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Chapter 59: Revolution (4)

    Episode 4: The Great Colonizing Age / Chapter 59: Revolution (4)

    TL: emptycube

    Editor: Obelisk


    It was a cruel day.

    Although she resolved herself multiple times, the new member was unable to act, and repeatedly apologized to her senior in vain.

    “I will do better!”

    I will do better. I will do better. She had repeated those words a few times, yet, her hand didn’t move.

    A slim beauty, however, she was an outstanding warrior. In the past, these words might have been ridiculous, but it was very foolish to estimate someone’s fighting ability from their looks these days. Weren’t they in a generation where civilians could awaken karma if they simply came over to Dragonic?

    Because she possessed outstanding talent, she overcame countless competitors and had become a clan member. Afterwards, the clan had invested mission points to send her over to Dragonic. Above all, the fact that she was invited to this ‘festival’ clearly showed that she would later become a cadet, a rising star who would lead her clan’s future.

    The panic she was feeling now was simply something she had to overcome.

    Because he understood this fact, her superior didn’t punish her but gently reasoned with her.

    “It’s okay. It’s okay. This is normal for your first time.”

    “Yes! Yes! Thank you!”

    When she heard her superior’s gentle tone, her heart, which was beating like a drum, calmed slightly. Yet, her hand still didn’t budge.

    “Now, now, take a deep breath. That’s it. Breath out.”

    Her superior continued to calmly coax her.

    “Try closing your eyes.”

    She closed her eyes at his suggestion. His tear-stained face, pleading eyes and shaking gagged head all disappeared from her eyes. She no longer saw the ‘sacrifice’.

    She only heard her superior’s voice now. He guided her hands in the darkness. Nudge. Her guided hands took aim at a specific area. It was undoubtedly the chest, the beating heart of the ‘sacrifice’.

    “Just push the sword through here. Then you just need to place your hand anywhere on the sacrifice’s body and receive his karma. It’s not hard. It’s like eating noodles.”

    There wasn’t the slightest hint of cruelty in her superior’s voice. He instructed as if he really was teaching her how to eat noodles.

    “I understand!”

    Although his calm voice calmed her down even further, unlike her loud reply, she was still unable to stab out with her sword.

    “It’s okay. It’s okay. Deep breaths.”

    Her superior continued to speak softly until he suddenly grabbed her shoulders and shouted.



    The surprised new recruit reflexively jolted her sword forward. The sword smoothly slid into the ‘sacrifice’s’ flesh and stabbed into his heart.

    “Ah… Ah…”

    Warm blood splattered onto her hands. The new recruit opened her eyes. The dying ‘sacrifice’ was a man who looked to be in his forties. Looking at his non-ruined suit, he seemed to be an immigrant who had only recently migrated here. She clearly saw the lights in his eyes dying out.

    ‘It’s hot…’

    Was blood ever this hot? The blood that splattered on her hands not only felt hot but heavy as well.

    Her shoulders were trembling, and her superior comforted her.

    “Shh. Shh. You did well. It’s normal for it to be difficult. You did well. Now, you can smoothly absorb his strength.”

    To be honest, this part didn’t require any technique. As long as one possessed the ‘plunderer’ fate, they would absorb their dying foe’s karma once they placed their hand on them. Her body trembled as wisps of karma entered and spread throughout her body. It was incredibly refreshing. Although she felt guilty at the fact she killed an innocent person, a euphoric sensation spread as the refreshing karma entered through her hand.

    ‘Am… I a monster?’

    Her mind became torn and confused.

    ‘No… Come to your senses!’

    She hated her weak self whose determination still swayed after resolving herself constantly. However, it was useless.

    As she fell into a state of shame, thinking ‘Do I not belong here? I didn’t know it would be like this,’ her superior calmly guided her.

    “There’s no reason to be distressed. Enjoy it with a thankful heart. This is the power of one life. It’s a noble sensation.”

    Her superior looked at her with solemn eyes.

    “You know how the first awakenees awakened, right? You probably heard of the . From the start, there are no awakenees who haven’t gotten strong by killing others. Don’t concern yourself with what those hypocrites and politicians say. They talk as if our Lao Ban clan is the only one who kills other people, but that’s not true. Even though they may act as if it’s not true, they all kill others to get stronger. If you kill a person or monster, you obtain a set amount of karma. It was this kind of game from the start. The system itself was already like this. In short, even if you aren’t of the Lao Ban clan, as long as you’re a colonizer, you will have no choice but to kill people. If that’s the case, isn’t it better to thoroughly absorb that karma? It’s like that. With our fate known as ‘plunderers’, we aren’t doing anything others aren’t. It’s only a fate that increases the efficiency of what everyone else is doing. When other colonizers gain 1 karma from killing a colonizer, we simply earn 2 or 3. So, is that bad?”

    “No, it is not.”

    She had, at some point, been drawn into her superior’s words which were filled with his own conviction.

    “Yeah. That’s right. We only need to think about getting stronger. Forget about the rest. Killing people. Selling slaves. Don’t waver from their criticism. That’s not all. Because our business is flourishing, more earthlings are coming over to Dragonic and the speed of colonization has become that much faster… You are aware that our clan’s contribution to Earth is enormous, right?”

    “Yes… Yes! That is correct.”

    “Yeah. We only need to think about our job – Getting stronger. And honor our homeland, China. We only need to think about becoming stronger and tougher as warriors.”

    “Yes, that is right.”

    “Yeah. Kill. Then absorb their strength with a thankful heart. That is our job.”

    “I understand.”

    The new recruit stopped trembling. Her eyes shined brightly. Her superior grinned and said,

    “Good. Then try to properly absorb a ‘sacrifice’ this time. He’s a strong one so the sword won’t go in easily. Still, you’ll eventually pierce him if you just keep on stabbing your opponent until he becomes exhausted, so don’t be too flustered. I’ll lend you my weapon. Try it out.”

    Within the thick fog, sacrifices, whose limbs had been cut off, were prepared. The sacrifices were tightly bounded, unable to let out a scream, unable to resist, and died with open chests. Those familiar with this enjoyed the slaughter and would sometimes go and rape slaves or sacrifices, indiscriminate of gender. As these horrible acts were being done, the mood within the fog became trancelike.

    New recruits, who had never done this before, overcame their initial shock and gradually began to become familiar with this mood. They started to look at it from whatever perspective they pleased. Beliefs to those with beliefs, pleasure to those who enjoyed it, Lao Ban clan’s festival was drawing to its peak.

    It was a cruel day.

    “… What a load of bullshit.”

    They suddenly heard someone swear within the fog.


    At the sudden swear, a superior and a new recruit turned around with widened eyes. Although the fog was thick enough that it was difficult to see someone’s face in the distance, they were able to identify a person’s figure. While everyone was becoming engrossed in the festival, a single shadow approached them.

    “What the? Who is it?”

    The superior asked. The person replied with a sword that suddenly slashed out, slicing through the fog.


    Worthy of being an elite of the Lao Ban clan, his Endurance was high so the sound of the sword scraping metal sounded out. However, a misty Karma Blade sliced through his tough skin and ribs.



    His heart split apart without being able to do anything. Although she got into a battle stance after seeing her collapsing superior, her opponent was much faster than her.



    Her head rolled on the ground in vain.

    “As I thought, killing people feels disgusting…”

    Lee Jinhee didn’t even look at the corpses as she spat out a complaint and continued. Berserkers started to pour in from different locations within the fog.

    Choi Hyuk declared one principle.

    “Complete fear.”

    A trauma that would prevent them from lifting their heads when they heard the ‘Ber’ of ‘Berserkers’. He wanted to implant them with PTSD.

    The Berserkers, who moved under this principle, were viciously brutal.

    Thud, stomp, dash!

    It sounded like a rain shower. The Berserkers charged at full speed. They didn’t stop for a moment. If someone blocked them, they would avoid them while wielding their swords. They slashed out with their swords even as they jumped up or slid below.

    “Ahh! Acckk!”

    Lao Ban’s clan members, whose legs had been cut off so that they couldn’t run away, were crawling along the ground and screaming like children.

    Sounds of rain showers flooded in as blades stabbed out. No one could tell who was killing who. Only, they would suddenly come close and stab them. The fact that they didn’t know when or where these swords would target them was fear itself. The fog was dyed red.

    “Who are these bastards!”

    At that moment, the executives of the Lao Ban clan started to act.

    Thud! Clink!

    The Berserkers, who were recklessly rushing forward, were pushed back.


    Some unlucky ones were cut in two.

    “Wake up!”

    With the executives’ urgings, Lao Ban’s clan hastily began to get into formation. However, it would be breaking the Berserker’s principle if they let them do that.


    “Explosive Blood…”

    Wherever Chu Youngjin passed, the fog would split like the Red Sea.


    A strong, single strike. His opponent reflexively lifted his weapon to block it, but Chu Youngjin’s sword cut his body in two along with his weapon. Although their weapons were clouded with karma and physical Endurance stats, his explosive blows would ignore them all.

    The impact of his strike was enough to blow people’s hair from far away. One of Lao Ban’s executives, whose skull had been split in two, became a geyser, still in an upright position. Shudder. At the blood drops that took a moment to fall, at that horrifying feeling, Lao Ban’s clan members shuddered slightly.

    If Chu Youngjin’s overwhelming single strike broke their spirits, Lee Jinhee’s speed brought panic.


    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Although she used Explosive Blood like Chu Youngjin, her movements were more mechanical than his. She chased down the fleeing foes as if she was a cheetah hunting her prey and planted them into the ground. No matter which direction they fled or how they blocked, she would skillfully grab her opponent and stab them with her sword. They couldn’t block her. As if their fates were already predetermined, even her tempo was consistent. The figures of their comrades being pinned to the ground, like butterflies being pinned on display, brought on additional panic.

    “Ahh! Ahhh!”

    They fled even though they knew it was hopeless. And they were soon hunted down.

    At this time, Choi Hyuk was facing Lao Ban.

    Lao Ban had fallen into a state of confusion.

    “Why? Why aren’t you guys getting deported?”

    This place was Lao Ban’s territory. Rationally, all the colonizers here must have had passed through the portal under his authority. If that was the case, Lao Ban should have been able to deport them whenever he wanted. In fact, it was impossible to revolt. However, Lao Ban was unable to deport these bandits who had come for him. That was what made him fall into a state of confusion.

    “It’s our first time seeing each other face to face.”

    Unlike the flustered Lao Ban, Choi Hyuk started to talk leisurely. The situation had already progressed to a point of no return. Lao Ban was no match for Choi Hyuk. Both Lao Ban and Choi Hyuk were aware of this fact.

    “This punk bastard!”

    Yet, Lao Ban didn’t admit it and began his last-ditch effort. Karma Blades had become universal. Lao Ban’s sword was covered with a faint yellow-green light. However-


    His weak Karma Blade was ripped apart by Choi Hyuk’s Karma Blade that was as deep blue as the ocean’s depths.



    Lao Ban’s sword didn’t split in two, but instead, vibrated intensely before shattering, gruesomely shredding Lao Ban’s hand. Lao Ban, who grabbed his hand as he fell to the ground, saw the corpse of his strongest expert, the Cruel Killing Sword Ye Long, which had been split in two. Beside him was the corpse of Tsu Chin, who had advised him about being cautious of the Berserk Sovereign.

    “Urggg… You crazy bastard. Why do you have to do this?!”

    Lao Ban despaired.

    “I warned you.”

    “What? About selling slaves? Ha! What a joke. Do you even know how many of your Berserker bastards are among our clients?”

    Lao Ban snorted.

    “Hypocritical bastards.”

    As he realized he couldn’t match him in strength, Lao Ban started to make cynical remarks.

    “Colonizer. That’s when you look it from a bright side. How many of these colonizers are of their right minds? Hmm? No, is that wrong? We are people too so do we always need to live in hell? I simply provided them with a comfort zone for their own sake! If it wasn’t for me, do you think colonizers could maintain their sanity? Do you think they could endure the stress from endless missions?! People are only coming out to become colonizers because there’s a way to relieve that stress. If it wasn’t for me, who would fucking become a goddamn colonizer?!”

    Although many sovereigns criticized Lao Ban’s slave market, their followers, with or without their knowledge, came to Lao Ban’s territory to relieve the stress that piled deep within them. It didn’t matter whether they were men or women. Especially Berserkers. Following Choi Hyuk’s policy, they underwent more intense missions more often than anyone else. Because of this, once they started to take a liking to the slave market, there were many cases where they would become known perverts.

    Lao Ban brought out all the malice inside him and cursed Choi Hyuk.

    “Didn’t you guys kill others? What’s so different about you? You hypocritical bastard!”

    However, Choi Hyuk’s face didn’t change. Instead, it became even colder.

    “That… isn’t something a dead man should be worried about.”

    At Choi Hyuk’s cold reply, Lao Ban harbored even more malice. ‘What? A dead man? Me? This bastard!’ He was about to spit curses once more. That moment-

    Choi Hyuk’s sword pierced through Lao Ban’s throat.

    Shhii. Shhii.

    Lao Ban’s lips moved, but no words were spoken, only the sound of air rushing out could be heard.

    Choi Hyuk grabbed Lao Ban’s hair, stuck his head out and stared directly into his eyes. In that state, he slowly moved his sword and cut Lao Ban’s head off.

    “You lost, and I won. And the slave market is no more.”


    The completely severed head fell into Choi Hyuk’s hand. Choi Hyuk continued to stare at it and said.

    “If you have something to say, say it.”

    Perhaps it was due to karma, but the lights in Lao Ban’s eyes still shined. He moved his facial muscles to speak another curse, but it was for naught. As there was no one who could speak without their body.

    Choi Hyuk looked disinterested as he threw the head far into the distance.

    {Sovereign Choi Hyuk has killed Sovereign Lao Ban. If you prove your qualifications in the ‘Sovereign Mission’, all of Lao Ban’s authority will be transferred to you. Until then, Lao Ban’s colonized lands will be shut down. It is possible to return to Earth through the portal, but it is no longer possible to enter Dragonic.}

    “So it’s this kind of system.”

    A Sovereign Mission.

    “Will there be a proper fight there?”

    Choi Hyuk mumbled as he looked around at the battlefield. It was normal. They properly executed their blitz strategy, and their prior reconnaissance to find the executives’ locations turned out well. After all their commanders had died, the Lao Ban clan had turned into nothing but a simple mob.

    “How boring.”

    Baby chicks who believed they were strong. Battles against these chicks were always bitter and boring. He had to fight against real enemies, not these fools. He wanted to fight against a true foe. Choi Hyuk’s body became heated. He had to get stronger. He wanted to fight against stronger opponents. Whether this was because of his instincts that wanted to enjoy fights or because of revenge, it had come to a point where it was hard to distinguish which one it was.


    That day, the Lao Ban clan collapsed. The situation became known to the world by the survivors who had fled through the portal. A passageway between colonized lands, the collapse of the slave market, the shutdown of Lao Ban’s portal, the Berserker’s terrifying fighting ability, news of this incident made waves throughout the world.

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