bloodline seemed to be connected to the divine tree seed that was buried deep within the soil.


    Yi Yun swept aside some more soil and then, without Yi Yun needing to do anything further, the divine tree seed had taken the initiative to push the soil aside and float out of the soil before landing slowly in Yi Yun's palm.

    Yi Yun was astonished as he held the seed. He realized that the seed was willing to stay close to him likely because of his act of awakening the divine tree and the possession of an aura that was mutually similar to the divine tree.

    Perhaps, he could bring the divine tree seed away.

    Upon thinking of that, Yi Yun experienced mental undulations. Yi Yun would not have taken it away if the divine tree's seed could mature in the herbal garden. It would affect the growth of such a divine item if it was taken away too early.

    But the present situation was completely different. The ground was already infertile, and the divine tree seed had taken the initiative to follow him. This was totally an unparalleled opportunity for him!

    Yi Yun held the divine tree seed with both his hands meticulously with extreme focus. He felt that the seed was the world's most perfect item. Perhaps only the Purple Crystal and its profoundness exceeded the seed.

    Just as Yi Yun was admiring the seed, he suddenly felt a cold killing intent.


    Yi Yun's turned apprehensive. His perception was fused with the divine tree, so he knew that the killing intent came from outside the restricted zone.

    Yi Yun glanced over and immediately wrinkled his brows. He saw Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord standing at the cave entrance outside the restricted zone. They were thinking of ways to enter. Although they had ordinary expressions, there was a clear covetous glint in their eyes.

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