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Chapter 1049: Divine Tree“s Bizarre Transformation

    Chapter 1049: Divine Tree's Bizarre Transformation

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    Yi Yun knew that Felicitous Rain Lord's injuries were severe and that it was unlikely he could recover from it even if he were given a long period of time. The sense of gratitude he had was something he remembered secretly in his heart. If there came a chance in the future for his attainments to surpass Felicitous Rain Lord, he would definitely aid Felicitous Rain Lord into attaining a higher level.

    Other than Felicitous Rain Lord, there were Elder Shi and Elder Duanmu from the Luo clan. The two Elders had risked their lives to protect him under the Fey Phantasm Sect's assault. If possible, he wanted to provide them a great life-changing opportunity.

    Just as Yi Yun was having such thoughts—


    The Door to the 33 Skies trembled once again as the ground where the divine tree rooted itself produced a tumultuous reverberation.

    Yi Yun faltered for a moment for he was connected to the divine tree in spirit and mind. He could clearly sense that at the intersection of the divine roots deep underground, the trapped bronze giant had begun struggling.

    With gigantic ax in hand, he was slashing at the divine tree's root filaments in a bid to escape.

    With the bronze giant's struggles, the ground began to crack. The Azure Wood Great World which the divine tree rooted itself into became unstable as though it would continue to explode.


    Yi Yun's expression turned solemn as he held his breath. It would definitely be a calamity the moment the Azure Wood Great World exploded.

    And at that moment, Yi Yun could clearly sense that the divine tree had instinctively begun to divert its energy toward resisting the bronze giant.

    His control over the divine tree was beginning to wane.


    At that moment, Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye had also acutely noticed this salient point.

    The ground was quaking as the bronze giant bellowed an angry roar from deep underground. The divine tree's roots began boring back down into the ground.

    Upon seeing this, the duo exchanged gleeful glances.

    They were of the impression that they could do nothing to Yi Yun, but they never expected that the bronze giant would begin struggling. The world was again facing the possibility of destruction.

    If the bronze giant were powerful enough, it could result in an internecine outcome. By letting the destruction continue, there would be a space-time storm that would immediately erupt from the terrifying explosion that accompanied the complete destruction of the world. In such a calamity, it was impossible for Yi Yun to survive.

    As for the two of them, they could capture Yi Yun in the space-time storm and rob Yi Yun of his nebulous Primordial Chaos. It was even possible that Yi Yun had discovered heritage belonging to the black-dressed woman in the restricted zone. In that case, the heritage would be theirs!

    They had already decided to first extract Yi Yun's soul to read his memories before dicing him up. They refused to believe that Yi Yun could still hide any secret in such a situation.

    "Also, Felicitous Rain, you will have to die as well!" Demonic Eye smiled sinisterly. He was yearning to charge out and skin both master and disciple alive before refining their souls into the soul banner.

    "Yi Yun, what happened?" In the restricted zone, Yue Yingsha and Chu He had also sensed the trembling of the ground.

    Felicitous Rain Lord's expression turned solemn as he had sensed that the world was quickly on the brink of complete collapse.

    "The bronze giant is too strong after having accumulated strength over a hundred million years. As for the divine tree's strength, it's probably on the decline…"

    Yi Yun even suspected that it was possible that the divine tree's lifespan was coming to an end.

    Over the hundreds of millions of years, the divine tree spent most of its time in slumber. If it was a powerful and vibrant life, why would it be sleeping?

    Perhaps the reason for its slumber was because the divine tree had little life remaining.

    And it was because of this reason that the divine tree had produced a seed. The divine tree seed's new life also signified the old divine tree's destruction.

    "Master, although I have awoken the divine tree's power, the last bit of energy the divine tree accumulated has probably been drained. If this continues on, the Azure Wood Great World might face destruction…" Yi Yun's words drained the color from Yue Yingsha and Chu He's faces.

    The Azure Wood Great World was about to disappear?

    At that moment, Felicitous Rain Lord straightened his body and with a gaze that was as sharp as a sword, he said, "Yi Yun, if the Azure Wood Great World were to collapse, wouldn't you face certain death by staying here? Leave this place with me and I'll entrust you to Rime Divine Lord. She will ensure your safety."

    "Leave? Master, you are already seriously injured. You will be sending yourself to your death the moment you leave." Yi Yun shook his head resolutely. He knew that Felicitous Rain Lord had said those words because he was already determined to die in battle.

    At this juncture, there was indeed no way out for them.

    Yi Yun sensed that his control over the divine tree was rapidly weakening.

    He gritted his teeth and focused all his Yuan Qi to the divine tree seed. His Sword of the Will was shot into it as he made a final bet. However, he was still unable to use his will to effect the divine tree into doing something.

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    The large world was collapsing. Mountains crumbled as the lands cracked opened and spewed Apocalyptic Fumes out!

    Large boulders began lifting off the ground as they were sucked by an invisible force into the sky. It was as though the world was disintegrating.

    Ka Ka Ka!

    Cracks began to appear in empty space as spatial storms rushed out of those rifts. Wherever they passed, large boulders would be ground into dust.

    This was true annihilation. The destructive force of a large world was really appalling—objects that were disintegrated within would not leave any traces behind. That was the true law of destruction.

    "Yi Yun, I'm afraid we have no way out of this."

    At that moment, even Felicitous Rain Lord could sense the ailing of the divine tree. The God Spirit that propped up the large world had finally awoken, but was it just a sudden spurt of radiance prior to its collapse? It compelled them with regret.

    Despite being at death's doorstep, Felicitous Rain Lord did not feel any sense of fear. Regardless of what he had to face, all he needed to do was fight valiantly at the cost of his life. What was unfortunate was that he would not be able to see the peak of martial arts. He was worried if Yi Yun would be able to escape alive, as well as Shui Ningshuang. Could her cultivation level be able to withstand the forces of the world's destruction?

    Yi Yun remained silent as he was focused on the divine tree seed, hoping for a miracle to happen.

    Gradually, Yi Yun sensed that his vision seemed to become that of the seed's. He could perceive the energy around his surroundings and also sense his own body, as well as the connection between his body and the divine tree.

    Yi Yun's mental energy was already insufficient so there was no way for him to control the divine tree. However, Yi Yun suddenly sensed a conscious stir from the divine tree.

    It was as if…the divine tree was transmitting information to him?

    Yi Yun held his breath. The divine tree may lack intelligence but it had its own thoughts. Yi Yun could sense a clear feeling of love and well-wishes from that thought.


    Yi Yun faltered slightly before he immediately realized that the love and well-wishes were not for him, but for the divine tree seed that had already fused with him.

    Yes, the divine tree was giving well-wishes to the seed that it had produced. It was bidding it farewell.

    Was it time to finally bid farewell to the seed that it had produced…?

    Just as this thought flashed across Yi Yun's mind—


    With the sound of a light crack, the divine tree seed in Yi Yun's Yuan Foundation suddenly sprouted. An extremely tiny sapling extended out and seemed to merge with Yi Yun's dantian. It began to absorb all the energy in Yi Yun's dantian, immobilizing him. He couldn't even think.

    Such a situation had happened before and since it was a time of need, Yi Yun did not resist. He allowed the seed to absorb his energy to grow.

    It was not only limited to Yi Yun's energy; even the remnant energy in the Azure Wood Great World was gathering towards Yi Yun like it was being sucked into a gigantic vortex!

    Typically, such a terrifying energy vortex would have caused Yi Yun's body to explode. But miraculously, Yi Yun's meridians were able to withstand the cleansing surge from the tremendous amount of energy.

    Yi Yun found himself completely immobile. He could not even blink.

    Despite being unable to move, he could clearly sense that his meridians were turning thicker and stronger as insane amounts of energy passed through them. Even his bones, flesh and blood were being tempered like they were divine metal that was being struck. Everything was becoming firmer.

    He suddenly realized that in the divine tree's final farewell, it had transmitted all its life essence to the seed.

    The divine tree was truly about to die!

    Yi Yun felt a deep sense of sorrow. It came not only from the bottom of his heart, but it also came from the divine tree seed. His emotions had become one with the divine tree seed.

    And this bout of sorrow quickly transformed into killing intent that came from the divine tree…

    At that moment, the divine tree moved. It was not because it was controlled by Yi Yun but because it was moving by itself!

    Yi Yun's heart leaped. He could sense the terrifying powers that came from the divine tree. It had been slumbering for hundreds of millions of years and all the power it had accumulated blasted out at that instant!

    Without needing to prop up the Azure Wood Great World any further, there was no need for it to conserve its energy, nor did it need to use sleep to extend its life. The divine tree was consuming itself and erupting every strength it had!


    And at that moment, outside the restricted zone, Demonic Eye Divine Lord had summoned all the Supremacies back, including half-step Supremacies that were nearly dead. With the situation having developed this far, the Fey Phantasm Sect had been the ones that had managed to preserve their strength the best on this expedition to the Azure Wood Great World. The other sects had suffered terrible losses.

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord took out another mobile abode once again. Although it was inferior to the blood-colored skull from before, it was still able to be a vessel for his underlings.

    "All of you enter. Hahaha, I'll bring all of you out. On this expedition to the Azure Wood Great World, it appears our Fey Phantasm Sect is the final victor!"

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord roared with laughter. The Fey Phantasm Sect had basically been preserved. As long as Yi Yun was killed, Demonic Eye Divine Lord would obtain the opportunities Yi Yun had gained. He would then naturally be the victor!

    "How wise of the Patriarch!"

    The Fey Phantasm Sect Supremacies fawned. Although they had suffered terribly when they had entered the blood-colored skull from before, they did not hesitate on entering the second mobile abode another time. It stemmed from the trust they had of Demonic Eye Divine Lord.

    All of them heaved a sigh of relief after entering the abode. With Demonic Eye Divine Lord's protection, they would be able to safely survive the calamity of the world's collapse.

    A complacent smile suffused on Demonic Eye Divine Lord's face. As he extended his hand to summon the abode into his body, he suddenly felt a grave sense of danger!

    Death had reared its head as it came attacking!

    He abruptly turned his head to take a look and saw a gigantic divine root burrow out of the ground beneath him as it hurled straight for him.


    Demonic Eye Divine Lord was alarmed. Yi Yun could still control the divine tree?

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