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Chapter 30: Wyvern of Destruction (6)

    Episode 2: Exodus / Chapter 30: Wyvern of Destruction (6)

    TL: emptycube

    Edit: Obelisk


    On the morning of the decisive day, an announcement was made at 6 a.m.


    {Throne Game + Survive and Escape}

    1. In two hours, Weakening Barriers will be nullified. Kings are able to send rescue signals.

    2. Location of the Escape Code: Myeongil Neighborhood Park.

    3. The Wyvern of Destruction has been summoned.

    4. 500,000 monsters have infested the entirety of Kangdong District.

    5. Only kings or individuals who are not affiliated with any forces are able to obtain the escape code.


    ‘… So difficult.’

    He hadn’t thought that they would nullify the Weakening Barriers. The number of monsters that were added was formidable as well. He estimated that, including the monsters they weren’t able to kill, there were over 700,000 monsters. It was certain that this would be a tough fight.

    Choi Hyuk looked at the announcement and then armed himself before making his way to the rooftop. As soon as he stood on the top of Hyunhae Department Store, he could see the hordes of monsters that filled Kangdong District. In the very least, it was fortunate that the Weakening Barriers were still working and that the newly invaded monsters were acting on their own and not in groups.

    When he looked towards the distant Myeongil Neighborhood Park, he saw an enormous monster. It was the size of a 20-floor apartment building and looked like a tyrannosaurus with flames coming out its jaws and eyes.

    “You… think you can really beat that?”

    Jung Minji stood next to him as she asked. Choi Hyuk glanced at her before replying.


    As if she wasn’t satisfied with his simple reply, she made him promise.

    “… You must do it. Since you’re the one who manipulated my damn personality… Since it’s already like this, I’m going to save as many as I can. No matter how bad the situation gets, I’m not going to back down… so do it right.”

    Jung Minji was definitely unique. Even though she herself was strong, the ones who moved her heart were the weak. ‘There needs to be at least one king like this,’ Choi Hyuk chuckled inwardly.

    “Don’t worry. That thing is going to die by my hands.”

    He declared as if he wasn’t affected by the imposing figure of the Wyvern of Destruction.

    Jung Minji giggled. Choi Hyuk tried to recall if she had ever laughed. She did. In the past, when it was still peaceful, though it wasn’t often, there were still times when she laughed. He seemed to recall that there were quite a few male students whose hearts fluttered at her laugh. However, this was the first time he had seen her laugh ever since the situation changed.

    “You’re strong. It’s cool.”

    The moment she said that, she wasn’t the Crazy Knight King. She was simply Jung Minji, the 2nd year class 7 president. It was as if a flower was blooming on this grey morning.

    Choi Hyuk saw Jung Minji wrapped in white light with his Eyes of Distinction. It was the first time she, who had always been colorless, had shown goodwill.

    “See you later.”

    Jung Minji turned around and left, waving her hand behind her back,


    The one who had obtained the 1-person escape codes moved in a systematic manner. One would be a traitor if he did it by himself but if others did it as well, it would become a rational decision. 10,000 people secretly communicated with each other. What was more surprising was that no one knew that these 10,000 people organized a plan. There were some who knew but chose to let it slide due to friendship and some who knew and might have been killed when they fought monsters.

    Approximately 20,000 people had obtained the 1-person escape codes and among them, 10,000 had already escaped early in the morning. Those who found out were either killed or won over and because of this, the 110,000 soldiers in Hyunhae Department Store had low morale.

    Grrrr. Grrrk!


    While these 110,000 gathered, monsters crowded around the outside waiting for the Weakening Barrier to nullify. They were like vultures waiting for rotten meat.


    At a time when they were gloomy, rain started to fall. Due to the transparent wall that covered Kangdong District, the rain did not drop onto the ground. Only, they heard the loud noises of raindrops hitting the wall and saw streams of rainwater flow down. They simply saw a sky dyed in water.

    Even the guardian Bae Jinman’s {Get up} wasn’t very effective that day. The existence of traitors that had left had left a huge impact on their unity. It was already going to be a difficult fight… but now they felt like they were fools for remainingand were struggling with a sense of defeat.

    The 100 members of the suicide squad stood in front of the discouraged army. Bae Jinman had finished drinking a Karma Recovery Potion and was preparing for another blessing. This one was different from last time. It was a blessing meant only for Choi Hyuk.

    “Karma Grant.”

    Bae Jinman poured all the karma he possessed into Choi Hyuk. Bae Jinman’s powerful karma stimulated Choi Hyuk’s karma.

    {Your Power, Speed, Stamina, Endurance and Recovery have been increased by 100 each for 12 hours.}

    The message that appeared made Choi Hyuk’s eyes bulge. He had already heard Bae Jinman’s explanation beforehand but for it to be this impressive.

    “Now I can’t do anything for the next 12 hours.”

    Bae Jinman, who had spent all his karma, said with a haggard face.

    “Good luck.”

    Choi Hyuk deeply bowed his head.

    He then raised his head and turned around to face the 110,000 soldiers. He raised the Predator’s Blade that had evolved to C rank.


    A 5-meter-long blade of karma extended past the blade. The symbol engraved on the Predator’s Blade emitted a light as if it was burning.

    Everyone gazed at the blazing blade and carved Choi Hyuk’s figure into their memories.

    “Let’s go.”

    Though he didn’t say it in a loud voice, Choi Hyuk’s works clearly rang out to the 110,000 people gathered in Hyunhae Department Store.


    Choi Hyuk kicked the ground and dashed out of the Weakening Barrier. There were a few monsters hanging around.


    The 5-meter-long blade of karma split 10 monsters into two.


    Choi Hyuk slammed onto the ground with his momentum. The asphalt cracked as if a cannonball had exploded.

    “Let’s go! For survival!”


    First, the 100 members of the suicide squad charged forth. Their roars were unbelievably loud.


    Behind them, the whole army shouted even louder than the suicide squad and charged forward. With Choi Hyuk’s actions, their morale had boosted a little. Their last battle for their survival had begun.


    It was a battle of speed.

    Before the Weakening Barriers became nullified, they used up the remaining Weakening Barrier scrolls unsparingly to open a path.

    Even though there were 700,000 monsters, they were scattered while the humans were united as an army.

    The actions of the suicide squad were once again remarkable. They drank Karma Recovery Potions like water and used all their strength. After being tempered constantly for 30 days, the suicide squad members’ karma levels were over 2-stars and were easily tearing monsters apart.

    A nonstop attack. The army of humans that charged forward at full speed while in formation were able to splatter the blood of the monsters that attacked individually onto the asphalt.

    They arrived at the Myeongil Neighborhood Park in about 30 minutes. The mood was good up until here. It even seemed like their low morale had recovered.

    However, their spirits were crushed with a single blow.

    Thud! Thuud!

    Their bodies bounced up from the sheer force of its steps.


    The Wyvern of Destruction looked up at the sky and roared. The air shook and their hair fluttered.


    It smashed its head onto Kyunghee University Hospital that was situated in front of the park. The building smashed apart as if it was hit by a rockslide.

    The high-spirited army stopped in their tracks. People fell in shock.

    Clack, clack, clack…

    Their teeth chattered and their weapons trembled. For such a large building to be smashed apart just like that…



    And behind the Wyvern of Destruction, more than 100,000 monsters made their appearance.

    “Ah… Fuck…”

    “I should have escaped… Should have escaped… I also had a 1-person escape code… Fuck…”

    The soldiers lost their courage.

    That moment, a swish of a sword strangely grabbed their hearts.


    It was Choi Hyuk.

    “Suicide squad, prepare to charge. Support troop, deploy the Extraordinary Dragon Cannon.”

    His voice was clearly heard even in this commotion. However, these people who were stricken with fear couldn’t react. Choi Hyuk frowned.

    “Get a- hold of yourselves!!”


    Choi Hyuk’s karma-enhanced voice sounded out and smashed onto their chests like a cannonball. Only then did the support troop start to deploy the ‘Dragon Hunting Weapon – Extraordinary Dragon Cannon’. It was a 4-meter long cannon-like object.

    Its silver barrel was packed with unknown engraved symbols. It didn’t have wheels but the bottom was rounded like crescents. It was unknown how it slid towards the direction it was pushed but because of this, two people were able to push it with no problem.

    The support troop was the troop that operated the 20 or so ‘Dragon Hunting Weapon – Extraordinary Dragon Cannons’. There was a total of 80 people.

    Once they regained their senses, their bodies moved according to their training.

    “Vine cannonball loaded!”


    “Shoot when ready!”


    The Extraordinary Dragon Cannons spat flames.

    Bang! Bang!

    The cannonballs exploded on the Wyvern of Destruction’s body. Vines grew from the where the cannonballs hit and entangled its body.

    {If a few overlap, they can make a dragon momentarily falter.} This was the description of the Vine Cannonball. The wyvern, hit by 20 cannonballs, faltered momentarily. However,



    The Wyvern stomped the ground and used its strength.


    The vines ripped apart like paper and fell to the ground.


    Instead, it seemed like it only made it angrier.

    “Continue to shoot!”

    Urged the support troop leader who used to be an artillery officer.

    The Wyvern of Destruction lowered its stance and advanced slowly even as the vines held it back.

    Choi Hyuk could clearly see its motives. It was planning on gathering its strength and breaking out in one go.

    It was clear that if that thing charged forward their ranks would be smashed apart.

    ‘I have to stop it.’


    Choi Hyuk took in a deep breath. The karma in his body twisted into spirals. He had obtained this secret method by repeatedly using the skill {Soaring Slash}. Though he didn’t meet the requirements to use it, he traced the movements of the karma until the skill failed.

    {Soaring Slash} was a skill that elongated karma and released it like a whip. From there, Choi Hyuk imitated the technique of elongating karma, but he didn’t stop there. He twisted the elongated karma into spirals.

    He sent the long spirals to the Predator’s Blade.


    The tip of the spiral unravelled and formed the blade of karma. However, before the karma completely unravelled, he recalled the unravelled karma back while twisting it. The elongated karma spiraled up from his hand to the blade then back to his hand to form a single shape and during this time, he kept twisting and unravelling the karma. A technique that required a ridiculous level of control. Its effect was as powerful as it was complicated.


    A 5-meter-long blade of karma formed from the Predator’s Blade. The karma wrapped around the blade while unravelling and twisting itself.

    Even though the transparent energy was moving in a complicated manner, it still retained its shape. It looked calm on the outside but it was filled with energy about to erupt.

    The energy of the Predator’s Blade, which had transformed into a C rank, mixed with Choi Hyuk’s karma and flowed around the blade.

    ‘I can slice into it.’

    Choi Hyuk looked at his status for the last time as he resolved himself.


    {Choi Hyuk}

    Power: 203 (+76) (+100) (★★)   Speed: 203 (+74) (+100)  (★★)  Control: 0 (★★★)

    Endurance: 100 (+100) (★★)  Stamina: 100 (+100) (★★)  Recovery: 10(+100) (★★)

    *Retribution: 0 (★★)

    *Free karma points: 0


    His Control actually hit 3-star.

    He changed his equipment and put everything into Power and Speed. He even used the difficult to find {Enchant Change Scroll} to change his enchants to Power and Speed.

    Lastly, with Bae Jinman’s {Karma Grant}, he was able to increase all his stats, excluding Control, by 100. It seemed like the effect didn’t apply to his Control which was a 3-star stat.

    This time, he examined the evolved Predator’s Blade.


    {Greedy Predator’s Blade}

    Rank: C (Unique, Growth-type)

    Sharp and sturdy. The more blood it absorbs of strong foes, the stronger it will get.

    Blood Drain: Absorbs the blood of enemies to replenish its owner’s karma and heal their wounds. Able to absorb 5L of blood per second.

    Durability: 9,998/10,000

    Evolution: 0/100


    The reason why Choi Hyuk didn’t invest any points into Stamina and Recovery was because of the evolved Predator’s Blade. The new ‘Drain’ trait was the greatest present when facing a long and difficult battle against the Wyvern of Destruction.

    After finishing his inspection, Choi Hyuk saw the wyvern’s bulging calves. It looked like the thickness of its ankles was the size of a house.

    Choi Hyuk used its enlarged calves to speculate its anatomy. It wasn’t something he was actively thinking of but was an observation that extended from his instincts.

    And he figured out its weak points. If you were to look at it as a human, it would be its tendons and Achilles heel.

    “About 10…”

    Choi Hyuk dashed towards his first target. The Wyvern of Destruction was concentrating all its strength into its calves to break out of the downpour of Vine Cannonballs.

    Its vulnerable ankle concentrated with power.


    The blade of karma slashed out.


    One swing of the 5-meter-long blade was enough to wipe out a 5 pyong room.{1} Following Choi Hyuk’s blade, its grey flesh split apart like a ravine and black blood gushed out.


    The Wyvern of Destruction immediately wobbled.


    As it wobbled, it hurriedly stomped its uninjured left foot.

    A single blow from an ant-sized human was able to make a monster the size of a high-rise apartment wobble. The people who saw this couldn’t help but shudder.

    However, Choi Hyuk clicked his tongue.

    “As expected… I couldn’t cut it off with one slash?”

    Cho Hyuk had targeted its ankle tendon. Its flesh was sliced into but he was unable to cut its tendon.

    “If one time isn’t enough, I’ll do it until it is… Suicide squad! The target is its left foot! Spread out and attack!”

    Choi Hyuk’s orders exploded out.


    The suicide squad spread out. At the same time, Choi Hyuk was a step faster as he charged towards the wyvern’s left foot. The flustered and hesitant Wyvern of Destruction.


    Flames shot out of the Extraordinary Dragon Cannons above it.

    The Wyvern of Destruction’s attention was wholly on the suicide squad. Jung Minji didn’t miss this opportunity.

    “All troops- Charge!!!”

    Jung Minji unsheathed her sword and bypassed the Wyvern of Destruction. 200,000 monsters were lined up in front of her.

    “Charge! Charge! Do not fall behind!”

    The other forces were right behind them as they charged.

    Choi Hyuk, 100 members of the suicide squad and 80 members of the support troop VS The Wyvern of Destruction.

    110,000 humans VS 200,000 monsters.

    A gruesome war had begun.


    {1} 16.52 m2

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