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Chapter 57: Revolution (2)

    Episode 4: The Great Colonizing Age / Chapter 57: Revolution (2)

    TL: emptycube

    Editor: Obelisk


    There was no end to the various different kinds of monsters. The moment they stepped into the unexplored lands, they saw monsters they had never seen before. Like how the Berserkers endlessly fought the spartoi created from dragon bones near their base, they were now ceaselessly fighting four-legged tree monsters.

    “I think it must have been an amazing forest in the past.”

    It was as Baek Seoin said. The ground was fertile and large building-like trees sporadically sprouted up from the ground. Mysterious karma flowed on the tree bark and there were three different colored leaves. Silver, yellow, and blue.

    It was undoubtedly an amazing forest in the past. However, the distance between the trees had become wider over time. There were quite a few dead trees collapsed on the floor, and they saw half-dried withering trees as well. The tree monsters were continuously gnawing on the living trees and creating new tree monsters.

    “If only there weren’t these ‘tree dogs’.”

    With his naming sense, Baek Seoin decided to call these monsters ‘tree dogs’. It possessed two meanings; ‘a dog made from trees’ and ‘something you couldn’t see with your eyes open{1}’.

    It was a humorous name, but it fitted oddly well with their appearance. The monsters were called ‘dogs’ because they possessed wooden figures contaminated by a black bodily fluid, wagged a weirdly twisted trunk, and had four legs. Rather than saying they looked like dogs, their figures were similar to dogs, therefore the name, tree dog, fit quite well.

    The tree dogs latched onto the trees and struggled to gnaw on them. These weren’t ordinary trees. Even when these monsters diligently gnawed on them, it didn’t seem like they left a visible mark. However, it seemed as though these trees couldn’t resist for a long time as there were hollowed out trees here and there. A trunk would grow from tree dogs that had gnawed on trees for a long time and create a new tree dog. It wasn’t hard to find small tree dogs that were attached to the foreheads or thighs of larger tree dogs.

    “These monsters do not only kill people but are existences that even destroy the environment itself. Ah, damn! Just! Die!”

    As these tree dogs would still attack even when split into two or three pieces, Baek Seoin had to put a lot of karma into each slash as he impatiently dealt with them.

    “At this rate, there will be monsters who eat the ground.”

    Baek Seoin lamented, looking at the destroyed forest in regret. And his prediction was correct. The most problematic monster that stood in their way in colonizing a passage. The name of the overwhelmingly powerful monster that the great warrior of the El Tribe, Lantz, described as ‘the apex of Dragonian rank monsters’ was the ‘ground devourer’.

    “Woah… This is…”

    The Berserkers’ relentless march came to a halt. The sparse trees had disappeared, and they saw an area where the fertile ground had been cracked opened. These were traces of a new monster.

    The El Tribe called this monster the ‘ground devourer’. A monster that ate rocks. Even when the powerful monsters that annihilated Dragonic went into a deep slumber, this strong monster continued to be active. It wasn’t a monster that ate the living creatures who were on the brink of extinction, but one which devoured the planet itself. That was why there were basins that looked as if it had been scooped out like ice cream where this monster inhabited.

    The dirt slowly started to fade away, and at some point, they could no longer see any dirt from the surface. They saw layers upon layers of different kinds of rocks exposed in an endless downward slope.

    Choi Hyuk closely examined this overwhelming and frightening sight before commanding.

    “We enter.”

    The basins weren’t similar to each other. Some were deep, while others were a bit shallow. The terrain went up and down like the KOSDAQ index{2}. However, it became clearly deeper the further they marched towards the center. The relatively tall entrance covered the sky and the basin gradually became darker.

    Crunch! Crunch!

    They heard the sound of hundreds of rocks being crunched on.

    In the darkest place, the ‘ground devourer’ was shattering rocks and shoving them in its mouth.

    “It isn’t as enormous as I thought.”

    Choi Hyuk glanced at it as if he was admiring it. Its size was smaller than the Wyvern of Destruction. Around the size of a 5-story building. However, its head took up half its body and its mouth, which was located at the center, could open to the size of its face. Its thick limbs shattered the ground and shoved the rocks into its mouth. It seemed to possess a black hole in its body as even when it consumed as its body size in rocks, it showed no signs of being full.

    “Like the El Tribe said, this is a strong foe that sits at the top of all the opponents we’ve faced so far. Everyone, be prepared. We’ll go with the large monster hunting formation.”

    Choi Hyuk commanded them in a low voice. There were no replies. However, there was no need to check. They were only silent to avoid being discovered by the monster, they all understood. After experiencing over 100 fierce battles together, the Berserkers showed perfect coordination with each other without the need for words.

    “Then… Begin!”

    The moment Choi Hyuk commanded, the Berserkers spread out and scattered throughout the surroundings. Unexpectedly, they took out long-distance weapons. The majority of the weapons were bows and throwing spears.

    However, they didn’t begin shooting yet.

    Baek Seoin, who became the real commander after Choi Hyuk ordered them to attack, stared at a white male. His name was Handke. Amongst the Berserkers, he was known as the artillery captain. The main weapons of the ‘artillery’, made up of approximately 30 people including Handke, were quite unusual. While they possessed weapons that looked like bazookas, they also used long rods, bracelets, and rings. Sometimes they would use a hat with an unusual design as their main equipment as well. Handke, who was concentrating with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Baek Seoin.

    That moment, Baek Seoin’s body had already been dyed blue by activating Mind’s Eye as he examined the ‘ground devourer’. When he felt Handke’s gaze, he commanded.

    “Right leg!”

    The moment Baek Seoin’s command fell, Handke’s rod shot through the air. Lightning gathered at the tip of the rod as it flew towards the ground devourer. The members of the artillery behind Handke each started shooting their own weapons. Some shot flames, others shock waves, each attacked the ground devourer’s right leg with an attack that matched their own karma traits.

    These people, who were known as the artillery amongst the Berserkers, were long-distance attack specialists. They were experts who raised their Control and Power to 3-star, and, supported by their Control and equipment, trained in throwing their karma through long distances.

    Because their Endurance stat was low, they weren’t suitable for close combat, and because they would often choose karma traits with properties like ‘Blaze’ or ‘Shock’ to suit their long-distance combat style, they were often called magicians by others.

    The power of the Berserkers’ artillery group was quite significant. Although the Berserkers were known to be strong in close combat, their power was this strong because their Control was high while their Endurance was low like their leader, Choi Hyuk. Choi Hyuk and the magicians got along really well and this was how the artillery captain, Handke, who was considered to be a top expert, joined the Berserkers.


    Like their name, the attacks of the 30 members of the artillery group were powerful. The ground devourer’s body staggered.


    The ground devourer became enraged. And the Berserkers shot their arrows and spears at the enraged ground devourer. Although their attacks weren’t as powerful as the artillery, they were great in number.


    Most couldn’t pierce its skin and bounced off, but they were necessary for messing up the monster’s surroundings. Using the monster’s momentary stumble, the strongest amongst them, the Berserk Sovereign Choi Hyuk, closed in.


    His powerful Karma Blade sliced into the ground devourer’s left leg. However, it was only able to cut into its leathery skin.


    As if it was smacking away an annoying fly, the ground devourers slammed its arm at Choi Hyuk.

    The ground shook and the bodies of the Berserkers trembled. Luckily, Choi Hyuk was able to avoid the attack and, instead, jumped on top of its arm. He ran up its arm and shouted.

    “Let’s play!”

    After a long time, Choi Hyuk was finally able to fall into a deep battle trance.


    Ryu Hyunsung and Chu Youngjin’s escape was also spectacular. A chase in an unexplored land no one had walked on. The further they went, the more dangerous the terrain became, and the more monsters appeared.

    In a swamp with water up to their ankles, Ryu Hyunsung, Chu Youngjin clashed with the Cruel Killing Sword Ye Long and his personal guards for the final time.

    “Let’s stop now.”

    The Cruel Killing Sword Ye Long thought this was the end of their long chase. They had fled tirelessly. It seemed they didn’t even value their lives as they went further into these unexplored lands. It didn’t seem like they cared whether a monster appeared or not, or whether they were exhausted or not. Just by looking at them, he could tell that they were at their limit. Even if they fled from this place, they wouldn’t have the strength to return. They weren’t even able to use that great Void Wave of theirs properly anymore. The hot water that went up to their ankles also seemed to make these exhausted fellows suffer even more.

    Ring. Ring.

    On the other hand, Ye Long and his personal guards, who were riding on these ankle bracelets that emitted ringing sounds like a xylophone, were floating slightly above the water. Because of this, they were relatively unhindered by the flesh-meltingly hot water.

    They were at a dead-end.

    “Kik. I’d rather smash my head into this water and die than be captured by you.”

    Ryu Hyunsung kept his composure even when his lips were pale blue due to severe exhaustion.


    Chu Youngjin silently stared at Ye Long as if he was going to take at least one of them with him.

    “You tiresome bastards…”

    Although Ye Long was disgusted by their present condition, he was also filled with expectation.

    ‘How much stronger would I get if I absorbed them?’

    They seemed to be the biggest catch of Ye Long’s life as a plunderer. Filled with expectation, he commanded.

    “Don’t kill them. Cut off their arms and legs.”


    His guards answered with vigorous voices and charged forward. However, Ye Long had no luck, while Ryu Hyunsung and Chu Youngjin had the heavens on their side.

    A monster suddenly appeared from the marsh floor.


    An intense heat blasted out alongside its appearance. It was so intense that the already hot water evaporated altogether. Instantly, four red eyes peered through the thick steam.

    Frightened, Ye Long shouted.

    “Dodge it!”


    Unfortunately, the guard in the front wasn’t able to avoid the sudden attack and had his waist ripped in two. The steam was dyed red with his gushing blood.

    “Damn it…!”

    Ye Long grit his teeth and jumped into the red steam.

    Clash! Clash!

    Sparks flew as sounds of swords and the monster’s claws clashing against each other sounded out.

    “… Wow. Was our luck this good?”

    Perplexed by their sudden fortune, Ryu Hyunsung and Chu Youngjin hastily escaped. They were able to overcome a desperately dangerous situation due to the monster. And the monster wasn’t weak like the monsters that had appeared until now, it was truly strong.

    ‘Since we’re getting this much help, we need to survive.’

    Ryu Hyunsung and Chu Youngjin gathered their remaining strength and began to run towards the whirlpool that had gradually been getting larger.

    “But… it seems we’ve awoken the monsters.”

    It was like he said. This marsh had initially only been hot and silent, but now, monsters were getting up one after another. They were all formidable. It seemed the monsters wanted to attack the more dangerous looking Ye Long’s group as they all ran towards them.

    Of course, there were the occasional attacks on Ryu Hyunsung and Chu Youngjin, but they avoided, blocked, or even used the momentum to keep running without facing them. When they did, instead of giving chase, the monsters turned their attention towards Ye Long’s group.

    “Run. I can’t stop…”

    Ryu Hyunsung continued to run while pounding his trembling legs as he tried to allude himself by mumbling these words. His Stamina was at its limit, but if he stopped here, he would undoubtedly die. He gritted his teeth and continued.

    “Damn it…! Retreat! Retreat!”

    They heard Ye Long’s distant voice. He sounded dejected.

    That was how they were able to leave Ye Long behind, but that didn’t mean their situation became better. Their Stamina had already been exhausted and more and more monsters appeared. Ryu Hyunsung had no choice but to forcefully continue activating Mind’s Eye. Since they didn’t have the strength to fight, they had to avoid them before encountering them. When it was unavoidable, Chu Youngjin would step forward and deal with the monsters blocking their way. As if walking on a tightrope, the two squeezed between the monsters and fled.

    They happened upon an enormous basin. Like a quarry, shattered rocks lay exposed in the basin. Below the basin, they could hear deafening roars and vibrations from the center of the basin, which was covered by a boulder.

    “… Are the monsters fighting with each other?”

    “… They don’t seem normal. But do monsters even fight with each other?”

    “I haven’t seen it myself but… you never know. They might fight considering monsters are split into different territories.”

    “Like you say, considering we can’t see any other monsters, this seems to be the territory of a powerful monster.”

    “… And these monsters are currently fighting each other, right?”

    Ryu Hyunsung was silent for a moment as he thought. They had almost exhausted their Stamina getting here. If they continued to overwork themselves, it would only lead to their deaths. They had to rest at least once.

    Ryu Hyunsung decided.

    “Let’s go down and observe them.”

    Chu Youngjin’s eyes widened in surprise.


    These monsters possessed such incredible destructive power that the top of the basin shook. Why should they risk it and go down to observe their fight?

    “The fight is intense. If the two kill each other, or even if they critically injure each other and are unable to pay attention to their surroundings, we can stay and rest here for a few days before heading out. Since this is a place where nearby monsters won’t approach.”

    If they didn’t plan on dying here, they needed to rest. Although it was dangerous, if they could rest, it was worth taking the risk. Chu Youngjin agreed with Ryu Hyunsung.

    The two nervously hid behind boulders and made their way down. As they went further down, the clouds of dust from the fight started to completely cover their vision.

    “You… are still on cooldown, right?”

    If Ryu Hyunsung activated Mind’s Eye, he could easily look through the dust, but he was completely exhausted.

    “Yeah… It’s recovered a bit, but I can’t use it for long so we’ll use it when we get closer.”

    Eventually, the two dangerously made their way towards the center of the basin, grabbing onto boulders as they couldn’t see very well.


    A loud noise suddenly sounded out.

    Then, it seemed the fight had ended as there were no more roars or vibrations.

    “Doesn’t it seem the fight is over?”


    What would be the conclusion of the fight? The two became even more nervous as they continued to make their way down.

    Then, once they were at a suitable distance, Ryu Hyunsung activated Mind’s Eye.

    He was able to sense a 5-story sized monster with his sensitive karma. It looked dead. Karma had left its body and he couldn’t perceive any movements.

    ‘Where’s its opponent?’

    Ryu Hyunsung pressed down his trembling, exhausted leg and searched for the dead monster’s opponent. He had difficulty because he was so small, but he was eventually able to find him. He was sitting on top of the monster’s corpse. He seemed to be the size of a human. Though he possessed powerful karma… his karma felt very familiar.


    Ryu Hyunsung was stunned.

    “What’s wrong?”

    When Chu Youngjin asked, Ryu Hyunsung blankly replied.

    “He saw me…”

    “The monster?”


    “Then… doesn’t that mean we’re in big trouble?”

    “Well, that’s…”

    Just then, a loud voice erupted and blasted the thick dust hanging in the air. A very happy voice.

    “Hey! Chu hyung! Ryu hyung! It’s been a while!”

    It was the voice of their leader, Choi Hyuk.

    This was the moment a passage between colonized lands was discovered.


    {1} The raws use 목불견 to refer to tree dogs. Depending on which hanja characters you use, it can mean either of the two meanings. (목 – tree/eyes, 불 – similar/can’t,견 – dog/see)

    {2} KOSDAQ (Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) is a trading board of the Korea Exchange (KRX).

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