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Chapter 1058: Yi Yun“s Strength

    Chapter 1058: Yi Yun's Strength

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    With a light sound, the flying saber suddenly burned in pure Yang flames. The Heart Dismembering Worm let out a shrill cry as it quickly burned to a crisp.

    Upon seeing this scene, the granny in red’s expression immediately darkened.

    "Who’s there!?"

    She turned her head abruptly,her gaze piercing the room's door. The agilawood door that was engraved with an array of mystical symbols had been penetrated by the flying saber, with only a tiny hole left behind.

    Somehow, the person who had launched the flying saber couldn’t see inside the room, yet was still able shoot the saber through the door with perfect accuracy. Not only that, but the swift and true saber was imbued with the power of pure Yang. It had killed the Heart Dismembering Worm in one strike.

    To accomplish such a feat, a person had to have extraordinary perception. Who had such impressive ability?


    At that moment, the door was pushed open. There, in a Divine Secrets Trading Company outfit, stood Yi Yun. His clothes from before had been torn apart.

    "It's you…" The granny's pupils constricted as a look of disbelief appeared on her face. She never expected that the person who had done of all that was Yi Yun.

    "It looks like I have underestimated you, or perhaps you’ve been hiding your true strength."

    The granny slowly advanced towards Yi Yun. She resembled an old night owl in the shadows, spooking people with its gaze.

    Yi Yun beckoned and, as though it had a mind of its own, the Thousand Snow flying saber that was stuck in the wall flew into his hand. As he twirled the Thousand Snow flying saber, he said nonchalantly, "There is no need for me to hide my strength against you. You just failed to see it."


    The granny's eyes were filled with killing intent and at that moment, Ji Shuiyan suddenly sent a voice transmission to Yi Yun, "Yi Yun, she's a four-storey Dao Palace. She rears a Yin specter as a trump card."

    Although it was a Yuan Qi voice transmission, the old woman had some power at work on Ji Shuiyan. This, added to her powerful perception, allowed her to hear the girl’s message clearly.

    "Slut, you are courting death!"

    The old woman's eyes flashed with a cold beam, and the two demonic claws that held Ji Shuiyan pulled in opposite directions.

    At Ji Shuiyan's cultivation level, there was no doubt that the claws would tear her apart!

    Reacting quickly, Yi Yun flicked his fingers. Shoo! Shoo!

    Two flying sabers flew out like lightning and pierced through the demonic claws!

    Chi! Chi!

    The demonic claws were reduced to nothingness by the pure Yang flames. But the old woman took advantage of the chance to pounce at Yi Yun. She had anticipated that he’d save Ji Shuiyan, and Yi Yun realized that her true target was him all along!

    "Die foolish kid!"

    The old woman swiped a claw at Yi Yun's head. It was a strike that could even tear apart divine metal.

    Yi Yun was not flustered by the sudden sneak attack. He retreated quickly and simultaneously took out a broken sword.

    The seemingly ordinary sword slashed at the old woman's wrists.


    She snorted coldly as her claws burned with billows of black smoke. From within the smoke emerged the large rotting mouth of a devil. The demon bared its fangs and lunged straight at Yi Yun's broken sword.

    Even an excellent sword would immediately rot from the cadaveric gasses the ghoul spewed.

    As for the old woman, she continued to slash at Yi Yun's head with her ghastly claws.

    Yi Yun was only a Dao Manifestation realm warrior. Even if he did possess hidden strength, how could he compare to the powers of a four-storey Dao Palace warrior?


    The ghoul bit at Yi Yun's broken sword. The old hag was delighted, knowing that any enchanted item bitten by her ghoul would lose a great deal of its spirituality. So how could a feeble enchanted item like this broken sword possibly withstand her attack?

    However, before her sinister smile could show, her face froze. Just after the ghoul bit on the broken sword, it immediately let out a blood-curdling cry. It then struggled to release the broken sword.

    But at that moment, the broken sword emitted a radiant golden beam that resembled the burning sun's core. It enveloped the ghoul within its brilliant luster.

    The ghoul cried out as it turned to ash, while the broken sword suddenly slashed through a short distance of space, appearing immediately in front of the old woman.

    Three-foot Passage Sword, Sword of Time!

    Yi Yun's sword thrust straight at the old woman.

    The old woman’s eyes widened, her expression suddenly turning ashen. This kid!

    He had managed to cultivate a pure Yang Great Dao, and his sword could bend the laws of time?

    The old woman's expression changed slightly. However, her desire to kill Yi Yun only grew. "So what if you cultivate some Great Dao? Do you think that bit of strength will be enough to defeat me?"

    The old woman let out a sinister cry, opening her dried and cracking mouth wide. A blob of black gas spewed forth. Immediately accompanying it were shrieking and howling screams.

    The black gas manifested as a gigantic phantom. With a sharp cry, it clashed with Yi Yun's sword.

    "Oh?" Yi Yun realized that his sword seemed to enter a quagmire as a powerful pull was constantly tugging down at his sword.

    "Yi Yun, that's her Yin specter. She has fed it with blood for over ten thousand years. It is not to be underestimated!" Ji Shuiyan gave up using a voice transmission and instead shouted out loud.

    "Slut, once I'm done with him, you will taste the pain of thousands of worms boring into your heart!" The old woman viciously glanced at Ji Shuiyan which made her slump to the ground. It was as though all her energy had been drained out of her as her body turned cold.

    She was under the control of the old woman and was unable to put up a fight. Therefore, she was naturally unable to aid Yi Yun.

    She was tormented at the thought of Yi Yun suffering at the hands of the old woman for saving her. If he were to be captured by her, endless torment would surely follow.

    "A Yin specter…" Yi Yun sensed that the Yin specter was constantly consuming his Yuan Qi. At the same time, he could feel his meridians freezing up. The circulative flow of Yuan Qi also became increasingly retarded.

    With Yin specter draining their energy, any warrior would quickly become defenseless. If all Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi was devoured by the Yin specter, the old woman would have free reign over him.

    "It all depends if you have the ability to suck me dry of my Yuan Qi." Yi Yun snorted to himself as his Yuan Qi burst out. A black wheel appeared in Yi Yun's hand. Destruction Dao Domain—10000 Demon Wheel of Existence!

    Hum Hum Hum!

    There was a multitude of demons and gods sealed in the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, to begin with. These phantoms that represented destruction were on a completely different level from the Yin specter that the granny reared.

    In addition, the domination of Major Destruction laws over Ghost Dao laws was in every aspect complete and thorough!


    The roars of the myriad demons and gods thundered as a gigantic black vortex was conjured in the void. Just as the Yin specter darted toward Yi Yun, it was swept up by the redoubtable strength of Destruction. The terrifyingly suppressive presence of demons and gods made it feel like it was a sparrow facing an eagle. There was no way for it to resist.


    The Yin specter was hauled into the vortex before being completely shredded apart!

    The Yin specter that had been nourished for ten thousand years already had its intelligence, resulting in it issuing a cry of despair and pain. As for the old woman, being the rearer meant her life essence was tightly linked to the Yin specter. The explosion of the Yin specter caused a serious backlash on her. It was as though a portion of her very soul had been erased. The impact was visible.

    "You…you…destroyed my intrinsic Yin specter. Ahhh!"

    With a dull grunt, her old body flew backward as she suddenly spewed a mouthful of blood.

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