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Chapter 48: Colonize (5)

    Episode 3: Age of Ghosts / Chapter 48: Colonize (5)

    TL: emptycube

    Editor: Lesurous


    Choi Hyuk gripped the sword in his hand. The wire attached the end of the handle fell down to the floor and back up to the ceiling.

    “Do I need to activate my skill using this?”



    A blue Karma Blade surged out from his sword immediately.

    The first time he created a Karma Blade to kill the Wyvern of Destruction, it was transparent like a haze, but now that his karma has been reinforced by his Karma Heart, it gave off a blue hue.


    At the same time, the surrounding opaque curtains disappeared and a rocky plateau appeared. There were monsters. Some were further away while others were closer. Some were large while others were small.

    Choi Hyuk looked at his surroundings and examined himself again. In his hand was the same white sword with his Karma Blade. However, the wire that was attached to the handle had disappeared.

    “… This is dimensional teleportation?”

    Yet he didn’t feel the particular nausea that accompanied dimensional teleportation.

    {No. It’s only an illusion.}

    “… Amazing.”

    There was no way to tell that this was an illusion. He believed it was simply because the AI had said so. If this was a trap set up by his enemies, he would undoubtedly fall in.

    Choi Hyuk became lost in his thoughts. The AI brought him back to reality.

    {Attack however you wish.}


    He needed to do what he could now. He rushed towards the monsters. The length of his Karma Blade would get smaller or larger depending on the size of the monster he was slicing.

    And against a solid monster.


    The karma circulating the blade accelerated. Not long after, he finished up all 30 monsters.


    The illusions turned into flames as they disappeared. Choi Hyuk was once again standing inside the opaque curtains. He looked around, but there was no change. Just a moment ago, he was running around a vast rocky plateau, but now he was in the not-so-large Fitting Room 0087.

    “If it was all an illusion… did I just jump around in here by myself?”


    “… How is that possible?”

    He couldn’t help but ask even though he knew it was a stupid question.

    {It is a secret.}

    A stiff reply. Choi Hyuk clenched and unclenched his hands. He still felt the sensation of slicing apart the monsters in his hands.

    {Outputting results.}


    {Karma Blade – Choi Hyuk}

    Releases a Karma Blade interlinked with a Karma Heart-

    Power: C-

    Stability: B-

    Karma Efficiency: B-

    Skill Cost: 85


    Even with a glance, it was easy to tell that the results were better than {Soaring Slash}. It was even better than the other recorded skills. Only, the Skill Cost was vastly different. {Soaring Slash} was 61 so the cost of his skill was 24 higher.

    “What’s that Skill Cost? Is it good?”

    {It is not.}

    The AI mercilessly replied.

    {The first three are known as skill specifications. If you only look at the specs, it appears to be quite a useful skill. However, the Skill Cost is too high.}

    “So, what is it?”

    {The fundamental principle for creating skills is ‘even a child could use it’. A skill is created so that anyone who has the required karma can use it.}

    Choi Hyuk usually used his own original skills so he wasn’t familiar with this but skills were usually activated the moment you thought about activating it. Skills did not require the user the change the characteristic or structure of the user’s karma before activating it.

    {However, there is definitely a cost associated with that convenience. As the karma needs to be arranged automatically, skills can’t help but overtax your karma more than if you did it yourself. That is Skill Cost. The amount of karma consumed per unit increase in power.}

    “Then the reason why my skill cost is high…”

    {It is because of your Karma Heart. As you can see, the Efficiency is B so there is no problem when Sovereign Choi Hyuk uses it. You are able to reach C rank Power with a comparably small amount of karma. However, the story changes completely if you recreate that process with a skill. It is because we need to temporarily create a Karma Blade and a Karma Heart. As even creating the Karma Heart requires a high cost, the 85 Skill Cost is justified. The skill stats are between B and C rank while it costs as much as a top B rank skill.}

    “… Meaning it’s not very good.”

    {Yes. The cost-to-effect ratio is bad.}

    He somehow felt unhappy so he became silent.

    {However, we can purchase it for research data. As it is the first skill created by a human. Taking that into account, we will offer 1,000 Mission Points. Will you sell it?}

    1,000 Mission Points meant that he could purchase a decent C rank equipment. However…

    “… No. I’ll try again. This time, without the Karma Heart.”


    Like the time he killed the Wyvern of Destruction, Choi Hyuk formed a Karma Blade without his Karma Heart. He coiled the karma in his body and swirled it around the sword like a current.


    {Karma Blade – Choi Hyuk}

    Forms a Karma Blade after creating a chain of karma.

    As you are able to adjust its power with its acceleration, you are also able to adjust its length-

    Power: C-

    Stability: D-

    Karma Efficiency: D-

    Skill Cost: 59


    The Skill Cost had become lower than before, but so did its stats.

    {The cost-to-effect ratio is bad this time as well.}

    The relentless AI.

    “… It’s difficult.”

    {The skills publicized here are skills that have been proven through long battles. Of course it is difficult to reach that level. Will you sell it for 1,000 Mission Points?}

    It seemed that it had no worth besides the fact it was created by the earthling, Choi Hyuk. It was the same amount as before.

    Choi Hyuk momentarily stood there, lost for words. His original skill he created to kill the Wyvern of Destruction. He seemed to have been proud of the skill without noticing it. He shook his head. This was reality. He wasn’t even a speck of dust when compared to the existences who sent him to battles.

    He needed to struggle his way up. He who had nothing had nothing to lose.

    “Yeah. I’ll sell it. And I’ll sell one more.”

    {Understood. What kind of skill is it?}

    “A special skill that silences your opponent’s karma.”


    {Void Wave – Choi Hyuk}

    Special Skill. Resonates 3 whirlwinds of karma and scatters the karma your opponent is using. Though it is typically a single target skill, depending on the situation, it can also be used as a wide range skill.

    Lee Jinhee created it and Sovereign Choi Hyuk had modified it-

    Power: C-

    Stability: C-

    Karma Efficiency: D-

    Skill Cost: 57


    The stats were below average and the Skill Cost was higher than average. Yet…

    {It is possible to record it as a publicized skill.}

    “It’s possible?”

    {Yes. Though it looks to have a low cost-to-effect ratio on the surface, it has been judged to possess a high degree of usability.}

    “What happens if I record it?”

    {Every time someone purchases it, we give you 5% of the price. The price is estimated to be 1,200 so every time it is purchased, you will earn 60 Mission Points. We expect to sell 500 in 3 months so we will give you 30,000 Mission Points in advance.}

    As Choi Hyuk lacked experience, 30,000 points impacted him more significantly than the 5%.

    ‘Wow! 30,000 points?’

    Still, he asked again.

    “But isn’t 5% a little too low?”

    He asked as he had heard publication royalties were around 10%.

    {The cost in creating skills is high. We also have to distribute to countless planets. Please keep in mind that 5% is a lot higher than it was in the past.}

    “Okay, okay. But since Jinhee nuna is also a copyright holder, do the Mission Points get shared?”

    {No. As earthlings have received the Consumables (Deferred) Judgment, we do not do business with them with the exception of sovereigns. If Lee Jinhee is promoted to a warrior later, then it will be divided evenly.}

    As he heard the explanation, he thought about Lee Jinhee.

    ‘Sorry. I’ll pay you back later.’

    After receiving 31,000 Mission Points, he left Fitting Room 0087. Although he wasn’t able to hold them in his hands, he felt reassured.

    “Now I’ll go look at the facilities.”

    {Yes, purchases of facilities are possible in the marketplace outside the door at the end of the hall.}


    He stopped on his way when he suddenly had a question.

    “Ah, but isn’t it better telling them the discipline than the skill? If you use it yourself instead of having your karma automatically do it, you don’t consume your karma needlessly.”

    {It is not possible to immediately use disciplines.}


    Choi Hyuk understood exactly what it meant.

    If they considered long-term growth, then it was definitely better to teach them the discipline. However, the ones above weren’t concerned with the growth potential of soldiers. What they needed were soldiers who could go out immediately and kill monsters. When he thought about it, the Giant Orc Karik said that {Ring of Rebirth} and {Throne Game} were ‘New recruit training’. They had never thought to slowly train them from the start. They only cared about speed. If they gave them skills, it would increase the consumption of karma, but training time would be cut to almost zero. That was why they gave skills out. A soldier has potential to grow? Then first show me ‘results’. Something like killing the Wyvern of Destruction by yourself for example…

    The fate of Consumables could be that the whole species would have to fight until extinction as they didn’t have that possibility or prospect.

    ‘Then what are sovereigns?’

    Choi Hyuk thought while leaving the hall.

    Only sovereigns received information that humans currently had a Consumables (Deferred) Judgment. That meant that duty of getting rid of that fate also rested on the sovereigns.

    Soldiers who couldn’t grow would eventually be consumed and die. It was possible that finding and developing the potential of humans, which the ones above ignored, was the responsibility of sovereigns, including Choi Hyuk’s.

    Although Choi Hyuk was unable to come to these deductions rationally, he had a hunch.

    He thought.

    ‘The duty of sovereigns… will it be useful for revenge?’

    Revenge. That was number one reason for his actions.


    The place he arrived after exiting the door was an underground shopping district. Bright lights shone from the ceiling and shops were set up along either side of the wide hallway. Lowest ranked warriors had set up items in the shops and were doing business with each other. Useful items that weren’t considered supplies were traded here was what Flame-Rain told him.

    Choi Hyuk had coincidentally stumbled upon Flame-Rain. He tried to keep his guard up against her, but she acted friendly as she dragged and introduced him to different places. As they walked, there were a lot of aliens who knew her. It seemed she was quite meddlesome.

    “That’s where they sell facilities. It’s a must-see place for sovereigns.”

    “What can you do with facilities?”

    “You can buy a shop that can store and also sell the items you bought in bulk from the supply store. A shop you can set up in your world, I mean. There’s even a machine that can take additional Mission Points from those moving to your colonizing lands and also a device that can automatically set a tax on all business deals within your territory.”

    “… Set a tax?”

    “Yeah. Since you’re a sovereign.”

    She paused for a moment before saying in a serious voice.

    “It looks like you don’t know yet so I’ll tell you. You always need to bear in mind the weight of what it means to be a sovereign. You are the representative of the people of Earth. You are the one who protects and is responsible for the survival and growth of your people. Since you have great authority, great responsibility should follow with it, right? When you buy facilities here, you need to consider not only your benefits but the benefits of your entire species. No matter how powerful you become, what’s the point when your species is extinct?”

    Though he had heard similar words from Baek Seoin and Bae Jinman, it hadn’t felt real until now. To be a sovereign… When he heard it now, it was no different than a king. To protect and govern people.

    Choi Hyuk fell into a state of déjà vu when he heard her words.

    ‘But… will this be helpful for revenge?’

    He felt another premonition. And that premonition came out as spoken words.

    “That’s useless.”

    “What? What is?”

    Choi Hyuk shut his mouth. His mind continued his thoughts.

    ‘Even if I consider that humans will become powerful. Would they raise their swords against the game makers?’

    That was unlikely. In fact, the stronger and safer they became, the less likely they would. Choi Hyuk had no need for subjects who needed his protection. He only needed comrades and an army who would unsheathe their swords and put their lives on the line.

    He had no need to necessarily tell Flame-Rain these thoughts. Choi Hyuk answered ambiguously.

    “No, just.”

    Like previously, Flame-Rain slightly uncovered her curtain of flames. She still possessed the human-like, beautiful face. She stared deeply into Choi Hyuk’s eyes.

    “… You’re angry.”

    These were the words she said after staring at him silently for a time.

    “I sincerely hope that your anger does not burn your world.”

    Her voice speaking those words contained a sadness somewhere. And,


    It was the first time Choi Hyuk’s Eyes of Distinction distinguished a gold light. Gold was the opposite of red (hostility). ‘Sacrificial will’.

    Choi Hyuk blinked. Seeing a gold light for the first time was surprising, but he was unable to understand the situation.

    ‘Is she thinking of someone else instead of me?’

    He could only see it that way. They had only met twice in his whole life. It was the only reason she would emit a gold light during a conversation in a marketplace.

    Flame-Rain covered her face again. The golden light disappeared as well.

    “Anyways, good luck with shopping! Let’s meet again!”

    She said in a cheerful voice before disappearing in a hurry. She was as mysterious as ever.

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