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Chapter 1051: Final Destruction

    Chapter 1051: Final Destruction

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    "The Azure Wood Great World is about to collapse!"

    With the development so far, nothing could stop the divine tree from dying at that moment. Felicitous Rain Lord was severely injured so he could not do much. The only person he could rely on was Rime Divine Lord.

    Leave quickly!

    Felicitous Rain Lord wanted to bring Yi Yun out with him even if consumed the last ounce of strength in him. However, just as he approached Yi Yun, he suddenly felt a strong repulsion that threw him backward.


    Felicitous Rain Lord's expression changed. He saw Yi Yun covered in the divine tree's halo and it had formed an invisible wall that prevented him from approaching.

    "Yi Yun!"

    Felicitous Rain Lord could see that Yi Yun's eyes were tightly closed as if he had lost consciousness. He wanted to wake Yi Yun up, but from the looks of it, Yi Yun was connected with the divine tree's bloodline. He believed that if he tried hard enough, it was still possible to escape but he never expected that Yi Yun would turn a deaf ear toward his calls.

    If the Azure Wood Great World were to explode, where Yi Yun was situated was probably where the center of the explosion was!

    Time was of the essence and there was no clear indication how long more the Azure Wood Great World could last. Felicitous Rain Lord still wanted to find Shui Ningshuang. But with Yi Yun in such a state, he was unable to bring him along.

    "Senior, I don't think there's a need for you to worry." At that moment, Yue Yingsha spoke out. "Yi Yun is a person acknowledged by the divine tree. Although the Azure Wood Great World is about to be destroyed, with the divine tree's strength, it should not be difficult for it to protect Yi Yun even if it's about to wither and die."

    Yue Yingsha had a bloodline inside her that was related to the divine tree so she was able to vaguely comprehend the divine tree's intention.

    Felicitous Rain Lord frowned. He had also thought of the possibility that Yue Yingsha mentioned but he still remained worried. After all, it was just a hypothesis. What if it was wrong?

    As Felicitous Rain Lord was pondering over the matter, he saw that the halo encompassing Yi Yun intensifying. Large amounts of energy were flowing out of the halo, which caused Felicitous Rain Lord to shudder. It was an energy he absolutely could not withstand.

    At that point in time, it was like a sun had appeared out of nothing and Yi Yun was located within the sun as though he was a Golden Crow that was being given life through the burning flames.

    Felicitous Rain Lord could not help but continue retreating and when the halo reached an extreme intensity, Felicitous Rain Lord suddenly saw Yi Yun's figure turn into a blur. His aura was gradually dissipating as though he was about to disappear…


    Felicitous Rain Lord was startled. He could sense the fluctuation in spatial laws that were about to send Yi Yun away.

    The moment Yi Yun was sent away, Felicitous Rain Lord had no idea how long it would take him to find Yi Yun.

    At that moment, thousands of thoughts flashed across his mind. He finally gritted his teeth and took out a dark golden piece of paper from his interspatial ring.

    If anyone were to see the dark gold piece of paper, they would go mad because that was the remnant page of the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon'! It was also his most valuable cultivation technique. Previously, he had not passed it down to Yi Yun due to Yi Yun's low cultivation realm. But now, Yi Yun was about to be sent away. By steeling his heart, he directly shot the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon' at Yi Yun!

    By giving it to him prematurely, Yi Yun would then be able to cultivate it by himself with the remnant page of the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon'. It was a divine item formed from heaven and earth laws, so the divine light that had repelled Felicitous Rain Lord did not stop the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon' remnant page, allowing it to reach Yi Yun.

    At the next moment, the halo became even brighter as Yi Yun and the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon' remnant page disappeared completely.

    The immense energy also gradually dissipated as the halo lost its luster. Finally, there was nothing left in front of Felicitous Rain Lord.

    Nothing was left behind.

    The divine tree had transported him and the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon' away…Upon coming to such a realization, Felicitous Rain Lord heaved a sigh of relief.

    With the divine tree safely transporting Yi Yun away, Yi Yun's safety was finally assured. However, Felicitous Rain Lord did not know Yi Yun's destination. He needed to recuperate as fast as possible once he returned so that he could search for Yi Yun.

    However, it was unlikely to be an easy matter searching for Yi Yun. He even felt for the first time that he should establish a faction, one just like the Immortal Rain Sect, a large faction that spanned the entire Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. Such matters could then be done in a much easier fashion.

    "Let's leave quickly."

    Felicitous Rain Lord grabbed Yue Yingsha and Chu He and summoned a mobile abode before flying out of the restricted zone!

    At that moment, the divine tree's restricted zone had collapsed so there was no obstruction in the way.

    "Fairy Rime, I'm severely injured so I'll need to rely on you in a while."

    "Don't worry, I'll definitely do my best!"

    Due to the rupturing of the restricted zone, Rime Divine Lord had also seen Yi Yun's disappearance. She knew that if Yi Yun were to not perish, he would definitely be an extremely strong warrior of the world.

    Despite being only at the Dao Manifestation realm, Yi Yun's monstrous talent would make Divine Lords lower their statures to take the initiative to befriend him.

    “Boom! Boom! Boom!”

    The Azure Wood Great World continued collapsing. Even the towering divine tree began to tremble violently. One branch after the other fell to the ground before sinking into it.

    The divine tree that had stood erect for hundreds of millions of years had finally welcomed its moment of destruction.

    The world was being compressed and the entire Azure Wood Great World was beginning to collapse with the divine tree at its core!

    “Boom! Boom! Boom!”

    The annihilation power of the collapsing world surged wantonly toward the divine tree.

    Rime Divine Lord led Felicitous Rain Lord and company to a distance far away from the center of the explosion. They watched helplessly as the world began shrinking. Everything in the world—land, mountains, rivers, oceans and even space and time—were gathering toward the divine tree. It was like a skyscraper collapsing to its foundation once the foundation was destroyed.

    At the next moment, Rime Divine Lord and Felicitous Rain Lord heard the bronze giant issue an angry and painful bellow. The duo immediately understood what was happening with the destruction of the Azure Wood Great World. The divine tree was using its last bit of energy to collapse everything in the Azure Wood Great World so as to inflict a heavy injury on the bronze giant!

    The destructive power of a world was extremely terrifying, to begin with. Even stars could go supernovae, and when such energy was compressed into a tiny area of space, the destructive force was unimaginable!

    Would the bronze giant die?

    Felicitous Rain Lord did not know the answer to the question. He only felt that the divine tree had chosen to shine in its final moments before ending its life. And such fireworks that could light up the Universe through the consumption of its life made him feel minute.

    They were pursuing the peak of martial arts but in the face of the entire Universe, they were too weak…

    And all of this had been seen by Yi Yun. After he was enveloped by the divine tree's light, he was sent hurtling through the void.

    The starry sky and endless river of stars were fleeting in front of Yi Yun. He did not know how long he had been floating for and how far he had traversed. The only thing he knew was that the tiny divine tree seed in his dantian had already sprouted a lush green sapling…

    Yi Yun had clarity of mind. However, his meridians, flesh, and blood seemed to be undergoing a metamorphosis which prevented him from moving.

    He knew that Felicitous Rain Lord had left the remnant page of the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon' with him at the final moment. There was no need to elaborate on its value. The act only made him feel more grateful to Felicitous Rain Lord's favor to him as a master.

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