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Chapter10:A Grand Feast Of Killing

    In reminiscence of his beloved parents and his loyal dog, Xu Yi couldn't help but think of launching a grand feast of killing on the Zhou Family. Though it used to simply be a long-hidden hallucination for Xu Yi, now revenge was only a single step away.

    Junior Zhou did his utmost to escape, riding on the horse, While Xu Yi ran without horse, yet he was still faster. Soon, they were only several meters apart. Junior Zhou was desperately whipping the horse, like an offshore fish fluttering its fins helplessly.

    Never in his wildest dreams did Junior Zhou realise that Xu Yi's ability in Wu Dao was so advanced. Even Elder Feng, their most-experienced servant, fell short of Xu Yi.

    Junior Zhou would probably never know, that it was due to the help of the heavy armor that Xu Yi had improved his ability faster than others. This heavy armor was an innovative technique invented by Xu Yi himself. Since Xu Yi took the armor off, he felt as if he was as light as smoke. Thus chasing Junior Zhou became a piece of cake.

    Now, they were almost on top of eachother. Sensing that the situation was quickly worsening, Junior Zhou decided to jump off his horse, which was already vomiting white foam because of the harsh whipping.

    He then fled towards the nearby peach forest, from where a group of man, with ragged clothing, was approaching. As these people were moving forward, Junior Zhou almost bursted into tears of happiness, because they were all servants of the Zhou Family, who were to be sent to work in the mines.

    Walking closer, the servants also recognised their young master. When they were about to kneel down to him, he yelled at them: Go and stop that bastard! In turn, I will reward you with 100 taels [1] of silver!

    Upon hearing this, the group cheerfully rushed towards Xu Yi. Apart from obedience, the reward was their key motivation. Even if it was divided by the whole group, they would still gain more than 10 taels of silver respectively. Junior Zhou knew what these servants really wanted, as their yearly earning was less than 10 taels of silver. Some of these servants knew Xu Yi well C the skinny storyteller from Xu village. They certainly didn't realize that danger was looming, because today's Xu Yi was no longer the Xu Yi they all knew.

    Regardless if they were servants or masters, anyone related to the Zhou Family would be Xu Yi's enemy. The hatred towards the Zhou Family was imbedded into each and every cell of his body, he would show absolutely no mercy towards the Zhou Family!

    Among the group of servants, the two fastest ones were soon decapitated by Xu Yi. Their remaining bodies being thrown high up in the air. The rest of the group was also quickly severely beaten up, with their bones broken and pools of blood all over the place.

    Junior Zhou's strategy, however, wasn't to stop Xu Yi, but to postpone the latter's chase. This way, he would've enough time to run away. Obviously, these servants were not on the same level as Xu Yi. The only thing they could help Junior Zhou with, was to interrupt Xu Yi's chasing momentum.

    Eventually, Junior Zhou arrived at the doorstep of the mansion of the Zhou Family, which has been prosperous for the span of two generations. Now, after some expansion, it has become the most luxurious and commodious house in the vicinity.

    A bird's eye view would say that, within the mansion of Zhou Family, there were numerous buildings with exquisitely sculptured cornices and girders. It was a true feast for the eye.

    Junior Zhou, however, didn't pay attention to all of this as he hurried to the doorway. Here he stepped across the threshold, looking as if this is the step that took him out of hell and into heaven. Where, before this step, he looked like a drowning mouse, now he was quickly regaining his confidence.

    HahaCome in with me! Junior Zhou laughed out loudly.

    In the spacious arms drill field, clusters of hangers-on [2] were practicing the forged body. Upon hearing what was happening at the doorway, they came rushing towards Junior Zhou, like a swarm of fish.

    For these pickthanks [3], it was a golden opportunity to show off and get some rewards from their master. They all stood in front of Junior Zhou, in a protective manner, and were prepared to fight against Xu Yi.

    Among the roughly one hundred hangers-on, only Elder Feng had obtained the peak state of a forged body.

    After all, unlike Zhou Daoqian (Junior Zhou's uncle), Junior Zhou's family main interest was their mining business. They didn't have to, or probably couldn't afford to, invite large numbers of cultivators who had already achieved the peak state of a forged body. In fact, Elder Feng was personally assigned by Zhou Daoqian under the request of Junior Zhou's father.

    During these years, the chances for Elder Feng to fight had been rather slim. Most of his time was spent teaching, or guiding, the hangers-on while they were cultivating. It is fair to say that Junior Zhou, together with his hangers-on, were ignorant of the remarkable difference between the peak state and the normal state of a forged body. -

    Bang! Bang! Bang!-

    The three strongest hangers-on soon formed a trio battle array C fists, swords and spears came from all directions towards Xu Yi. All of a sudden, Xu Yi evaded with a high jump, kicking on their shoulders. With the great strength of this kick, the three hangers-on were all smashed into many pieces, while their blood was flooding the surroundings.

    In terms of strength and speed, Xu Yi wasn't afraid of these hangers-on of the Zhou Family. He could easily squash them, like they were rotten apples.

    What was happening right now, was mind-boggling to Junior Zhou, and he quickly came to the conclusion that he'd underestimated his enemy. Looking around, no one was competent to fight with Xu Yi. This left Junior Zhou half dead with fright.

    Out of sheer panic, Junior Zhou ran towards the doorway. As soon as he arrived at the copper gate, Xu Yi kicked his feet onto the ground as he rushed towards Junior Zhou. Without any hesitation, Xu Yi stabbed into the heart of Junior Zhou, which nailed him to the gate.

    The long sword left by Elder Feng was so resilient, that it didn't break; instead, it penetrated into the copper gate. You could image the picture of Junior Zhou, as he was nailed against the gate by a sword that was pierced through his chest as it also penetrated into the gate.

    At the same time, Junior Zhou's father, who was wearing a Taoist robe, together with their steward, had all turned speechless. They were holding the accounting book, walking peacefully through the courtyard, and were stuck in the middle of their discussion, like a pair of waxwork.

    Xu Yi instantly collected a broadsword from the ground and cut off Junior Zhou's head. He then turned around and beheaded Junior Zhou's father, who was about to flee. Xu Yi held the two heads together, as he bound them by tying their hair into a knot. Finally, the two heads were hung around Xu Yi's waist, as trophies of a great triumph.

    The rest of the hangers-on and servants crazily rushed towards Xu Yi, who had no choice but to continue fighting. Even though they came in large numbers, Xu Yi wasn't the slightest bit afraid of them. In the past two years, Xu Yi had been fed up with their endless insults. Fortunately, he translated this negative energy into unimaginable strength. Now, his heart was as hard as a rock. The only thing he cared about was revenge.

    Xu Yi deserted the broadsword. Instead, he waved his fists in this battle. As he realised that, with his forged body, the sharpest weapon was his fist and body.

    Xu Yi utilized every part of his body in the fight and several minutes later, corpses were piling up and blood was flowing like a small river. Many of the servants started to run away. Luckily for them, Xu Yi had no more interest in killing. Instead, he went directly to the garden. On his way to the garden, he encountered a girl servant and captured her.

    The mansion of the Zhou Family turned out to be in total chaos. The smell of oil, fire and blood had all mixed together.

    Now, Xu Yi was in the study of Junior Zhou's father. He guessed that this was the place where the most precious things were preserved. Surely, he wouldn't come out empty handed.

    [1]: Taels: Unit of measurement in ancient times. 1 Tael is equal to about 38 grams.

    [2]: Hangers-on: Here, it refers to those potential talents in Wu Dao employed by the Zhou Family, but they are different from servants. They will contribute their parts whenever their master needs them.

    [3]: Pickthanks: Old word for the better-known term 'lackey'.

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