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Chapter 1054: Waking Up

    Chapter 1054: Waking Up

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    Yi Yun, who was being treated by the gray-robed elder, had garnered the old man's interest. He was an ill person that the old man had never encountered before. The old man took out a box of silver needles, planning on giving Yi Yun acupuncture, but what rendered him speechless was that the inability of the needles to prick Yi Yun's acupuncture points.

    The gray-robed elder infused his Yuan Qi into the silver needles in the hopes of breaking through Yi Yun's skin but he only ended up snapping them.

    Why couldn't the needles lodge in his flesh?

    The old man stared with widened eyes for he had never encountered such a situation before. There was a dumbfounded silence.

    "Could this young man have metallic flesh and bone?" The old man muttered to himself before tearing and removing the tattered clothes in front of Yi Yun's chest.

    What happened rendered Yi Yun speechless. The old man was treating him as a guinea pig. He was not worried about his danger but by removing his tattered clothes, the old man could see a dark gold piece of thin paper adhered to Yi Yun's chest.

    What was this?

    The elder was somewhat befuddled. The dark gold paper was obviously the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon' that Felicitous Rain Lord had given Yi Yun. However, the remnant page of the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon' was something that even Supremacies might not recognize, not to mention the gray-robed elder.

    Furthermore, who could imagine that a young man that had fainted in the desert would have such a rare artifact?

    The thin piece of paper was only thought as a protective charm by the elder. Just as he wanted to peel it off, he realized that the piece of paper was stuck to Yi Yun's flesh, preventing him from tearing it away.

    Just as the elder was feeling puzzled, the maidservant rushed in and said, "Miss requests Mr. Changsun to move this young man to the sand boat. She has something to tend to."

    Old Man Changsun faltered for a moment. He had originally believed that the mistress had suddenly saved the young man from a sudden bout of kindness. But now, the mistress was sending the punk to the sand boat? That sand boat was a privately owned by the mistress. Other than close relatives or friends of the mistress, no one had the chance of boarding the sand boat.

    Was there something special about the punk that the mistress had eyed? Although the elder enjoyed a level of status in the Divine Secrets Trading Company, he was an outsider after all. He could not make any of those inquiries.

    He got a set of clothes to dress Yi Yun and brought him to the sand boat together with the maidservant.

    The sand boat that was cruising through the desert was exquisite in its internal decorations. However, its artistic style was mainly pink, making it obvious that it was a female's residence.

    In the biggest hall inside the sand boat, Yi Yun finally saw the mistress of the Divine Secrets Trading Company.

    She was dressed in a light yellow dress and she walked in a feather-footed manner like a willow in the wind. She did not look a year past eighteen and her skin was fair and delicate. However, what astonished Yi Yun was that the girl had a thin, light red scar across her face that stretched from her forehead. It reached down to her nose bridge in a winding manner like a snake, into the girl's veil.

    From the looks of it, the young mistress of the Divine Secrets Trading Company was wearing the veil not because it was a deliberate act of mysticism but to hide the scar.

    However, Yi Yun was puzzled. In the world of warriors, there was no lack of pills that could restore one's looks. Why would the young mistress of the Divine Secrets Trading Company not remove the scar?

    "Mr. Changsun, can you save this person?" The young mistress's voice was soft and gentle and it sounded soothing to the ears.

    "About that…" Old Man Changsun revealed a look of passiveness as he immediately reported the strange process of his treatment of Yi Yun to the mistress.

    "Oh? He can't be pricked by needles but he is able to rapidly absorb the medicinal essence in a pill?"

    "Yes, the Nutritive Restoration Pill I refined has strong medicinal properties but he had taken a few seconds to finish absorbing it. Furthermore, I sensed that the vitality in his body grew slightly stronger after he finished absorbing it…"

    "Then, does Mr. Changsun believe that better pills can save this young man?"

    "About that…" Old Man Changsun shook his head. "I can't be sure. It's just a guess."

    "Alright…" Upon hearing Old Man Changsun's words, the yellow-dressed girl seemed to ponder for quite a while before she took out a jade box. She opened it and took out a green pill. Old Man Changsun was stupefied when he saw it.

    "The Southern Dipper Green Glass Pill? Miss, don't tell me that you are planning on feeding this pill to him?"

    The value of the Southern Dipper Green Glass Pill was something that could not be disregarded even with the Divine Secrets Trading Company's wealth. If a direct descendant of the Divine Secrets Trading Company was severely injured, it was no surprise that the Southern Dipper Green Glass Pill would be used for treatment. However, the youth was just a stranger, yet she was planning on using such a valuable pill?

    The yellow-dressed girl held the Southern Dipper Green Glass Pill in hand and after puckering her lips, she fed it to Yi Yun.

    Similarly, the Southern Dipper Green Glass Pill melted the moment it entered Yi Yun's mouth, with all the energy contained in it absorbed by the divine tree seed. This time, Yi Yun clearly perceived that the divine tree seed had grown a tiny bit. The young sapling that had sprouted turned even greener.

    This surprised Yi Yun. The pill that the Divine Secrets Trading Company had given him was indeed of excellent quality.

    However, Yi Yun did not know that in the nearby Sun Burial Sandsea, the Divine Secrets Trading Company actually had a mine that produced such treasures. Therefore, the spiritual medicine that was produced here was not bad.

    Unfortunately, Yi Yun still had most of his meridians controlled by the divine tree seed despite having absorbed a Southern Dipper Green Glass Pill. He could not even move one bit.

    Upon seeing this scene, the yellow-dressed girl wrinkled her eyebrows slightly as if she was in a dilemma. At that moment, without Old Man Changsun telling her, she could already sense the energetic changes in Yi Yun's body. His vitality was gradually strengthening.

    Absorbing the spiritual medicine was indeed helpful at healing Yi Yun but the problem was that a single Southern Dipper Green Glass Pill was insufficient. How much more spiritual medicine was needed?

    This left the yellow-dressed girl in a dilemma. She was afraid that Yi Yun could not be saved even if she used more spiritual medicine.

    After thinking for a while, the yellow-dressed girl finally gritted her teeth and took out a golden pill.

    Upon seeing the pill, Old Man Changsun's mouth twitched.

    "Miss, this is the Yang Opening Mystic Pill. Surely you aren't feeding the pill to this young man? Wouldn't…Wouldn't it be such a waste? If the Old Chairman were to know…"

    Old Man Changsun did not continue his exhortation for he was at a loss. There was a limit to acts of kindness. To use a Southern Dipper Green Glass Pill and a Yang Opening Mystic Pill to save a stranger would be too profligating. If the old chairman were to know of the matter, he would be incensed.

    Could it be that the young man was the mistress's secret lover? If they had known each other in the past, Old Man Changsun would have found it understandable.

    But there was no time for him to ponder over the matter carefully. When the Yang Opening Mystic Pill was placed in Yi Yun's mouth, the pure Yang medicinal essence inside the pill burst out immediately.

    The Yang God Empyrean Heaven was inclined to pure Yang. And in it, the Sun Burial Sandsea was one of the best pure Yang lands. The pure Yang-elemental herbal treasures produced in Sun Burial Sandsea were all priceless treasures. As for the Yang Opening Mystic Pill, it was refined using such pure Yang materials and it matched Yi Yun perfectly.

    The Yang Opening Mystic Pill's medicinal essence melted into Yi Yun's dantian and made him feel like a gigantic furnace had risen in it. Most of it was absorbed by the divine tree seed but there was still a tiny portion that was used by Yi Yun.

    At that moment, the nine-leaf pure Yang Dao fruit in Yi Yun's dantian radiated with a dazzling beam. Every ounce of pure Yang energy that was absorbed by Yi Yun was absorbed into the nine-leaf Dao fruit and when the energy gathered to an extreme, Yi Yun sent a blast outwards with a thought!

    The pure Yang power exploded out and surged through every meridian of his. After his originally rigid meridians surged with pure Yang power, it was like spring water flowing into a dried up river bed that finally revived it.

    Yi Yun took a deep breath as he moved his nearly ossified limbs before he opened his eyes.

    After finally gaining control of his body, Yi Yun heaved a sigh of relief. Half a month of immobility was indeed uncomfortable.

    However, Yi Yun was puzzled. Why would the yellow-dressed girl spare no cost in saving a stranger like him? If she were said to be kind, wasn't such kindness excessive?

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