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Chapter 1047: All Powerful

    Chapter 1047: All Powerful

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    "What's going on!?"

    An alarmed Shi Xuanji chose to retreat immediately. He noticed that when the Nine Heavens Rain Annihilation Array that he was always proud off struck the wall of roots, a large number of roots were severed. However, these torn roots were regrown and restored in a blink of an eye. In a few seconds, the roots had been restored to their original state.

    "The divine tree's roots are protecting Felicitous Rain. How is that possible?"

    Shi Xuanji muttered to himself. The divine tree was a paragon existence. It was a God Spirit of a world that had managed to repress the bronze giant and slow down the destruction of the Azure Wood Great World. How could such a God Spirit take the initiative to save Felicitous Rain Lord?

    Shi Xuanji obviously refused to believe that Felicitous Rain Lord was anyone special. The only possibility was Yi Yun. He had made the divine tree save Felicitous Rain.

    Yi Yun could control the divine tree?

    Upon realizing that point, Shi Xuanji's heart chilled. How could a junior at the Dao Manifestation realm control the divine tree?

    Just as Shi Xuanji was pondering over the turn of events, the divine root had once again hurled itself at him!

    The divine tree's attacks were only simple lashings. However, the way it attacked inflicted pressure on Shi Xuanji.


    Shi Xuanji did not wish to clash with the divine tree. He dodged at an extremely fast speed, allowing the strike to hit the ground.


    The ground tore apart and was instantly reduced to a valley.

    Upon seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded from shock. Yi Yun was controlling the divine tree to aid Felicitous Rain Lord.

    "Felicitous Rain, your disciple is certainly…amazing."

    Rime Divine Lord was extremely shocked. It was a battle between Divine Lords that she was powerless against. Yi Yun, a junior, had managed to budge into a battle between Divine Lords, influencing the battle situation. Regardless of what strength he had borrowed, it was probably unprecedented!

    "That little bastard destroyed my Blood Banner. I will definitely extract your soul and refine it into the Blood Banner and then rip your body into a million pieces!" lashed out Demonic Eye Divine Lord as he leaped.

    There was blood still seeping from the corners of his mouth while the Six Streak Blood Banner in his hand had lost a great deal of its power. Yi Yun's strike had nearly halved his Blood Banner's might and it would take a few hundred thousand years to restore it through a refinement process. But despite being incensed, he did not dare approach the divine root.


    The divine root hurled at Demonic Eye Divine Lord. Although he had just uttered vicious words, his heart shuddered when facing the divine tree. Without putting up any form of resistance, he kept the Six Streak Blood Banner and fled in a sorry manner. He was afraid that his intrinsic enchanted treasure would suffer another mishap.


    After being somewhat prepared, Demonic Eye Divine Lord managed to barely dodge the divine root's pursuit.

    "Its attack speed isn't that terrifying!"

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord quickly discovered that despite the divine root possessing indomitable strength, it had a weakness of having a slow attack speed.

    "Yes! The divine tree is controlled by that little bastard after all. What is his cultivation level at? How fast can his reaction be? No matter how powerful the divine tree is, it would be a waste in his hands!"

    Upon realizing this point, Demonic Eye Divine Lord became relieved.

    "Old Man Xuanji, let's join forces. Yi Yun can't hit us at all! Furthermore, I refuse to believe he doesn't pay a price while controlling the divine tree. He might not be able to last long."

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord's Yuan Qi transmission rang in Shi Xuanji's ears.

    Shi Xuanji's heart stirred as he said with a nod, "That's right. How can the power of the divine tree be controlled by any ordinary person? It's likely that this punk has paid quite a nontrivial price."

    Having realized this salient point, Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord began complementing each other in a bid to dodge the attacks. They wanted to try their best to get the divine tree to attack them. The divine tree might not be drained of its strength, but it was likely that Yi Yun would be drained of his lifeblood.

    "Hahahaha! Little bastard, you are still too young to have any hopes of killing me. Such a powerful God Spirit is only this and nothing more in your hands!" Demonic Eye Divine Lord said with a hearty laugh. He was deliberately trying to provoke Yi Yun, hoping that Yi Yun would attack him without any considerations.


    The divine tree charged straight at Demonic Eye Divine Lord, but he had predicted Yi Yun's attack trajectory. He dodged with a remarkable movement technique.

    "I have already seen through your attack trajectories! The Dao Manifestation realm is after all the Dao Manifestation realm. It's too weak!" Demonic Eye Divine Lord mocked wantonly, but at that moment, there was an abrupt change in his expression.

    He watched helplessly as the divine tree did not retract after missing him. Instead, it continued in a powerful strike at the gigantic blood-colored skull. That was Demonic Eye Divine Lord's abode, also the spirit cruiser that all the members of the Fey Phantasm Sect had ridden to the Azure Wood Great World!

    Previously, Demonic Eye Divine Lord had kept all his disciples and grand-disciples, including the Supremacies, You Feihua and company into the blood-colored skull because of the Azure Wood Great World's impending explosion. But now, the divine tree had chosen to attack the skull after missing him!

    It was indescribable how horribly powerful the strike was. Demonic Eye Divine Lord's ability to dodge it did not mean that his disciples and grand-disciples could do likewise.

    "Little bastard, how dare you!"

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord's eyes seemed to crack as he went into a frenzy! But in that split second, the divine tree's root had slammed heavily onto the skull's frontal bone just after he managed to finish uttering the first word.

    Although Demonic Eye Divine Lord's blood-colored skull was powerful, how could an abode-type enchanted treasure be comparable to an offensive or defensive treasure like blades, armor or array flags? Even the Six Streak Blood Banner was unable to withstand the strike, not to mention the skull.


    The blood-colored skull's frontal bone directly exploded! The divine root hurled straight into it in an indomitable fashion!

    Every structure in the skull abode was destroyed in a clean sweep. Energy storms swept wantonly through it and some juniors were immediately pulverized from the explosion!

    Although You Feihua was remarkably powerful, he was too weak in the storm that ensued. He was powerless to resist against it.

    "Patriarch, save me!"

    You Feihua uttered a tragic cry, but in an instant, he had been swept into the storm. He felt his body constantly tearing apart as a spray of blood burst out from his flesh. You Feihua felt his body being snapped and he even saw both his legs fly off.

    "No! No!"

    You Feihua yelled in despair but he could no longer make a sound as his consciousness began to fade away.

    He never expected that at the moment Yi Yun was definitely doomed, he had suddenly controlled the divine tree to turn the tide of battle. Just a simple thought of Yi Yun had smashed him to pieces!

    I can't accept it…

    That was You Feihua's final thought. In the next instant, he had been reduced to a mist of blood as he completely exploded apart. There was neither bone nor corpse left behind!

    In just an instant, all the Fey Phantasm Sect juniors that had entered the Door to the 33 Skies were dead.

    Even Supremacies were severely injured from the explosion. Although they were powerful people, they had been injured during the battle with the bronze giant while in battle formation.


    Daoist You Ming spat a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying dozens of kilometers back. As he watched his son die tragically, eventually turning into a mist of blood, his eyes flushed with killing intent as they turned red.

    You Feihua was the son he thought most highly of. But he had died in such a tragic manner. It was an instant kill!

    As for Daoist You Ming himself, the strike had hurt his life essence due to the previous injuries he had incurred. It was enough to affect his future attainments. Daoist You Ming was truly incensed.

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