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Chapter 1062: Heaven Secrets, Divine Secrets

    Chapter 1062: Heaven Secrets, Divine Secrets

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    "I do not know the old woman's name. I only know her surname is Ren and she comes from the Heaven Secrets Chapter. Grandpa was once also under the tutelage of it. It was an orthodox sect but many disciples did not cultivate in the chapter's cultivation techniques. The old woman was an extreme example with her cultivating Ghost Dao cultivation techniques. She was Grandpa's junior sister but she had a vendetta with Grandpa. I do not know what the grudge was…As Grandpa was no longer around, she directed all her hatred onto me. As for what followed, Senior already knows."

    "In fact, even without her, I'll probably not end up fine. The Heaven Amplification Trading Company has been coveting my Divine Secrets Trading Company already. After Grandpa and the group of Elders perished, the Heaven Amplification Trading Company had repeatedly tried probing my Divine Secrets Trading Company. They kept taking over storefronts that were ours but all we could do was tolerate it in silence."

    "Up to a month ago…The Heaven Amplification Trading Company's heir apparent, Yan Tiancong, sent a wedding invitation, requesting for my hand in marriage through my grandfather. He wanted me to marry him!"

    As Ji Shuiyan came to this point, her chest heaved with fury as her face flushed red slightly. She said hatefully, "I was already raring to kill Yan Tiancong but he dared to shamelessly ask for my hand in marriage. He was planning on using my entire Divine Secrets Trading Company as the dowry, saving his efforts from annexing it. He would then be able to rightfully and openly take over all assets of the Divine Secrets Trading Company and prevent other factions from getting a slice of the pie!"

    Upon hearing Ji Shuiyan's story, Yi Yun shook his head. That was the world of warriors where strength was everything. If Ji Shuiyan were to accept the proposal, the latter part of her life would definitely be tragic. However, if she were to reject it, the outcome would be similar. The Divine Secrets Trading Company would still be annexed and she would be left without any backing. After she was caught alive by Yan Tiancong, she would be imprisoned and raped. Unless she committed suicide, the outcome would only be worse than the first.

    "Right, you mentioned of phenomena that had appeared in the Sun Burial Sandsea. What is it?"

    Yi Yun was more interested in that matter. He had inquired once when Ji Shuiyan first mentioned it. However, she was bent on getting Yi Yun to leave as soon as possible, so she had not answered him.

    "Senior, Grandpa had some guesses regarding the phenomena. He suspected that the phenomena were a result of a type of divine fire. It might have to do with the history of Sun Burial Sandsea."

    "Legends say that Sun Burial Sandsea has already existed for hundreds of millions of years. The formation of Sun Burial Sandsea was because a sun had plummeted into it, turning tens of millions kilometers into a barren desert."

    "Grandpa believed that the sun that fell to this land was very likely an item of supreme Yang. It was even possible that it was a true sun that had fallen. However, such a sun had been in gestation for hundreds of millions of years before finally giving birth to a Yang spirit. The phenomena of recent times might be the birth of a Yang spirit wisp."

    "Oh?" Yi Yun was greatly amazed by Ji Shuiyan's words. "How does your grandfather know of this? You previously mentioned that the birth of the phenomena resulted in many factions gathering around Sun Burial Sandsea. Do they know that the Sun Burial Sandsea is gestating a Yang spirit?"

    Ji Shuiyan shook her head and said, "It's likely they are unaware…"

    "They don't?" Yi Yun gave Ji Shuiyan an odd look. He believed that there was definitely no lack of experts in the factions that had gathered. As for her grandfather, it was not apparent that he was much more outstanding in strength.

    It was rather unusual that Ji Shuiyan's grandfather had managed to augure something that others did not know.

    Ji Shuiyan seemed to guess at his thoughts as she said, "Senior, Grandpa was weaker in strength but his talent in martial arts wasn't bad. However, he had dedicated his life to geomancy and divination. Grandpa came from the Heaven Secrets Chapter, which is a sect that teaches geomancy and divination. Heaven Secrets! It also means divining the secrets of heaven."

    "Grandpa established the Divine Secrets Trading Company, and the company's name stemmed from such reasons. Divine Secrets also means divining the secrets of the unknown."

    "In fact, the study of divination and geomancy is unable to directly raise one's strength. Therefore, the Heaven Secrets Chapter gradually waned. According to Grandpa, it had once enjoyed some glorious days in the distant past. It was a powerful sect that produced numerous 'Divination Masters'. However, as geomancy and divination were too difficult to comprehend, many people wasted their entire lives without amounting to much. There were an increasing number of disciples that failed to hone their skills and since divination is unable to directly raise one's strength, many of them chose to switch careers midway. It is also the reason why I mentioned that many disciples of the Heaven Secrets Chapter, such as Old Woman Ren, do not cultivate in the sect's cultivation techniques. It resulted in the Heaven Secrets Chapter to gradually lose its talent and wane.

    "In Grandpa's youth, he had dedicated himself to geomancy and divination, eventually gaining success by becoming a divination master. He was internally designated as the future sect master but twenty thousand years ago, due to a power struggle within the Heaven Secrets Chapter, something that deeply saddened Grandpa happened. He finally left Heaven Secrets Chapter and established the Divine Secrets Trading Company in Sun Burial Sandsea from scratch."

    "The Divine Secrets Trading Company is in the herbal business. It needs valuable herbs to do well. With his geomancy and divination at the acme of perfection, he began divining the secrets of heaven in Sun Burial Sandsea, accurately pinpointing the locations of several precious natural treasures. This allowed the Divine Secrets Trading Company to become one of the most famous companies in Sun Burial Sandsea."

    "So that's the case." Yi Yun was somewhat surprised. He never expected that the Divine Secrets Trading Company would have such a history and that the mastery of geomancy and divination could be used to search for natural treasures. Such a mystic art was indeed fascinating.

    As such, the matter regarding the Yang spirit was also understandable.

    The external factions neither knew divination nor did they understand the Sun Burial Sandsea. It was naturally difficult to comprehend what was happening from simply the phenomena.

    As for Ji Shuiyan's Grandpa, he had been in business for twenty thousand years in Sun Burial Sandsea. He was acutely familiar with every inch of Sun Burial Sandsea. Compounded by his perfected divination, he probably understood the entire setup of Sun Burial Sandsea.

    What he could see was something that others could not compare with.

    Ji Shuiyan hesitated for a moment before taking out a few stones that resembled agate and handed to Yi Yun with both hands.

    "Senior, please take a look. These are Pure Yang Divine Stones that Grandpa had found in the past. According to him, ordinary stones will be burned by the gestation period of a sun spirit and turn into such divine stones. If Senior is interested, these divine stones are yours."

    Ji Shuiyan placed the divine stones in Yi Yun's hands.

    Seeing the red-colored stones, Yi Yun immediately felt the energy in his meridians circulate rapidly.

    Intricate bursts of pure Yang power reached straight to his dantian from his palm. It was extremely comfortable.

    And most important of all, Yi Yun realized that the divine tree seed in his dantian was growing once again after it absorbed the pure Yang power.

    Yi Yun had a feeling that if he allowed the divine tree seed to absorb all the energy of these Pure Yang Divine Stones, the growth to the divine tree seed would be far more effective than the pills and relics that he had previously consumed, combined.

    If the divine tree seed were to mature fully, he would also gain great benefits. His cultivation level and strength would be greatly enhanced!

    Yi Yun became excited the moment he had such thoughts. The Sun Burial Sandsea might be an opportunity for him so he believed that there was a need for him to stay behind to check it out.

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