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Chapter 126: Establishing Troops (1)

    Episode 8: Recruit Training / Chapter 126: Establishing Troops (1)

    TL: emptycube / ED: Obelisk

    The God Dragon Leviathan was maintaining the ‘Net of Fate’ today again.

    He was the 1st seat of the 13 seats of the Exalted Wings, the strongest dragon. At the same time, he was also known as the ‘Dragon of Beginning’ as he was the longest living member of the alliance.

    The Pyrio Tribe called him ‘Kangtwearoa’ and the Quasar Tribe called him ‘Kirihareulak’. Rather than saying that they actually called him that, it was more apt to say that this was how the names would sound like if the earthlings were to imitate them through human speech. Of course, the words would be incredibly distorted, even more than when one used Google Translate to translate Korean into English and then back to Korean.

    Even if they had different names for him, the meaning behind them was the same – The ‘Snake of Terror’, the name of something large, powerful and terrifying. Because of this, although the earthlings didn’t know him yet, they would come to know him as the ‘Leviathan’.

    If they were to dig deeper into his name ‘Leviathan’ and his nickname the ‘Dragon of Beginning’, they would discover a logical rift in their meanings.

    In fact, this would be the case if they thought about it objectively.

    No matter how close the function of the ‘Language Resonance Device’ was to telepathy, it was almost impossible for the earthlings and aliens to communicate with no discomfort. Humans used air waves to communicate while the Dark Tribe used gravity, and the Flame Wing Tribe used light waves. There were also species that used telepathy like the narolings. Their cultural backgrounds and the matter that individual alien species were made up of were completely different.

    When such beings communicated with each other through telepathy, it was inevitable that there would be fragments of thoughts that were difficult to comprehend. This was similar to how Koreans would think in Korean what Japanese would think in Japanese. If a Flame Wing Tribe member transmitted the thought ‘Choi Hyuk is stronger than I thought’ to an earthling, the feeling of surprise he felt would be sent along with an image of quickly alternating red and blue lights mixed with infrared and ultraviolet lights, which earthlings couldn’t see. It was impossible for an earthling to understand this.

    However, when they used the Language Resonance Device, all alien species could communicate easily and naturally as though they were using their mother tongues. The Steel Battleship wasn’t created with steel, but the language of the aliens who called it that was so fantastical that the earthlings instinctively called it the ‘Steel Battleship’. It didn’t matter even if they knew the Steel Battleship wasn’t made of steel. Like how one might call a powerful punch a ‘rock fist’, the earthlings clearly understood the ‘meaning’ behind it.

    This wasn’t something that could be explained entirely by the Language Resonance Device.

    There was another rift in logic. Leviathan was called the ‘Dragon of Beginning’. This was because he was born in the very center of the universe and was an ancient dragon who had experienced the longest life out of everyone else in the alliance.

    However, strictly speaking, there were many members of the Flame Wing Tribe who were older than him. Even still, Leviathan was the individual with the most experience in the alliance.

    This was because the passage of time was different throughout the universe. Time moved differently for a quickly moving target compared to one that stayed still. In the great universe, one second for someone might be ten thousand years for another.

    This was the case for the Flame Wing Tribe. As those who were born in the fires of the Big Bang, they were born on the edge of the universe’s expansion. From the perspective of Earth, which was located near a cold star, it looked like time had ‘stopped’ for the Flame Wing Tribe. They said Earth’s history was 5 billion years old, but from the perspective of the Flame Wing Tribe’s homeland, the Big Bang occurred only a few million years ago.

    Even on Earth, if people’s languages and time zones were different, there would be difficulties when working together.

    However, the alliance embraced aliens, who were incredibly different from each other, as one. Within it, aliens were able to overcome the obstacles of language and time. They were able to communicate in real-time and perceive the same time as each other.

    How was such an ‘impossible feat’ possible?

    What bridged this logical rift was the ‘Net of Fate’. It was the most fundamental infrastructure which allowed the alliance to function properly, and the key tactic in fighting the war against the monsters.

    The primary duty of the Exalted Wings, who were the alliance’s greatest leaders and most powerful warriors, was to maintain this ‘Net of Fate’.


    Leviathan let out a deep sigh within the ‘Net of Fate’. The ‘Net of Fate’ he saw was actually a single, enormous net. It was a net created by interlacing the entire universe’s fate and the fates of individuals within it together.

    The Net of Fate, which filled up the entire space, shined blindingly. There were people, oceans, stars, and galaxies. All things in the universe gathered to create what seemed to be a brilliant light from afar. It bound the fates of alliance members together with a powerful karma. Within this one fate, the members of the universe were able to overcome the laws of physics and communicate with one another.

    However, there were holes here and there within the net. These holes were dark and terrifying, and they seemed to infest the net like maggots. These holes signified the invasion of the monsters. However, looking at it as a whole, the holes, fortunately, didn’t take up a large portion of the net.

    {Is it a blessing in disguise? Although I don’t know how long it’ll continue, the situation has turned for the better right now.}

    After overcoming the monsters’ extensive invasion, the monster forces set up in various regions throughout the universe shrunk in return. It was due to the destruction of a countless number of Kahur Kabkuns. Because of this, the net was in a better condition than before.

    {We need to reinforce our fate in times like this. Whooo…}

    Leviathan let out another long sigh and drew out his karma. The ‘Net of Fate’ emitted a more brilliant light as it was guided by his karma (retribution) towards his fate.

    The brighter the Net of Fate shined, the more advantageous it became for the alliance in the war against the monsters.

    It became harder for the monsters to create Kahur Kabkuns and they were oddly unlucky, while things would go well for alliance members no matter what they did. This was why the ‘Net of Fate’ was not only an ‘infrastructure’ but a ‘tactic’ as well.

    As such, it wasn’t an easy task for Leviathan, who exceeded the level of highest-ranked warriors by an extreme degree, to reinforce the ‘Net of Fate’.

    Crrrk. Crrrk.

    His long, ocean-blue body was crushed by a powerful pressure.

    Kaching! Kaching!

    His scales, which were incomparable in toughness, shattered like glass and red blood gushed out.

    Still, Leviathan didn’t stop using his power. His large eyes were fixed onto a particular corner of the Net of Fate.


    The enormous dragon smiled, revealing his terrifying teeth.

    {My relatives on Dragonic… I didn’t think I’d see them again. Barhaloleun, how happy would that child be if he was still alive? Since they are helping out this much, I need to put more of my strength into it.}

    He was gazing at the newly born baby dragons in the embrace of the El Tribes with delight.


    The ‘Brain’ was 13 stone plates, which were so large that it seemed they would reach the sky, gathered in a circle.

    The stone plates, which were as dark as gravestones, began to emit a light one after the other, and the meeting of the Exalted Wings began without so much as a greeting.

    {Leader of the reconnaissance troops.}

    When someone began to talk, the Exalted Wings began to quickly share their opinions. The topic was who to select as the leader of the reconnaissance troops that would explore the monsters’ headquarters.

    Countless names were mentioned in a moment. They were reduced to three.

    {The problem is that they are all commanders who are assigned to key strategic points.}

    {It is only natural for those who have reached the level of transcendence to occupy such positions. But, regardless, it’s time for us to make a decision.}

    The level of transcendence was the next level beyond highest-ranked warriors. It was a supreme level that only a little over a hundred in the entire universe had reached. It was also the first qualification in becoming an Exalted Wing. The level of transcendence was so long and arduous that it was almost impossible for one to reach its limit. No, it was as though every moment was an obstacle. Because of this, there was an extreme difference in strength between those at the early stages of the transcendence level and those in the later stages. The majority of warriors at the transcendence level were between the early and experienced stages, and it was known that only the Exalted Wings reached the later stages of the transcendence level. Only the legendary king of the Flame Wing Tribe, Flame-Sky, who was also considered as the strongest in the history of the universe, was known to have ‘perfected’ the transcendence level and seen its limits. In reality, if it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t have even known there was a ‘limit’ to the transcendence level. Before then, the reasonable opinion was ‘to group them together as the transcendence level since they were faced with too many obstacles to name them all individually’.

    However, no matter how they put it, they were existences who had reached the same level as the Exalted Wings. There was no way their duties would be mundane.

    {Considering the difficulty of the mission, we definitely need at least one warrior at the transcendence level. If not, they will not be able to return.}

    {However… If there’s a slip-up, it could result in a huge political problem…}

    Depending on who they chose to be the leader of the reconnaissance troops, the species who would suddenly lose their reliable leader would undoubtedly oppose it.

    Still, they needed an outstanding leader.

    The Exalted Wings ceaselessly attempted to probe each other’s thoughts. Such a long silence during their meetings was odd.

    At that moment, someone broke the silence and said.

    {… In times like this, I think it’s right for the species appointed as the head of the alliance to bite the bullet. I’ll try to persuade the princess.}


    {There’s no other choice. I also agree.}

    {… If it’s the princess, she’ll accept.}



    They were Exalted Wings from the Flame Wing Tribe. One opposed the decision, another agreed, while another condoned it.

    Looking at them, the other Exalted Wings from the other species kept their mouths tightly closed and read each other’s mood.

    {Would it be okay to progress like this? Like you all know, the princess is a warrior who is almost proficient in the transcendence level. Of course, there is the flaw that she doesn’t have a lot of experience commanding an army, but since the reconnaissance troops are a small group of elites and not a large one, it might be better that way.}

    {… Well, there’s nothing for us to say. If the noble princess of the Flame Wing Tribe will make a move, then we can only be grateful.}

    {Then we’ll progress like this.}

    That was how the leader of the reconnaissance troops was nominated. While expressing his agreement through silence, Leviathan clicked his tongue inwardly.

    ‘The princess of the Flame Wing Tribe is always suffering hardship. Tsk, tsk.’

    Although he felt bad for her, Leviathan wasn’t in a position where he could interfere. Also, the matter he had been waiting for was brought up next.

    {Next is… the matter about the earthlings. The mayor of Dark City personally requested this. He suggested that we drop the restrictions on earthlings and give them the ‘right to establish troops’.}

    {I agree.}

    Leviathan, who had kept his silence this entire time, quickly agreed.

    {… But, wasn’t the reason we set restrictions on their rights because of their selfish tendencies? If we drop those restrictions, it will cause chaos. And to add the ‘right to establish troops’ on top of that… When they are barely able to keep their own species in check? If we gave them this right, the problem will become worse. From the start, establishing troops isn’t a part of civil rights.}

    Someone immediately opposed.

    ‘Establishing troops’ wasn’t a concept that lay within civil rights but a right related to the alliance’s military.

    The alliance’s military organization was largely split into three sections – regional troops, division troops, and independent troops. Regional troops were comprised of lifelong positions (composed of residents living in the particular region) and term-length positions (composed of those dispatched by the alliance) and had a duty to defend the specific region autonomously. Commander Mack’s Virgo Cluster Army was one of them. On the other hand, division troops were special troops comprised of members dispatched from various regions, and they received orders directly from the center and were active in various regions. The famous ‘Steel Battleship’ of the Laniakea Supercluster was an example of these troops. Finally, independent troops were, like the name implied, troops that could operate independently. They weren’t assigned to a region and weren’t restricted to certain duties. They were troops that had intense competition for military merit but was also a rapid promotion pathway, where those who were skilled could quickly distinguish themselves.

    The rights to establish troops was the right to establish ‘independent troops’. If they were granted this right, they would also receive the right to establish their own troops and receive resources from the alliance. Their ranks were decided by their military merits, and depending on their rank, the quantity and quality of resources they could receive changed.

    Until now, the earthlings were affiliated with the regional troops, so their area of movement was limited to the Virgo Cluster. To them, receiving the rights to establish their own troops was a huge benefit.

    Because of this, Leviathan responded more determinately.

    {The earthlings have proved themselves a lot this time. They completely drove out the monsters that invaded Dragonic. This means they certainly recovered the territory we lost in the past. That’s not all. They also allied with the native species there and revived the ‘Dragon Tribe’ from the past. What I’m saying is that the earthlings’ forces aren’t only comprised of earthlings but also the El Tribes and ‘Dragon Tribe’, thus already possessing the trait of an allied force. Also, they made a decisive contribution in protecting Dark City. Especially when looking at Choi Hyuk, you can tell the earthlings possess great potential. They are a species that can do greater things for the alliance. There is no reason to not give them the right to establish troops.}

    Following Leviathan’s persistent assertion, Dark-Sound of the ‘Dark Tribe’ stepped forth.

    {Although I’m not sure about expanding their civil rights, giving them the right to establish their own troops is worth considering. At least, Choi Hyuk. He is the real deal.}

    The opposing Exalted Wings read Dark-Sound and Leviathan’s expressions. Dark-Sound was an existence who received the absolute support of the Dark Tribe, while Leviathan was the type to foam at the mouth when it came to matters related to his species. In times like this, they needed to compromise.

    {… I still oppose expanding the civil rights of the earthlings. However, I believe there is meaning to giving them the right to establish troops. How about a condition automatically granting earthlings who satisfy certain qualifications the right to establish troops? While maintaining the seven overseers, we grant this right to any troop commanders who satisfy these qualifications. From the start, competition is a virtue among independent troops.}



    Everyone expressed their agreement to the newly suggested compromise with silence.

    It was the same for Leviathan.

    ‘Now, I opened up a path to make you guys grow faster. Whether this is good or bad will depend on you… I have high hopes for you.’

    That was how the earthlings’ fate was decided once again.

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