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Chapter 1059: Killing the Old Woman

    Chapter 1059: Killing the Old Woman

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    The old woman in red was a warrior well-versed in Ghost Dao. The intrinsic Yin specter was like a second soul to her. It was her main tool for murder because it could devour large amounts of blood essence. Furthermore, when it devoured the lifeblood of geniuses, it provided her a great amount of enrichment.

    In every other battle in which she brought out her intrinsic Yin specter, even ones where she couldn’t kill her enemies, she could definitely inflict serious injury and allow her intrinsic Yin specter to escape unharmed.

    Even if she were to encounter old freaks a few subrealms higher than her, the Yin specter would still be able to injure the opponent and escape. Even when it was fighting a superior opponent. Never had she encountered a situation in which her intrinsic Yin specter barely put up a fight before being consumed and destroyed. Even her body had been severely injured!

    "This is…a Destruction law? You even know Destruction Great Dao?"

    The old woman wiped the blood from her mouth. She was still infuriated from the destruction of her intrinsic Yin specter and could only manage to gradually calm down.

    Pure Yang Great Dao! Space-time Great Dao! Destruction Great Dao!

    How could a person know so many Great Dao? Furthermore, what was his cultivation level? How young was he?

    The old woman refused to believe that Yi Yun was only at the Dao Manifestation realm. Fighting a four-storey Dao Palace at the Dao Manifestation realm was completely unheard of.

    "Kid, you destroyed my intrinsic Yin specter. I'll make sure you die with me!"

    The old woman suddenly let out a bizarre cry and charged at Yi Yun! Her flesh and blood bulged as an outburst of energy began to circulate in her body as though she would explode at any time.


    Yi Yun was alarmed. Some warriors developed special cultivation techniques. When on the brink of death, they would explode, resulting in an internecine outcome with their enemies. The old woman was preparing such a technique!

    Yi Yun's heart shuddered and he prepared the appropriate countermeasures, but before he could act the old woman suddenly changed trajectories and flew up like an arrow!


    The old woman burst right through the ceiling!

    The sand boat had two levels. In an instant, the old woman tore through both those levels and soared high into the sky!

    She escaped!?

    Yi Yun's eyebrows pricked up. The self-destruction was only a ruse. She was taking advantage of the moment he gathered his energy in defense to escape!

    Without a thought, Yi Yun flew out of the sand boat. How could he let the old woman escape? If she did, there would be endless repercussions!


    Yi Yun charged out of the sand boat as well. The powerful impact of the two consecutively rushing out of the sand boat caused the top of the sand boat to explode.

    The surrounding members of the Divine Secrets Trading Company jumped in fright when they saw the sudden explosion of the sand boat. They held their breaths when they saw the two rocket into the sky.

    What just happened?

    "Protect the mistress! Protect the mistress!"

    Old Man Changsun was in a panic. With the Old Chairman having vanished, the Divine Secrets Trading Company was doomed if anything untoward happened to the mistress.

    "Kid, don't force me!"

    The old woman was fleeing in desperation. As she gathered a bout of Yuan Qi and burned her lifeblood unsparingly, her speed rose rapidly. "I have a mystic technique for escaping. It requires the burning of my blood essence. If you want to chase me, you would have to burn your blood essence as well. It would not be worth it for you!"

    The old woman was sure that Yi Yun would not go to such ends. After all, they did not share a irreconcilable vendetta. Yi Yun would be going too far if he burned his blood essence to kill her.

    Seeing the old woman rapidly creating a gap, Yi Yun sneered. The space beneath his feet suddenly began to distort as the flow of time around him seemed to speed up.

    Time flies like an Arrow, Heavenly Dao like a Bow!

    Yi Yun took a step forward as the space beneath his foot contracted. It wasn't him catching up to the old woman but the space and time between him and her shrinking. It was as though the old woman was being pulled back by space itself.

    Such a method was something Yi Yun couldn’t employ before he condensed his nine-leaf Space-time Dao fruit. But now, it was a cinch.

    "Ahhh." The old woman cried out in despair as she gathered her energy once again in the hopes of producing another charging spurt!

    But Yi Yun was now prepared, so how could he give her another chance?

    His pure Yang broken sword flew straight out!

    To the Ends of Time, a Sword for Eternity!


    The sword beam flashed through heaven and earth. Space and time instantly lost all meaning as the sword of time tore through space and plunged into the old woman's dantian.

    Her body quaked violently as a mouthful of blood spewed out. As she looked at the wound in her abdomen, her face was filled with pain and despair.

    "I should have…killed that slut…"

    The old woman said the last words of her life. At that instant, her destroyed dantian could no longer restrain the energy that had been compressed to an extreme.


    Energy erupted as the old woman's body exploded into smithereens!

    However, the extent of the explosion was much weaker than her self-destruction power. Yi Yun easily blocked the explosion by conjuring his Yuan Qi barrier.

    He naturally retreated under the energy blast and finally flew back into the sand boat.

    From the moment Yi Yun rushed out to slay the old woman, he had begun using the laws of time so it only appeared like ten seconds to everyone else. They only saw two people fly out at an inconceivable speed one after another before a blinding Yuan Qi explosion lit up the sky!

    The force of the explosion might not have been terrifying but the Yuan Qi that was released left everyone shuddering.

    There were many knowledgeable people, including Old Man Changsun, who could understand what the aura represented.

    Dao Palace realm warrior?

    The person who was hunted down and killed was a Dao Palace realm warrior? And not just in the early stages of Dao Palace, but with a certain level of accomplishment.

    Yet this Dao Palace level warrior was destroyed so effortlessly?

    Old Man Changsun tried to process this, but was left stupefied.

    Meanwhile, something else occurred that left him more dumbfounded. As Yi Yun came back to the sand boat, he had not used his space-time laws. So the Old Man Changsun, with his well-honed eyes, could recognize Yi Yun.

    That's impossible! It's him?

    The youth that the mistress had saved without much thought in the desert…had killed a Dao Palace realm warrior?

    Furthermore, where did the Dao Palace realm warrior come from? Their expedition did not have any Dao Palace realm warrior accompanying them. Was it an assassin?

    Upon having that thought, Old Man Changsun broke out into cold sweat.

    If they were targeted by an assassin at the Dao Palace realm, the outcome was obvious.

    As for Yi Yun, Old Man Changsun initially felt that it was a utter waste of heavenly treasures when the mistress used valuable spiritual herbs to heal him. But it became apparent that this youth was a figure strong enough to easily kill a Dao Palace realm warrior!

    What was his background? And what was his cultivation level?

    Old Man Changsun became anxious that his earlier animosity had been detected by Yi Yun. At his level, the young man could easily wipe him out.

    "The mistress did save him after all. He wouldn't do anything untoward to her, right?"

    With that thought in mind, Old Man Changsun hurriedly converged his aura as he rushed to the sand boat.

    The other armed escorts of the Divine Secrets Trading Company also rushed onto the sand boat. They all approached cautiously, afraid they might anger a god of death.

    "Don't come in first. I'm fine."

    At that moment, Ji Shuiyan's voice was heard, forcing everyone to stop in their spots.

    Instantly, Yi Yun had appeared in front of Ji Shuiyan. Looking at her, he casually asked, "Can you tell me about the situation with that old woman?"

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