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Chapter 49: Sovereign

    Episode 3: Age of Ghosts / Chapter 49: Sovereign

    TL: emptycube

    Editor: Obelisk


    The store, specifically used by sovereigns, was known as the ‘Logistics Tower’. Choi Hyuk met Mechas in front of the stairs of the Logistics Tower entrance. He was leaning against the dark wall of the stairs, waiting for Choi Hyuk.

    {Oh, a familiar face. It’s you, right? The earthling.}

    It was a pleasant voice. Like the tone of a large brass instrument.

    Mechas was a robot built of metal. Like muscles, large and small pieces of metal covered his body and every time he moved, an elegant and subtle wave rippled. He slouched forward like a gorilla, placing his long arms that looked to almost touch the ground on his waist, and swaggered towards him.

    His face was like a mosaic, the metal pieces on his face moved to form expressions. He grinned.

    {I’m Mechas. Flame-Rain asked me to guide you through the Logistics Tower. The mood became too serious and she felt awkward to do it herself or something like that? Keuk. Anyways, she’s quite the meddlesome girl.}

    Mechas tapped Choi Hyuk’s shoulder and took the lead.

    {Anyways, I am indebted to her so I’ll guide you well. Just follow me.}

    Then he started to climb the dark, dim stairs.

    The Logistics Tower was the only place with stairs within the supply store. It was a place where you could go up and down instead of walking around. Bright text shined like neon signs on the run-down walls. If Choi Hyuk was a bit older, he might have thought of the dark, remote stores in Yongsan Electronics Market or Nakwon Shopping Center. They were like the stores that were dark all day long, with cracked white cement, and signs forbidding students from entering.

    It wasn’t only the Logistics Tower but all the shops he had passed matched the name lowest ranked shops and were unpleasant. However, as there were almost no people near the Logistics Tower, it was a level drearier.

    {It’s because only sovereigns can pass here. And sovereigns are rare.}

    “Can other species come here besides their sovereigns?”

    {What did you hear me say just now? Only sovereigns can enter the Logistics Tower… Oh, aha! You’re talking about the supply store in general, not the Logistics Tower, right? Yeah. So your species is a Consumables one, huh? Deferred, to be exact, right? Then yeah, you’re right. Other species can come to the supply store once they’ve been designated as warriors. Even if they aren’t sovereigns. Though they can’t use the Logistics Tower.}


    Those fucking Consumables. That fucking Deferred status. Every time he heard it, he felt depressed.

    “How do you get a warrior designation?”

    {Species, who have gotten rid of the Consumables Judgment, go through an examination of qualifications.If you spend 10,000 Mission points, you can obtain the right to attempt the lowest ranked warrior evaluation. Well, normally they pass if they have the ability to get 10,000 Mission Points.}

    “You have to get rid of the Consumables Judgment… meaning Consumables aren’t even worth evaluating.”

    Choi Hyuk bit his lip, but Mechas didn’t care in the slightest. He heard the sound of metal brushing against each other from Mechas’s body. Mechas chattered on with his high-pitched voice that sounded like a saxophone. Although Choi Hyuk couldn’t understand the actual language, from the translated message, it seemed that he was teasing him.

    {That’s right. Aiya~ your shoulders must feel heavy. Sovereigns need to do well in order to rid their species of the Consumables Judgment.}

    “… How is it normally?”

    {Well, they say 7 or 8 out of 10 fail and end up as Consumables.}

    “And if they end up as Consumables?”

    {I’m not sure. I’m only a lowest ranked warrior so I don’t know exactly, but they say that your entire species gets thrown into a monster-infested planet. Of course, there is no return code. It’s sort of like a harassing the rear tactic… but the result is, of course, complete annihilation.}


    Involuntary curses erupted from Choi Hyuk’s mouth.

    Even though he didn’t have a lot of affection towards humanity, he couldn’t help but feel angry. They rank species that are living well by themselves however they want and if they fall short, they drive the whole species into a corner?

    {Keke, you carry a lot on your shoulders, friend.}

    Mechas said provokingly before going ahead.

    “Where are you going? I was planning on checking out the equipment shop facilities first.”

    {Equipment shops? You must have quite the fortune. Anyways, you can build those later. Just trust me and follow behind.}

    Mechas passed through a dark hallway and opened a door. Unlike the hallway which wasn’t maintained properly, the room was wide and normal. All sorts of fist-sized patterns were floating in the air.

    {If you’re a sovereign buying facilities for the first time, you need to reveal your trait and fate. Especially when you have a Consumables judgment.}

    “What’s that?”

    Choi Hyuk, who felt that the order had been reversed, asked in an unsatisfied voice. Mechas didn’t care.

    {What do you mean ‘what is it’? It’s the basics that make you stronger. Though equipment might look really important right now, if you look at the future, they aren’t even comparable.}

    Mechas didn’t give a proper explanation. He simply shoved Choi Hyuk forward. His strength was so strong that Choi Hyuk, who was suddenly pushed, entered into the crowd of floating patterns.

    “What the hell are y…!”

    Choi Hyuk, who was about to burst into anger, suddenly became surprised and unsheathed the Predator’s Blade.

    {Ho? You have good senses. It seems like you’re not a sovereign for nothing.}

    Mechas’s voice sounded faint, however, Choi Hyuk wasn’t able to pay attention due to the gazes that were observing him. Observing him? No. They were scanning his skin. No. It wasn’t even that. Foreign karma passed through his skin, entering inside him, and kneaded his organs.

    “What is this…”

    As he didn’t know what seized control of him, he couldn’t act recklessly. Before he could do anything, he was surrounded. The unfamiliar sensation, that felt as if pudding was being crammed into his body, was unpleasant.

    {Don’t worry. It’s scanning to find the most suitable ‘fate’ for you.}

    “That’s why I’m saying. What is this fate…?”

    The unfamiliar sensation was no longer the problem. His mind was becoming detached. Mechas’s voice and his own reply were getting further and further away.


    He felt as if he had dozed off.

    Suddenly, the world became brighter. No, it became darker? The unfamiliar sensation that filled his entire body had at some point disappeared. Though he felt displeased at the fact he had momentarily lost consciousness, there were no other dangers. Mechas moved his hollow eyes. An amused attitude.

    3 patterns approached Choi Hyuk. Then, a message appeared.

    {Aptitude examination complete. Three suitable fates outputted. You are currently able to activate one.}

    {Your karma will develop when you do the relevant actions of the fate you have chosen.}

    {Sovereigns are able to record their suitable fate in the supply-type fate shop.}


    {Suitable Fates}

    1. Battle Addict: 100% Aptitude

    The more intensely you fight, the longer a fight lasts, or the deeper your concentration gets from being immersed in a fight, the faster your karma will develop.

    2. Undying One: 93% Aptitude

    Every time you survive a life-threatening situation, your karma will develop in large leaps.

    3. Raging One: 81% Aptitude

    The more intensely enraged you become, the faster your karma will develop.


    {Whoa… 100% Aptitude?}

    Mechas’s surprised voice sounded out in a long low tone. It seemed to be his species’ surprised voice.

    “… Is it good?”

    Only now did Choi Hyuk get a grasp of what ‘fate’ meant. It was a method that could develop his karma, which had no other way of developing, except for killing until now. It was an essential foundation in quickly becoming stronger.

    {Of course it’s good. I occasionally hear news of 100% Aptitudes, but for me to see it with my own eyes…You’re more amazing than I thought?}

    Mechas’s skin rippled in excitement. It made a pleasant sound.

    “Really? Then does that mean I should choose Battle Addict as expected?”

    Since it was only possible to activate one, he needed to choose from the three.

    Mechas gave him somewhat of a tip.

    {Hmm, they each have their own pros and cons. Every time you activate the fate of the ‘Undying One’, your karma could rise to the point of going from 3-star to 4-star. However, if you aren’t in a lot of life-threatening situations, your karma develops very slowly. This one relies quite heavily on chance. From the start, it’s not like you can enter a life-threatening situation whenever you want to… You usually die when those situations arise and that’s the end. On the other hand, ‘Battle Addict’ can increase your karma proportionally to the amount of effort you put in as long as you become somewhat immersed in fighting or fight intense battles often. However, if you constantly fight intense battles, you obviously won’t be able to ensure your life. The one that can increase your strength the safest is ‘Raging One’. Although it’s slower than the above two and you aren’t as compatible with it, you are able to increase your strength without the danger of dying.}

    Choi Hyuk decided the moment he listened to Mechas’s explanation. Safety? Choi Hyuk didn’t consider it. But, that didn’t mean he could leave getting stronger up to ‘luck’. Also, he would undoubtedly become stronger more quickly with 100% Aptitude.

    “Then, I’m going to choose Battle Addict.”

    {You sure you’re okay with it? It’s going to be dangerous.}

    “It’s not dangerous.”

    As his heart became determined, another message popped up.

    {‘Battle Addict’ 100% Aptitude. Cost for activation. Need 500 Mission Points.}

    As expected, nothing was free here.

    “Take it.”

    The moment he declared that, the world disappeared.


    When he recovered his senses, Choi Hyuk was standing in the middle of a battlefield. As always.

    The first thing he felt were the wounds. A pleasant painfulness and heat. However, he soon forgot about them as he saw the enemies.

    The enemies rushed at him as a black mass. The mass extended beyond the horizon. However, the figures of his enemies were hazy in his eyes. The only thing that was clear were their flaws. The traces of their oncoming attacks.

    Choi Hyuk’s concentration approached its peak. The sight in front of him became simpler and simpler. After some time, he was simply dancing alone amidst countless shining lines. The Predator’s Blade in his hand. The sword repeatedly became heavier and lighter. Soon, he even forgot the sword. He felt a comfortable sensation as if he was cutting through water currents in the deep ocean.

    Then he suddenly opened his eyes. No one stood in his surroundings. Even the horizon was only filled with the corpses of his enemies.


    When he opened his eyes again, he was in the room with floating patterns. One of the three patterns that had approached him had greatly expanded. The pattern exemplified a sharp red line cutting through the deep darkness.

    {You have obtained the fate ‘Battle Addict’.}

    It felt strange. It felt as if he had discovered his calling in life. He even wanted to fight immediately. As the more he fought, the faster he would grow.

    {Will you purchase the fate shop that can be set up in your colonized lands? The fate shop is able to grant others with Sovereign Choi Hyuk’s suitable fates, ‘Battle Addict’, ‘Undying One’, and ‘Raging One’. The price of the fate shop is 10,000 Mission Points.}

    “In my colonized lands? Is it impossible to set it up on Earth?”

    {Because of the Consumables (Deferred) Judgment, it is not possible.}

    Though he had originally planned on setting it up in his territory, he still felt displeased when he heard it wasn’t possible to set it up on Earth because they were ‘Consumables’. However, there was nothing he could do.

    He was currently in a situation where he had to hide his anger and keep taking steps forward.

    “I’ll buy it.”

    The foothold in getting stronger over time, ‘fate’. Like Mechas had said, it was a higher priority than the equipment shop. It was an essential shop for humanity. If Flame-Rain hadn’t arranged for Mechas to meet him, he would have undoubtedly not learned of this valuable information.

    ‘I owe her one.’

    He engraved the help he received to memory as he asked Mechas.

    “Where do we go now?”

    {Now you need to use your karma better. We’ll go to Karma Trait shop.}

    Mechas grinned.


    The 4,500 soldiers situated in Barhaloleun Hill 1 were surrounded by a light as they saw Choi Hyuk return. He returned after half a day had passed. Although it hadn’t been long, they sensed changes in Choi Hyuk. He had become sharper and more explosive.

    “What the? Did leader eat something good by himself?”

    Lee Jinhee mumbled.

    “Don’t worry. Everyone’s going to eat some.”

    Choi Hyuk placed his hand on her shoulder and passed by. Then, as if he had just remembered, he added.

    “Thanks. I will repay you.”

    It was a thank you for the ‘Air Void Wave’ that allowed him to earn 30,000 Mission Points, but Lee Jinhee didn’t know what he was talking about and only blinked her eyes.

    Choi Hyuk passed her and stood in the middle of Barhaloleun Hill 1. Then he took out a fist-sized transparent pyramid from his bag and placed it on the ground.


    Although he had placed a fist-sized pyramid on the ground, an enormous pyramid sprouted from the ground accompanied by loud noises. As if sucking in the ores in its surroundings, the ground itself lowered and the transparent pyramid Choi Hyuk had placed on the ground stood at the apex of the now formed pyramid with a red tinge. It looked natural, looking as though it was part of the transparent pyramid from the beginning.


    {Territory Pyramid Lv. 1}

    Within a 1km radius, the stats of monsters will be reduced significantly and the effectiveness of allies’ karma will be increased greatly.


    An item that was above the Weakening Barriers used in {Survive and Escape}. It was the Territory Pyramid.

    Choi Hyuk threw 2 building miniatures near the Territory Pyramid. The building miniatures, like the Territory Pyramid, absorbed the surrounding ground and expanded. Then they automatically connected to the Territory Pyramid and formed a single, massive fortress.

    A fate shop was created, and then a trait shop.

    The two shops protruded up from the middle of the ‘Territory Pyramid’ like a terrace.

    While the 4,500 surprised people could only blink their eyes at the buildings being built in an instant, Choi Hyuk shouted.

    “Now this place is our territory!”

    Though the specific feeling each person felt was different… The surge of excitement they felt was the same.


    The cheers of the humans on Barhaloleun Hill 1 shook the land. They were the first humans to have taken root on the ruined planet, Dragonic.

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