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Chapter 88: Debut (2)

    Episode 5: Citizenship / Chapter 88: Debut (2)

    TL: emptycube / ED: Obelisk


    T/N: Some name changes following Dark-Sound…

    Flaming Wing Alliance -> Flame Wing Alliance

    Flaming Wing tribe -> Flame Wing Tribe

    Flare-Rain -> Flame-Rain

    Scientists discovered that the galaxy was much heavier than they initially thought. The galaxy rotated at a much faster velocity than what was calculated through Newton’s law of gravity, and stars would be pulled into what they observed to be empty space. This meant one thing, ‘There is matter that we cannot observe with our eyes and equipment out there.’ That was how humanity anticipated the existence of ‘dark matter’. Not long after, they found that the universe was filled with this dark matter. There was 6 times the amount of dark matter than matter humans could see and touch. Humans could only see an extremely small part of the universe.

    Flame-Rain said,

    “Not only is this place a capital with an administrative bureau which observes all the civilizations within the Laniakea Supercluster, but it also has a weapon factory that produces the weapons the alliance uses. As you can tell, since it is composed of dark matter, you won’t be able to see it clearly with your eyes.”

    “Dark matter you say…”

    Choi Hyuk’s voice erupted with admiration.

    “Yeah.It’s matter that can be felt but not seen by living beings, who are made up of matter which reflects light, until they reach the 4-star level. Still, you are an intermediate ranked warrior… I mean, since you reached the 5-star level, you can sort of see it, right?”

    It was as she said. Choi Hyuk could see the ground and buildings, which made up Dark City, hazily as if he were seeing the shadows of tree leaves under the moonlight.

    Maybe it was because they took alien species that were unable to see dark matter into consideration, but they had lit lights along the edges of buildings. Their appearance was similar to Christmas lights as they gave off a bright, festive look. A Christmas in a city of shadows.

    “Anyways, what floor is this? What is up, and what is down?”

    Choi Hyuk wandered around like a child. They seemed to be on an overpass. The dark buildings lined up on either side were so frighteningly tall that he couldn’t see the top or bottom of the buildings. As if the buildings and streets were on top of a Mobius strip, they tilted horizontally or hung upside down at some point, and a zero-gravity area (a gravity balancing area to be exact) also existed in between, allowing people and buildings to float. It seemed as though there wasn’t a predetermined gravitational force.

    “That’s because Dark City isn’t built on a planet, but made by processing the randomly distributed dark matter. It might be pointless trying to figure out what floor you’re on since those tall buildings may warp and contact a dark matter ground somewhere else.”

    Flame-Rain smiled as she saw Choi Hyuk looking around with interest. In Choi Hyuk’s perspective, although he had gone to outer space on missions many times, this was his first time visiting a properly functioning alien city. On top of that, because this was a city at the center of the Laniakea Supercluster, a place so massive that it could be considered as a ‘city’ by the alliance, he couldn’t help but look around like someone who had lived in the countryside for 80 years coming to a city for the first time.

    Flame-Rain pulled on Choi Hyuk’s arm and said,

    “Now, hurry up. There’s a place we need to go before we attend the welcoming event.”

    Pulled unexpectedly, Choi Hyuk began to run, and the two ran through the city of shadows decorated with brilliant lights.


    They jumped down from the overpass three times and passed through around 5 buildings before jumping up into the sky and landing on a street, which was upside down, passing by members of the Dark Tribe, who were also composed of dark matter.

    The streets were beautiful. The lighting technology of Dark City was so advanced that they could create crystals of light. Even lights that seemed to be traffic lights, upon closer examination, looked like beautifully split ice crystals. Some lights spread out like fountains while others floated around like fireflies.

    The residents of Dark City were spending their happy everyday lives here. Flame-Rain guided him around friendlily.

    “Do you see that candy over there? That is an incredibly small nuclear bomb. They have around 1/10,000 the power of the nuclear bombs from World War 2? Still, nuclear bombs are nuclear bombs.”

    Dark Tribe couples walked around, hand in hand, sharing these small nuclear bomb candies. Flashes of light were occasionally emitted from their bellies, momentarily dying them white, but they were fine. In fact, they shook their bodies as if they were enjoying it. They had absorbed and digested the energy from the nuclear reaction.

    There were fun sights to see, and there were other species besides the Dark Tribe.

    1023-Quasarlings whose bodies emitted silver lights, Armoured Soul Tribe members whose bodies were covered in metal like Mechas, whom he had seen in the past, and even members of the Speckled Light Tribe, who went around in groups.

    It was fun watching them go on with their peaceful lives as they walked down the beautiful streets. And as fun as it was… the more disharmonious it felt.

    Flame-Rain, who had been walking briskly, slowed her walking pace when she saw that Choi Hyuk’s expression had stiffened. Choi Hyuk’s face was rigid, and his eyes were dyed with faint fury.

    Flame-Rain cautiously asked while reading his mood,

    “As expected… Is it awkward?”

    As he turned to look at Flame-Rain, he nodded,

    “… Yeah, it feels awkward. Isn’t this place in the middle of war?”

    The reason for the sense of disharmony was that this peaceful scene was too different from Earth. It hadn’t been long since billions of people ceased to exist. It had only been three years since the {Ring of Rebirth} appeared during math class, where students had killed one another. Even at this very moment, Earth was heading towards extinction. What was the reason for this?

    They said it was because of the monsters’ invasion. That they had no choice as they needed to block the monsters, whose goal was to wipe out all karmalings. That existences in the universe had no choice but to partake in this war.

    … Yet this place was too peaceful. As if things like war didn’t exist.

    ‘Maybe earthlings are being used as cannon fodder for their peace and enjoyment?’

    The moment he thought this, Choi Hyuk found it hard to hide his rage. It currently wasn’t time to reveal his rage, and he lacked information to act rashly… however, this was difficult to endure.

    Flame-Rain gazed at his face before stretching out her hand.

    “Let’s go. I think it’s time I give you my present.”

    She took the lead.

    The further he followed her, the rarer traces of people became and the more intimidating the buildings he saw were. The walls made of dark matter weren’t simply walls but had been condensed with aggressive karma, revealing a menacing aura. No matter how he looked at it, this place wasn’t an area open to civilians. He even saw guard posts and defense facilities. However, for some reason, he didn’t see any security guards.

    “This is…?”

    Flame-Rain simply smiled mysteriously at his questions and didn’t reply.

    Doors, which looked as solid as those on a safe, stood, layered in front of each other, yet none of them were locked. They would open automatically when Flame-Rain placed her hand on them.

    As there was no one in the enormous, menacing buildings, it even felt as if they had come to steal something. However, Flame-Rain passed through the passage and gateways with familiarity and without hesitation. Then, when they got on an elevator and went up, an ‘ocean’ appeared.


    Choi Hyuk stumbled without knowing. It was hard to stay standing as the gravitational force in his surroundings was swaying in every direction. His surroundings were vast, boundless like the universe. It was filled with special dark matter that rippled.Every time the dark matter, which possessed strong gravitational force, rippled, it would change the direction of the gravitational force, shaking Choi Hyuk’s body. Although it was fine if he put his strength into it, Choi Hyuk, who had reached the 5-star level, still felt the ripples in gravity very strongly.

    “This is the forge – A place that will let your worn sword be reborn.”

    Flame-Rain said as she spread her arms. Then she pointed her finger at the Predator’s Blade on Choi Hyuk’s waist.

    “You used that sword for a while, right?”

    “It has been with me since around the time I awakened.”

    “That’s perfect.”

    Nodding, Flame-Rain took out a radiant jewel from her bosom. It was a jewel which possessed karma hot enough to heat his cheeks.

    “We are going to re-smelt that sword now. By borrowing the strength of this Essence of Fire and the dark ocean, that is. Once the smelting is done, that sword will break through its limits and be reborn. This the present I’ve prepared for you.”

    Flame-Rain’s gaze, as she looked at Choi Hyuk, was clear and upright. The white light (goodwill) she emitted put Choi Hyuk at ease like it always did.

    Feeling somewhat awkward, Choi Hyuk turned his gaze away and asked,

    “… Why a present all of a sudden?”

    “Just, there are things I’m sorry about…”

    Flame-Rain, who dragged out her words in an obscure manner, shook her head and said in a cheerful voice,

    “Either way, just accept it since I’m giving it to you. First, hold your sword properly with both your hands.”

    Choi Hyuk couldn’t deny her words for some reason. Although he wanted to ask her a lot of things, his mouth wouldn’t open. He simply did as he was told and held his sword properly with his hands.


    After letting out a deep breath, Flame-Rain brought the Essence of Fire close to the Predator’s Blade. Then, she stared at Choi Hyuk’s eyes and said,

    “Bring your emotions to their peak. Like when you unleash your flames.”

    Choi Hyuk’s emotions always started with ‘rage’. He also felt rage not too long ago. The clear difference between the lives of earthlings and the residents of Dark City. Rage towards this injustice. This rage was vivid whenever he recalled it, no matter how much time had passed.


    Flames surged naturally from his body. However, Flame-Rain shook her head.

    “Don’t create fire. Bring your emotions to their peak, but don’t unleash your flames. Keep that balance.”

    That wasn’t easy. His body was swaying due to the endlessly changing gravitational force of the dark ocean, while his mind was swaying due to his emotions which surged in his mind on their own. However, Flame-Rain didn’t move, only watching with her hand holding the Essence of Fire as she waited for Choi Hyuk to achieve balance on his own.


    Choi Hyuk bit his lip. He was angry. Although he didn’t know exactly what it was, there was no doubt that the present Flame-Rain wanted to give him was extraordinary. However, he himself was too unskilled to receive her present. Choi Hyuk, who had resolved to make the Flame Wing Alliance and the Exalted Wings kneel someday, was unable to even overcome himself.

    ‘How am I going to take revenge like this…?’


    Massive rage rose up like a hail and covered Choi Hyuk’s emotions.


    Choi Hyuk’s body, which shook imperceptibly, locked in place as if it was nailed in.

    Choi Hyuk’s mind, which was engulfed by extreme rage, instead calmed to a chill. Like a sword forged tens of thousands of times, his mind became cold, sharp, yet serene. A chilling rage.

    Flame-Rain smiled.

    “Then, here I go.”

    The Essence of Fire entered the Predator’s Blade. At the same time-


    Wailing, the dark ocean began to rush towards the Predator’s Blade.

    It was so fierce that it shook Choi Hyuk’s mind, which had become serene and sharp like a sword. Even his body swayed again.

    “Endure it! If your emotions scatter here, then the power contained in your sword will be that much weaker!”

    Flame-Rain ordered in a strict voice he had never heard before.

    Choi Hyuk grit his teeth. His face distorted brutally, and the veins in his eyes popped, dripping blood. Yet, soon, Choi Hyuk’s distorting face calmed, becoming expressionless. Even his lips, which he had bit to the point of dripping blood, returned to a bland horizontal line.

    Choi Hyuk was only shouting one thing in his mind.



    Choi Hyuk slowly raised his sword, which he had held straight, above his head. He wasn’t concerned about the torrent of the dark ocean. Even if his skin burst and his joints broke under the immense pressure, he didn’t care. He only thought of one thing.

    ‘Kill. Only then can you kill.’

    That was what they had said.

    Words invoking unmatched hatred, words he had always remembered and followed.

    Perhaps, at this moment, Choi Hyuk felt as though these senseless words that invoked killing might even have been directed at himself.

    Just then, the Predator’s Blade, which had been raised completely above his head, split the dark ocean as it fell.

    Slowly, following his sword, the ocean in front of Choi Hyuk began to split.

    Between the split ocean, the Predator’s Blade revealed a transparent blade.

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