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Chapter 255 Ways to welcome

    Chapter 255 Ways to welcome

    The rainstorm left as quickly as it had come.

    Two days after the rainstorm ended, the entire group of people who were leaving departed. The ship responsible for sending them back to Graycastle was The Charming Beauty.

    Sylvie leaned against the edge of the ship’s railing, took out a slice of dried beef from a pouch, and held it above her head before shaking it.

    “Goo —-, Goo —-”

    A huge seagull which was flying alongside them chirped and dropped from the sky, the air current from its flapping wings caused her to squint her eyes. The meat she’d held in her hand was swallowed in one gulp, and by the time she looked up again, the seagull had already flown to the front of the sailboat, continuing with eagerly leading them across this boundless ocean.

    This was something Maggie had asked her to do, because when she turned into a bird, there was no way for her to take out the meat on her own.

    Even though her current body had looked no difference with an ordinary seagull (except for her body size), Sylvie could still see the magic surging within her and could also see her real from. And if she even took an even closer look, she could even also see the process of how the magic came from all direction to finally gather at a single point, turning into little spots before it disappeared completely.

    “I heard that she cannot only transform into different kind of birds, but that she also receives their corresponding abilities?” Someone behind her clicked his tongue in wonder, “As far as I know, seagulls will never be lost at sea, and are also aware of any incoming storms ahead of time.”

    “It is indeed like that, Mr. Captain,” even without looking back, Sylvie knew clearly the man who had come over, “Otherwise we wouldn’t had dared to choose a new route and bypass the Endless Cape, landing in the Southwest of Graycastle.”

    Not only did her ability allowed her to observe the flow of magic and detect all magical changes, but it also gave her a vast field of view which didn’t have any gap in its coverage. It gave her the ability to observe everything that was around her at all times – even ignoring the obstacles that were able to block her normal line of sight. Her ability was so powerful that she could even see the lazy sailors who were sleeping under the deck, as well as the shoal of fish that were swimming beneath the bilge.

    “Does that place have any ports?” Captain Jack blew out the smoke. “I remember that there were once explorers who’ve traveled to the western side of the Endless Cape, but all they found were cliffs and shoals, there was nothing else.”

    “It is even better if there isn’t anything there,” Sylvie said indifferently, “That way everyone can return on the previous route right away.”

    “Isn’t that the same as going on a wild-goose chase?” The captain shook his pipe, “I anticipate that I might see something out of the ordinary on this new route.”

    This time the long journey had been arranged by Lady Tilly so that they could come into contact with a gathering of witches that were staying at another place and in that way to help each other out. In addition to the five chosen witches, Ashes and Molly were also on the ship – but they wouldn’t stay ashore, they had only come along to ensure that this sailing trip would be absolutely safe. Molly’s magical servant could help the ship to withstand any possible storm they might face, while Ashes would make sure that every pirate who dared to fix their attention on their ship and decided to come over would be unable to make their way back.

    But Sylvie herself was also carrying another duty on her shoulders, that was, to identify Roland Wimbledon’s true identity for Lady Tilly.

    Before the trip, Lady Tilly had given her a detailed account of the story, and also who she should response to every kind of outcome. In simple terms, she should do her utmost to reach an agreement with the Leader of the Witch Union, in exchange for Roland’s real body. But to be honest, Sylvie had always felt that this mission won’t be so easy for her to complete. In case the Witch Union did not agree and decided to put her and the other four in jail to prevent them from leaking any news, what should she do then?

    Sylvie sighed as she looked through the cabin walls at Lotus, Evelyn, and the rest of the group happily playing with the magic servant.

    I hope that the witches from the Witch Union are as friendly as Maggie had said.


    After nearly a week of sailing on the sea, Sylvie finally saw Graycastle’s coastline.

    “We will be arriving soon,” Honey shouted as she leaned over the ship’s railing, and the rows of swallows, ospreys, and seagulls standing beside her all followed her shout in a loud chorus.

    “At last…” Candle said with a meek voice, and carrying a haggard expression, “I feel like I’m almost unable to keep going.”

    “Child, that is only a temporary phenomenon, as long as you go ashore, you will soon be able to recover your previous strength,” Jack said while laughing, he then looked with one eye through the observation mirror. “I’ve been sailing for so many years, but I’ve never seen anyone dying because of the ship’s shaking.”

    “Where is Maggie?” Honey Asked.

    “She has already traveled to Border Town in advance so that she could contact the witches of the Witch Union,” Ashes replied. “I’m sure that they will send someone to pick you up soon.

    “Sister Ashes, won’t you come with us?”

    “Back at Sleeping Island Tilly is in even more need of my assistance,” Ashes laughed, “There is no need for you to worry, the witches of the Witch Union will see and treat you as sisters… In case you come across any trouble, it is the best to immediately look for Wendy, she will definitely try her best to resolve the problem for you. ”

    Wendy, Sylvie quietly engraved the name in her mind.

    “Oh, that’s right, there is one other thing,” Ashes patted her forehead, “You must remember to always keep a far distant from Roland Wimbledon, and by no means should you be on your own with him.”

    “Why, isn’t he the older brother of Lady Tilly?” Evelyn asked puzzled.

    “He certainly is,” Ashes stated earnestly, “But that does not prevent him from groping a witch’s buttocks!”

    Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air in fright.

    In the end, the ship docked half a mile away from the shoal. After all, there did not exist any detailed charts of the area, and no one knew how deep the water really was at the edge of the shoal. Yet, going ashore was still quite simple, they didn’t even have to use the beach boat. Instead, Molly let her magic servant wrap up the five witches and herself, and in that way they floated above the sea surface all the way towards the shore.

    The shoal was apparently a part of the mountain, and under the continuous erosion by the seawater, it had slowly become a soft and sandy beach. Not far from them there stood a towering mountain range which completely separated the coast from Graycastle and the rest of the mainland. It seemed that the mountain ridge was going on endlessly, and the further West they looked the higher it reached into the sky. At the end of their vision it almost became similar to the giant mountain peaks of the Impassable Mountain Range.

    After almost waiting for a whole double-hour, Sylvie noted a strange shadow was coming towards them.

    Its volume was colossal, it was almost as huge as The Charming Beauty and with its nearly round shape it was obviously not a natural creature. It was reasonable to assume that such a massive object would also have to be incomparable heavy, but its path of flight was quite smooth, as if it was only floating in the air. Separated by mountains and woods, she couldn’t see it very clearly, but it seemed that this thing was always climbing and would be soon above the mountains.

    After a while, if finally revealed itself to all of the people in the shelter.

    “God, what is that?” Lotus asked in disbelief while looking at the sky with an astonished expression.

    “Sister Ashes, have you ever seen something like this?” Evelyn pulled her arm.

    “No…” Ashes appeared to be equally surprised, “It is also my first time seeing something like this.”

    “It seems that this is the way of style the Witch Union intends to welcome us,” Sylvie sighed.

    She had finally discovered a basket hanging beneath the astonishing huge spherical object that was floating in the sky. Furthermore, Maggie and another witch were flying to the left and right of the basket. Then her attention was drawn towards a long yellow canvas that was hanging beneath the basket, on which with gigantic letters were written.

    –“Welcome to Border Town.”

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