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Chapter 707: The Immortal Realms

    Chapter 707: The Immortal Realms

    Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

    The people in the inn were all in a fervor. Everyone felt an incomparable complexity when they stared at the silhouettes descending from the sky.

    "The space tunnel to the outside worlds connected?" The crowd mused.

    "Is this world the Royal Sacred Region?" In the air, the expert riding the golden jiao as a mount turned his gaze onto those in the inn. His eyes gleamed with golden light, containing an overwhelming penetrating power while the aura he exuded would involuntarily cause people to feel fear in their hearts.

    "It is." A person in the inn trembled as he replied.

    That young man on the golden jiao exuded an awe-inspiring aura. His gaze swept to the experts in the inn and wherever those golden eyes of his swept pass, it was as though he could see through the cultivation bases of the crowd. An instant later, his brows were heavily furrowed as he commented in a glacial manner,"Why would His Majesty Eastern Sage choose to come to such a weak world to accept disciples? Is there some reason behind it?"

    In this universe, there are a total of thirty-three heavenly worlds which was also known as the thirty-three immortal realms. In the surroundings of each immortal realm, there are countless tiny worlds that exist. These worlds are known as internal worlds and are as tiny as particles in comparison to the vast immortal realms.

    And in these countless tiny worlds, there were some that were extremely powerful, and some that were extremely weak. To those that originated from the immortal realms, they termed people living in the internal worlds as country bumpkins.

    The heavenly worlds, also known as the immortal realms, was surrounded by countless internal worlds, with endless country bumpkins living within them. Only after the ‘country bumpkins’ there grew stronger, up to a certain level, did they possess the qualifications to walk out of their internal world by breaking apart the restrictive bindings of each respective world. Only after that could they enter the immortal realms for cultivation, hoping to reach an even higher level.

    With regards to the thirty-three heavenly immortal realms. The internal worlds around them were simply a particle. Too tiny, too inconsequential.

    After the news that the Eastern Sage Great Emperor wanted to recruit a disciple from the Royal Sacred Region. Many hopeful young talents immediately searched for the coordinates of this world.

    It wasn’t easy if one wanted to find a ‘particle world’ specifically. There were too many particle worlds around the immortal realms, almost to the point of being countless. You wanted to look for a needle in a haystack? It was not so easy to do so.

    After searching for a long time did they finally find the Royal Sacred Region. They invited their elders to break apart the world’s restrictive bindings and stepped into the space tunnel leading to this particle world.

    What sort of character was the Eastern Sage Great Emperor? He was the master of the Eastern Sage Immortal Palace, a supreme existence that could trample the heavens with a single foot. A single sentence from him was sufficient to destroy countless inner worlds, yet such a supreme existence actually planned to conduct a disciple recruitment event in this country bumpkin world? How could they not be shocked?

    To a supreme existence like the Eastern Sage Great Emperor, all these supposed talents were but floating clouds. There are countless talented geniuses in the immortal realms yet how many would be able to become an existence like the Eastern Sage Great Emperor at the end? Hence, talent was illusory, the Eastern Sage Great Emperor didn’t even need to care about it. If he wished to recruit disciples, it must be because he was feeling happy for some reason today, or somebody had caught his liking.

    No matter how high one’s talent was, how can you catch the eye of an Immortal Emperor? But then again, if your talent wasn’t freakishly high, there would probably be no way for him to even glance at you.

    Hence, these people were all here to try their luck. Hopefully, the Eastern Sage Great Emperor would take a liking to them and might accept them as his disciple. However, they knew that for the disciple recruiting event, the Great Emperor himself might not even personally appear.

    "Eastern Sage Great Emperor?" Those in the inn felt their hearts trembling when they heard that name. Was this Eastern Sage Great Emperor the rumored supreme existence that was coming here to recruit disciples?

    "Swish, swish"

    The sound of wind whistling through the air rang out. The person in the lead was none other than Zai Xuan. And other than Zai Xuan being present, there were also several experts of the Royal Sacred Sect who arrived.

    "I am a disciple of the Royal Sacred Sect, the hegemon of this world. My name is Zai Xuan, it would be a honor if everyone would pay a visit to my Royal Sacred Sect, we would take good care of all of you as our guests." Zai Xuan exuded elegance as he spoke to the experts from the outside worlds.

    The gazes of some flickered. They just arrived at this Royal Sacred Region and weren’t familiar with this world yet. Since the controller of this particle world wanted to invite them, they might as well go with them to understand a little about the Royal Sacred Region.


    "I would have to trouble you then."

    Many nodded their heads slightly. However, their gazes towards Zai Xuan wasn’t the slightest bit polite at all. For experts that came from the immortal realms, they wouldn’t have the king of such a remote world in their eyes. In addition, Zai Xuan’s strength was also very ordinary, he wasn’t worthy of their attention.

    "Are there beauties to enjoy?" A sinister-eyed young man stared at Zai Xuan as his face flashed with evil. The evil qi exuded from him was extremely terrifying. Just a single glance was sufficient to know that this man wasn’t any kind-hearted soul.

    "Naturally." Zai Xuan smiled.

    "Haha, the beauties of a particle world should taste pretty good, right?" The evil-looking young man smiled happily as a strange light gleamed in his eyes, causing many to cast looks of disgust at him. Usually for a cultivator to reach his level, they wouldn’t be easily swayed by beauty. Their ‘lust’ would weaken, and was more easily controllable. It was clear that this person must have practiced those evil arts. This was why his lust was so overwhelming.

    "This person doesn’t dare to act out his desires in the immortal realms but is actually so brazen after coming to a particle world. I’m afraid many females would suffer his evil grasp before long. Who would have thought that the hegemon of this world would cooperate with him? Truly, this hegemon seems to have no moral codes of conduct." Some silently mused in their hearts. However since this didn’t concern them, they couldn’t be bothered with it as well. But since their daos were different, they didn’t accept the invitation of Zai Xuan and went their own way.

    The expert riding on the golden jiao swept a glance at the evil-looking young man as he coldly laughed in his heart. Inner worlds like these were simply droplets of water to the ocean that’s the immortal realms. They were small and extremely remote, and were suitable to conduct some hidden business if one so desires. No wonder there were many who said that for those characters who offended the major powers in the immortal realms, they would usually choose to hide away in an inner world because there were simply too many, which resulted in it being hard to find unless one knew the specific coordinates.

    "I wonder if there are unique and strange places here in this inner world." The jiao dragon the expert was riding then let out a roar as it whistled through the air, vanishing from this place in the blink of an eye.

    In the airspace above the Medicine Sovereign Valley, the Medicine Sovereign and a number of figures stood in the air. Even Uncle Black and the old man who saved Mo Qingcheng from Pill Emperor Hall were present.

    "The space tunnel linking the Royal Sacred City to the outside worlds has been opened. I didn’t expect that there would be a supreme existence coming here to accept disciples. Seems like this world is going to be the focus of plenty of attention. It might even attract those super strong existences in the immortal realms." Only to see that the old man was stating this with a frown.

    "We need to leave here." Uncle Black faintly spoke. The others all went silent when they heard his words. They turned their gazes downwards to the depths of the Medicine Sovereign Valley where Qin Wentian was as they sighed in their hearts.

    "But, I truly feel reluctant to leave the young master in a place like this." Someone sighed.

    "Even if you are reluctant, you must do so. We’ve already revealed ourselves once. And the immortal will of experts on the level of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor could surround this entire world with just a sweep. Nobody can escape his eyes. Also, since the Eastern Sage is accepting disciples here, the Royal Sacred Region would definitely attract the attention of other supreme existences. We have no choice but to leave." The calm voice of Uncle Black contained within it a trace of resolution. The others all nodded, they also understood how powerful experts at the Immortal Emperor Realm were.

    An Immortal Emperor from the immortal realms would be here. They cannot attract the slightest bit of attention. They didn’t wish that them being here would affect the future of their young master.

    "Ai, Medicine Sovereign, we will leave the young master in your care then." One among them instructed the Medicine Sovereign.

    "Don’t worry. After living for so many years, I have already lived long enough. Around twenty plus years ago, I should have already died. It was thanks to you all who extended my life, allowing me to shed my mortal form, ascending to immortality in a single step. Just extending my life is already a debt of gratitude that I can never repay; let alone the fact of aiding me to breakthrough to the immortal foundation realm. The life of this old me belongs to you, although I have no idea who you all are, or why you all treat Qin Wentian this way. I can promise that as long as I have a breath of life left, I won’t allow him to die."

    The Medicine Sovereign sincerely stated. He had never once inquired about Qin Wentian’s identity. That was a level so high up that it wasn’t something he could come in contact with. He just needed to repay the debt of gratitude and in addition, being able to witness the growth of a heaven-defying genius is also something that he was proud of.

    "What we’ve done for him has already exceeded the boundaries which our master and madame had set. As the son of them both, he carries an extraordinary destiny. We ought to believe that he would be able to rise up step by step, depending on his own efforts to become an existence at the peak. This is the command our master and madame left for us, there’s no need for you all to remain so stubborn to stay here to ensure Wentian’s safety any longer. Let’s leave."

    The tone of Uncle Black was strict and cold, just like how he lectured Qin Wentian in the past.

    "Okay, okay. We will listen to you." The experts glanced at Uncle Black. If Uncle Black was truly as unfeeling as his tone was now, how could he have become a cripple? They had no way to forget the events of that year.

    Casting a deep glance at the place where Qin Wentian was cultivating. They drew in a deep breath but had nothing more to add.

    "Medicine Sovereign. Relay this message to the young master. That little doll Qing`er is a good girl. She is always in the shadows, watching out for and protecting him. That lass’s body is sealed by a very powerful technique, and her status is extraordinary. I believe the descent of the Eastern Sage this time around to this place must have something to do with her." Uncle Black himself seemed to be ill-at-ease as he spoke to the Medicine Sovereign.

    A strange expression appeared on the face of the Medicine Sovereign as he glanced at Mo Qingcheng who not far away from Qin Wentian.

    "Tell him what he needs to know. As for how he chooses, leave it to himself, nobody can make the decision for him. It is so on the path of cultivation, and it is also so on the path of love." Uncle Black left behind these words as the group of figures all soared into the air, departing from this area. The Medicine Sovereign nodded his head. He too knew of the existence of Qing`er. And this young woman was the same as his own disciple Mo Qingcheng, both were extremely sentimental women.

    Uncle Black and his other followers left the Royal Sacred Region just like that. However, Qin Wentian didn’t know anything regarding this. He was still silently cultivating, trying to condense a second constellation.

    However, the condensation of a constellation first required an epiphany. Without that, it was useless no matter how much time was spent. Once an epiphany arrived, condensation of a constellation could happen in a mere instant.

    Qin Wentian at this moment had already gained insights on several ways to fuse his true intents. However, there wasn’t a new fusion that could surpass or stand equally with his Dreamworld Constellation. If that was the case, it was useless even if he condensed a second constellation, hence he might as well not do so!

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