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Chapter 79: Musical Chairs (2)

    Episode 5: Citizenship / Chapter 79: Musical Chairs (2)

    TL: emptycube

    ED: Obelisk


    That night, they were able to save the patients, who had been in a critical state, with the cooperation of Le Guin of the Camilla clan. There was a bit of time to rest afterwards.

    The wind was refreshing that night. Le Guin, who had been absentmindedly resting, suddenly said,

    “This was quite unexpected.”

    “What was?”

    “If you don’t mind me saying, but… before coming here, my impression of the Berserkers wasn’t very good. I acknowledged their contributions to humanity, but they brought too much blood? Stubborn? It was that sort of image.”

    Lee Jinhee grinned at Le Guin’s words.

    “Well, that’s not wrong.”

    “However, the guardian and even Director Lee Jinhee… I didn’t think that the Berserkers would have this side to them. I was honestly impressed.”

    Even Bae Jinman, who had slumped down in exhaustion, chuckled at his words.

    Lee Jinhee looked up at the sky. The night sky was filled with stars. As almost half the world’s population died, there were many homes with their lights off, and there was no way stores would be open to nightlife in this mood… The sky, which had been created out of tragedy, was a beautiful pale.

    “I don’t know… I think of it like this. That people will eventually die. Mr. Le Guin isn’t a first generation awakenee, right?”

    “Ah, yes. I joined later. I accepted the ‘Savior’ fate from the Camilla clan, and when it was revealed that I had a talent for the ‘Heal’ trait, I received the support of the Camilla clan and was developed as a healer.”

    Besides awakening as a guardian due to a special occupation like Bae Jinman, the conditions in becoming a healer were very picky. Three conditions were currently known. One must have a 90% aptitude to the ‘Savior’ fate, must be able to pick the ‘Heal’ trait, and must possess both Control and Retribution stats that are at least 3-star.

    That wasn’t easy. Even if they possessed the first two conditions, there was still a problem. As the ‘Heal’ trait wasn’t much help in fighting, it wasn’t only difficult to increase their stats to the 3-star level, but it was even harder to survive the compulsory missions that would occasionally occur.

    There was also a problem after growing with such difficulty. Their physical states as well as their buffs and recovery skills, in all aspects, were much weaker than guardians like Bae Jinman. To develop a single healer, the clan had to consistently support them. The benefits they would earn was comparatively small. This was especially the case because, when awakenees reached the 2-star level, most wounds would regenerate by themselves. As long as their arms or legs didn’t get cut off, they didn’t desperately need the help of a healer.

    That was why only clans like the Camilla clan, who pursued justice and benevolence, would professionally train healers. The majority of clans simply equipped themselves with one or two healers and that was it.

    Also, Lee Jinhee knew another reason why healers weren’t popular.

    “I knew it. The people of the first generation who endured that hell all know. That, in the end, they can either kill or be killed. What they need first in order to live is military power. If they don’t have it, they’ll die. Also, to save more people, what is necessary is military power. If they don’t have that, then they will have to watch their loved ones being violated by devilish people. Although you are both healers… Guardian Bae Jinman and Mr. Le Guin give off different vibes.”


    Le Guin was silent.

    “That is probably why Mr. Le Guin doesn’t feel we are very ‘Berserker-ish’. Although we are currently saving people here… we are a little different from Mr. Le Guin at a fundamental level. Because we can kill a person at any time. At the very least, we aren’t just. No, we are closer to being evil.”

    Lee Jinhee’s voice sounded somewhat bitter.

    “The actions of the Berserkers aren’t righteous. However… at the very least, I believe in one thing, and that is the direction our leader has set. His direction hasn’t wavered. To take revenge on those who started this whole tragedy. To stop anyone from playing with human lives. I agree with his cause. And if it is for that cause, I can commit gruesome murder any time. Only…”

    Lee Jinhee paused momentarily. The wind blew.

    “Only, I don’t want to become numb from killing people. That is why I lost my temper with Lyosha this morning.”

    Alexei, who had been slowly falling asleep, crouched in a corner visible to Lee Jinhee, perked his ears and raised his head when he heard Lee Jinhee say his nickname.

    “Go sleep, kid.”

    Alexei smiled at Lee Jinhee’s words and tried to sleep again. He looked like a small animal.

    Le Guin, looking at the two, said in a passing tone,

    “Really… How was it that we were born in this damn world…”

    “Keuk, keuk. Tell me about it.”

    “Huhu… Yeah.”

    As if they felt the expression, ‘damn world’, was fitting, Lee Jinhee and Bae Jinman laughed bitterly.


    ‘All rights of earthlings will be entrusted to seven sovereigns.’ This was troublesome beyond imagination.

    As soon as they became a member of the alliance, a network took position inside their heads. If they followed the feeling which tickled the insides of their heads, as if they had suddenly remembered after forgetting for a long time, earthlings could learn of their new right.

    ‘Mission Selection’.


    {Missions within range}

    1. Defend Depina, Reward – Base Mission Points 5,000, Limited to those with Retribution 0 (5★) or above.

    2. Recapture Lejour, Reward – Base Mission Points 800, Limited to those with Retribution 200 (3★) or above.

    3. Attack the 5532nd Dimensional Gate, Reward – Base Mission Points 3,000. Limited to those with Retribution 400 (4★) or above.



    The long list of missions excited Choi Hyuk’s heart. The selection of missions had been small up until now. It wasn’t like now where he could choose as he wished, but instead, a mission would be announced, and he had to choose whether he was going to participate or not. To someone like Choi Hyuk, who wanted to take many more missions that were much more dangerous, this system was frustrating. Also, the majority of missions given to him were too easy. It was because, as they received a deferred judgment, humans were rarely given dangerous missions which could annihilate them.

    That was why just seeing this list, from which he could choose as he wished as if he was at a buffet, made him feel refreshed.

    “So they use Retribution as the cut-off point…”

    Retribution was the requirement for choosing a mission. Those who possessed high Retribution would be able to choose better rewarding and more intense missions.

    Unfortunately, he hadn’t reached 5-star Retribution yet. Choi Hyuk chose a mission that matched his current Retribution.

    “Attack the 5532nd Dimensional Gate.”

    Even though he expected this, he felt good the moment he said those words. And, as he expected,

    {As you have not received the approval of the seven overseers, you are unable to choose a mission.}

    He received an excitement-dampening reply.


    Choi Hyuk thought for a long while. What actions did he have to take? Was there even a way to choose seven people in this current situation without spilling blood?

    After completing his thoughts, he called for a meeting.

    “We can’t let this absurd situation continue for much longer.”

    Choi Hyuk had a bit of an agitated tone.

    “Even though we finally got rid of our Consumables fate, there isn’t much of a difference.”

    The meeting room was so large that his voice echoed. The place they were in was the King Castle in the Berserkers’ capital city, Barhaloleun. The ‘King Castle’ was a facility that buffed allies and debuffed monsters, and at the same time, it also observed all trades within the territory and automatically set the tax as well as other administrative functions. It could be said that it was a higher ranked facility than the ‘Territory Pyramid’, which was the most basic territory facility.

    Currently, all the Berserkers’ top executives were gathered in the King Castle. Even Bae Jinman and Lee Jinhee, who had been treating the patients, had been called here.

    “Hmm… But it’s not like we can kill all the other sovereigns either.”

    Lee Jinhee said in a helpless voice. It was true. Only seven could remain out of the 40. 33 people had to give up. However, there currently wasn’t anyone who had come out and said they would give up. But choosing to kill them all looked almost physically impossible, and the mental repulsion was great as well. It was different from when they were attacking Lao Ban since he had a clear cause back then.

    “… Well, if we really needed to, we could kill all 33 of them.”

    Lee Jinhee and Bae Jinman showed ugly expressions at the words Choi Hyuk mumbled. If he chose to do that, they would undoubtedly oppose it. Still, Choi Hyuk’s thoughts were that he would only do it if it was necessary.

    “Even if we don’t kill all 33 of them, there’s a need to firmly push forward.”

    Choi Hyuk said,

    “If we continue to read each other’s moods like this, it will never narrow down to seven people. We need to flip this around. Even if we get criticized, it’s fine. Even if we get attacked, it’s fine. If sovereigns unite to face us, even that is fine in its own way since it will be easier to elect the seven representatives if they form groups.”

    When Choi Hyuk said these words, Chu Youngjin recalled the Throne Game which had taken place in the school gymnasium in the past. Even then, Choi Hyuk had been the first to act. He created chaos, which brought on a free-for-all, and as a result, the Throne Game concluded much quicker.

    Choi Hyuk continued,

    “First, there is a definite starting point. Sovereigns we need to straighten out.”

    He briefly looked around at the people present before saying,

    “The Clown Sovereign Freeman and the Sovereign of Opportunity Nasir.”


    Even as they murmured to themselves, they all nodded their heads.

    “Those two didn’t participate in the advancement evaluation. And they had the nerve to apply as one of the seven sovereigns. I can’t tolerate this.”

    As Choi Hyuk said, the Clown Sovereign Freeman and the Sovereign of Opportunity Nasir did not participate in the advancement evaluation even until the very end. Instead, there were rumors that they gained quite a profit by providing medical service at an exorbitant price to those who returned after participating in the evaluations.

    “These two don’t have the right to call themselves sovereigns. We will clearly inform people of this rule. That those who do not fight when they have to will face greater consequences.”

    Choi Hyuk’s voice was resolute. In the very least, he would not compromise about attacking these two. Everyone had already realized that he had come to the decision to face them as their sovereign. Which was why they were worried.

    “Hmm… So are we taking the bullet again?”

    Baek Seoin said in a weary voice.

    The current situation was similar to the Mafia game{1}. They had to eliminate 33 people but were currently unsure of how to start. What would happen if someone came out and accused, “Let’s kill A first! There’s no doubt he’s the Mafia!” at a time like this? If they felt their accusation was valid, there would be a trial against A. From this trial, A could be killed, or he may not be. Either way, what was certain was that the next person to go on trial would be the one who accused A. Being the first always came with a risk.

    “If we took the lead, isn’t there a chance we’ll become the next target?”

    The artillery captain, Handke, expressed his concern in a low voice.

    Yet Choi Hyuk simply smiled.

    “Then, isn’t that good? Since we’re doing this to end it as quick as possible.”

    Of course, if people recklessly started accusing others, the Mafia game would end more quickly. For better or for worse.

    Lee Jinhee shook her head and said,

    “Haa… As expected, our leader is crazy.”

    The situation came to a momentarily lull before Ryu Hyunsung raised his hand and asked,

    “… How will we do it? It will be difficult to punish those who hide in their colonized land.”

    They had endured all sorts of hardship trying to punish Lao Ban, whose colonized land was relatively close. It may be even harder when facing Freeman and Nasir, whose territories they hadn’t yet located.

    However, this was Ryu Hyunsung’s mistake. Baek Seoin sorted it out,

    “Let’s see… Freeman is in a place that is around 5,200km away from Barhaloleun Hill, and Nasir’s a bit further away. He around 11,3000km beyond Zhiyu.”

    “… How do you know so specifically… Ah!”

    “Yeah. They said it was possible to check the locations of sovereigns who applied.”

    Ryu Hyunsung quickly became embarrassed after Baek Seoin’s explanation. However, even if they knew the location, it didn’t mean the expedition would be easy. Baek Seoin turned around and asked Choi Hyuk,

    “Still, isn’t it too far? Wasn’t Lao Ban’s territory around 1,000km away? It still took over a week. Even if we say that our troops can run faster than most trains, we still need to go through monster territories throughout the journey… 5 thousand and 10 thousand kilometers is too troublesome.”

    “There’s a way.”

    The instant Choi Hyuk said those words, a white hologram appeared next to Choi Hyuk with a crackle. It was Naro’s hologram.

    “I can answer that.”

    Everyone was surprised by Naro’s sudden appearance.

    “What? Naro? How are you here?”

    People were surprised by the fact Naro appeared in the colonized land.

    The volume and mass of Naro’s spaceship were too large to pass through Yeouido’s portal. It said that it would be possible if it could connect to the portal and leap through space, but the energy it needed to perform this had already been depleted. It wasn’t possible with normal energy, and it needed specially accumulated karma fuel, all of which had been used up during the dimensional transmission to Earth. Until it found a special substance that could be used as fuel, Naro’s spaceship was unable to activate its true function, leaping through dimensions, and head for outer space.

    That was what Naro had said. After hearing that, they couldn’t help but be surprised by its appearance in the colonized land.

    “Don’t be so surprised. My main body hasn’t crossed over. I am in the middle of using the portal to transmit information.”

    Crackle, crackle.

    Like its words about how it was transmitting information, slight static hung on Naro’s body. Still, Naro gestured exaggeratedly as it continued,

    “I have been very busy creating a network between dimensions up until now. But, my efforts paid off. I am able to create a hologram within the colonized land and have investigated nearby topography and distribution of monsters by sending out radar through each sovereign’s portal. I also developed a means of transportation that is suitable for traveling in Dragonic. Whether it’s 5 thousand or 10 thousand kilometers, I will guide you through it all.”

    To sum it up, it was saying that they possessed the foundations to attack Freeman and Nasir with Naro’s help.

    “Really… I smell blood…”

    Lee Jinhee said as she shook her head.


    {1} Mafia game – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mafia_(party_game)

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