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Chapter 104: Someone (4)

    Episode 6: Mafia Game / Chapter 104: Someone (4)

    TL: emptycube / ED: Obelisk

    Baek Seoin was spending his days very busily.

    He currently had to cooperate with all the overseers and fully investigate 2 billion people on Earth in only a month. Although Choi Hyuk had lightly said, ‘Then we just need to do a total investigation,’ for Baek Seoin, who had to oversee this investigation, it felt like his head was splitting apart.

    He didn’t even have time to finish his preparations before beginning the investigation. He had to start immediately while still completing the system.

    Even alternating the Berserker who held the identification device within each team, therefore naturally investigating them, was a method Baek Seoin came up with to reduce time.

    However, there was a big flaw in it. The one who assigned teams and oversaw everything was Baek Seoin, yet the one who granted Chu Youngjin special vacation time was Choi Hyuk, and the one who hushed the members of Chu Youngjin’s team was Lee Jinhee. A very small opening had been created due to the considerations of Choi Hyuk and Lee Jinhee, who were indifferent to the heavy workload and administrative tasks given to Baek Seoin, and Chu Youngjin’s high rank. And eventually, this small opening would become the crack which would collapse the dam.

    For the establishment of international cooperation, Baek Seoin had multiple meetings today as well.

    “Yes. So that’s why the doppelganger queen is very different from the doppelgangers we know, right?”

    “That’s right. I’ve personally confirmed these details at Dark City.”

    Richard’s aide, Leah, was on the screen. If Choi Hyuk had Baek Seoin, then Richard had Leah. What Baek Seoin and Leah had in common were the dark circles which came down to their cheeks.

    Leah was sharing new information she had gathered about the doppelganger queen to Baek Seoin.

    “Rather than transforming or acting, it is closer to ‘imitating’. The conscious of an immature doppelganger queen may even be very virtuous.”

    “Then… It will be difficult to distinguish its wickedness without a device that can detect doppelganger queens.”

    “Correct. Even if you pass by it, you will only feel something strange, you won’t feel any wickedness.”

    “Hmmm… Still, the draft of the plan has been made, and since we were able to receive more identification devices from the alliance thanks to you… If things continue like this, then we might be able to investigate all earthlings within the time limit. Then we will be able to find its imitation or whatever.”

    “Yes. Only, since we are all human, I’m worried there may be human error. The doppelganger queen can drastically lower one’s guard with its ‘imitation’, but there is also research stating that it can emit waves that can meddle with their mind. It makes one unconsciously feel goodwill towards it and makes them ‘accommodate’ it. Things like the good faith and feelings between people… these things can create a serious problem.”

    “… We should cross-investigate three or four times. If we are going to, then we need to move the execution of the plan forward… Haa, it seems I need to quit sleep for a month.”

    Baek Seoin showed a depressed expression. Leah expressed her sympathy.

    “We definitely have healthy bodies that can withstand a month without sleep… But we’re already so exhausted after only four days…”

    Their karma reinforced bodies didn’t easily tire. However, Baek Seoin and Leah were currently handling a huge amount of work that would even make a computer buffer. They had only spent four days without sleep, yet they were exhausted to the point their eyes were already flickering. If they didn’t have Naro’s help, then they would never have been able handle this amount of work. It was a horrifying thought.

    “Once this incident is over, I want to go on a vacation to a secluded place. Haa. Then work hard, Ms. Leah.”

    “Yes. You too, Mr. Baek Seoin.”


    The screen turned black. Baek Seoin pressed his temples with his fingers before rubbing his face. Now, outside of Korea, he had to check the progress in the U.S., China, the United Arab Emirates and others, all which had portals leading to Choi Hyuk’s colonized lands. Then he had to assign investigation teams for small and middle-sized cities and islands that didn’t have an overseer and plan transportation routes for them. As they had no idea where the doppelganger queen was, it was necessary to investigate every single person.

    There was just too much work.

    “Haa… Although they are a hassle to deal with, is it lucky that the clans under our command are proactively helping out?”

    Baek Seoin recalled the people who came to him today, asking to participate in the investigation, and borrowed a few identification devices.

    “Urk. I should dispatch them to mountain villages tomorrow. But I don’t know whether they will follow regulations properly.”

    There weren’t enough identification devices. There was still some time left before the additional identification devices Leah obtained would arrive, yet even they weren’t enough. There was no choice but for those with identification devices to run around more. The problem was whether they would be properly regulated. In the end, those in the minority, whom he could trust, had to run around more diligently.


    Just as Baek Seoin let out a long sigh and pulled his chair forward to start working again, Lee Jinhee appeared.

    “You look busy.”

    “Yeah. I’m very busy. I’m already busy, but because someone suggested we conduct an open investigation of the Berserkers, I’m even busier.”

    Lee Jinhee quickly made an excuse when Baek Seoin gave her a look mixed with resentment.

    “No, when you go around outside these days, the mood is really bad. I was even stalked yesterday. Although it’s only this bad for me, there have already been clashes and fights between Berserkers and other smaller clans…”

    “Those dirty bastards. Why do they love fighting so much…? Yeah, yeah. It’s good that we are doing an open investigation. No matter how busy we are, we need to stop the complaints. You came at a good time. You bring around some guys and regulate the minor clans. It’s impossible to investigate 2 billion people with just the Berserkers alone. I handed out some identification devices today so make them cooperate. Check to make sure they aren’t slacking off.”

    “Got it. Whether I threaten or coax them, I’ll make them listen to me.”

    “Yeah. Like you said, it looks like they are bent on ripping the Berserkers apart these days, so keep them in check.”

    Even while he was saying this, Baek Seoin continued to rub his temples.

    Lee Jinhee was also exhausted with her heavy workload. She handed a drink to the exhausted Baek Seoin and, to relieve some stress, attempted to chat a little.

    “Got it. Those guys have a lot of suspicions. The guy I met yesterday kept talking about Chu Youngjin.”

    Baek Seoin, who had been rubbing his temples, showed a reaction to her words. He stopped his hands and looked up at Lee Jinhee.

    “Chu Youngjin? What about him?”

    “No, he made a fuss, saying that the Berserkers aren’t being investigated and that we are only hard on them since Youngjin’s currently on vacation. Asking if we are covering our own. They clearly know that there will be an open investigation in a week.”

    Although Lee Jinhee said this hoping for sympathy, Baek Seoin became serious when he heard her words.

    “Wait. Chu Youngjin’s on vacation? But I clearly remember putting him on the list of investigators?”

    “Ah, he wasn’t in his right mind once we returned from Cayenne star so I suggested he take some time off. The leader approved. Since he was on vacation before the queen incident broke out, I already told his investigation team.”

    “What? Then Chu Youngjin hasn’t been investigated even once yet?”


    “What?! Hey. Send Chu Youngjin to the investigation team immediately.”

    Lee Jinhee flinched at Baek Seoin’s fierce attitude.

    “Uh? Uh? Why? There’s still a month before the doppelganger queen matures. The open investigation is in a week, no, it’s 6 days, there’s no problem if we do it then, right?”

    Lee Jinhee never considered the possibility that it might be Chu Youngjin out of the 2 billion. Lee Jinhee simply wanted Chu Youngjin to rest easy. However, Baek Seoin frowned.

    “Hey! What are you saying?! The doppelganger queen isn’t the problem. It’s the trust in Berserkers. You yourself even said that the clans are already filing complaints. Then we need to set it straight. Why wait 6 days?”

    This was the first time Baek Seoin directly fumed at Lee Jinhee. Lee Jinhee backed down.

    “Ah… Okay. Then I’ll go personally.”

    Seeing as she was personally going to go, it showed how much she cared for Chu Youngjin.

    Baek Seoin let out a sigh and calmly persuaded her.

    “Don’t feel bad. We aren’t a small-scale clan anymore. If we want to lead tens of millions of people, we need to be thorough with ourselves. Although there’s no problem with waiting 6 days like you said, others may find it as abusing our power. Okay?”

    Lee Jinhee reflected on his words.

    “I got it. I’ll handle it right away.”

    After resolving her mind, Lee Jinhee wanted to go immediately. However, before she could, they heard some news. They heard Naro’s urgent voice.

    {An armed clash broke out between a minor clan and Director Chu Youngjin!}

    Baek Seoin frowned.

    “What? Why?”

    {It seems they requested to investigate Director Chu Youngjin for the doppelganger queen, but it ended up becoming a clash!}

    With his head aching, Baek Seoin grabbed his forehead.

    An incident broke out before they could set the misaligned piece straight. This was similar to a sticky incident that could have been resolved internally, but before they even could, it was broadcasted by reporters.


    The smaller clans, who received identification devices from Baek Seoin, immediately chose and dispatched their elites to Chu Youngjin. Like they had stalked Lee Jinhee, they had also stalked Chu Youngjin. They were suspicious of his recent abnormal behavior before anyone else. Also, they didn’t notify the Berserkers because they wanted to make it so that they were the ones who resolved this situation.

    The attitudes of those who appeared in front of Chu Youngjin were intimidating.

    Chu Youngjin held back his laughter.

    “You’re going to investigate me?”

    “That’s right. Please cooperate. You need to get rid of your karma barrier and accept our karma.”

    “With what authority? Did the leader order you to?”

    “Is now the time to be nitpicking these things? Everyone must unite and overcome this danger. You have yet to be investigated. So please accept this investigation.”

    Chu Youngjin glanced back at the ‘thing’ hiding behind his back. He couldn’t help but think, ‘Is that the doppelganger queen?’ Although he couldn’t believe that it was such a wicked existence… It wasn’t as though he couldn’t accept being investigated.


    “Go back. If I am going to get investigated, it’ll be by myself. Or through other Berserkers.”

    “No. You need to be investigated now.”

    Chu Youngjin surged with irritation at their stubborn attitudes. Still, he endured it and said,

    “There’s an open investigation in 6 days anyways. Why are you making a fuss right now?”

    “Since you’re going to be investigated anyway, why not now?”

    They didn’t back down a single step.

    Chu Youngjin, who had already been very emotional these days, became more and more irritated at their attitudes.

    ‘If there’s no difference in being investigated now or later, then can’t I just be investigated later?’

    However, he didn’t say it and simply stared at them.

    Then someone new joined in.

    “Now, now, that’s enough. Since you’re constantly like this, it seems you’re hiding something?”

    It was a provocative voice. Chu Youngjin turned towards him.

    “You said your name was… Kim Honghyun, right?”

    It was a face Chu Youngjin knew.

    “That is right. And I am Kim Saehyun.”

    The one who said this was the person who had been arguing with Chu Youngjin until now. Kim Honghyun and Kim Saehyun were famous fraternal twins who had reached the 4-star level. Excluding the Berserkers, they were two of the most well-known warriors among the minor clans.

    Now that he thought about it, the 20 colonizers surrounding him were all emitting an extraordinary vigor. There was no doubt that they were the elites chosen amongst the smaller clans. Their intentions were clear.


    Chu Youngjin clicked his tongue. He felt vexed as it wasn’t the Berserkers but minor clans who were trying to pressure him. Even if he were to be investigated today, he would be investigated by the Berserkers later, and he didn’t want to be investigated by them.

    “Move. Since I’m going to take care of my own investigation, don’t interfere.”

    “What if we do?”

    Kim Honghyun blocked Chu Youngjin, who was trying to pass by. He didn’t simply block him but stretched out his arm and pushed Chu Youngjin’s chest. It possessed quite a bit of aggressive karma.

    Chu Youngjin, who had been pushed back a step, looked at Kim Honghyun with an agitated expression. He revealed his teeth as he laughed.

    “Why is the great Berserker Chu Youngjin talking so much?”



    At the same time as his sigh, Chu Youngjin’s karma surged. The karma in Chu Youngjin’s karma heart exploded into an incredible power. His contracted power instantly expanded as he stepped forward, pivoting his waist and throwing a punch.


    His punch created a shock wave that seemed to shake the heaven and earth.

    He never thought to hurt him. He only thought to send him flying.

    However, Kim Honghyun wasn’t blasted away. He reflected Chu Youngjin’s fist with his arm and was pushed back a step.

    “Hyah. It’s quite heavy, isn’t it?”

    He leisurely mocked as he took out an enormous ax. He held it with both his hands as if it was a tennis racket and declared,

    “Let’s see who’s stronger.”

    As if he had been waiting for this, he increased his vigor.

    Chu Youngjin frowned.

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