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Chapter 1061: Annihilation of Worms

    Chapter 1061: Annihilation of Worms

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    "Zhi Zhi Zhi!"

    The poisonous worms sensed something was amiss as they anxiously screeched. They wanted to rob Ji Shuiyan of her lifeblood before they met their end.

    But in an instant, the poisonous worms' very existence was obliterated by the law of Destruction.

    "Phuah! Phuah!"

    Two rings of light flashed, and two poisonous worms were erased by the Destruction.

    Quickly, Yi Yun moved both his hands up and, with a hand on each side, he pressed down on Ji Shuiyan's temples!

    The destruction runes in his hand instantly manifested and condensed into the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence inside her brain.


    The final slave worm was extinguished by Yi Yun!

    Truly, the power of destruction laws was terrifying. They could annihilate everything.

    As for the brain, it was a fragile organ. It would typically buckle under the laws of destruction, but Yi Yun's understanding of it was at an extremely high level. After he condensed the nine-leaf Destruction Dao fruit, controlling the forces of destruction took no more effort than lifting a finger.

    With his perfect control over the law of destruction, he managed to destroy the third slave worm while minimizing the damage to Ji Shuiyan.

    Ji Shuiyan suddenly felt the soul-ripping pain throughout her body vanish. Before she could even react, Yi Yun placed a hand on her abdomen and streams of Yuan Qi surged into her body, restoring her vitality.

    It was only a matter of seconds before Yi Yun removed his hands and reached into his interspatial ring, producing a set of clothes. He said lightly, "It's done, put those clothes on."

    "It's done?"

    Ji Shuiyan was still in a daze. What was done?

    The disappearance of the excruciating pain gave her some guesses but she found it impossible to believe her intuition. It was a matter of seconds from the moment Yi Yun made his first move. Yet, she was already treated?

    She immediately turned her perception inward to check her body. Indeed, she found that the poisonous worms in her dantian, heart, and brain had truly vanished. They didn’t simply die, but nothing of their corpses remained. It was as though they had evaporated into nothingness.

    Ji Shuiyan was stupefied. Her perception didn’t lie. How did Yi Yun do it?

    Ordinarily, doctors needed a lengthy process to treat their patients, something that allowed the patients to feel like they were gradually getting better while igniting their hopes of survival. Finally, treatment would slowly begin. As the saying goes, illnesses strike suddenly, but the recovery of illnesses was like extracting silk.

    However, Yi Yun had acted too quickly. It happened so quickly that Ji Shuiyan did not even notice her physical condition turn for the better. Ignoring the talk about igniting her hopes, she was certain a mere second ago that she would die. But the next second, Yi Yun told her that she was already well.

    Such a sudden reversal and miraculous medical skill made Ji Shuiyan feel like she was in a dream-like fantasy.

    What sort of person did she save? Furthermore, if he was so powerful, how did he end up collapsed in the desert with serious injuries?

    "Senior…are you also well-versed in the art of healing?"

    Ji Shuiyan naturally knew Yi Yun was not using the arts of witchcraft worms to save her. In addition, he had not fed her any pills or medicine. The only possibility left was the art of healing.

    "Art of healing?" Yi Yun shook his head. "I don't know any art of healing, but if you want me to kill some worms I'm up to the task."

    Yi Yun's laws of destruction could only be used to destroy. Killing the worms was easy but healing her body was a separate matter altogether.

    When those words reached her ears, Ji Shuiyan didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry.

    Kill some worms?

    Even witchcraft worm masters would find it a challenge to remove slave worms. However, Yi Yun had killed and removed three slave worms with such ease. Then he displayed such nonchalance that anyone not in the know would think that he had just squashed some ordinary worms with his foot.

    For Ji Shuiyan, the shock of Yi Yun killing the slave worms was completely incomparable to the shock of him killing the old woman in red.

    When she thought of the dead old woman, Ji Shuiyan could not help but burst into tears of joy.

    She still found it unbelievable that the suffocating blade hanging above her head had been so easily destroyed by Yi Yun.

    Everythingthreats, slave worms, and excruciating pain were now all gone, all in less than a minute.

    "Senior!" Ji Shuiyan held onto the clothes and gave Yi Yun a deep bow. "I'll never forget the fresh lease on life you have given me twice. I swear that from this day on, as long as it's ordered or requested by Senior, I will do my best to accomplish it, no matter the cost or danger.”

    Yi Yun said with a chuckle, "Miss Shuiyan, there's no need for such solemnity. Although I saved you, you did save me prior to this as well."

    Ji Shuiyan shook her head and said, "What I did is nothing compared to Senior's favor. Furthermore, even if no one had saved Senior, Senior would probably have awoken quickly."

    "It would’ve taken quite a long time." Yi Yun responded with a bitter smile. If not for Ji Shuiyan, it was possible that it would take him a year or two. Who knows what might’ve happened during such a long period of time? Additionally, he would waste valuable cultivation time.

    However, Ji Shuiyan did not think of it as a serious loss. Compared to what she had been through, what was a few days of waiting?

    "Meanwhile, Miss Shuiyan, I previously asked you about the old woman. Doesn't your Divine Secrets Trading Company have Dao Palace realm warriors? Why were you under her control?"

    Upon hearing his question, Ji Shuiyan face was darkened by a bitter look. She shook her head and said, "My Divine Secrets Trading Company does have a few Dao Palace realm warriors holding down the fort. My grandfather was the head of the Divine Secrets Trading Company and he was already at the five-storey Dao Palace realm. Furthermore, the company has Elders, guest elders, numbering more than ten Dao Palace realm warriors."

    She paused before continuing, "But then… Does Senior recall my mention of a remarkable phenomenon happening in the Sun Burial Sandsea? It was first discovered by my Divine Secrets Trading Company. Grandpa believed that a treasure had appeared, so he took a few powerful Elders and went in search of it. However, the resulting waves far exceeded their expectations, and something unfortunate happened…" Her eyes looked down as she trailed off.

    "That was the turning point of the Divine Secrets Trading Company. With Grandpa and the Elders gone, we were like sheep for the slaughter in Sun Burial Sandsea as wealth alone is useless. I did not dare announce this matter publicly and tried my best to conceal the matter lest the Divine Secrets Trading Company be torn apart by others overnight.”

    "But there is no such thing as a complete secret,” she continued. “Others had managed to gather traces of clues. The Heaven Amplification Trading Company eventually got wind of it and began stirring. They were still uncertain about it, so they acted in the shadows by infiltrating the Divine Secrets Trading Company. Finally, a few months ago, the last remaining Dao Palace realm guest elders were poached by them."

    "Without Grandpa around, I couldn't do a thing. The Divine Secrets Trading Company began to face unprecedented danger, potentially even annexation by others. And it was at that moment when the old woman in red appeared…"

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