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Chapter 1050: Driven into an Impasse

    Chapter 1050: Driven into an Impasse

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    The divine tree's root burrowed out from under Demonic Eye Divine Lord's feet, and with tremendous strength, it struck at him like a primordial ancient Fey!

    A cold glimmer flashed across Demonic Eye Divine Lord's eyes. He attempted summoning his abode to dodge, but his expression immediately changed.

    He was appalled to discover that the surrounding space around him had been sealed. He was unable to move! Furthermore, the divine root's attack was more than ten times faster than before!

    How could this be?

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord's expression turned ashen. Despite the great changes happening to the Azure Wood Great World and the divine tree being on the brink of death, why was it still able to suddenly produce an attack that far exceeded its prior attacks?

    Furthermore, how could Yi Yun, who was a junior at the Dao Manifestation, be able to produce such an attack that even sealed the space around him, preventing him from dodging!?

    At that split instant, without time for careful thought, Demonic Eye Divine Lord disregarded everything and punched himself in the chest, forcing himself to spew out a mouthful of blood essence!


    The blood essence sprayed on the Six Streak Blood Banner before it was completely absorbed. He used his blood essence to feed the wraiths inside the Six Streak Blood Banner!

    "Wu Wu Wu Wu!"

    The specters wailed as a sinister wind blew. The six hundred million souls inside the Six Streak Blood Banner were released at once by Demonic Eye Divine Lord. They formed into a gigantic Six Streak Demon God that rushed at the divine root!

    However…the disparity in strength was too great! This was no longer the divine tree that was controlled by Yi Yun but a powerful attack of the divine tree that was powered from hundreds of millions of years of accumulation!


    With a loud explosion, the Six Streak Demon God phantom disintegrated as six hundred million specters were annihilated!

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord spewed out a mouthful of blood as his body flew backward like a broken sack. The divine root did not lose its momentum as it slammed at the mobile abode that was behind Demonic Eye Divine Lord!

    The poor Fey Phantasm Sect Supremacies had entered the mobile abode a second time because of their trust in Demonic Eye Divine Lord. However, they ended up becoming a lone target for the divine tree!

    They were lucky to have survived the first attack because of the limited control Yi Yun had on the divine tree but there was no longer any chance for them to survive a second time…


    With a tumultuous explosion, the massive mobile abode shattered like a chicken egg being struck by a gigantic war hammer in the face of the divine root.

    The severely injured half-step Supremacies inside the abode did not even manage to utter a grunt before they disintegrated!

    The Supremacies were in a slightly better situation. They were able to let out a scream of despair but there was no way to change their fatal outcomes.

    Up to their deaths, they did not understand how Yi Yun had managed to control the divine tree at the final moment. Furthermore, the strike was more than ten times stronger than before!


    Seeing the Fey Phantasm Sect Supremacies he led wiped out without even minced pieces left remaining, Demonic Eye Divine Lord's eyes seemed to crack!

    On the expedition to the Azure Wood Great World, the Fey Phantasm Sect had sent a huge lineup. They had the most number of experts but now, he was the only one left. It was an insufferable and unprecedented loss!

    And it was even possible that he would die himself!

    He could already see the divine root retracting before it would hurl back at his head. And at that moment, he had already burned his blood essence. The Six Streak Blood Banner had been completely destroyed. What else did he have left to parry the attack!?

    Was this really controlled by Yi Yun?

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord found it unbelievable.

    "Let us join forces and tear open the void!"

    At that moment, Shi Xuanji's yell rang in Demonic Eye Divine Lord's ear.

    Shi Xuanji was also sensing death creeping up on him. He wanted to flee but there was nowhere to flee to. There was only one possibility. By taking advantage of the weakness of space during the world's collapse, he and Demonic Eye Divine Lord would be able to escape by breaking through the void.

    However…just as Shi Xuanji said those words, the divine root suddenly turned and shot toward Shi Xuanji!

    Shi Xuanji was momentarily dumbfounded. He was courting death by shouting his intention!

    "Nine Heavens Rain Annihilation Array!"

    With his life on the line, Shi Xuanji also forced out a mouthful of blood essence as he brandished the sword in his hand to produce endless rain and wind that slashed at the divine root!

    Kacha! Shi Xuanji's sword beam immediately shattered the moment it struck the divine root. At the next moment, the divine root had shattered Shi Xuanji's protective Yuan Qi, striking him in the face!

    Shi Xuanji let out a tragic scream as his body flew out like a polo ball that was struck by a mallet. His facial bones shattered, his eyeballs cracked, and all of his teeth dropped off. His face had been mangled into a mess!

    Was this really…a strength that belonged to Yi Yun?

    Impossible! Impossible!

    Shi Xuanji screamed in his heart! But at that moment, Demonic Eye Divine Lord had already lost all will to fight. Would the divine tree allow him escape by giving him a chance to tear open the void?


    Demonic Eye Divine Lord ignored Shi Xuanji as he quickly flew towards the boundary of the world. However, the divine tree encompassed the entire world. It was omnipresent!

    Swish! Swish! Swish!

    There were constantly divine roots boring out of the ground. With his soul banner destroyed, Demonic Eye Divine Lord could only block them using his ghostly claws.

    However, these ghostly claws were as weak as spider webs in the face of the divine roots. They were all destroyed in a clean sweep!


    Demonic Eye Divine Lord's protective Yuan Qi was ripped through as a divine root pierced through his chest like a skewer, leaving him connected to the ground.


    The ground began to collapse as Demonic Eye Divine Lord was sent deep into the ground along with the divine root. He spewed out mouthfuls of fresh blood as he frantically struggled. However, in front of the divine root, he could not put up any form of resistance!

    As for Shi Xuanji, he too had been wrapped by a divine root. Together with Demonic Eye Divine Lord, he plummeted deep underground as bloody bone was exposed where his face was. It was gruesome and horrifying.

    "My strength is being drained!"

    Demonic Eye Divine Lord suddenly realized that the divine tree was draining his life force!

    It seemed to be draining the last bit of energy they had in order to seal the bronze giant.

    High in the sky, Rime Divine Lord watched this scene in astonishment. She originally believed that Yi Yun was certainly doomed, but she had never expected that such a shocking reversal would happen at the final moment!

    Impressive figures like Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord had suffered a calamity today!

    Even if none of this was done by Yi Yun, it definitely had something to do with him.

    At that moment, the ground began to produce countless cracks. The entire Azure Wood Great World was on the brink of rupturing!

    Even the tiny world in the divine tree could feel the aftershocks from the world's collapse. Cracks began to appear as it began to connect to the external world.

    The chaotic storms immediately swept over but Felicitous Rain Lord hurriedly conjured a Yuan Qi shield, enclosing Yue Yingsha and Chu He within.

    "Yi Yun." Just as Felicitous Rain Lord turned to take a look, a bigger storm emerged in the tiny world.

    Felicitous Rain Lord was already severely injured so he was immediately swept away by the storm.

    Felicitous Rain Lord could see past the storm and realized that Yi Yun was in the eye of the storm. His eyes were closed tightly and a nervous look appeared on his face.

    The Azure Wood Great World was about to be destroyed at any moment and being the support of the Azure Wood Great World, the divine tree could no longer prop it up any longer.

    As for Yi Yun, he had expended the last bit of his mental energy. His soul sea was severely depleted. He could not even move a finger.

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