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Chapter 1053: Central State Divine Territory

    Chapter 1053: Central State Divine Territory

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    The group that had saved Yi Yun was the Divine Secrets Trading Company from Jade Luster City. It was definitely a notable faction in Sun Burial Sandsea. The merchant alliance it belonged to was everywhere in the seven cities around the desert, so it was known by everyone.

    The Divine Secrets Trading Company was extremely wealthy. Ignoring the luxurious sand boat, even a side carriage was drawn by four splendid looking Azure Linhorses.

    Azure Linhorses were large, to begin with, so the carriages they pulled were even larger. The carriage that Yi Yun was in was luxurious. Inside it was a room that not only had a bed, carpet, and chairs, there were even several compartments. In addition to the array set up in the carriage, the carriage was strangely stable despite the fast speeds of the four Azure Linhorses.

    The treatment that Yi Yun received left many of the escorts unhappy. He was only a half-dead traveler that they had saved but he enjoyed such a luxurious carriage. As for them, they had to stay outside in the sun and get exposed to the elements. The punk was truly one lucky fuck.

    "To think that I need to stop my elixir refinement midway to save someone who fainted in the desert."

    A gray-robed elder came into Yi Yun's room. He felt somewhat impatient when he took a glance at Yi Yun as he verbalized his unhappiness.

    The maidservant that was standing beside the old man said with a placative smile, "Miss is a kind person. What's more, Grandmaster Sun's alchemy skills are first-rate when placed in the entire Central State Divine Territory. Wouldn't saving a youth be at your fingertips?"

    The maidservant's words were sweet and indeed, the elder enjoyed the flattery. However, he knew in his heart that his alchemy and medical skills were definitely not first-rate in the entire Central State Divine Territory.

    "Fine, I'll be kind and save his life. Consider this punk lucky."

    As the gray-robed old man said those words, he sat in front of Yi Yun.

    At that moment, Yi Yun's eyes were tightly closed but there were tumultuous waves roaring in his heart. Central State Divine Territory!?

    The name was extremely familiar with Yi Yun. He had a great memory so a simple recall allowed him to remember that back in the God Advent Tower at the Great Empress mystic realm, he had been shown the history of Azure Yang Lord rising to the rank of Divine Lord. Having achieved success and winning recognition, Azure Yang Lord had established a country and the name he called his land was the Central State Divine Territory.

    Could this be the Yang God Empyrean Heaven?

    Yi Yun was alarmed. The collapse of the Azure Wood Great World had sent him to the Yang God Empyrean Heaven in one go. Wasn't this too far?

    The twelve Empyrean Heavens were extremely distant from one another. Even a Divine Lord needed to expend a great deal of time and energy in order to shuttle between the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

    Yi Yun began sweeping his surroundings with his perception. After fusing with the divine tree seed, his perception had increased by leaps and bounds, so he could easily cast it out hundreds of kilometers and even penetrate barriers that he couldn't in the past, such as Chaos Stones.

    Yi Yun knew very well that his perception had completely metamorphosized.

    His survey of the surroundings confirmed his suspicions. He had truly arrived in the Yang God Empyrean Heaven.

    In the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, the people he encountered were 99% Fey race. But in this area, the countless number of people he discovered were humans with pure bloodlines. They had nothing to do with the Fey.

    "Yang God Empyrean Heaven…Central State Divine Territory. Years ago, I was indebted to Azure Yang Lord and today, I have come to the place where Azure Yang Lord rose in prominence. This is probably fated…" Yi Yun muttered to himself inwardly. At that moment, the gray-robed elder had begun probing Yi Yun's meridians.

    Although Yi Yun could not move, he was not too worried about his safety. Firstly, his physical body was strong, making it extremely difficult for others to harm him. Secondly, his body contained a vibrant vitality. The power that came from the divine tree seed was no trifling matter. Back when he was lying in the desert, there had been evil phantoms that attempted to devour his lifeblood but the moment they entered his meridians, they were annihilated by the vital power.

    The gray-robed elder was actually not too concerned about healing Yi Yun but the moment he probed Yi Yun's meridians, his face turned into that of shock. A few seconds later, he turned alarmed. How could it be?

    "Grandmaster Sun, how is he?"

    "Odd, very odd. This youth's meridians are filled with life. I've never seen such powerful amounts of vitality in my life!"

    The gray-robed elder began to find something amiss. He had probed the meridians of many warriors, but none had given him such a feeling.

    "Then, why is he still unconscious?" The maidservant asked.


    The gray-robed elder frowned as he felt somewhat embarrassed. It had just been said that such a trivial ailment would be at his fingertips but he had ended up encountering such a strange situation which he was clueless about.

    He knew that the person was definitely not pretending to be unconscious but he was completely befuddled by the underlying cause.

    He attempted feeding a pill to Yi Yun. It melted the moment it entered his mouth and turned into an essence that merged into Yi Yun's body.

    "Oh? It was absorbed so fast?"

    The gray-robed elder was slightly astonished. The pill he had given Yi Yun was quite an impressive one. He even felt the pinch when he gave it to Yi Yun. Typical warriors who ate it might suffer instead of being nourished by it. The medicinal essence in it might be so strong that it could cause one to vomit blood. He had noticed that Yi Yun's meridians looked strong before he had attempted with the pill. He never expected that the medicinal essence of the pill had been completely absorbed by Yi Yun in a few seconds. It was like pouring a container of water into the lake. There was not much of a change.

    What happened?

    The gray-robed elder was unsure. And at that moment, the 'unconscious' Yi Yun was also feeling shocked from the transformations his body was undergoing after the pill entered his body. He had clearly sensed that the essence in the pill had been absorbed by the divine tree seed.

    And after it absorbed the pill's essence, it seemed to grow a tiny bit. As it was a such a minute amount, it would not have been discovered if not for Yi Yun's extremely powerful perception.

    The divine tree seed could absorb the essence of the pill.

    Yi Yun was not surprised regarding this. Back at the herbal garden in the stone house, there had been a large number of herbal treasures planted. And these herbs were eventually used to grow and nourish the divine tree seed.

    Now, with the divine tree seed sprouting, it was not a surprise that it could absorb the essence of spiritual medicine.

    Upon realizing this, a thought flashed across Yi Yun's head. He seemed to understand why he was left immobile. After the divine tree seed entered his dantian, the sapling needed large amounts of the worldly essence in its nascent stage. However, without providing it with spiritual herbs and medicine, it could only absorb Heaven Earth essence. And the Heaven Earth essence was gathered toward Yi Yun's dantian through his meridians as the passageways.

    Although Yi Yun had benefited from this process, with his meridians being tempered and becoming larger and stronger, the price he had paid was the seizure of all his meridians by the divine tree seed. It left him completely immobile as a result.

    In order to gain control over his meridians again, he probably needed to wait till the divine tree seed grew to a certain stage. He believed that it was unlikely that the divine tree seed would grow into a massive, towering divine tree in one shot. It might temporarily stop after a certain period of time.

    With this thought in mind, Yi Yun smiled bitterly inwardly. Although the divine tree seed was in his body, it was not under his control.

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