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Chapter 1277: Escaping to Survival

    Chapter 1277: Escaping to Survival

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    "P… Patriarch…"

    Song Zhanchen spewed a large mouthful of blood. The youth behind him was the Song family junior that had been recently promoted to Myriad God Ridge personal disciple.

    Previously he had been highly-spirited, but now his meridians were severed and his dantian cracked. But worst of all, he was crippled of his cultivation level.


    The moment the youth opened his mouth, a mouthful of black blood spewed out. He had the weakest cultivation level among the people present, so naturally, his condition was the worst!

    His fellow companion was the junior from the Zhang family that had just been promoted as well. Similarly, he was one of the weakest among the personal disciples.

    His situation was definitely not much better.

    "Was… was that Yi Yun just now!?"

    They had seen very clearly that the Concealed Dragon Cauldron had suddenly run amok, and was completely uncontrollable. Following that, Yi Yun rushed out of the Concealed Dragon Cauldron and transformed into a stream of light before spitting his blood essence on the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and awakening it, thus, gaining entry into the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

    Then, there was a massive explosion.

    While the Concealed Dragon Cauldron exploded to pieces, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron beneath it remained unperturbed and motionless.

    What the hell happened?

    Why was Yi Yun able to escape from certain death?

    Yi Yun's relationship with nearly all the Myriad God Ridge personal disciples and Elders was bad. When Yi Yun was thrown into the cauldron, these people felt a sense of gleeful schadenfreude as they watched Yi Yun being refined into a pill.

    These people were certain that Yi Yun had been utterly subdued by the patriarch and was just meat waiting on the cutting board.

    What sort of figure was the Myriad God Patriarch? Just a nonchalant glance from him was enough to ensure that no one from the Myriad God Patriarch would dare resist. No matter how powerful an Elder was, or how arrogant a personal disciple was, they would submit obediently when facing the Myriad God Patriarch, not even daring to breathe too loudly. For the patriarch to kill Yi Yun was no different from killing a chicken, an action that barely required thought.

    Yet, under such circumstances, Yi Yun had managed to escape. Furthermore, he had caused the Concealed Dragon Cauldron to explode!

    If one talked about those that dealt with Yi Yun previously, they were only juniors like Song Bowen or Feng Yunyang. It was understandable for them to suffer under his hand. But now, the Myriad God Patriarch had taken action personally, confiscating his interspatial ring and performing a double seal on both his soul and Yuan Qi, yet he had still managed to escape to safety? Was he still human?

    The Song family and the Zhang family Elders were feeling trepid. Yi Yun was like a curse on their family clans. With both their family clans offending a person that even the patriarch could not deal with, was there any way out for them?

    "Yi Yun, I’m going to skin you alive. Not only will I refine your blood and flesh for eighty-one days to refine the Dragon Emperor Relic, I will also seal your soul and torture it for thousands of years!"

    The Myriad God Patriarch's face was gruesome. Although he still looked like a child, his face was filled with protruding blood vessels. They were like thick earthworms that covered his adolescent face, making him look hideous.

    "Do you think I can't do a thing to you just because you’ve entered the Ascending Dragon Cauldron? Alright! I'll use the Ascending Dragon Cauldron as the cauldron to refine you!"


    And at that moment, Yi Yun was situated within the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's interior.

    The interior of the cauldron was also a gigantic space, hundreds of times bigger than the Concealed Dragon Cauldron. It was no doubt a pocket world.


    The God Advent Tower crashed heavily onto the ground. Yi Yun landed on the top of the God Advent Tower. His hair was disheveled as it flailed wildly. He touched the God Advent Tower and heaved a sigh of relief.

    His life had been on the line!

    He had overcome all odds and found the only path to survival against what seemed like certain doom.

    It was exhilarating!

    "Xie'er!" Yi Yun called out.

    A fair girl flew out of the God Advent Tower and looked at Yi Yun with a face full of joy.

    "It was all thanks to you."

    Yi Yun could not help but hug Xie'er tightly. Xie'er had played a great role in his escape.

    "Hey, you should come out too!"

    Yi Yun patted the God Advent Tower. A sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl was sent out. She was none other than Snake Girl.

    After being consumed by the astral fire for so long, Snake Girl was also feeling extremely weak. She believed she was doomed but, after a series of quick developments, she was now safe but unsure of what had just happened.

    She had been thrown into the tiny pagoda without any explanation from Yi Yun. Following that, she felt her world turn topsy-turvy. The God Advent Tower trembled violently repeatedly and after what seemed like a long while, but also like the time it took to blink, she was sent out of the pagoda. When she opened her eyes to look at her surroundings, she realized she was in an unknown place.

    "Where… Where are we? What happened?"

    If not for the aqueous eyes of the young girl that was still looking at her, and if not for her sensing that her nearly-burnt meridians were gradually healing, she might have believed that the experiences she had were just hallucinations caused by the intense pain of being burned.

    "This is… the interior of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron," said Yi Yun slowly. His tone was filled with wistfulness.

    It had been quite a while since he first came to the Myriad God Ridge. Everything he had done, he had done for a chance to probe the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. Now, he had finally succeeded.

    The Ascending Dragon Cauldron was different from Yi Yun's Mirage Snow sword. Although Mirage Snow was also one of the divine artifacts of the twelve Dao Ancestors, the Extreme Yin Nether Glow soul within it had already completely disappeared. Although it was unknown why it still possessed a tiny bit of the Extreme Yang Illumination's soul, it didn’t matter as that bit of soul was completely sealed up. To Yi Yun, the Mirage Snow sword was only an extremely sharp and redoubtable sword. It was far inferior to the Ascending Dragon Cauldron which had a portion of the Dragon Emperor's soul sealed within it.

    "What… What did you say? This is the interior of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron!?"

    Snake Girl was dumbfounded by shock. Previously, when she was outside, she had heard Yi Yun mention that the Ascending Dragon Cauldron might be related to the fourth Dao Ancestor, Dragon Emperor. It was a supreme divine artifact.

    How did they enter the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's interior?

    "Yi Yun, you… you awoke the Ascending Dragon Cauldron?" Snake Girl asked in disbelief.

    She now understood what had just happened. Yi Yun had managed to break through the Ascending Dragon Cauldron in an instant and brought her inside it. As the Ascending Dragon Cauldron was a divine artifact itself, they were temporarily safe!

    Yi Yun nodded. "Yes, but I don't have the time to explain it all to you. Stay here. I still need to cultivate. Although we are in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, we are still not out of the woods. Only the heavens know what that old fellow will do next. Besides, we can't stay here forever. I need to seize every second to cultivate!"

    As Yi Yun spoke, he gently waved his hand, causing the God Advent Tower to light up. It sent divine treasures flying out, one after another.

    Dragon Bone Milk!

    Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit!

    Heaven Devouring Wyrm Horn!

    Crimson Blood Heavenly Silkworm Silk!

    Dragonbone Whale Oil!


    A total of thirty plus divine treasures were placed in front of Yi Yun!

    Yi Yun was especially pleased with the Dragon Bone Milk and the Nine Revolutions Azure Fruit. It was a tremendous opportunity to obtain just one of these treasures, even for a figure at the Myriad God Patriarch's level. Its price was completely unimaginable!

    The Myriad God Patriarch had spent millions of years to gather these items, but they were now all Yi Yun's.

    In the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, he had sufficient time to refine them all for himself!

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