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Chapter 112: Pre-emptive Attack (3)

    Episode 7: Tidal Wave of Monsters / Chapter 112: Pre-emptive Attack (3)

    TL: emptycube / ED: Obelisk

    When he opened the door, it was Flame-Rain. She looked tired. As soon as their eyes met, she suddenly entered the room and leaned her head against him. Her hair smelled like incense and campfire ash.

    “It’s been a while.”

    She said with her head against his chest.

    Choi Hyuk motionlessly looked down at her. He hesitated before slowly placing his hand on her shoulder and patting her twice. Flame-Rain giggled as if she found this funny.

    “Hiya. I feel a little better now. How have you been? I heard you went through a lot during this time. It looks like a broadcast of you might even air at the center.”

    Flame-Rain took a step back and raised her head up.

    Choi Hyuk carefully examined her face.

    The ends of her red hair had turned white, and her lips seemed to have lost a bit of their luster. Her cheeks were smeared with black blood that she had failed to wipe off.

    Choi Hyuk asked,

    “Did you come here after fighting?”

    “Yeah~ I came after I fought.”

    She replied absentmindedly as she stretched her arms before flopping onto the sofa.

    “I want a drink from Earth. Anything cold is fine.”

    Even before she began talking, Choi Hyuk had already poured her a cup of soda. Then before she finished talking, he placed the cup in her hand. He was unexpectedly gentle.

    “Oh? You provide good service.”

    Her eyes widened. It seemed even Choi Hyuk was surprised as he blankly stared down at his hand.

    He had missed this somehow.

    He had always done this whenever he saw his mother come home from work exhausted. He had always poured her a cup of soda and placed it in her hand when she flopped down. Then his mother would place the cold cup of soda against her cheek before taking two sips. Finally, she would empty the cup and stand back up, livelier than before.

    He missed this. He had completely forgotten it in his mind, but it seemed his body remembered.

    ‘But why did this habit show up for Flame-Rain?’

    Choi Hyuk fruitlessly closed and opened his fist as he erased the awkwardness.


    Looking at him acting like that, Flame-Rain happily emptied the cup of soda as she shot back up while letting out a refreshing sound.

    “This is good. It tastes better than what I drank on Earth last time.”

    “That’s probably true.”

    Although this was obvious, the famous soda brands of the past had long since disappeared. The soda Flame-Rain had just drunk was ‘Dragonic Cola’, a soda made by non-combat-oriented colonizers in Jessie’s colonized land using ingredients from Dragonic.

    Its taste was amazing. If the sodas of the past were akin to a drizzle, then Dragonic Cola was similar to a squall raining down like a waterfall. It was a soda that invigorated colonizers whose nerves had worn out due to frequent battles. The carbonation produced by the special ingredients on Dragonic was so invigorating that not only did one feel it in their noses but also in their ears and throat. People who drank Dragonic Cola for the first time said it was like their whole body was drenched in rain. Some even went further and said it felt like rain was falling inside their bodies as well.

    Blaze, blaze.

    It seemed she really had become a little invigorated as flames began to sprout from Flare-Rain’s hair like normal. The white tips of her hair were covered by the flames and were no longer visible. Even the black blood smeared on her cheeks burnt up and disappeared.

    “Thanks. Although it was short, it was nice meeting you. Let’s see each other again. Safe and sound.”

    “Are you going to fight again?”

    “Yeah. Although it’s probably the same for you guys, the monsters started to suddenly launch an extensive attack recently, so the entire alliance is in a mess. There are a lot of losses too… Because of it, I have no time to rest… They say it was like this before ‘demise’-ranked monsters crossed over, so everyone’s nervous.”

    As she said this, Flame-Rain bit her lips. Then, as if nothing happened, she smiled cheerfully and said,

    “Nuna made you a good sword so you can’t go around getting bullied, okay? You have to do well.”


    Her attitude, which was similar to how someone would treat a kid, made Choi Hyuk show a dumbfounded expression, at a loss for words.


    While joyfully appreciating his expression, she jumped up, turning into flames and disappearing.


    Choi Hyuk wordlessly stared at the air where she had disappeared. He had only realized today that even she could become exhausted. If Flame-Rain, whose power he couldn’t even guess, was at the point where she couldn’t hide her exhaustion… Just how serious was the war?


    His heart thumped.

    ‘The warriors and monsters there… Will I be able to beat them?’

    He wanted to fight them as soon as possible. He wanted to get stronger.

    Gulp. Gulp.

    After emptying a bottle of Dragonic Cola, Choi Hyuk went outside.


    The attack troops were split into three divisions.

    Without using up all the troops, the highest number of Kahur Kabkuns they could take was three.

    Bilu and Tangke, both experienced middle-ranked warriors, each led one, and Choi Hyuk led the third division. Richard stayed behind and acted as the guardian of those who remained.

    “Euu… Even though Richard is staying behind, there are too many cities left without defenses. Two or three cities will probably turn to ash? Do we really have to do this?”

    Although the Queen of England Diana was dissatisfied until the end, she didn’t end her cooperation.

    “Since we are able to take down the Kahur Kabkuns that much faster, if things go well, didn’t they say that this method could instead reduce casualties?”

    The Sovereign of Paradise Camilla mumbled as she comforted Diana, who had come out to the battlefield.

    “You never know…”

    Although she wasn’t able to hide her unease in the end, she still showed her determination.

    It was a march to war so massive that it was unprecedented in humanity’s history. It wasn’t this big even when they faced the doppelgangers after the advancement evaluation. All colonizers who were decent enough fighters were assigned to the attack troops, and all colonizers besides them were appointed to the defensive troops. In reality, almost all earthlings were mobilized for this war.

    Due to geographical conditions, they all couldn’t gather in a single location, but they used the communication network to advance at the same time.

    {We enter as soon as we teleport!}

    As he possessed the most experience in dealing with Kahur Kabkuns, Tangka of the Armored Soul Tribe gave orders outlining what they would do.

    {When we begin teleporting, the monsters around us will crowd towards us. However, refrain from fighting the best you can and prioritize on entering! Mark my words. The mission this time isn’t annihilating monsters but destroying Kahur Kabkuns. Destroying them comes first. During this time, while our enemies have yet to fully prepare, we need to destroy as many Kahur Kabkuns as we can. Each division’s aim is to destroy two Kahur Kabkuns by tomorrow. If we complete this initiative, then even if the monsters start pouring out, we will be able to take them down more easily!}

    If each division were to destroy two Kahur Kabkuns by the next day, that meant a total of 6 Kahur Kabkuns would be destroyed. This could be considered their break-even point. If they were successful in this endeavor, they estimated that they would suffer fewer losses than if they were to have gone with a defensive tactic.

    Because of this, Earth’s full might was focused into these three divisions.

    Although Bilu and Tangka had a lot of excellent warriors from the alliance in their divisions, as their numbers were insufficient, experts of each clan were assigned to fill the numbers, and the rest were all a part of the attack troops under Choi Hyuk’s command. The remaining people were placed under Richard’s command as basic defensive troops.

    As each person gathered at their post, their bodies trembled nervously, waiting for Tangka’s declaration of war. What amazing fight would unfold?

    {Then, off to war!}

    Tangka declared. At the same time, the military gate system began to operate.


    The scene in front of them changed.


    They heard the wind brush past their ears.

    The Kahur Kabkun spread out below them was like an enormous lake. Black waves rippled on its surface. Flying monsters became surprised at the suddenly appearing humans, and shrieked.

    Although there were monsters that ruffled their wings as they attacked the humans, the overwhelming majority of them turned into tatters and fell once faced with the humans’ counterattack.

    As he fell freely towards the Kahur Kabkun, which rippled like a black lake, Warrior Leader Tangka warned the executives of Earth who accompanied him once more,

    “Stay alert. They are completed Kahur Kabkuns. They are incomparable in both quantity and quality to the Kahur Kabkuns earthlings have faced until now.”

    While thumping his metallic chest, Tangka openly stated the dangers of the Kahur Kabkuns.


    Kim Honghyun, who was falling next to him, replied without a trace of tension. Then his twin brother, Kim Saehyun, poked his side and said in a serious manner in his place,

    “We will keep that in mind.”

    Clang! Clang!

    After glancing at the two, Tangka didn’t reply and smashed his fists together. As if that sound was a signal, the alien troops Tangka led unsheathed their weapons simultaneously. A taut tension hung in the air.

    Chu Youngjin’s troop, which Kim Honghyun and Kim Saehyun led, followed them and unsheathed their weapons as well. It was the same for the troops next to them, which were dispatched by other overseers. They were right in front of the rippling surface of the Kahur Kabkun.

    “Sniper unit, prepare to fire!”


    Amongst the members of Tangka’s free-falling division, there were also warriors of the El Tribe. They followed Great Warrior Lantz’s order and charged their karma rifles. The karma rifles they were armed with were traditional weapons of the El Tribe. They were made with the inverted tree, yet they shined like metal.

    As if they looked cool loading their rifles, the Berserkers, who were also armed with the El Tribe’s weapons, took out and charged their rifles.

    The people falling ahead of the others began to enter the Kahur Kabkun.

    Great Warrior Lantz glared fiercely as he shouted,

    “Let’s go! The future of our race rests on your shoulders!”


    The spirits of the El Tribe’s warriors surged. It was to the point where even the Berserkers were surprised by their vigor.

    “Let’s clearly show those aliens just what sort of existences we are!”


    Accompanied by cheers, the El Tribe members were sucked into the Kahur Kabkun.


    The Berserkers, who entered the Kahur Kabkun a step earlier than the El Tribe, slashed their swords down like lightning as soon as they entered. As expected of Chu Youngjin’s troop, thunderous rumbles boomed. This was the fighting method of Chu Youngjin’s troop, which possess definite power in return for quickly expending their stamina.

    At the very front were Kim Honghyun and Kim Saehyun.

    “Let’s go!”

    The Kahur Kabkun itself was no different from an enormous monster. Hill-sized blood vessels pulsed on the ground, and when the vessels were cut, monsters poured out.

    Bang, bang, bang!

    As soon as the blood vessels burst along with their noisy entrance, monsters jumped out from them.

    Kim Honghyun trusted his tough body and rushed into the crowd of monsters.

    “Keuhaha! Is that all?”

    Kim Honghyun trampled on the monsters. Kim Saehyun targeted monsters that showed openings due to his brother’s charge and killed them with a single strike. Chu Youngjin’s troop followed behind them and ripped the collapsed ranks of monsters apart with their powerful strength.

    “Vice-directors, you’re quite good?”

    Chu Youngjin’s troop members shouted cheekily at Kim Honghyun and Kim Saeyoung.

    “Just don’t fall behind!”

    Kim Honghyun replied with great force.

    The battle that decided Chu Youngjin’s successor ended with Kim Honghyun and Kim Saehyun’s victory. However, as people said they couldn’t completely replace Chu Youngjin, Kim Honghyun and Kim Saehyun came up with the title ‘vice-director’ for themselves.

    That was how Chu Youngjin’s troop was currently under the command of two vice-directors, Kim Honghyun and Kim Saehyun. To them, this war could be considered their debut, verifying their qualifications as top executives of the Berserkers.

    “Wahaha! As expected of Chu Youngjin’s troop, you guys fight refreshingly!”


    Tangka seemed to in a good mood as he swung his metallic arm and turned the monster in front of him into meat paste with one strike. As expected of an alien possessing a large, powerful metallic body, he enjoyed heated battles.


    Steam rose from his body like a cloud.


    Every time steam rose from his body, Tangka progressed forward more quickly and smashed monsters to death. The more spirited he became, the more steam escaped his body.

    The steam became thicker.

    Pit, pit, pit!

    A few bullets pierced through Tangka’s white steam as they shot through the air.


    The bullets were with such incredible force that, as the monsters collapsed onto the floor, the heads of the monsters they hit were crushed as though they were punched by a massive fist.

    “Sniper unit, fire at will! Task unit, charge forward with me!”

    The Great Warrior of the El Tribe Lantz took out his sword and rushed forward like the wind. The El Tribe warriors behind him gave a long whistle and followed behind him.

    Tangka, who had been about to smash the monster in front of him to death, discovered the El Tribe sniper who had snatched his prey. Tangka smacked his chest once.

    “Ohh… That guy’s pretty good.”

    Warrior Leader Tangka liked the warlike El Tribe that possessed outstanding combat abilities. This was the moment the El Tribe, who had been living in isolation, debuted in front of the alliance members and aliens for the first time.

    A large-scale war was a crisis but also an opportunity. Everyone had their own circumstances, but the warriors who were out fighting fought with all they had.

    The beginning of the battle was progressing very smoothly.

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