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Chapter 1072: Treasure Seekers Meet

    Chapter 1072: Treasure Seekers Meet

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    Over the past few days, Ji Shuiyan made it a point not to disturb Yi Yun unless it was very important, as he was cultivating in isolation. If there was a need to meet Yi Yun, she would send a maidservant to inquire before coming personally.

    Today Ji Shuiyan was dressed in a beautiful ocean blue dress, one that accentuated her tall and slim figure.

    "Young Master Yi, the Heaven Amplification Trading Company has delivered the Heaven Ingress Pills…"

    "Heaven Ingress Pills?" Yi Yun was startled. "The Heaven Amplification Trading Company really exchanged Heaven Ingress Pills for their people?"

    Although Yi Yun never for a moment feared the Heaven Amplification Trading Company, he still found their actions somewhat cowardly.

    "Yes. However…" Ji Shuiyan's voice trailed off as she began frowning slightly. "The Heaven Amplification Trading Company also sent Young Master Yi an invitation to join the Treasure Seekers Meet two days from now. Its purpose is to share clues of the phenomenon at Sun Burial Sandsea and to seek the treasures together, so as to share the benefits."

    "Treasure Seekers Meet?" Yi Yun found it amusing when he heard it. "Are they sick? Why would I join this Treasure Seekers Meet?"

    Yi Yun had the Heaven Secrets Compass and Ji Shuiyan's grandfather's inference. He naturally had no interest in the Treasure Seekers Meet.

    Ji Shuiyan replied, "The Treasure Seekers Meet is jointly organized by the Heaven Amplification Trading Company and the Seven Star Auction House. Many people are participating in it and they seem to be here especially for the Yang spirit."

    "At the meet,” she continued, “there will be a trade session where many treasured materials will be traded, as well as information regarding the phenomenon. However, I have received news that the Heaven Amplification Trading Company's Yan Tiancong's master, His Excellency Huayu has also arrived in Jade Luster City. He is one of the main backers of the Heaven Amplification Trading Company and will, of course, attend the Treasure Seekers Meet. If Young Master Yi goes, it is very likely he will clash with His Excellency Huayu…"

    Ji Shuiyan sounded somewhat worried. She did not know how strong Yi Yun was for she never saw the limits of his strength when he vanquished Gongyang Nian and the old woman in red.

    However, it was unlikely Yi Yun could gain much of an advantage against an expert like Huayu.

    "Oh, a trading session…?"

    Yi Yun hesitated for a moment, beginning to have some interest in the Treasure Seekers Meet. If he could buy suitable treasured materials he could go a step further in nurturing the divine tree seed. It was true that his cultivation level was somewhat low

    Furthermore, by participating in the Treasure Seekers Meet, he could know ahead of time who the people heading to Sun Burial Sandsea in search of the Yang spirit would be. That would greatly aid Yi Yun in preparing his future plans.

    Seeing Yi Yun remain silent, Ji Shuiyan did not say anything else. She knew that Yi Yun had stayed behind in search of the Yang spirit and treasured materials; hence, she could not conceal the trading session from Yi Yun.

    "If that's the case, I'll go and take a look," said Yi Yun.

    Although the Heaven Amplification Trading Company had His Excellency Huayu, the trading session was not only limited to the Heaven Amplification Trading Company. Yi Yun did feel wary, but there was no need for him to be overly apprehensive.

    Also, if the Heaven Amplification Trading Company really wanted to attack him, it did not matter if he went to the trading session or not. Hiding in the Divine Secrets Trading Company did not ensure his safety either.

    "Then, I'll accompany Young Master Yi to the meet," said Ji Shuiyan.

    The Divine Secrets Trading Company had been lying low in forbearance for a period of time, so with Ji Shuiyan’s intentions to restructure and revitalize the company, she definitely could not miss this important meeting.

    "Alright." Yi Yun nodded.

    The Sun Burial Sandsea produced various treasured materials, so Yi Yun looked forward to the trading session.

    Yi Yun continued cultivating quietly in the Divine Secrets Trading Company's backyard for another two days. On one particular day, Yi Yun was lying in bed with a golden piece of paper in hand. It was the remnant page of the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon' that Felicitous Rain Lord had given him.

    The remnant page was considered a top-grade body tempering cultivation technique. It was a treasured canon formed naturally from the worldly laws of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. According to the records in the canon, it was truly possible to have an undying body once the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon' was cultivated to its apex.

    Unfortunately, Yi Yun came to realize that at his present cultivation level, there was no way for him to grasp the profoundness within. He estimated that he needed to reach half-step Dao Palace before he could attempt to cultivate the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon'.

    This made Yi Yun feel somewhat regretful.

    He looked forward to achieving an undying body if it was truly possible. His physique and physical defense were ultimately his weakest traits in his entire cultivation progress.

    At that moment, there was a knock on the door. Ji Shuiyan had prepared a carriage for them to leave immediately.

    "Young Master Yi, it is the time for the meet." Ji Shuiyan was dressed in a tight-fit red palatial dress. Her hair was wound out, making her look elegant and luxurious. It gave her the air of being the female head of a trading company.

    Yi Yun grasped the remnant page before standing up and saying, "Let's go."

    There was a flicker of light in Ji Shuiyan's eyes when she saw Yi Yun walk out of the room.

    After the past few days of cultivation, Yi Yun's eyes were even darker than before, just like the deep of the night. His aura was wispy and he had the bearing of an elegant gentleman. He was also like a sheathed sword, an acute blade that hid its sharpness.

    They began embarking for the Seven Star Auction House once they boarded the carriage.

    "The Treasure Seekers Meet is held mainly by the Seven Star Auction House. It is a faction that has branches in the seven cities of Sun Burial Sandsea. It's like a steadfast mountain."

    "Aside from the local companies, there are other factions that have rushed here upon receiving the news. Now, Jade Luster City is extremely lively." On the carriage, Ji Shuiyan briefed Yi Yun on the information the Divine Secrets Trading Company had sourced.

    With many powerful factions gathered, it meant that the treasured materials that appeared at the trading session would be even richer in variety and even more valuable.

    "Arrival of the Divine Secrets Trading Company!"

    With the carriage coming to a stop, Yi Yun disembarked the carriage and looked at the Seven Star Auction House in front of him.

    The Seven Star Auction House's buildings were opulent, and along with their pavilions, reached toward the clouds. In one of the tall buildings, there were many elegant figures dancing with more than a hundred musicians by the sides orchestrating music.

    And the surrounding pavilions in the tower were already packed with many seated people.

    A servant led Yi Yun and Ji Shuiyan to one of these pavilions. Just as they sat down, Ji Shuiyan frowned when she saw what was opposite her.

    "Young Master Yi, the people in front are from the Heaven Amplification Trading Company," said Ji Shuiyan.

    Yi Yun traced her gaze across a lotus pond, where there was another pavilion with several people seated. There was a young and old man dressed in magnificent clothes sitting in seats near the front.

    "That person is likely His Excellency Huayu," Ji Shuiyan said as she looked at the man sitting in the seat of honor.

    The man looked in his thirties but his hair was white. His skin was also gray in color and his eyes were deeply recessed. He seemed like he was lacking in vitality.

    At that moment, another middle-aged man sitting beside His Excellency Huayu suddenly turned his head to look at Yi Yun as though he had sensed something.

    Yi Yun saw the middle-aged man in black, waving a fan and smiling back at him.

    "Who is that person?" asked Yi Yun.

    Ji Shuiyan shook her head, "I have never seen him before."

    However, she could tell from the middle-aged man's smile that he was like a poisonous snake that had seen its prey. It made her deeply unsettled.

    However, this was a Treasure Seekers Meet organized by the Seven Star Auction House. With so many factions present, it was unlikely the Heaven Amplification Trading Company would dare to do a thing even if they held nefarious thoughts.

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