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Chapter 72: Advancement Evaluation (6)

    Episode 5: Citizenship / Chapter 72: Advancement Evaluation (6)

    TL: emptycube

    Editor: Obelisk


    As the rumbling continued, the metallic walls gradually became transparent. Once the walls became transparent, they could see the silhouettes of the people beyond the walls.

    As if they had entered a mirror room, the dimensional wedges were lined up endlessly. They were in the process of connecting every dimensional wedge. Due to the transparent walls, the people, who had been scattered throughout the dimensional wedges, were able to identify each other’s faces.

    “You were alive!”

    The ones who saw people they knew shouted happily. However-


    When they tried to get closer, a faintly shining wall blocked their paths.


    The walls between the dimensional wedges had disappeared, but walls between people had appeared instead. Everyone was split up into independent spaces and were rearranged. The space given to one person was only 1m x 1m x 2.5m. People were placed into these semi-transparent boxes and were arranged into rows beside, below, or above each other.

    Then, once the arrangement was complete, the floor became transparent. They saw empty space below the floor, and below that, they saw a purplish grid. It was a familiar shape – The dimensional wasps’ nest. However, it was more enormous than what they had seen until now, and the purplish walls had turned semi-transparent, giving off a dangerous vibe. They could clearly see the wasps hovering inside their nest.

    If they took an overall view, they were arranged in a circle. It felt like seeing a stage from the top of an amphitheater.

    Just then, the rumblings stopped.

    An announcement appeared in front of their eyes.


    {Dimensional Wasps’ Lair 3rd Stage Inner Nest Region}

    Attack progression rate: None. The attack is complete the moment the queen is killed.

    Current situation: Obtained a route to track down the location of the queen’s room.

    The dimensional wasps’ nest has been drastically reduced. The dimensional wasps have become much stronger.

    As there isn’t a significant difference in density between levels in the inner nest region, warriors are able to pass through different rooms with their own power. However, your speed will decline. On the other hand, wasps are able to pass through rooms without any restrictions.

    Because you need to deduce the queen’s room while following the route and exploring, you will be divided into teams and will infiltrate one by one.

    1. Return to Earth

    2. Food Supply

    3. Infiltrate

    *Warning. As the dimensional wasps’ nest has become stronger, it is impossible for dimensional wedges to intervene. If you choose to infiltrate, you will be unable to return to the dimensional wedges until the attack has completely ended.

    *Warning. The wasps, that felt threatened, are preparing for a large-scale counterattack. The first team to infiltrate will face the most danger.


    There was still an option to return. However, because everyone was separated into individual, transparent boxes, there was no longer a way to force their decision. If it was like this, there was a high chance that many would choose to return.

    Yet, Choi Hyuk smiled. That didn’t matter anymore.

    When he read the announcement information, the progression rate was ‘none’.

    It meant that this was different from the 1st and 2nd stages where they needed to attack in numbers to deteriorate the growing dimensional wasp’s nest. Now was the time to directly deduce the location of the queen’s room and kill her. They didn’t know where the queen was or when she would appear, and if they failed to kill her, even though she was right in front of them, they would fail the mission. This was the reason why the concept of a ‘progression rate’ didn’t work anymore.

    Also, the meaning behind this fact was clear to Choi Hyuk.

    ‘I’ll finally get to warm up.’

    He could simply fight without caring about others. That moment had finally arrived.

    However, there was a procedure which allowed them to influence those still remaining.

    {First, form teams. The 38 sovereigns currently participating will each command a team. Free warriors, who are not affiliated with any sovereign, are able to choose whichever team they want. There is a chance for sovereigns, who wish to gather team members, to speak. No one is able to return to Earth until the sovereigns are done.}

    A new announcement had appeared.

    The moment that announcement appeared, before people could finish reading it, a sovereign requested to speak.

    A blond, handsome middle-aged man appeared in front of them.

    {Nice to meet you. I am Richard. I am known as the Sovereign of Balance amongst colonizers.}

    He possessed gentle eyes and a confident voice. He felt trustworthy simply through his expression and voice.

    {There is one thing I want to say. Everyone, please do not think there will be another chance. Please think that there isn’t another chance. Do you remember the announcement that appeared before we came here? Exactly. It said ‘First Advancement Evaluation’. If there is a ‘first’, it means there will also be a ‘second’. The next test may dig into our selfishness and distrust even more skillfully. That is why we must win. We must win and set an example. We need to know what it means to be victorious. We need proof that we can trust each other. We had a hard time coming to this point. If we can’t win here, we will undoubtedly lose next time. You think the deaths of non-awakenees will be the end of it? That won’t be the case. It seems many have forgotten, but please remember. We, humans, are still Consumables. Please fight alongside me. To those who fight under my team, I will definitely repay you on behalf of my clan. I will even take care of your families.}

    His speech followed a proper rhythm, the content was reasonable, and the rewards he promised were enticing, such was why the people’s expressions were as friendly as ever. As expected of the ‘Sovereign of Balance’ who was judged to have the most outstanding leadership skills amongst the sovereigns.

    In fact, his method of guiding beginner warriors to participate in the 2nd stage was the same. He had approached them friendlily, patted their backs, promised his personal support, and persuaded them with reasons why they must fight. Also, people trusted his words because of how he had lived until now. He was a completely different style of sovereign compared to Choi Hyuk.


    Richard’s speech ended with a storm of applause.

    After Richard’s speech ended, a young Latin woman’s face appeared this time. If one looked closely, she was young, however, perhaps it was due to her deep eyes and stubbornly shut lips, but she didn’t look young at all.

    “Ah… It’s unni{1}!”

    Penelope was near Choi Hyuk. When she met Choi Hyuk’s gaze with her large, gentle eyes, she smiled sweetly and waved her hand.

    Only then did Choi Hyuk figure out the secret behind her kindness.

    ‘Is she part of the Camilla clan I’ve heard about…?’

    {Hello. I am Camilla. I am also known by the unmerited name, the ‘Sovereign of Paradise’, amongst colonizers. I would first like to express my gratitude and respect to all of you who have arrived here after enduring this difficult fight. I am very happy to be able to meet with you all. And I request to you. Give us your courage once again. The reward for those who are good-natured and courageous is the meeting of other courageous people itself. Do not be afraid. If you bring up your courage, you will definitely not be alone. I will become your brother and sister. The Camilla clan and I will be at the front. We will make it so that no one dies before us. Likeminded brothers and sisters, cooperate with the Camilla clan.}

    Camilla and her clan members famously possessed the ‘Savior’ fate. Their karma would increase the more they saved and helped others, and the greater number of people who trusted and relied on them.

    The Camilla clan was also famous for being a small clan comparable to the Berserkers. It was because people needed to have at least an 80% aptitude in the ‘Savior’ fate to join. Unless they naturally possessed a reciprocal personality, one could never get over an 80% aptitude, so the Camilla clan became a group of people who were rarely seen these days.

    Because they were a group that possessed high morals and reciprocity, it was easy to obtain their help, but it was very hard to become a part of them. In an anarchy like now, there was no way they could maintain a ‘paradise’ without blood and steel. To the groups who attempted to trick them or exert an evil influence on those they were protecting, the Camilla clan would retaliate with zero tolerance. Especially the ones who specialized as ‘executors’ within the clan. They were famously known to be as cruel as the Inquisition of the Middle Ages.

    They were a group which simultaneously possessed both a warm, heavenly interior and a cold, strict exterior. Due to this, the ‘Sovereign of Paradise’ not only held the positive meaning, but also a sarcastic implication of their exclusivity.

    Unlike how almost everyone reacted positively towards Richard’s speech, the reactions Camilla received were mostly positive, however, they were divided. Some felt deep excitement and were touched, whilst others felt ill will towards her instructing tone.

    However, since she pledged that she would fight at the very front, she couldn’t help but make a favorable impression. Didn’t it say in the announcement? That ‘the first team to infiltrate would face the most danger’. Of course, the number of people who would apply to join Camilla’s team would be small because of this, but on the other hand, they would be able to obtain indisputable new recruits.

    Camilla’s speech ended with applause as well.

    Then, Choi Hyuk’s face appeared in front of everyone.


    “Now, really…”

    The reactions when Choi Hyuk appeared were greatly different from before. The interest, expectations, and respect, among others, they had shown just now were almost non-existent.

    Choi Hyuk’s vision was dyed in a dark red like the sunset. Hostility and murderous intent. Everywhere, people were staring at Choi Hyuk. The majority were beginner warriors. There was no doubt that the actions Choi Hyuk took during the 2nd stage accumulated a large amount of hostility.

    Yet, Choi Hyuk’s expression didn’t change. He simply said what he wanted.

    “Berserkers, gather. We infiltrate at once.”

    In fact, his words weren’t directed at others, but instead, was a message to the Berserkers who were scattered here and there. He was not interested in gathering other team members.


    The moment Choi Hyuk said this, an ivory sandy pathway formed in front of the box that surrounded him. The ivory sandy path formed a circular field at the center of the donut-like arrangement of people.

    Choi Hyuk steadily walked on the path.

    Thousands of Berserkers from every direction walked down the sandy paths towards the field in the center. There wasn’t even the slightest hesitation.

    “Haa… Now that I think about it, the announcement said that you couldn’t return to Earth during the speeches, but it never said anything about not being able to infiltrate.”

    Richard said as his eyes shined. His gaze fell on the Sovereign of Paradise, Camilla, far away. Even she, who looked like not even a needle would get past her, currently had a dumbfounded expression.

    “Keu. Now that she’s showing an expression like that, she finally looks like a woman in her twenties. She’s so scary since she’s always pompous all the time. Anyways, Sovereign Camilla said she would take the lead, but she lost the initiative.”

    It was as he said. While she showed the personality of the Camilla clan and was waiting to gather team members, the Berserk Sovereign Choi Hyuk had chosen to attack immediately. As if it was a waste spending time like this.

    Soon, all the Berserkers gathered at the field.

    {The first infiltrating team has been formed. The first infiltrating team can begin their infiltration any time their sovereign gives the order.}

    The announcement changed.

    Choi Hyuk unsheathed his sword.

    Screech, clang!

    The Predator’s Blade jolted as it left its sheath. The sound was heard by the millions of people gathered here.

    “Let’s go,”

    Said Choi Hyuk.

    The sandy field scattered and disappeared. The Berserkers began to fall towards the dimensional wasps’ nest below.



    As if they sensed a dimensional infiltration, the wasps, which were hovering back and forth inside the nest, simultaneously shook their wings and raised their vigor.


    {1} What a younger woman calls an older woman in Korean.

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