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Chapter 89: Debut (3)

    Episode 5: Citizenship / Chapter 89: Debut (3)

    TL: emptycube / ED: Obelisk


    The moment the sword swung down completely, and the dark ocean completely split in half in front of him, the world began to look completely different.

    Choi Hyuk’s body trembled. It felt as though his perception was expanding endlessly. He could perceive all 360 degrees around him simultaneously. He could clearly see his own face and the hair jutting from the back of his head. He could clearly see things he wasn’t able to see before.

    He could see the transparent sword in his hand and even the radiant colors of the rolling dark ocean around him. It was a light he was seeing for the first time in his life. It was a color humans couldn’t see.

    Normally, humans possessed three types of cone cells in their eyes that could distinguish red, green and blue. However, there were rare cases where people were born with four types of cone cells. Where normal people could distinguish a million colors, they could distinguish a billion. The way they saw the world completely changed with the addition of another type of cone cell.

    However, Choi Hyuk completely surpassed that.

    He was surprised, like a man who hadn’t been able to see red seeing the natural sunset for the first time. No, his surprise surpassed that. Since Choi Hyuk could ‘see’ dark matter, which didn’t react to light. From the start, what Choi Hyuk was seeing now wasn’t a color which could be explained through light.

    He was currently seeing karma.

    ‘How was it that I didn’t know of this light until now?’

    As if enchanting him, he gazed at the mystical light running down his sword. However, that light soon only left an afterimage as it darkened. The dark ocean and the sword in his hand turned dark and transparent. No color remained. His vision, which could clearly see 360 degrees around him and his own face, gradually narrowed. Although he still felt his surroundings, it felt frustrating as if he was in a fog.

    “Oh, my god…”

    Flame-Rain exclaimed.

    {You have completed a Weapon of Vow. You have glimpsed at an enlightenment beyond your current level by relying on your preposterous will. Your Retribution increased by 200 points with this glimmer of enlightenment. As praise to honorable overseer’s will, you have been granted 30 free karma points.}

    After reading the message, Choi Hyuk brought the sword up to his eyes.


    He had only raised his sword, but he could hear sounds of it slicing something.

    His sword had lost all the light from before and was now dark and transparent. If it was a shade of pitch-black which drew light into it previously, it was now a semi-transparent shadow. When he raised his sword, information about it appeared. Its name had completely changed.


    {Choi Hyuk’s Imprint} *Weapon of Vow

    Rank: S-Rank (Growth-type, Awaken-type)

    Durability: Limitless

    Close combat +300~ (Power, Speed, Control, Stamina, and Endurance)

    A sword imprinted with the ‘Deadly Will’ through Earth’s overseer Choi Hyuk’s own soul and retribution. Imprinted with his will, it will not break or dull. Weapon of Vow is rare even in the universe. Theoretically, there is no limit to its power. It grows alongside its soul partner, Choi Hyuk.

    Originally, ‘Predator’s Blade’ was a growth-type weapon made of the metal ore ‘aerium’ from the 384-eclipse cluster of the Hydra Cluster. Mixed with the Essence of Fire, the Dark Ocean, and Overseer Choi Hyuk’s soul and retribution, it has been reborn as ‘Karma-Sword, Weapon of Vow, Choi Hyuk’s Imprint’. It will normally be an alloy of aerium and dark matter, but depending on its owner’s capabilities, the material may be replaced by karma and display a stronger power.


    It was a weapon that made him shiver just by holding it.

    Only, the name of his sword was a bit awkward even though the name change was proof of the fact that the blade itself had completely changed.

    “The name is a bit awkward. Predator’s Blade wasn’t bad…”

    When Choi Hyuk mumbled, Flame-Rain leaped up and down.

    “What are you saying? It’s actually ‘Choi Hyuk’s Imprint’!”

    “It doesn’t really sound like the name of a sword.”

    As if frustrated, Flame-Rain pounded on her chest.

    “Urgh. All karma weapons have names like that. First, the owner’s own name is in front. Then the type of weapon. Do you even know how amazing the name ‘Choi Hyuk’s Imprint’ is? Just hearing the name will make others attend to you. Since, inside the alliance, it’s as though you are only recognized as a true warrior worth his salt when you have a karma weapon.”

    Even at Flame-Rain’s passionate speech, Choi Hyuk showed a matter-of-fact expression. His expression clearly asked, ‘Isn’t it only natural and not amazing they are doing their worth?’

    Flame-Rain flicked the tip of her finger on Choi Hyuk’s forehead. He rubbed his forehead. It didn’t feel all too bad.

    “Listen to the end. From the start, there was no doubt it would be a karma-sword. It should have been a given since I gave you the Essence of Fire and this place is the Dark Ocean… However, what’s really surprising is the ‘Imprint’ part rather than ‘Choi Hyuk’ of ‘Choi Hyuk’s Imprint’. That means you completed a Weapon of Vow! I only expected a Weapon of Calling! If you did better, I expected at most a Weapon of Sentiment…! But an ‘Imprint’?! A Weapon of Vow?!”

    As she seemingly renewed her excitement as she talked, Flame-Rain examined ‘Choi Hyuk’s Imprint’ once again.

    “Imprint… Even that doesn’t seem like a sword’s name.”

    At Choi Hyuk’s begrudging voice, Flame-Rain once again pounded her chest.

    “Listen to me! There are four types of karma weapons.”

    Following Flame-Rain’s explanation, the types of karma weapons are as follows.

    1. ‘Weapon of Calling’. The most common karma weapon. The unification of the weapon and its owner is the lowest. A form where its owner normally grants the weapon a calling. They possess names related to actions, such as ‘Revenge’, ‘Arbitration’, and ‘Protection’, among others.

    2. ‘Weapon of Sentiment’. A karma weapon that can be called a work of art. Its owner’s emotions permeate the weapon, and the weapon and its owner understand each other like twins. They possess names related to emotions, such as ‘Rage’, ‘Anguish’, and ‘Desire’, among others.

    3. ‘Weapon of Vow’. A powerful karma weapon rare even in the macrocosm. Its owner’s most powerful will solidifies into the shape of a sword. It is difficult to distinguish between the weapon and its owner. They possess names related to pledges and hopes, such as ‘Pledge’, ‘Imprint’, and ‘Prayer’, among others.

    4. ‘Weapon of Conclusion’. An exalted weapon that can be counted on fingers in the macrocosm. The weapon itself is granted with the same fate as its owner. They possess names related to the conclusion of one’s fate, such as ‘Glory’, ‘Hell’, and ‘Salvation’, among others.

    “So ‘Choi Hyuk’s Imprint’ is a rare Weapon of Vow even in the universe. What does that mean? You just completed a weapon that should be impossible at your level! You, who is only a middle ranked warrior (5-star), just created a weapon that can only be attempted once you are at least a high ranked warrior!”

    Flame-Rain’s voice was close to shouting. Choi Hyuk simply thought, ‘So I guess it really is amazing.’

    After hearing her words, he could guess one thing.

    ‘Ah, so is that why I could momentarily see my face and the color of dark matter?’

    His perception grew explosively in that instant. Although he didn’t know the reason, he had taken a glimpse beyond his limits. It was probably a world he could see once he reached the 6-star level. It seemed that he gained a once-in-a-lifetime enlightenment moment. It seemed he was able to create a Weapon of Vow because of this as well.

    Anyways, he felt pleased since she said it was a good result. He looked down at his sword, ‘Choi Hyuk’s Imprint’. A deeply satisfying feeling surged from deep within him. It didn’t feel foreign at all. The sword was his own will.

    “… It really is amazing.”

    Choi Hyuk could tell now. That this was an incredible present. Although it seemed as though it came out better than Flame-Rain expected… the reason he could create such a treasure was because she had invested equally amazing resources.

    Choi Hyuk gazed at Flame-Rain with a complicated look. While he was grateful for her kindness… it wasn’t a light kindness he could just gloss over this time.

    Choi Hyuk asked,

    “Flame-Rain. What’s the real reason you are acting this way towards me?”

    Flame-Rain’s eyes wavered. However, she replied cheerfully as if they had never wavered in the first place,

    “Just because!”


    When Choi Hyuk stared at her, Flame-Rain sighed exaggeratingly. Then started to speak.

    “I am from the Flame Wing Tribe.”

    “… The Flame Wing Tribe.”

    Choi Hyuk rolled those words in his mouth. It was a name he was already well familiar with. Choi Hyuk’s own karma foundation was precisely the Flame Wing Tribe’s Karma Heart. Even his strongest skill was the Flame Wing Tribe’s fighting technique, Flaming Wing Dance.

    In fact, he had already guessed that Flame-Rain was from the Flame Wing Tribe. He was able to complete his Flaming Wing Dance due to her help… and her name contained ‘Flame’.

    However, it seemed that he didn’t want to acknowledge this fact. Because there was another organization with ‘Flame’ in its name.

    Choi Hyuk felt somewhat choked up. Although he wanted to ask, his mouth wouldn’t open. Still, he asked, pretending to be calm.

    “… I was curious for a while, but what is the relationship between the Flame Wing Tribe and the Flame Wing Alliance?”

    At his question, Flame-Rain showed a gloomy face. Then, as if she had memorized a script, she replied quickly,

    “The Flame Wing Tribe is the tribe who established the Flame Wing Alliance. You can call them the leader of the alliance. Since they already hold all the key positions within the alliance, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that responsibility for all actions the alliance takes falls on the Flame Wing Tribe.”

    “… Okay.”

    Even though he thought this was probably the case, when she confirmed it, he felt something surge within him, though he wasn’t sure whether it was a sense of loss or betrayal. Flame Wing Alliance… Flame Wing Tribe. The Exalted Wings.

    ‘Are they all my sworn enemies? Or only a portion?’

    He still lacked information. However… their vague existence was gradually taking form.

    Choi Hyuk kept his heart from stirring.

    Flame-Rain gazed at him. The two met each other’s gaze.

    Choi Hyuk had a hard time asking,

    “Okay… So, you’re from the Flame Wing Tribe. But why?”

    Flame-Rain replied in an indifferent tone. However, her tone of speech slowly became higher and faster.

    “Yeah. Since I’m from the Flame Wing Tribe. As a member of the tribe responsible for the alliance, when I think about the events earthlings had to endure, I felt sorry, I wanted to atone for it, yet I still wanted to be friends with you… Ah, damn! I’m not being nice to you because of these emotions!”


    “I’m definitely not being nice to you because of these emotions!”

    With her eyes wide open, Flame-Rain continued her empty bravado. Even though he could see how sorry she was through her eyes, she continued to argue until the end.

    That she was definitely not acting this way because she was sorry. She argued while shouting.

    It was comical, yet it was precisely because of this that he felt her sincerity truly came through.

    Flame-Rain said,

    “Please, don’t think of such complicated thoughts and just accept it. A present is only a present!”


    Flame-Rain hit Choi Hyuk’s chest with her small fist. Choi Hyuk simply laughed.

    That she was doing this because she was sorry. His pride might have been hurt if she said that… but because she acted like this, his tense shoulders relaxed, and he laughed.

    Choi Hyuk shook his head.

    ‘Later… Yeah, I think I can think about this later.’

    Choi Hyuk bumped his fist against Flame-Rain’s, which had been on his chest, by moving back a little and said,

    “Okay. Thanks.”


    Flame-Rain guided Choi Hyuk to the welcoming hall.

    Although he had learned of this later, compared to the others, Flame-Rain’s guide had quite a bit of extra service. Other overseers of Earth didn’t have time to look around Dark City and were immediately brought to the welcoming hall. They debuted before the universe without any preparations.

    Not only that, but they weren’t able to properly adjust to Dark City. When he met the other overseers in front of the event hall, he couldn’t help but laugh.

    “Why are they like that?”

    When Choi Hyuk asked, Flame-Rain shrugged her shoulders.

    “There’s nothing we can do. If their Retribution isn’t at least 5-star, then they can’t properly perceive dark matter.”

    Besides Choi Hyuk, the other six overseers were flailing as if they had fallen in a swamp. Richard was better off as he was only sunken up to his ankles, while Camilla and Jessie were sunken up to their knees. The other sovereigns were sunken up to their waists and didn’t know what to do.

    It was because, although dark matter possessed a strong gravitational force, it barely interacted with the matter which made up earthlings’ bodies. Without the help of karma, the bodies of earthlings would sink through dark matter like ghosts.

    Flame-Rain leisurely explained,

    “Although you can feel dark matter with 4-star Retribution, it’s hard to stand up and balance yourself properly without being able to see it. It’s like standing on one leg with your eyes closed. You don’t have this problem since you can see the outlines as a 5-star.”

    Choi Hyuk rubbed his chin.

    “… How pitiful.”

    He was distressed as the overseers representing Earth were acting this way.

    However, soon, something which made him more distressed occurred.

    “Yaah, those kids over there are the earthlings who newly joined the alliance?”

    Four aliens appeared noisily. Unlike Flame-Rain, who could speak Korean fluently, they appeared while speaking in an alien language. Although there wasn’t a communication problem because of {Language Resonance}, their attitude and tone mixed together and seemed even more ill-mannered.

    {Hey! Your seniors are passing by and you don’t salute?}

    {Kids these days are so rude.}

    {Why are you like this? They haven’t even been commissioned yet so we don’t know whether they will be under our command or not. They say their population is quite big and if they are overseers, don’t you think they’ll be assigned as independent troops?}

    {They can’t even stand on their own feet, what do you mean independent troops?}

    They approached the overseers representing Earth, who were flailing on the floor, while mocking them to their heart’s content.

    Then a 3-meter-tall ‘robot’ alien kicked the Queen of England Diana with its enormous foot. She was the only child of Elizabeth and had lived her entire life as a princess. The young, beautiful overseer Diana, who had been flailing with her body sunken up to her waist, was kicked down and was now sunk up to her shoulders.

    {When your seniors come, you need to salute. How dare you lie down!}

    {Ah, that was her lying down? Kekekeke. What an idiot.}

    “… Ha…”

    Choi Hyuk’s eyes ignited with fury. His hand naturally headed towards ‘Imprint’.

    He even felt that this was a good chance. He was curious about his new weapon’s power. An S rank weapon that could slice into a high ranked warrior, a 6-star enemy. He also wanted to test the different indication of stats now that it had received the name ‘Imprint’.

    Only, there was something that held him back.

    “Listening to how they talk, it seems that they are our seniors… Will it be a problem?”

    He asked with his hand on his sword.

    “Looking at how they are acting, it seems they are commanding officers of the Virgo Cluster you are a part of. They are experts in their own right, and if you guys are officially commissioned, then they really might be your superiors. Since the alliance is one big military organization, command and discipline are quite rigorous.”

    Choi Hyuk frowned at her words.

    “So… There will be a problem?”

    As it wasn’t time to oppose the alliance, Choi Hyuk was approaching this carefully. Flame-Rain shrugged her shoulders.

    “Although you are protected by the alliance law when you join the alliance… Rights are like this. Rather than a set amount, your rights grow in accordance to your demands and accomplishments. Although earthlings have been formally granted citizenship… It is still unknown how respected your rights will be. That’s why they are trying to get the drop on you.”

    As she said this, Flame-Rain lightly took Choi Hyuk’s hand off his sword.

    “Only, you can’t use your weapon.”


    As if he felt unsatisfied, he clenched the air once. He heard that the abilities of ‘Weapons of Vow’ would differ depending on the type. Weapons with the name ‘Imprint’ like Choi Hyuk’s would be imprinted with one will and was optimized for one function. In Choi Hyuk’s case, it was optimized for close combat, perhaps because of his Deadly Will.

    The ‘Close Combat +300~ (Power, Speed, Control, Stamina, and Endurance)’ written in the description meant that over 300 points of karma would be distributed amongst those five stats, which were related to close combat, in the most ideal manner. Since the weapon was an S rank on top of that, he could theoretically unleash a power close to that of someone at the 6-star level the moment he struck his target in close combat.

    However, it was useless if he couldn’t unsheathe his weapon. He heard that ‘Prayer’ and ‘Pledge’ types of ‘Weapons of Vow’ could increase one’s karma normally, yet ‘Choi Hyuk’s Imprint’ would only display its might when wielded it with his own hands. It seemed that he would have to test his weapon later.

    “Nothing I can do.”

    Instead, Choi Hyuk clenched his fists. There were four enemies. Looking at their vigor, they all seemed to be 5-star level warriors. Even if it was Choi Hyuk, he couldn’t look down on them. Choi Hyuk coldly and heavily shrouded his spirit and waited for an opportunity.

    Just then-

    “Erdbeben-Blitzschlag (Lightning Quake)!”

    He heard Richard’s clear shout.


    The metallic alien, who kicked Diana, was blasted away.

    “Acting all cocky…”

    The platinum-haired, middle-aged Richard looked down on the aliens and stood up with his hair tangled. With his entire body covered in golden karma, he seemed to have become used to Dark City as he could stand firmly on the ground.

    He used his specialty, speed, and rushed towards the detestable aliens. There was a storm of karma.


    Looking at this scene, Choi Hyuk smiled. Richard created a great opportunity for him.

    “Flaming Wing Dance.”


    Flames erupted, and Choi Hyuk’s fist-


    Smashed into the chest of a 1023-quasarling, whose body was shining with a silver light.

    “You bastards!”

    The alien from the Dark Tribe, who was preparing to counterattack, was restrained by Camilla and Jessie who suddenly got up. A brawl broke out as they tangled together. Although Earth’s overseers were usually the ones who flew out and vomited blood, they didn’t lose out in malice.

    The combination with Choi Hyuk as the lead and Richard as support even fought quite well.

    “Wow… Good fight.”

    Flame-Rain sat down and watched.

    The welcoming event in commemoration of earthlings joining the alliance opened with a group fight between the overseers of Earth and the existing members of the alliance.

    It was a splendid debut.

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