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Chapter 1060: Slave Worms

    Chapter 1060: Slave Worms

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    Instantly, Yi Yun had appeared in front of Ji Shuiyan. Looking at her, he casually asked, "Can you tell me about the situation with that old woman?"

    As he spoke those words, he noticed an unnatural paleness suffuse Ji Shuiyan's face. Even her lips had lost any semblance of having blood in them.

    She tried to force a smile, but did not answer Yi Yun’s question. Instead, she said, "Thank you, Senior for saving me…"

    Ji Shuiyan's words tapered off in an increasingly weak fashion. Her voice trembled slightly. Yi Yun felt his heart shiver as he rushed to her side. He grabbed her wrist and immediately projected his perception into her body.

    There was still the fact that the top Ji Shuiyan had been wearing was ripped apart by the old woman during the battle. When she was slumped to the ground she could somewhat cover herself, but when Yi Yun helped her up she was immediately exposed. The pair of ample bunnies was too striking. Furthermore, the old woman had ripped off the bottom part of Ji Shuiyan's top, so there was still remnant cloth barely covering the upper part of her fair bosom. It only served to accentuate her allure.

    But Yi Yun was too busy to entertain nefarious thoughts. Once his perception entered Ji Shuiyan's body, he discovered that there were already three poisonous worms buried within her body. They seemed to have been there for a long time.

    Worse, the three tiny poisonous worms had already reached three critical spots in her body—dantian, heart, and brain!

    These vermin were beginning to destroy her body, killing her by striking at her three critical spots.

    "These are…slave worms?"

    Yi Yun suddenly realized what was inside her body. He recalled the several years he spent in the God Advent Tower and how he read Azure Yang Lord's large collection of books. They covered a wide range of topics, including various matters regarding the 12 Empyrean Heavens. Slave worms were one of them.

    These poisonous worms were planted in the bodies of slaves. Once their owner died, the slave worm would begin devouring the slave's body, consuming all of the slave's lifeblood.

    The entire purpose of the worms was to ensure that slaves would accompany their owner in death. It was extremely vicious!

    It also meant that back when Ji Shuiyan mistook him for a mighty senior, she had already expected this outcome by hoping to implore Yi Yun to finish the old woman for her.

    With her wrist held by Yi Yun, Ji Shuiyan was nearly leaning in Yi Yun's embrace. She pointed to her interspatial ring and said in a staccato, "I left two letters…One for Mr. Changsun. As for the other, Senior, please hand it to my younger sister…Thank you, Senior…for your help…”

    Ji Shuiyan had clearly prepared her will. Yi Yun sighed inwardly. How much had this girl experienced? She had struggled to survive under the old woman's demonic claws but she had already left behind a will. It was even possible that death was a form of relief for her.

    "Don't speak any further! You'll only die faster speaking."

    With her wrist in hand, Yi Yun closed his eyes and focused, using his perception to track the three slave worms.

    Ji Shuiyan let out a light chuckle and said, "It's good to die fast too. It will reduce the pain…slave worms are incurable, to begin with. I was already prepared for my inevitable death."

    Yi Yun knew that the pain from slave worms was an unbearable torment. Even mighty figures might not be able to endure such pain. It was made this way deliberately so that masters never had to fear their slaves’ betrayal.

    It was also a preventative measure for the removal of the slave worms.

    The primary way to remove them, naturally, was for the person who planted them to take them out.

    Another method was to find a person proficient in the art of worms. The worms could be removed as long as the person was more skilled than the planter of the worm.

    However, even if the worms were removed, it might result in the victim’s evisceration. At the very least, the victim would spend ages just recovering their lifeblood.

    Since the old woman who had planted the worms was dead and Yi Yun was not adept in the art of worms, Ji Shuiyan believed that Yi Yun could not save her even with his extraordinary strength. She was facing certain doom.

    Yi Yun took a deep breath as he closed his eyes. When he opened them again, there was a mystical change to his irises. In his black iris, it looked like there was a galaxy rotating, with a mysterious wheel filled with mystic Great Dao at its core.

    Ji Shuiyan believed that she was dying and with the excruciating pain she was experiencing, she was numb to any stimulation from the external world. However, she was momentarily stupefied when she saw Yi Yun's eyes.

    What were those eyes of his?

    Ji Shuiyan was born with supernatural eyes, allowing her to notice Yi Yun's power. However, she felt that her so-called supernatural eyes were nothing compared to Yi Yun's.

    Anyone who had ever seen Ji Shuiyan's supernatural eyes had praised them, declaring them to be as deep and unfathomable as the ocean. But Yi Yun's eyes seemed to contain the entire Universe. Compared to the Universe, an ocean was too tiny.

    "Relax your mind and do not let your thoughts run wild." Yi Yun tore off a tattered piece of cloth on Ji Shuiyan's body, revealing her perfect figure. Following that, Yi Yun placed one hand on her left chest and the other on her abdomen.

    With the sacred land by her chest suddenly pressed by a man, her body trembled gently. She had never had such an experience, so even though she was on her deathbed, her once pale face suffused a blush.

    As for her abdomen, it was close to her other private part. Having that touched resulted in a layer of goose bumps appearing on her smooth, porcelain-like skin.

    Despite Yi Yun's actions seeming frivolous, she knew that the places he pressed on were her dantian and heart. There was a slave worm located at each of the two spots.

    Could it be possible that Yi Yun was trying to remove the slave worms from her body?

    Ji Shuiyan found it unbelievable. Yi Yun practiced orthodox cultivation techniques. It was apparent from the oasis that grew around him when he was unconscious. How could such a person be knowledgeable in the art of witchcraft worms?

    "Thank you, Senior… For Senior to kill my enemy, I'm already grateful for a lease of new life. As for the slave worms…"

    Ji Shuiyan held no hopes. Yi Yun was probably trying his best to treat her, but without being proficient in the art of worms, how was he to extract them?

    Just as Ji Shuiyan was having such thoughts, she saw the black wheel in Yi Yun's eyes project out. One black mystical rune after another began swirling around Yi Yun's fingertips.

    Before she could react in time, the black runes had entered her body and reached her heart and dantian without any obstruction.

    The law of Major Destruction was the supreme law of the Universe. The law’s very existence meant the end of the Universe!

    Since the law of Major Destruction could end everything in the Universe and the Universe itself, how could it not destroy mere worms?

    Although the Dao of witchcraft worms were mysterious, they were only minor Dao from Yi Yun's point of view. They were definitely incomparable to the law of Major Destruction. Although he did not know a thing about witchcraft worms, he could crush the Dao of witchcraft worms on the nomological level!

    After the black destruction runes entered Ji Shuiyan's heart and dantian, they silently condensed into a tiny 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

    Two 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence surrounded each worm respectively.

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