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Chapter 1046: Desperate Struggle

    Chapter 1046: Desperate Struggle

    Translator: CKtalonEditor: CKtalon

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord, who was covered in burning demonic eyes, was twice as strong compared to the time he fought the bronze giant. Back then, he had been conserving his strength, but now, he naturally could attack Felicitous Rain Lord with all he had!

    Seeing the situation get out of hand, Rime Divine Lord's expression turned stern. She wanted to be on Felicitous Rain Lord's side, but she knew all too well how likely she would perish if she did so.

    "Fairy Rime, I appreciate your thoughts!" At that moment, Felicitous Rain Lord's Yuan Qi transmission rang in Rime Divine Lord's ears. "I am extremely grateful that you are considering to help me but I cannot implicate you. If it's possible, find a chance to escape the Door to the 33 Skies with my disciple. Outside, my maidservant, Shui Ningshuang, will receive him. You can hand Yi Yun over to her, and I, Felicitous Rain, will remember the favor!"

    Not everyone could risk their lives for strangers out of principle and neither did Felicitous Rain Lord wish for others to sacrifice themselves for him. With the present situation, even by joining forces with Rime Divine Lord, it was impossible to defeat the combined forces of Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord. It was more hopeful to get Rime Divine Lord to save Yi Yun.

    "Felicitous Rain, I promise you that even if there's a silver of chance, I will risk my life to save Yi Yun."

    As Rime Divine Lord said those words, she felt melancholic. Was a talent like Felicitous Rain going to perish here?


    At that moment, Yi Yun was feeling extremely anxious in the restricted zone!

    He was aware of what was happening outside and that his master was in grave danger. Felicitous Rain Lord was no match for the combined forces of two Divine Lords even if he was in his best condition, much less now!

    Yi Yun was greatly indebted to Felicitous Rain Lord so he could not turn a blind eye toward the attempted murder. His cultivation level was still low, so he was completely no match for Demonic Eye Divine Lord and Shi Xuanji. The only possibility he had was to borrow the divine tree's strength.

    Divine tree…divine tree…

    Yi Yun interfaced his mind with the divine tree's roots. Although he felt that his thoughts had fused with the divine tree, it did not mean that Yi Yun could control the divine tree to act as he pleased. The divine tree could almost be considered a God Spirit. As for Yi Yun, he was only a junior at the Dao Manifestation realm. It was unimaginable for someone at the Dao Manifestation realm to control a God Spirit.

    No matter how much he injected his will into the divine tree, Yi Yun was unable to receive any response. The divine tree had sealed the bronze giant only out of instinct.

    "What should I do?"

    Yi Yun began to panic. Felicitous Rain Lord's life was on the line, but he had not accomplished anything.

    At that moment, Yi Yun's mind lit up in a flash of brilliance. He looked at the divine tree seed in his hand.


    In such a dire situation, Yi Yun ignored everything else as he swallowed the divine tree seed. He did not eat the divine tree seed but instead, he had attempted to fuse with the divine tree seed.


    Under Yi Yun's control, the divine tree seed tunneled into his dantian. Upon entry, it immediately sank into his Yuan Foundation. The divine tree seed had surprisingly fused with Yi Yun's Dao Tree. It made his dantian burn as though it was about to explode.

    The next moment, Yi Yun felt that the seed was like a bottomless vortex. It sucked all his Yuan Qi, mental energy, will, and lifeblood!

    Under such circumstances, it would only be a matter of seconds before Yi Yun was sucked dry.

    He was alarmed but at that moment, he steeled his heart and gave up resisting the suction. He allowed the divine tree seed to suck all that he had.

    At that critical moment, he could only choose to trust the divine tree seed and leave the rest to fate.



    Outside the restricted zone, Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord had jointly launched a fatal strike on Felicitous Rain Lord!

    Shi Xuanji's eyes flashed coldly. All these years, he had been attempting to get Felicitous Rain Lord to return to the Immortal Rain Sect. He had already lost his patience after countless failures. With him determined to obtain the nebulous Primordial Chaos today, Shi Xuanji had finally decided to kill him.

    "Felicitous Rain, your betrayal of the sect has been tolerated by me all these years. Today, I'll rid the scourge of my sect and let you die under the Nine Heavens Rain Annihilation Array!"

    The Nine Heavens Rain Annihilation Array was the number one combat array formation of the Immortal Rain Sect. At the realm of Divine Lord, it could be completely powered by a single person!

    As for Felicitous Rain Lord, he had left the Immortal Rain Sect at a young age, so with his low cultivation back then, he had yet to learn the combat array.

    "Betray the sect? Rid the scourge? Hahaha! Shi Xuanji! I truly despise you. At this point in time, you are still spewing such hypocritical words. Even if you kill me today, I'll make you pay the price. In the future, your Immortal Rain Sect will be vanquished!"

    "Courting death!" Shi Xuanji was enraged as he brandished the sword in his hand, causing rumbles!

    Countless dark clouds enshrouded the lands as a rain of annihilation that had gathered the power of the Heaven and Earth poured down. Even the world of the Door to the 33 Skies that had stabilized began to quake because of the rain of annihilation!

    Felicitous Rain Lord brandished his sword as well—


    A brilliant sword beam tore through the world. At that moment, Felicitous Rain Lord was burning life force. He was prepared to die in battle.


    The brilliant sword beam struck the screen of rain that blotted out the sky directly. As Felicitous Rain Lord's long hair flared, he gave up any form of defense as he only attacked. The sword in his hand came straight for Shi Xuanji's head!

    He was prepared for an internecine outcome.

    At that moment, a sinister laugh suddenly rang in Felicitous Rain Lord's ears. "Felicitous Rain, my Six Streak Blood Banner happens to be short of a main soul. Be my main soul after your death. With a Divine Lord main soul, my Six Streak Blood Banner's strength will be enhanced by ten times!"

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord roared with laughter. In the middle of his forehead, a purple ghostly eye opened. In his hand was dark red Six Streak Blood Banner! It had been formed through the slaughtering of a billion lives—some warriors, some commoners, some Fey, and some humans. These billion souls were held in the blood banner and by taking the banner out, specters began to spread out everywhere.

    On one side was the rain of annihilation while on the other side, there were endless wailing specters. Felicitous Rain Lord was stuck in the middle with no room to escape!

    "Felicitous Rain, this is your end!" Demonic Eye Divine Lord had summoned eight hundred million specters at a go. It was a strike that was determined to complete its mission! Just as the eight hundred million specters were about to devour Felicitous Rain Lord, an immense sense of danger inundated him!


    Demonic Eye Divine Lord was alarmed as it was a feeling that his life was on the line! Without even thinking, he quickly retreated.


    With an ear-piercing reverberation, a shadow that resembled a black wyrm struck out like a whip. It was as fast as lightning!


    A tumultuous explosion was heard as the black shadow struck Demonic Eye Divine Lord's Blood Banner! It shook violently as wanton energy leaked out of it. With a grunt, Demonic Eye Divine Lord was sent flying. As for the eight hundred million specters that had been released from the Blood Banner, nearly half of them had been destroyed by the explosive strike!

    "Wu Wu Wu Wu!"

    The specters wailed with dreary cries. Instantly, the heaven and earth were filled with sinister energies that dissipated due to the evisceration of the spirits.


    At that moment, Demonic Eye Divine Lord was completely left dumbfounded.

    He had spent a million years to complete the refinement of the Six Streak Blood Banner. It was his intrinsic enchanted treasure. If a powerful main soul was added to it, the power of the Blood Banner would be unimaginable. However, his enchanted treasure had its power halved from a single strike of the black shadow?

    Instantly, fury overwhelmed Demonic Eye Divine Lord. With his intrinsic enchanted treasure damaged and the backlash of energy, he immediately spat a mouthful of blood!


    Demonic Eye Divine Lord cast his gaze over as he discerned the black shadow to be a gigantic tree root. The tree root had dissipated his Blood Banner's specters!

    The tree root did not lose its momentum. When it flew in front of Felicitous Rain Lord, countless root filaments spread out and formed a solid wall!


    Right after Shi Xuanji's Nine Heavens Rain Annihilation Array clashed with Felicitous Rain Lord's strike that was produced at the cost of burning his life, the remaining energy surged to the wall of roots and exploded!

    Countless raindrops that were filled with killing intent exploded onto the root wall, turning into boundless vapor.

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