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Chapter 1068: Cold-blooded Queen

    Chapter 1068: Cold-blooded Queen

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    "Take…take all of them down?" The Divine Secrets guards were alarmed upon hearing Ji Shuiyan's orders.

    They were also aware that the Divine Secrets Trading Company had been at odds with the Heaven Amplification Trading Company in recent times. The former had taken on an abiding stance in every aspect, afraid of a potential conflict with the Heaven Amplification Trading Company. But today, they were ordered to take down dozens of people from the Heaven Amplification Trading Company, including quite a number of important figures.

    Naturally, Yan Tiancong wouldn't send trivial figures in a delegation to invite Ji Shuiyan. Aside from Advisor Yang, who had his limbs severed, there was Yan Tiancong's younger agnate brother.

    "Ji Shuiyan! What are you doing? I'm Yan Yangpin, Yan Tiancong's younger brother. Will you imprison me, knowing it means war with the Heaven Amplification Trading Company?"

    Yan Yangpin would have fared better in not saying his brother's name, because hearing it only made Ji Shuiyan more incensed.

    She knew that Yan Yangpin was far inferior to Yan Tiancong. He was a profligate scion and lacked ability. However, by virtue of his status, he was a domineering force in Jade Luster City. He bullied men and sexually violated countless women. Some of the women he had even raped to death.

    As she remembered all of this, Ji Shuiyan immediately felt a strong desire to end his life.

    She suddenly beckoned her hand, and the twelve pocket-sized swords that had been pointing at Advisor Yang hurtled straight at him!


    Seeing the twelve cold beams approach, Yan Yangpin was frightened out of his wits. He hurriedly raised his hands in desperate hope of blocking her attack, but he had spent all his time and effort on women. How could he be the match of Ji Shuiyan?

    The swords tore straight through his protective Yuan Qi. He could only manage a tragic cry as his hands and feet were severed by four tiny swords. Before any blood could spurt out of his stumps, another four swords sliced through his elbows and knees! Following that, the final four swords separated his upper arms and thighs from his main body!

    Ji Shuiyan had not only amputated Yan Yangpin's four limbs, she had even split them into three segments!

    Everyone was flabbergasted as they saw it play out.

    The situation wasn’t as serious with Advisor Yang. Although he enjoyed a high stature, he was still an outsider to the Heaven Amplification Trading Company. As for Yan Yangpin, he was the grandson of the Yan family's patriarch!

    How could he let the matter go with his grandson reduced to such a state?

    The Yan family's patriarch possessed strength on a level that Gongyang Nian or Xiao Kelin could not compare to. He was an absolute expert and an existence that allowed the Heaven Amplification Trading Company to set off waves.

    In fact, although the Divine Secrets Trading Company was said to be one of Jade Luster’s two big companies alongside the Heaven Amplification Trading Company, the latter had a much longer history and heritage than the former!

    "Take them down!"

    With a wave of her hand, Ji Shuiyan exuded the demeanor of a lofty cold-blooded queen.

    Many people drew cold gasps of air as they looked at Ji Shuiyan. For she had really only been in charge after her grandfather had disappeared.

    And the way she did things showed her frailty. She would endure if possible. It was the very reason why Advisor Yang showed no fear of Ji Shuiyan in the beginning. To everyone, she was just an inexperienced young lass, which did not amount to much. She lacked a resolute boldness

    But now? She was quick and decisive, far exceeding the expectations of everyone present. The cost of belittling Ji Shuiyan that Advisor Yang and Yan Yangpin had to pay was to be reduced into limbless human poles!

    With a chaotic flurry of footsteps, everyone from the Heaven Amplification Trading Company was restrained. Even some of the stronger ones gave in quietly as the dread Yi Yun had instilled in them was too intense.

    "Send a message to the Heaven Amplification Trading Company to bring three Heaven Ingress Pills to redeem those that have been imprisoned by me today! If not, I can't guarantee that they will return alive!"

    Ji Shuiyan created these conditions in order to complete what Yi Yun had exhorted her to do. She would try her best to find and collect all sorts of treasured herbs and mystic pills and medicine in order to help Yi Yun locate the Sun Burial Sandsea's Yang spirit.

    With the Divine Secrets Trading Company in civil conflict, and being attacked by an external force, it was in quite a destitute state. It was a good use of trash, exchanging these people for three Heaven Ingress Pills so as to strengthen Yi Yun.

    Heaven Ingress Pills were not cheap. The Heaven Amplification Trading Company would definitely feel the pinch if they sacrficed three of them. It was obviously for the best if they complied, but if they couldn't, then those in the Heaven Amplification Trading Company would begin to doubt their loyalty. It was not necessarily true that working for the Heaven Amplification Trading Company was for the best.

    Yi Yun easily read Ji Shuiyan's thoughts. Actually, she had left some leeway despite her actions seeming ruthless.

    If Yi Yun had been the one taking action, he would not only be severing limbs. He would destroy their dantian or take their lives away.

    It was possible to replant limbs but if a person's dantian was destroyed, the person was truly crippled.

    Ji Shuiyan's actions were first to gather pills to enhance Yi Yun's strength.

    Secondly, she could gauge the Yan family's bottom line. She wanted to know how much they would tolerate before waging all-out war.

    Ji Shuiyan felt confident enough to act so decisively because she had the backing of Yi Yun!

    Upon having these thoughts, Yi Yun nodded his head. He was quite pleased with how Ji Shuiyan had handled matters. She had neither forgotten his orders, nor lost her bearings because of him. She seemed ruthless and decisive but everything had been deliberated carefully.

    If Yi Yun were to do it himself, he would not have considered that much. He would have killed them to end all contention. However, Ji Shuiyan weighed her options, her goal to maximize the benefits.

    "Throw these people into the dungeon. We shall return and set up a banquet!"

    Of course, Ji Shuiyan wasn’t setting up a banquet for herself, but for welcoming Yi Yun.

    Ji Shuiyan also knew that Yi Yun was dedicated to cultivation, so it was unlikely he enjoyed a rowdy scene. Therefore, although there were dozens of tables placed outside, making it extremely lively, inside the chambers, where Yi Yun was, there was a spacious and silent guest hall. There was only a tiny table but expensive top-grade spirit food sat on it.

    Ji Shuiyan knew that Yi Yun liked items rich in Heaven and Earth spirituality, so she did not spare any costs in preparing these things for him.

    In the hall, other than Yi Yun, there was only Ji Shuiyan and her most trusted personal maidservant.

    Hours ago, Ji Shuiyan had purged the trusted lackeys of Gongyang Nian and Xiao Kelin upon her return. She then rescued her people from the dungeons. Her actions were stunning and effective. In less than two hours, she had taken back control of the Divine Secrets Trading Company!

    Ji Shuiyan showed no mercy to those that had betrayed the Divine Secrets Trading Company. They were exiled, maimed of their cultivation, or executed! Everything was handled according to the rules of the Divine Secrets Trading Company.

    Two hours were spent on the purge and two for judgment. At the same time, she had to set up a feast, simultaneously having joy and bloodshed. In just a short four hours, Ji Shuiyan, who everyone thought of as a weak lamb, had truly turned into a cold-blooded queen.

    Other than those that had ulterior thoughts when it came to Ji Shuiyan, even those who were originally loyal to her began to feel a tinge of respect and fear for her.

    For example, Old Man Changsun that had 'treated' Yi Yun before initially thought of himself as a senior in front of Ji Shuiyan. However, he was now extremely respectful to her.

    However, this girl that was considered a cold-blooded queen in the entire Divine Secrets Trading Company was sitting obediently in a kneeling position beside Yi Yun. With a flask of spirit wine, she would meticulously fill Yi Yun's cup to the brim just after he downed it.

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