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Chapter 1048: Vanquishing a Supremacy

    Chapter 1048: Vanquishing a Supremacy

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    "Yi Yun, you little bastard, I, You Ming, swear upon my life that I will kill you by peeling off your skin and plucking out your tendons so as to avenge my son!"

    Daoist You Ming had a rich sinister Yin attribute but weak Yang attribute due to the cultivation of the Fey Phantasm Sect's techniques. By lacking in Yang, it made his reproductive abilities limited. After all, to give birth to new life, one needed life force and lifeblood. How could a person filled with an air of death produce a child?

    It resulted in Daoist You Ming thinking very highly of You Feihua. The vendetta of his son's murder was absolutely irreconcilable!

    Upon hearing Daoist You Ming's words, Yi Yun's gaze turned cold. "You want to peel my skin and pluck my tendons? I'll kill you first!"

    Yi Yun's killing intent amplified as the Sword of the Will, which was fused with the divine tree as one, suffused from his glabella. The divine root hurled to the side and whizzed over at the next instant. Its target was clearly headed for Daoist You Ming!

    Daoist You Ming was lacking compared to Demonic Eye Divine Lord after all. Combined with the severe injuries he had received from before, there was no way for him to dodge the divine root's attack.


    Daoist You Ming bellowed angrily as two curved blades appeared in his hands. He slashed his blades at the divine root but countless root filaments came stabbing at Daoist You Ming at that moment.

    "Cha! Cha! Cha!"

    Black blade beams swept through the area, with a large number of root filaments being severed by Daoist You Ming. However, the divine root suddenly changed trajectories again and came stabbing into Daoist You Ming's back!

    Cha! Cha! Cha! The divine root's root filaments stabbed at Daoist You Ming like javelins and eventually, three of them managed to break through his blade screen that protected him!

    "Puah Puah Puah!"

    Daoist You Ming's protective Yuan Qi was directly penetrated, stabbing through his shoulder, abdomen, and chest in three distinct spots from the back!

    The fatal strike was not the one that pierced through his chest, but the one at Daoist You Ming's abdomen. It was where his dantian was.


    At that instant, Daoist You Ming clearly heard his dantian shatter. He watched helplessly as the blood-stained divine root pierced through his abdomen. His dantian had been destroyed by the divine root!

    A mouthful of coagulated blood spewed out of Daoist You Ming's mouth while all his strength had been drained. He grabbed the root filament that was covered in his own blood, eyes filled with enmity and indignance.

    He had just spoken of revenge but immediately, his dantian was destroyed. Daoist You Ming's body convulsed as his consciousness gradually faded away. He was already not far from death.

    He refused to believe that there would come a day when he would perish under the hands of a junior despite being a Supremacy…


    Daoist You Ming's corpse was flung out before crashing heavily into the ground like a broken bag of blood.

    Upon seeing this scene, everyone drew a gasp. A Supremacy had died just like that.

    Although Daoist You Ming was not directly killed by Yi Yun, he had died because of him. No one would believe such a ridiculous matter anywhere outside, but it had turned into reality in this mystic zone.


    All the young disciples of the Fey Phantasm Sect had died while half-step Supremacies were severely injured and on the brink of death. The remaining few Supremacies lost their guts. A battle of such scale was horrifying. Against the divine tree which they could not put up any form of resistance, they were as helpless as a tiny boat in the middle of a torrential storm.

    The Fey Phantasm Sect warriors fled helter-skelter. As for Demonic Eye Divine Lord, he was bordering on insanity. Ignoring the fact that the Fey Phantasm Sect had lost so many elites in an instant, the blood-colored skull was one of his most valuable enchanted treasures. It was even more valuable than the Six Streak Blood Banner! But now, it had been pulverized to nothingness by Yi Yun with a single strike.

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord's heart ached for his loss. He yearned to tear apart Yi Yun but he could do nothing to him. Instead, it was very likely that he would be killed by the divine tree if he were not careful.

    At that moment, Demonic Eye and Shi Xuanji were at a loss. The latter had witnessed the tragedy of the Fey Phantasm Sect and he had a lingering fear in him. He was even elated that he had not found the young disciples of the Immortal Rain Sect in the Door to the 33 Skies. If he had brought them with him, they might have been wiped out as well.

    However, Shi Xuanji did not know that the young disciples of the Immortal Rain Sect had previously been wiped out by Yi Yun during a conflict from before. If he knew about it, Shi Xuanji would have vomited blood.


    As the Fey Phantasm Sect was suffering utter chaos, Yi Yun's situation was not much better while inside the restricted zone.

    After refining the divine tree seed, he had indeed possessed the ability to communicate with and borrow the divine tree's strength.

    However, the divine tree was a God Spirit after all. To It, humans and Fey were no different from plants. Furthermore, the divine tree had yet to develop sentience. It only stood in its spot to witness the passage of time that spanned hundreds of millions of years. Yi Yun's launch of attacks was ultimately controlled through the use of his will. The speed, trajectory and even strength of the attacks were largely dependent on Yi Yun's mental strength.

    His mental strength was naturally incomparable to a Divine Lord's which made it very difficult for Yi Yun to kill Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord.

    Controlling the divine tree was extremely draining on his mental facilities. Just a few attacks were enough to make him feel an excruciating pain in his soul sea. It was hard for him to continue!

    Yi Yun frowned. Killing a Supremacy was already his limit whereas killing a Divine Lord was impossible.

    Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord had clearly realized this salient point. They had already opened up a distance and began using guerrilla tactics. At that juncture, no one had the upper hand against the other. However, Yi Yun could not remain in the divine tree's restricted zone forever. He still needed to gain experience in the outside world. He could at most increase his cultivation level by a few realms through the isolation of himself in a sealed environment before meeting a bottleneck.

    "I'll save Master first."

    With a thought, the divine root that was holding Felicitous Rain Lord was pulled back. Under Yi Yun's control, the door to the restricted zone did not stop the seriously injured Felicitous Rain Lord's entry. He was sent right in!

    "It…It's that senior!"

    Yue Yingsha and Chu He were surprised when an additional person suddenly appeared in the restricted zone. Yue Yingsha had recognized Felicitous Rain Lord but compared to his striking appearance from before, he looked terrible.


    With a flash of his figure, Yi Yun had appeared outside the Chaos Stone house.

    Under a large tree, Felicitous Rain Lord was leaning against it. There was no spot on him that remained fine. More importantly, his lifeblood was on the decline. Clearly, the battle from before had injured Felicitous Rain Lord's life essence.

    Although it was possible for him to slowly recover through the use of precious herbal treasures, it was still possible for him to suffer from reticent injuries that could affect his future attainments.

    "Yi Yun, well done! Well done!" After Felicitous Rain Lord entered the restricted zone, he did not tend to his wounds but instead laughed loudly as he looked at Yi Yun.

    "Four nine-leaf Dao fruits, with every one of them a Great Dao. The Dao fruits you condensed has far exceeded mine of yesteryear. It has also surpassed everyone in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. Now, you have refined the nebulous Primordial Chaos and have awakened this God Spirit that holds up a large world. As a disciple, you have lived up to my expectations. Or I should say that taking you in as my disciple is considered my good luck!"

    Felicitous Rain Lord had high standards. Back when he recruited disciples, it was without focused intention. He did not believe that he could find a personal disciple immediately. Taking a million years to find a suitable disciple was considered not bad for a Divine Lord. Felicitous Rain Lord had never imagined that he would find a monster like Yi Yun.

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