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    Take your time, my servant. I wont fight with you, until Ive finished offering sacrifice to my recently departed dog. Xu Yi replied emotionlessly to Junior Zhou.

    Xu Yi raised his sharply nailed left thumb, pricking it in the head of the man with the full beard. Soon, on the surface of the head, there was a distinctive white line, with blood oozing out from the crevice. Xu Yi then rubbed on this white line with his left hand, causing parts of the scalp to let loose from the head. By tapping on the body of the man with the full beard, Xu Yi successfully snatched his skin, which was lengthy enough to hold and peel off. With the sound, similar to the tearing of a piece of cloth, the man with the full beard was skinned off from the head to the neck. Xu Yi considered this as a proper revenge, as this man in front of him had done the same to his dog.

    By squeezing his throat, Xu Yi stopped the man with the full beard from making any clear sound. After which, the backbone of the man with the full beard was broken by Xu Yi, leaving the former unable to freely move. This was why there was only some dull and lowering groans coming from this mans mouth. Even someone who was in the final stages of a forged body, couldnt stand this kind of pain. It was a rather horrible scene to watch.

    Never, in a million years, had Xu Yi done this kind of extreme cruelty. However, the hatred that was currently residing in Xu Yis heart had driven him insane, he didnt even have any sympathy or uncomfortable feelings while he did all of this.

    Xu Yi looked at the half-dead body of the man with the full beard, yet he still found his face obnoxious, so he stamped on the body until it was almost completely flattened. Finally, Xu Yi threw the airbag-like body high into the air, which could eventually be seen hanging on the top of a giant tree. Looking up at the dead body, you could still see blood dripping down and hear loud groaning sounds, like a shrimp without skin.

    All these punishments towards the man with the full beard were done almost at lightning speed, it took Junior Zhou and his bodyguard with the hawk nose a while to know exactly, what had happened to the half-dead body hanging above them.

    Oh no The man with the hawk nose was totally bewildered, making a long wheezing noise in the open air.

    Despite the fact that, in normal times, the man with the hawk nose would make little of the man with the full beard, who he considered as someone without any integrity. But now that the extreme maltreatment of his fellowman was happening right in front of his eyes, and he couldnt do anything to stop it, he felt extremely ashamed of himself.

    Listen, Xu Yi! I will smash you into pieces, you will regret being born into this world!

    Junior Zhou jumped from the horse, bursting with rage. He quickly took out his sword and pointed it directly at Xu Yis throat. He waved his sword so quickly that it even left a glimmering curve in the air. I swear that I will cut your head off and use it as my pissing pot! Junior Zhou exclaimed.

    Xu Yi cautiously retreated thirteen steps as Junior Zhou waved his sword thirteen times. The swordsmanship was rather sophisticated, thus he could wield his sword so swiftly that you could hardly find where it was.

    Although, Junior Zhou hadnt hit Xu Yi yet, he was excited that Xu Yi defended himself without fighting back, which showed Xu Yi was obviously intimidated by the quickness of his sword.

    Hey, Xu Yi. What I am utilizing is the thunder swordsmanship. I bet youve never heard of it. It originates from the Yu Qing Fairy, who is a member of the Tianshan School. In the past, My Uncle, together with Yu, swept thirty-six villages using this thunder sword technique. Now you can understand how powerful it is, right? These thirteen movements are just a quick warm-up, the following ones will be especially fatal and you will find yourself beheaded before you can even scream. Can you take it? Or, maybe I should show you some leniency and let you surrender, I might even leave your torso intact then. Junior Zhou seemed rather confident in defeating Xu Yi, as he spoke these words.

    Oh, a servant is always a servant. After all, you cannot make a crab walk straight. I suggest you stop showcasing these dull techniques and bring out all of your abilities. This way Ill finally know how much youve learned from your uncle, the disgraceful traitor! Xu Yi replied with an indifferent laughter.

    The mentioning of the word servant brought great shame to Junior Zhous pride. The Zhou Family was working hard on rewriting their familys background by keeping their servant identity, as the most confidential information of their family. They even forbid anyone from talking about it.

    You bastard! Ill send you to hell! Junior Zhou roared like a lion.

    Junior Zhou swayed his long sword and created nine sparkling flower-shaped circles, producing an invisible ripple-streak from the side towards the center. The power of this qi was everywhere in the air. The wild flowers on each side of the mountain road were even propelled by this qi and flew into the sky.

    Elder Feng, who stood beside Junior Zhou, was absolutely confident in his young master. He calculated that, even though Junior Zhou and Xu Yi were both in the later stage of the peak state of a forged body, one was armed with a sword, while the other was barehanded. The game was already set. Even if Xu was extraordinary, he would be unable to defend against the thunder sword technique.

    Suddenly, Without any warning, Xu Yi kicked a stone in the direction of Junior Zhou. The stone was about 5 kg in weight. It was rapidly shot towards Junior Zhou, leaving him no choice but to protect his body with his sword. The stone was grinded into piece by the powerful thunder swordsmanship. Junior Zhou was about to point the sword back towards Xu Yi, when another stone flew towards him Perfect timing, Xu Yi took the initiative in this fight.

    Several minutes later, Junior Zhou had smashed a dozen of stones. He couldnt believe, even in his wildest dreams, that the famous thunder swordsmanship was used as a stone-smasher. Now, he was actually starting to become really exhausted.

    Junior Zhous sword technique was admittedly excellent, but he, however, was not that experienced in real fighting. Especially when it came to this confrontation with Xu Yi, who specialised in agility, successfully avoiding all of his attacks. The supposed victory turned out to be a dull draw.

    Realizing the situation was reserved, Elder Feng decided to do something to help Junior Zhou out. Your Excellency, please allow me to kill him. Elder Feng walked forward, as he asked for permission.

    Never! Ill kill him myself! Junior Zhou replied with cold eyes. Wait, I can feel that this bastard is also losing his strength. I can see through his tactics C he tries to exhaust my strength by ceaselessly kicking stones at me. But look, his own strength is waning at the same time! It takes him much more strength in this process, as I have the weapon. Lets see how much longer he can endure! Junior Zhou continued.

    What a brilliant insight! Elder Feng replied in a flattering manner. Looking back at Xu Yi, he reassured himself with what his master had analysed C Xu Yi was sweating with a rather pale look on his face, there seemed to be not much strength left for him to continue fighting. -


    Dang! -

    Junior Zhou was exultant to find that the momentum of the stones were becoming lower and lower, which meant that Xu Yi was terribly fatigued. Junior Zhou seized this moment, stepping closer to Xu Yi. He then aimed his sword at Xu Yis baihui acupoint [1].

    Go to hell! Zhou screamed, as he charged at Xu Yi to kill him.

    Good! Xu Yi exclaimed, as he suddenly clamped the incoming sword with his hands and broke it into two halves. The pieces of the sword were then reversed back in Junior Zhous direction and they stabbed deeply into his left shoulder.


    [1]: baihui acupoint or hundred convergences:


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