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Chapter 1067: No Mercy

    Chapter 1067: No Mercy

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    Even as he crippled Xiao Kelin and disintegrated Gongyang Nian, the mysterious person never once showed his face.

    In that moment, those from the Heaven Amplification Trading Company felt that the sand boat’s fluttering curtains were akin to the the beckoning hands of Death.

    Suddenly, the curtain across the main door was pulled open. It seemed as though the mysterious person could walk out at any moment.

    Upon seeing this, Advisor Yang was frightened out of his wits. He hurriedly stumbled down, nearly prostrating himself. He hurriedly said, "Senior, spare me. I'm only a messenger. I never meant any harm to Miss Shuiyan."

    Advisor Yang was considered someone of great stature in the Heaven Amplification Trading Company. Although his cultivation level was unimpressive, he was great at producing profits so he gained a high position.

    But now, he nearly peed himself just because someone was about to pull open curtains. It made one reflect on how laughable stature and wealth were in front of absolute strength.

    Advisor Yang knelt on the ground for a very long time, not daring to lift his head. He knew that this person could kill him without blinking. Compared to his life, what was his dignity worth?

    But time passed, and nothing happened. He mustered the courage to lift his head and was immediately dumbfounded.

    He looked at the sand boat's door. The person who had pulled open the curtains was a yellow-dressed maidservant. She looked about sixteen and even had a bit of a baby face. She looked back in shock.

    The maidservant had been inside the sand boat, only aware of some chaos happening outside and that her mistress was in danger. The ensuing battle only lasted seconds so, with her limited cultivation level, she naturally had no idea what had happened. She only saw what her eyes showed her.

    She never expected the situation to evolve into such a state. She never thought that Advisor Yang, who held a great deal of power in the Heaven Amplification Trading Company's upper echelons, would prostrate himself to a maidservant like her. Furthermore, the way he knelt down was like he was a pug. It left her completely dumbfounded.

    Advisor Yang's expression was as though he had just swallowed a plate of shit. It was as ugly as could be.

    He even thought of dying. He might bear losing some dignity by peeing himself in front of Yi Yun, but here he was prostrating himself in front of a young lass. Wasn't this a complete and utter disgrace?

    He had never been so ashamed in his life!

    At that point, Yi Yun had yet to appear so Advisor Yang did not dare rise. He was stuck between having to continue kneeling or to risk standing up. He wished he could become a piece of dog shit. At least then, no one would pay him any attention.

    "Erh…Miss, I…I'm here to pass a message…" the maidservant blinked and said with great difficulty.

    Everyone present was looking at her. There was even an important figure of the Heaven Amplification Trading Company prostrated before her. She had never experienced such a situation before so it was only natural that she stuttered.

    "Yes, He'er, go ahead," said Ji Shuiyan.

    How could she be so calm? Her Divine Secrets Trading Company was nearly on the brink of annexation, with Xiao Kelin and Gongyang Nian turning coat with no sense of gratitude. That turn of events left Ji Shuiyan so infuriated that she nearly vomited blood. But in a blink of an eye, Yi Yun had used his absolute strength to maim and destroy the two, saving the desperate situation. This swift settling of grievances soothed her heart greatly. After being repressed for so long, she finally could hold her head up high! Even when her grandfather was alive, she had never realized how absolute strength could be used to control a situation.

    She was infinitely grateful to Yi Yun, or it might be better said that she was infinitely envious of him. That was how people should live. Despite business bringing riches that could rival a country's, it was all evanescent bubbles that could be destroyed at any time. How could it compare to the sweet feeling of total control with absolute strength?

    "Young Master Yi said that the rest will be up to you to handle. His exact words were—’Do as you wish. No need to show mercy.’"

    Yi Yun had only destroyed the two strongest people. Although his actions were swift and unforgiving, he had only killed people from the Divine Secrets Trading Company.

    The betrayers of the Divine Secrets Trading Company were naturally dealt with by the Divine Secrets Trading Company. The Heaven Amplification Trading Company could not fault them.

    Yi Yun deliberately left those from the Heaven Amplification Trading Company untouched. This was not out of fear, but because he did not know what Ji Shuiyan's thoughts were. After all, the situation between the Divine Secrets Trading Company and Heaven Amplification Trading Company was something to be judged by Ji Shuiyan. Yi Yun was only an outsider so he did not plan on intervening too much.

    Simultaneously, Yi Yun also wanted to understand Ji Shuiyan's ability and attitude by her way of handling things.

    When Advisor Yang heard He'er's words, he was delighted. He knew that he was out of danger.

    As long as he did not perturb the god of death, everything would be fine.

    As for Ji Shuiyan, he was completely unafraid of her. What could the lass do? The mysterious person was powerful and acted in an unbridled manner. He could kill anyone he wanted.

    But Ji Shuiyan, she still needed to do business in Jade Luster City. Everything under the Divine Secrets Trading Company was still being repressed by the Heaven Amplification Trading Company. Even if she found brief respite with the mysterious person’s support, she still needed to consider many aspects. How could she risk losing all decorum when she needed to consider the Seven Star Auction Company, who maintained order in Jade Luster City?

    If she were to act rashly in this moment of joy, how could she not be afraid that the Heaven Amplification Trading Company would seek revenge once the mysterious person left? She would be devoured completely.

    With this realization, Advisor Yang crawled up from the ground. He could confidently face Ji Shuiyan, so why was there a need to kneel?

    He straightened his back and calmly straightened and dusted his clothes before saying, with a face full of smiles, "About that, Shuiyan… Uncle Yang was a bit rash a moment ago. You are tired and you naturally need some rest. Yet, I insisted you come to the Heaven Amplification Trading Company for a banquet. I was way too unreasonable. So, I'll be bidding you farewell. Shuiyan, you should calm down and have a good rest. I'll explain everything to Young Master Yan. In the future, make sure the Divine Secrets Trading Company does well. If there's a piece of the pie for the Heaven Amplification Trading Company, there will definitely be a piece of the pie for the Divine Secrets Trading Company."

    Advisor Yang had seemed to transform into a completely different person. It was as if the person who had seconds ago been frightened out of his wits and acted in a nauseating manner was not him at all.

    Ji Shuiyan remained silent. She quietly observed the change in Advisor Yang's attitude. It made her more aware of the importance of strength. Having strength allowed one to rule over everything in a true manner. The rest was nothing but an illusion.

    Even though she had borrowed Yi Yun's might, the treatment Advisor Yang had given her and Yi Yun was completely different. He despised her completely. Even the words he had just said implied the subservience of the Divine Secrets Trading Company.

    Although she knew that, Ji Shuiyan could not kill Advisor Yang. At least, she could not do it now. The moment she lost all decorum with the Heaven Amplification Trading Company, there would be war.

    Ignoring the fact that Ji Shuiyan could not count on Yi Yun’s willingness to be embroiled in a war, the true crux of the issue was that the Divine Secrets Trading Company would not gain many benefits even if it won the war.

    An internecine struggle would only benefit a third party. If it went into an unplanned war, the Divine Secrets Trading Company would not be able to rob the Heaven Amplification Trading Company of its wealth, such as stores or business territories. Most of it would probably be taken over by the Seven Star Auction Company. It was impossible for the Divine Secrets Trading Company to destroy the Heaven Amplification Trading Company before fighting the Seven Star Auction Company, right?

    Advisor Yang had already thought of any ideas Ji Shuiyan might be having. He was certain he would be fine. The Seven Star Auction Company was an impressive faction, with presence in every one of the seven cities of Sun Burial Sandsea. Even the mysterious person would have to be servile in front of such a massive faction or face possible destruction.

    "Well…Shuiyan, Uncle Yang won't be disturbing you any further. I bid you farewell."

    Just as Advisor Yang said those words, Ji Shuiyan suddenly waved her hands!

    "Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

    Bright icy beams flashed as twelve pocket-sized swords flew out of Ji Shuiyan's sleeves!

    Although Ji Shuiyan's cultivation level was one full realm lower than Yi Yun's, she was still the best amongst the Divine Secrets Trading Company's younger generation. As for Yang Yanguang, he was only an advisor with no talent in martial arts. His cultivation level had only been forcefully raised to the Yuan Opening realm through various pills. His combat strength was extremely weak, and when stacked against Ji Shuiyan the difference between them was incomparable.


    Yang Yanguang was astounded. He never expected Ji Shuiyan to suddenly attack!

    Not to mention, Yang Yanguang had his own experts around him. It would have been easy for any one of them to block Ji Shuiyan's swords. But no one moved for fear of Yi Yun!

    The outcome was—

    Puah Puah Puah!

    The twelve tiny swords pierced straight through Yang Yanguang's body. Four of the swords even amputated his four limbs!


    Yang Yanguang let out a tragic cry as his body flew out. The excruciating pain made him lose control of his bladder as he looked in panic and disbelief at Ji Shuiyan. His body was convulsing as blood soaked the ground.

    "Bitch, are you mad!?"

    Ji Shuiyan's expression was cold. She took a step forward as the twelve swords circled Yang Yanguang with their tips pointing at all his vital points. She coldly stated, "I will not kill you but you must pay. Consider the slicing of your limbs interest. Also!"

    When Ji Shuiyan said that, she looked at everyone from the Heaven Amplification Trading Company around her. "Whoever came to the Divine Secrets Trading Company today shall not leave. All of you are to stay behind! Men! Take all of them down!"

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