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Chapter 1066: Disintegration

    Chapter 1066: Disintegration

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    "Ah! Don't take bullying to the extreme!"

    Gongyang Nian never expected Yi Yun to be so harsh. With a loud cry, he hastily burned his blood essence!

    He was acutely aware that he was no match for Yi Yun. Compared to having his cultivation maimed, the cost of burning blood essence was nothing.

    Gongyang Nian withdrew a golden saber from his interspatial ring, with which he slashed out countless blade beams. He held nothing back, and the resulting beams seemed imbued with the power to conquer mountains and rivers!

    These blade beams rammed the sword beams head on.


    The blade beams and sword beams clashed violently!

    As he was a third-storey Dao Palace warrior, in addition to burning his blood essence, the power emitted by Gongyang Nian's blade beams surpassed that of Yi Yun's sword beams.

    However, the gap between their laws could not be bridged.

    Yi Yun's sword beam was infused with Great Dao laws and, based simply on nomological insight alone, Gongyang Nian was far inferior to Yi Yun despite being at the Dao Palace realm.


    The blade beams and sword exploded simultaneously, sending out scattered energy blasts. Gongyang Nian retreated many steps back, but with all of his strength he managed to block all of the sword beams!

    He had managed a complete parry!

    Gongyang Nian was overjoyed that he had survived the calamity. He believed that if he held out long enough, the Heaven Amplification Trading Company would definitely send reinforcements. After all, he was still of use to them.

    Just as these thoughts flashed across Gongyang Nian's mind, he suddenly observed that within the myriad golden sword beams there was a faint and lusterless gray sword beam that moved extremely fast. It was nearly untraceable.


    Gongyang Nian roared as he slashed his saber once more with all his might!

    As he had overdrawn on his blood essence, the strike was powered by his life essence. However, his sacrifice was not in vain. His saber slammed down, splitting the gray sword beam!


    As the blasts from the explosion dissipated, Gongyang Nian stumbled to the ground from mid-air.

    He still clutched his golden saber but his hair was disheveled and his face pale. The important thing, however, was that he survived.

    It was quite impressive that he could survive such a powerful strike even at the desperate point of burning blood essence.

    Gongyang Nian was indeed strong as he lived up to being a third-storey Dao Palace. He was much stronger compared to Xiao Kelin.

    Gongyang Nian wiped the blood on the corner of his lips. Although he had paid quite a price, he was still pleased with his performance. He hurriedly bellowed, "I do not care who you are. You are strong, but Jade Luster City does not allow fighting or killing. Anyone who violates this will, at the very least, be maimed of their cultivation level or even executed in serious cases. Do you think you’re above the law of Jade Luster City simply because you have decent strength? That you can freely start a massacre in Jade Luster City? No matter how powerful you are, do you think you can fight the entire Jade Luster City?"

    Gongyang Nian deliberately exaggerated the law enforcement strength of Jade Luster City. It was not a lie that one would be wanted by the law enforcers if they committed murder. However, the so-called law enforcers were actually staffed by the two largest trading companies and the Seven Star Auction Company. With the Divine Secrets Trading Company basically vacating its position, there were, in fact, only two other factions.

    Gongyang Nian meant to frighten Yi Yun into thinking that he’d have to fight the entire city. He had guessed correctly that Yi Yun was an outsider and did not know the customs of Jade Luster City. It was a ploy to buy himself time.

    Indeed, there was silence from the sand boat after Gongyang Nian said his piece. The life-severing sword beams no longer appeared.

    Gongyang Nian heaved a sigh of relief. He guessed that his cultivation was saved as the mysterious person had qualms about Jade Luster City's rules.

    The surrounding crowd had also started to analyze the current situation. Advisor Yang twirled his tiny mustache as he secretly estimated the mysterious person's strength.

    He presumed that the mysterious person was someone Ji Shuiyan encountered on her trip. It was probable that the person had some relations with the Divine Secrets Trading Company but they did not run deep. This meant that the person would not go to great lengths to help the Divine Secrets Trading Company. Most likely, they would quit midway if things could not be easily resolved.

    The mysterious person had instantly defeated Xiao Kelin but could not do so with Gongyang Nian. Furthermore, they were apprehensive toward Jade Luster City's rules. In that case, their strength was approximately at the five-storey Dao Palace.

    This strength was considered good in Jade Luster City but it did not equal invincibility. Ignoring the unfathomable Seven Star Auction Company, even his Heaven Amplification Trading Company had the power to fight such a person.

    Indeed, at that very moment, a few counselors from the Heaven Amplification Trading Company were contemplating ways to make the mysterious person pay, until someone discovered something amiss.

    "Look at Gongyang Nian. What's that on his stomach?"

    The sudden exclamation made everyone cast their gazes at Gongyang Nian. They saw his abdomen light up with gray Dao runes that looked extremely abstruse. They projected onto the void and started spinning slowly.


    Only then did Gongyang Nian notice the activity on his abdomen. He was appalled when the gray Dao runes began to form a wheel. He could even see faint phantoms of demons and gods on the wheel. Most disturbingly, the center of the wheel was directly aligned with his dantian!

    Had a seal been conjured at his dantian without him knowing?

    Instantly, Gongyang Nian was frightened out of his wits as he realized what could happen in the next instant.

    "Hold…hold on! Senior, spare me. Ah—"

    All looked on helplessly as Gongyang Nian suddenly screamed, and the black wheel bloomed with a resplendent luster. In a flash, Gongyang Nian's flesh at his abdomen was completely ruptured and minced by the black wheel!

    Be it human or Fey, once their bodies were minced, large quantities of blood would flow out. The mixture of blood and minced meat would only be a disgusting sight.

    But at that moment, not a single drop of blood flowed out of Gongyang Nian's abdomen. It should be said that the instant the blood and minced meat appeared, they were annihilated by the black wheel.

    It was the definition of disintegration, leaving nothing left!

    Gongyang Nian watched the horrifying scene taking place on his body. The horror and despair he felt were indescribable.

    "Senior! Senior!"

    He cried out frantically but his abdomen, dantian, Dao Palace, and everything else were completely annihilated by the destructive storms. Nothing was spared.

    Immediately following that, Gongyang Nian's entire body was twisted and completely devoured by the vortex that the black wheel had transformed into.

    The vortex lasted for a few seconds before it slowly disappeared. When everything calmed down, it was as though nothing had happened.

    Everyone gazed at the spot where Gongyang Nian once stood, which was left without a trace of blood or even a tattered piece of cloth. They had all seen a man disappear into thin air.

    While training in martial arts, warriors came to understand that they might die in battle. However, no matter how tragic their deaths, there would at least be something left of them. Even if they were eaten by Ancient Fey, there would be bones left. This manner of death, where all traces of Gongyang Nian were wiped away, left the scalps of many people tingling. What law was that?

    They thought before that Xiao Kelin’s fate was sufficiently tragic. His was a living death with his cultivation crippled. But compared to Gongyang Nian's outcome, Xiao Kelin was rather lucky. He could at least commit suicide and leave behind a complete corpse.

    Instantly, everyone looked at the silent sand boat again. There was complete silence, with everyone shuddering in fear. Everyone from the Heaven Amplification Trading Company feared for their very lives. As the leader, Advisor Yang's face turned blue.

    He felt that his standing there made him no different from a retard.

    However, he did not dare leave. The person inside the sand boat was a malignant star. The moment he attempted to escape, he would be annihilated. He was nothing more than a worm under the foot of this stranger.

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