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Chapter 1045: Sneak Attack

    Chapter 1045: Sneak Attack

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    "Oh? The restricted zone is sealed shut." As Shi Xuanji looked at the entrance to the restricted zone, he realized that the restricted zone was a completely sealed-off world, making it extremely difficult to crack it open.

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord stroked his chin as he considered the entry options available to him. He knew that the restricted zone was remarkable but after hundreds of millions of years, many array formations would lose their energy provisions and weaken. It was not necessarily impossible for him to gain entry.

    "Shi Xuanji! Demonic Eye!"

    Felicitous Rain Lord's face sunk when he saw the scene unfolding before him. Previously, the duo had taken on a doubtful and obstructive stance on Yi Yun's entry into the restricted zone. Later on, they had fled the battle with the bronze giant. They had not expended any of their strength; but now, with the bronze giant sealed again and the danger alleviated, the duo was back again. Their motives were obvious. When Yi Yun broke through to the Dao Manifestation realm, the duo had seen him use nebulous Primordial Chaos to condense his Dao fruit.

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord said with a sinister smile, "Felicitous Rain, what's the panic? We are only concerned about your disciple's situation. The Door to the 33 Skies is so strange and your disciple's cultivation level is so low. Having him inside the restricted zone without any guardians could have him suffer mishaps. If there's any danger, we will be able to save him in a timely fashion."

    Disparage disparaged the heavily injured Felicitous Rain Lord.

    At that moment, Rime Divine Lord said, "Demonic Eye, I've seen shameless people, but I've never seen someone as shameless as you. The reason why we can stand here so safely is all because of Yi Yun and Felicitous Rain's efforts. Are you planning on burning bridges?"

    Rime Divine Lord's voice was cold and austere. She was infuriated over the shameless behavior of Demonic Eye Divine Lord and Shi Xuanji as well.

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord glanced at Rime Divine Lord and said with a teasing tone, "Fairy Rime, you are injured too, right? Calm down, or your injuries might give you a lash back."

    Rime Divine Lord had indeed been injured while fighting alongside Felicitous Rain Lord. Upon hearing Demonic Eye Divine Lord's unmarred threat, her expression turned cold as she said, "Demonic Eye, you plan on fighting?"

    "Hehe, why are you so angry? We are still not out of peril yet. Let's enter the restricted zone and see Yi Yun's situation first."

    As Demonic Eye Divine Lord said that, he no longer bothered with her and began to study the restricted zone's entrance.

    Divine Lords were people that stood at the upper echelons of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven after all. Their insights and techniques were all extraordinary. Shi Xuanji was especially well-versed in array techniques, so he was very confident.

    As for the restricted zone, despite it being impressive, Shi Xuanji still had certain ideas that could work considering the long amount of time that had passed.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    Dao patterns flew out from Shi Xuanji's hand as he attempted to crack the array.

    He was in no way worried about Yi Yun. From Shi Xuanji's point of view, the process in which the divine tree sealed the bronze giant may have rendered the heaven and earth asunder, but the divine tree was the divine tree while Yi Yun was Yi Yun. Although Yi Yun had awoken the divine tree, sealing the bronze giant was the divine tree's mission. It had nothing to do with Yi Yun.

    "Shi Xuanji!"

    Felicitous Rain Lord was incensed. Just as he wanted to move forward to stop him, Demonic Eye Divine Lord, who was standing behind Shi Xuanji, suddenly turned around and struck out with his palm!

    "Hu! Hu! Hu!"

    More than ten thousand ghastly shadows burst out behind Demonic Eye Divine Lord as his palm transformed into a gigantic ghostly claw. The claw swiped at Felicitous Rain Lord!

    This strike was tumultuous and extremely fast. Clearly, Demonic Eye Divine Lord was already prepared to sneak an attack on Felicitous Rain Lord!

    At that moment, Felicitous Rain Lord was already severely injured and he had burned his blood essence. It was extremely difficult for him to withstand a strike from Demonic Eye Divine Lord, who was in perfect condition.


    At that split instant, a blue ribbon band flew out and struck the ghastly claw. Rime Divine Lord had attacked!


    The ghastly claw and the blue ribbon band clashed but they were unequal. On one side, it was a prepared attack while the other was a reactionary response. Furthermore, Rime Divine Lord was injured so the clash deflected the blue ribbon band as the ghastly claw came to a slight halt before continuing its trajectory toward Felicitous Rain Lord!

    "Want my life? Not that simple!"

    Killing intent appeared in Felicitous Rain Lord's eyes. Although he had less than 10% of his Yuan Qi left, he still had his blood essence.

    He burned his blood essence once again and a dazzling luster bloomed from the sword in his hand!

    The sword conjured the power of time. As though it was severing time itself, it struck the ghostly claw.


    The ghostly claw was torn apart but Felicitous Rain Lord's sword beam had shattered as well. He was exhausted after all. The violent blast sent his body flying backward a few hundred feet. His face turned pale as fresh blood seeped out from the corners of his mouth.

    Felicitous Rain Lord's injuries had been aggravated. With such serious injuries, it was likely to affect his future achievements!

    "Pa! Pa! Pa!" Demonic Eye Divine Lord began clapping. "Impressive! Impressive! Felicitous Rain, you indeed live up to your reputation. Despite such severe injuries with less than 10% of your combat strength left, you were still able to withstand my attack. I thought that strike could have almost killed you."

    At that moment, Shi Xuanji stopped his attempts at cracking the array. He was unaware that Demonic Eye Divine Lord would suddenly sneak an attack. "Demonic Eye, aren't you going overboard!?"

    Shi Xuanji still did not wish for Felicitous Rain Lord to die.

    "Hmph! Old Man Xuanji, do still hold hopes that Felicitous Rain will return to your Immortal Rain Sect? Stop being naive! You have already terribly offended him today. By deserting the battle and by having nefarious thoughts about his disciple, it would be pretty impressive if Felicitous Rain doesn't wipe out your Immortal Rain Sect! As for that punk, Yi Yun, he has condensed four nine-leaf Dao fruits. His future is completely unimaginable. What we have done today will form a grudge he has against us. In order to prevent revenge to be sought on us, we naturally have to curb any future troubles. As for Felicitous Rain, he is our obstruction!"

    "By not killing Felicitous Rain while he is injured, are we to wait for him to recover from his injuries and allow him to come charging at our doorstep?"

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord's words made Shi Xuanji fall silent. He knew that what Demonic Eye Divine Lord said was very likely to happen.

    He said in a solemn tone, "Felicitous Rain, if you were to swear on the Heavenly Dao and are willing to return to the Immortal Rain Sect, never to betray the sect, I can guarantee the safety of you and your disciple. Of course, your disciple has to return to the Immortal Rain Sect as well. Furthermore, he has to swear on the Heavenly Dao. As for the nebulous Primordial Chaos he received, he should split it. It is extremely hard for nebulous Primordial Chaos to be put to good use in the hands of a junior at the Dao Manifestation realm."

    Shi Xuanji did not want Demonic Eye to be the vanguard. It would be the best outcome if he could take the opportunity today to urge Felicitous Rain Lord's return. However, the nebulous Primordial Chaos was something Shi Xuanji was bent on receiving. It could even push him another stage further.

    "Hahaha!" Felicitous Rain Lord roared with laughter. "Shi Xuanji! Stop leading the life of a whore and expect a monument for your chastity! I, Felicitous Rain, shall stand here. You can kill me if you want but as a result, I promise you that even if I'm emptied of my blood essence, I will absolutely make you be relieved of a layer of skin!"

    As Felicitous Rain Lord spoke, his eyes revealed an awe-inspiring killing intent. He was not someone who feared for his life. That was his martial path!

    Upon hearing Felicitous Rain Lord's words, Shi Xuanji's expression sunk immediately.

    "Hehehe, Old Man Xuanji, you are still bent on wasting your efforts here. What did I say? It's already an irreconcilable situation. Stop being a hypocrite and attack!"

    As Demonic Eye Divine Lord spoke, he took a large stride forward as black demonic flames burned from his body.

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