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Chapter 335 Sudden Changes

    Chapter 335: Sudden Changes

    The third day. Along with the assembly of the large hot air balloon, the day had also arrived for them to depart and explore the ruins.

    The new hot air balloon was named “Hawk Eye”, and its massive basket was capable of accommodating many witches. In addition, it would be enveloped and wrapped around by a canvas, preventing chilly winds and heavy snowfall from affecting it.

    Since the operation would be safer if it were done quickly, the witches boarded the hot air balloon in succession after bidding a simple farewell to Roland. From the garden behind the castle, it lifted up into the skies and began making its way towards the stone tower.

    In order to be able to rapidly descend to the ground in times of danger to meet enemies in combat, they had flown the “Hawk Eye” at very low altitudes this time around, to the point where it was sweeping past the roofs of the small town. A large number of residents were witnessing the “extraordinary sight” while a sizeable amount of people were standing at their original spot, stupefied. There were also people loudly shouting “Long Live His Highness!”; in their eyes, it was probable that they believed only the lord of Border Town was capable of bringing about such miracles.

    When it passed by the western part of the wall, the soldiers of the First Army began to salute in an orderly manner towards the sky. Regardless of whether it was Lightning or Maggie that were flying alongside the hot-air balloon, they were all witches who they were familiar with. It was exceptionally apparent for the young lady Lightning, who had received passionate cheers from the soldiers, as she had regularly given the gunner team directions on where to fire.

    Very soon, under the fluttering snowflakes that were scattered about the skies, Hawk Eye casted the small town behind it and entered the area where the Concealing Forest laid.

    Tilly stood at the side of the basket, gazing at the boundless sea of forest far away.

    The snowy season that had persisted for the entire Month of Demon had turned the place into a sea of dazzling white. The highest branches of the tall trees had all been enveloped by the snow, which at first glance, looked like a sea of dais protruding from the ground, smooth and broad. On the opposite side of the view was a vast range of mountains, which was grey in color under the hazy fog. The foot of the mountain, which was connected to the ground, wasn’t visible at this point, making the arrowhead mountain peaks in the distance seem as if they were floating in mid-air.

    “What a beautiful scenery.” Shiva let off an emotional sigh. “This is still the first time I’ve seen such thick snow cover the western region.”

    “But, aren’t you a witch from the Western Region?” Wendy curiously asked.

    “I originally lived in Fallen Dragon Ridge. That place was closer to the south and it rarely snowed during winter. It wasn’t until later when I heard the news of Lady Tilly developing Sleepy Island did I covertly sneak into a ship bound towards Clearwater port and met up with the other witches.”

    “That explains it.” Wendy smiled while shaking her head. “Our Royal Highness has always been grumbling about the absence of witches coming forward even after rumors of the association settling down in Border Town had been disseminated…Turns out he was one-step behind all along.”

    “Oh, is your side circulating news of a gathering place for witches too?”

    “They are. It’s a shame that the person in charge of it is pretty inexperienced. He was discovered right away by me when he had just arrived at Fallen Dragon Ridge.” Ashes said in a self-complacent manner. “I had even managed to catch him red-handed in Silver City. Apparently, his name was Theo?”

    “You’re a witch after all. It’d be natural for you to notice such a weird rumor.” Andrea curled her lips. “If you hadn’t met Lady Tilly, you would have probably gone to Border Town a long time ago.”

    “There’s no way I will serve under His Royal Highness—”

    “Hoh.” She mimicked her voice and said, “His Royal Highness…sounds to me you had quite the talent in calling him that.”

    “Pfft!” Tilly couldn’t refrain herself from laughing loudly. Yesterday, she had saw Andrea wearing a sulky expression on her face, but from the looks of it currently, she had seemingly returned to normal. Within Sleeping Island, the only person that dare to find fault with Ashes would be Andrea, who had an illustrious family background.

    “No matter if it’s at Sleeping Island or Border Town, we’re all family here. There’s no need to discriminate here, alright?”

    Turning her head, her gaze swept past the large group of witches in succession.

    Everyone had already found out what ability the other had before setting off. This was done so that they could find a reasonable role for everyone in the case of an enemy attack. One could say that the number of combat witches in Border Town completely paled in comparison to that of Sleeping Island, who had a large number of them. In fact, it was to the point that a large number of witches were incapable of combat. However, it was exactly because of their relentless efforts that turned the little town into what it was today.

    Tilly’s line of sight stopped at Anna. If she had to choose someone within the group that left the most profound impression on her, it would probably be this woman who awoke her powers in the Border region and had the deepest impression of Roland.

    As long as she stood near her, she would be able to feel a heavy and gentle feeling that was difficult to describe. It was still the first time Tilly had encountered such a feeling. If she really had to describe it, it would be the soft and firm feeling coming from someone’s back when they were lying on a vast plain. It was the kind of feeling that allowed someone to truly feel relaxed.

    Other than talking to Roland, Anna was a silent person and her expression rarely changed as well. However, as long as she was standing within a group of witches, her presence was something that was very difficult for people to overlook.

    Moreover, from what Sylvie said, Anna was also the quickest witch that had undergone an evolution in Border Town. She possessed a huge, stunning amount of magical power and her black flames, which she could freely manipulate the shape of, was abnormally strong. What’s more, she was also the first witch to read through and finish the “Theoretical Foundations of Natural Science”. This fact made Tilly feel as if she had found a kindred spirit.

    If she was able to sit around a fireplace with Anna and properly discuss the miraculous knowledge present in the book during such a winter, it would presumably be an incomparably happy occasion. Tilly was filled with anticipation for that day to come.

    The fifth princess then shifted her gaze towards Lightning, who was outside the basket. Being the daughter of Thunder, she was in many ways similar to the No.1 adventurer of the Fjord. She was lively, possessed an inquisitive heart, was filled with energy, and had an innate nature that was suitable for flying. Tilly believed that only the vast and limitless skies was capable of accommodating her free spirited mindset.

    Although Thunder had hoped her daughter could live her entire life in a conscientious manner, after seeing the young lady, Tilly knew she was destined to become an adventurer, whose achievement in the future might even surpass her father.

    The only thing she could do now was to protect her the best that she can.

    “We’re almost there.” Lightning informed everyone. While Tilly was engrossed in her thoughts, she had since drawn close to the side of the basket.

    “Come in and rest a little.” Wendy had a deeply concerned expression on her face. “Your lips have turned white from the cold.”

    “No worries, my face is just feeling a bit numb.” She patted her rosy red cheeks. “Fortunately, there’s the scarf His Royal Highness gave me. My ears don’t feel cold at all.”

    On the way there, they did not run into any of those ferocious-looking devils. Even though the demonic beasts that were in the forest they were traversing through would raise their head and let off a roar or two from time to time, it was evident they didn’t have the ability to attack the hot air balloon that was above them. As such, the first half of the journey went by without much of a hitch. However, when the “Hawk Eye” was above the destination, everyone was stupefied with the scene in front of them.

    The only thing they saw was an aftermath of a large beast sweeping past a chunk of the forest. At every spot, fragments of tree trunks and branches laid scattered about while snow had been flipped over and mixed with the soil. From the looks of it, it was an extremely chaotic sight.

    “Where’s the stone tower?” Ashes asked.

    “It was originally there.” Lightning’s voice was filled with disbelief as she pointed at the empty patch of land underneath her foot. “It… disappeared.”

    Tilly looked towards the direction she was pointing at. On the surface of the ground, which color alternated between brown and white, was a large hole. It was pitch black, bottomless and looked as if someone had excavated a passage at this area towards the abyss. Based on the size of the hole itself, the excavator must certainly be somebody who possessed an astonishingly huge body.

    “Sylvie, take a look at what was in that hole.”

    Sylvie’s brows very quickly creased while her complexion began to look very terrible. “It’s a—it’s a monster that looked like a maggot. It is currently moving towards the Northwest direction— Hold on a second, the ruins are in its stomach!”

    “What, in its stomach?” Ashes said in a shocked manner.

    “That’s right, I saw the stone tower…as well as the ice coffin you all were talking about.” She said, while carefully examining it. “My goodness, it had swallowed the whole ruins down into its stomach!”

    What should they do next? Everyone began to look at Tilly spontaneously.

    “Is there anything else besides the worm?” The fifth princess asked in a deep voice. “The devils in particular.”

    “Hmm…There are some demonic beasts, but they’re all in its belly. Seems like they were already dead.” Sylvie observed for a moment before shaking her head.

    Tilly contemplated for a moment and spoke in a decisive manner. “We descend now. A team will keep guard outside while the other team will follow me into the caves. We will slay the demonic beasts and take back the ice coffin.”

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