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Chapter 1065: The Sword is wherever one“s Thoughts are

    Chapter 1065: The Sword is wherever one's Thoughts are

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    When Xiao Kelin said those words, everyone present was stunned. The Chairman was no longer around?

    There were rumors that the Chairman and a few grand elders had disappeared. However, they were just that: rumors. Even though the Heaven Amplification Trading Company had probed the Divine Secrets Trading Company several times in their attempts to annex it, the Divine Secrets Trading Company took the lower stance and endured the transgressions. Many within the Divine Secrets Trading Company held fast to the belief that the Chairman’s absence was only temporarily. He was bound to return one day.

    But today, this thinly-held belief had been poked through by Xiao Kelin!

    It was a drastic measure to reveal the truth in public, but it paid off. It completely destroyed the final defense Ji Shuiyan had. The many that were loyal to the Divine Secrets Trading Company now found their faith wavering.

    The Chairman and the grand elders were dead!?

    Then, isn't the Divine Secrets Trading Company finished?

    How could the few of them hope to fight off the Heaven Amplification Trading Company? And, forgetting the Heaven Amplification Trading Company, they were no match for the betrayers Xiao Kelin and Gongyang Nian!

    Several looked at Ji Shuiyan in anticipation of her rebuttal. However, Ji Shuiyan remained silent as though she was silently acquiescing the truth.

    This sent a chill through everyone’s hearts. So it was true?

    Ji Shuiyan glared coldly at Xiao Kelin. The fan he held was constructed by a refining master with the best materials, all funded by the wealth of the Divine Secrets Trading Company. It had cost a small fortune.

    Xiao Kelin was very pleased with the fan. He would often use it to both look refined and as a weapon to kill his enemies. But now, the seemingly well-mannered and soft-spoken Xiao Kelin was more heartless than anyone, kicking Ji Shuiyan while she was down.

    "What you suspect isn't wrong. The Divine Secrets Trading Company is finished. Since it is destined to be destroyed, why not pledge your allegiance to the Heaven Amplification Trading Company? You might still be left with something. It will be good for both you and the mistress!

    The mistress should know the rules of Sun Burial Sandsea. A faction without an expert supporting it is destined to be annexed by others!"

    Xiao Kelin seemed to read the thoughts of everyone. As he waved his fan he seemed eloquent and assured, but the moment his voice faded…

    Dazzling, golden beams flashed, suddenly and completely blinding Xiao Kelin!

    The dazzling golden light flared with a fearsome killing intent!

    Sword beams!?

    The middle-aged scholar was alarmed as he rapidly retreated. He circulated his protective energy and swatted his fan open, placing it before his chest!

    The fan was an enchanted treasure he had always been proud of. As it snapped open, countless blue ice crystals appeared in front of him, shielding his body completely.

    Wall of Ice Crystals!

    Xiao Kelin cultivated ice-elemental laws. Although its offensive strength was slightly weaker, its defensive strength was akin to divine metal.

    But in a mere moment the golden beams struck the blue ice wall and, with a loud shattering sound and a series of explosions, the ice wall blasted apart!

    The golden beams did not lose their momentum and instead formed a golden divine sword.

    Three-foot Passage Sword, Eternal and Instant!

    Chi Chi Chi!

    The divine sword came thrusting at Xiao Kelin, leaving him appalled. He even gave up his fan and hurriedly threw it in front of him. Panicked, he took out his interspatial ring, looking for a trump card that might save his life.

    However, the sword beam was too fast. It was a pure Yang sword fused with space-time laws. It ignored the distance between space and, as the saying goes, the sword is wherever one's thoughts are!


    With a loud explosion, Xiao Kelin's protective Yuan Qi did not even last a second before it shattered. The sword beam continued hurtling relentlessly through the void, leaving behind a resplendent golden trail. It instantaneously penetrated Xiao Kelin's body twelve times, leaving twelve bloody holes in his body!

    A moment before, Xiao Kelin had taken out two purple talismans from his interspatial ring. However, he never got the chance to trigger them, nor to even to muster the thought of doing so. He was thrown backwards with a tragic cry.


    Xiao Kelin slumped to the ground like a pile of rotten flesh. His body was covered in sword wounds!

    Eleven of the twelve strikes had stabbed his limbs, upper abdomen and shoulders, with the intent to avoid his vital spots.

    However, the final strike had stabbed straight into his dantian, destroying it and shattering the Dao Palace. Xiao Kelin's body convulsed, his face ashen.

    He could only look on in disbelief at his dantian, as only horror and despair could be seen on his face. With his Dao Palace destroyed, it meant that his cultivation was forever crippled!

    Meanwhile, the threatening sword beam streaked through the sky in a perfect trajectory before returning to the sand boat.

    All who witnessed the scene stood with mouths agape, unable to close them for a long while.

    An unforeseen event had happened too quickly.

    Just a few seconds ago, Xiao Kelin appeared high-spirited, but now he was slumped to the ground like a dead pile of meat.

    The mysterious person in the sand boat managed to instantly maim Xiao Kelin without ever showing a hint of his face!

    Who was it!?

    Everyone held their breaths as they looked at the sand boat in horror. It sat quietly on the streets in utmost silence.

    A gentle breeze blew, causing the curtains over sand boat's windows to sway. No one knew which window the sword beam had flown out from.

    Xiao Kelin declared just moments before that a faction without an expert to hold it down was destined to be annexed by others. Then, he was maimed by some mysterious person in the sand boat!

    Despite being a Dao Palace realm warrior, Xiao Kelin was so simply finished.

    "Is…is the Chairman back?" A guard loyal to the Divine Secrets Trading Company said in excitement.

    However, someone shook his head and said, "The Chairman doesn't have such strength. Although Xiao Kelin is scum, his cultivation level is a two-storey Dao Palace. How could the Chairman have the ability to finish him so quickly?"

    People broke out in a flurry of discussion and the situation turned chaotic.

    "Which esteemed person is in there?"

    Advisor Yang swallowed a mouthful of saliva as his expression turned ugly. However, he had the Heaven Amplification Trading Company backing him, so he still projected confidence.

    However, Gongyang Nian did not have such favorable treatment. His palm was breaking out into cold sweat. He knew deep down that if Xiao Kelin had not started mouthing off, he would’ve been the target of the powerful figure!

    Although his cultivation level was slightly higher than Xiao Kelin, he was not much stronger because of a shattered Dao fruit.

    He had just barely avoided a maiming!

    Warriors were accustomed to a lofty status of riches, beauty, and a long lifespan at their fingertips. All of this was was because of their strength. The moment they were maimed, they would be full of a feeling worse than that of death.

    As he had this thought, Gongyang Nian felt reverberations through his mind. He hurriedly took a step forward, cupped his fists, and said anxiously to the sand boat, "I wonder which senior is in there. There might have been some misunderstanding. Although the Divine Secrets Trading Company was established by the Chairman, I have put in great effort for it to be developed into what it is today. One might even say that I have performed deeds of valor. Senior, do not be deceived by the schemes of others. Can you afford me your presence so that we can talk about it?"

    Gongyan Nian hurriedly explained, afraid that he would not have the chance if he were any slower. But at that moment—

    "Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

    The golden sword beam shot out once more from the sand boat. It seemed to blot out the sky as the aura it exuded was even stronger!

    His vision completely filled by the sword beam, Gongyang Nian's expression turned ashen. He had said whatever he could but the other party did not leave any room for negotiation!

    The overwhelmingly strong needed no reason to kill or maim a person! This, too, was the rule of Sun Burial Sandsea!

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