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Chapter 130: Kundle Tribe

    With Choi Hyuk being the first to establish troops, troops began to be competitively established by others. There was nothing more to say about the five overseers, excluding Choi Hyuk and Nasir, but even the nine great sovereigns and four regular ones acted quickly. Even if they weren’t sovereigns, leaders of large clans competed to attract experts and establish their own troops.

    They needed to establish troops to be able to leave Dragonic.

    If they could leave Dragonic, they would be able to reach a land of opportunities.

    “Have you been to the city in the center of the Virgo Cluster, ‘Virgo’? That place is no joke.”

    “Are you teasing me…? You know that my clan hasn’t established our troops yet…”

    “Ah, ha! That’s right. Haha, sorry. But that place really is no joke.”

    “Why? Is it different from the lowest-ranked supply store?”

    “Supply store? You crazy. What do you think is better, commercial goods or military supplies?”

    “… How is it, really?”

    “First, the quality of equipment is incomparable. Also, we get a discount as D rank independent troops. But, do you think that’s all? I enrolled in the Virgo Cluster Warrior School. It was also free as one of the benefits! I trained there for a day, and it was on another level compared to the techniques we find in the supply store. Also, above all, just staying there feels different. It’s more refined and lively, and warriors discuss amongst each other… I could easily tell how much of a backwater place Dragonic is! Hahaha!”

    “Damn it… If there’s a good place like that, shouldn’t they share it with everyone? When we are all members of the alliance anyways?”

    “What can they do when resources are limited? Isn’t it natural for the alliance to invest in more skillful and devote warriors?”

    “… Good for you. God damn it.”

    Although there were instances when silence would follow due to their excessive bragging, this silence wouldn’t last long. They couldn’t help but ask,

    “So… Have you been to Dark City?”

    “Even if I get a discount as a member of D rank troops, the cost to travel there is too expensive… Still, if I diligently collect Mission Points, it’s a place that is worth taking a plunge for. Like the cost of traveling from Seoul to New York on business class?”

    “You crazy, to compare… Either way, I’m envious. Ah, when will my clan be able to establish independent troops? Should I just join your clan?”

    “Yeah, if you’re going to join, join quickly. The later you join, the larger the difference will be.”

    The conversations between warriors around this time were all like this.

    New cultures were like this. Even if it hurt their pride, they were envious.

    As the situation was like this, clan leaders hurried to establish their own troops. However, they couldn’t do it as easily as Choi Hyuk did.

    Due to wanting to recruit a few more warriors to increase their beginning rank slightly, they set aside ample time to prepare before they established troops. Also, as they didn’t utilize tactics that disregarded their lives like the Berserkers, they had to train their newly joined clan members.

    During this time, where everyone was in a hurry but delaying establishing troops, the one who rose to overwhelming prominence was Camilla. She established her troops right after Choi Hyuk. It was a shocking speed.

    The Berserkers were able to quickly establish their troops because of the Berserkers’ simplistic spirit and Choi Hyuk’s popularity.

    On the other hand, Camilla was able to quickly establish her troops because she didn’t expect any more people to join her clan. This was because the Camilla Clan only accepted those with the hero’s fate, ‘Savior’, which increased their karma when they helped others and gained their trust. Also, because all the heroes in the world had already joined her clan, there was no need to consider whether they should accept more people or not. They only decided to accept members of the El Tribes who were compatible with them.

    {The ‘Valkyries’ have been registered as independent troops of the alliance.2 middle-ranked warriors (5-star), 1,492 low-ranked warriors (4-star), 135,317 lowest-ranked warriors (3-star) as well as 300,000 probationary warriors belong to this troop. Their fighting power is evaluated at D rank.}

    Camilla’s troops ‘Valkyries’ received a normal D rank. A matter of significance was that 400 of the low-ranked warriors (4-star) were members of the El Tribes. They were El Tribe members who owed a life debt to her clan members or were charmed by their characters.

    She was the clan leader who had accepted the most El Tribe members after Choi Hyuk, who accepted a thousand members.

    The alliance gave priority to quality over quantity.

    To be a B rank, one needed at least 1,000 members and at least 500 of them had to be middle-ranked warriors (5-star).

    To be a C rank, one needed at least 10,000 members, a commander who was at least a high-ranked warrior, and at least 5,000 members had to be low-ranked warriors (4-star).

    To be a D rank, one needed at least 100,000 members, a commander who was at least a middle-ranked warrior, and at least 50,000 had to be lowest-ranked warriors (3-star).

    Below them were E and F ranks, which weren’t allowed to be independent troops. Those were troops which were operated like ‘boy/girl scouts’ of the young warriors of the top 4 tribes.

    That was why, with barely 15,000 low-ranked warriors (4-star) among the El Tribes and earthlings in total, it was difficult for independent troops to be established on Dragonic with a rank exceeding C. Choi Hyuk was the only high-ranked warrior, and the top elite troops on Dragonic, the Berserkers, only had around 3,000 low-ranked warriors.

    “But how did the Berserkers receive a C rank? Even if it’s a C-… They didn’t fulfill the minimum requirements.”

    Camilla’s devoted follower, Penelope, asked with widened eyes. She sounded as though she had just thought of it.

    Camilla calmly replied,

    “That’s because Choi Hyuk isn’t just a normal high-ranked warrior but a high-ranked warrior with a Sword of Vow.”

    “Is a Sword of Vow really that amazing? Enough to compare with 2,000 4-star warriors?”

    “Since he slashed a highest-ranked monster with that sword when he was a middle-ranked warrior… It’s an unbelievable treasure.”

    “Wow… Unni, aren’t you going to make one of those?”

    “I will. That’s why I came this far.”

    As she replied, Camilla looked in front of her.

    They were in the dark and vast outer space. The three Kahur Kabkuns, which had created a triangular formation in outer space, were completely destroyed. Around them were monster corpses, which had poured out from when the Kahur Kabkuns were destroyed, floating in space. Her troops, the ‘Valkyries’, were treating their wounds as they rested. They were all observing the brightly shining light in front of them.

    Three suns were rotating around each other as if they were affected by each other’s gravity, and a large planet was revolving around the three suns. As there were three suns and the distance between the suns and the planet were short, all the liquid on the planet seemed to have evaporated as gray steam covered the planet.

    “And here I had thought it was weird for three of the new type of Kahur Kabkuns, which were rare to find these days, to be gathered in the same place…”

    Camilla sent a wary look towards the planet covered in gray steam.

    “To think that karmalings were living on a planet like that…”

    A lone planet was emitting powerful karma within this dead space. Karma was the energy of fate created when intelligent lifeforms, who wanted to change their fates, despaired against the world and, at times, came out victorious. For karma to be so concentrated here was a decisive proof that karmalings lived here.

    It was at this time when the reconnaissance team sent to the planet returned.

    “There’s no doubt. We confirmed that there are aliens that are capable of communication. Although they are weak, ranging from no-star to 1-star levels, they are a species that knows how to use karma.”

    As she heard their report, Camilla nodded her head.

    “Nonetheless, if they know how to use karma, their starting point is better than ours.”

    Then her gaze saddened.

    “Three Kahur Kabkuns and the discovery of karmalings… Although we’ll probably receive a generous amount of Mission Points… It will now be the start of a nightmare for them.”

    Earth should have undergone the same process. Someone from the alliance discovered Earth, which had then begun the long, hellish journey for the earthlings.

    “Let’s return.”

    After saying this, she turned her back. However, due to an inevitable sense of sympathy, she gazed once more at the steam covered planet. It was a planet which would be later called the Kundle Planet.


    Choi Hyuk was in the free city, the ‘Holy Land’.

    The El Tribes’ sanctum, where the dragons were born, was granted the name ‘Holy Land’, and it became a type of public land. Although the El Tribes were the ones who were actually managing the city, to show respect towards the earthlings, who protected Dragonic and their sanctum, they opened the city to everyone. All earthlings could freely enter the Holy Land and were allowed to use and research the dragons’ inheritance.

    Only one location was restricted from public access.

    It was the ‘sanctum’ where the baby dragons lived. The El Tribes, who had the duty of protecting and teaching the dragons, patrolled this area with glaring eyes.

    Choi Hyuk was precisely in this ‘sanctum’.



    The dragons, which were only slightly larger than dogs, stretched their heads out of their nest and acted cute towards him. It was to the point where Choi Hyuk felt embarrassed.

    “Haha… They don’t even act this happy to us…”

    The Great Warrior Lantz, who was selected as one of the guardian warriors of the nest, burst into a hearty laugh when he saw this scene.

    Choi Hyuk parted from the baby dragons who were biting his sleeves and licking his face and asked,

    “Why are they acting like this?”

    “I think it’s because they sense the energy of dragons and Overseer Richard from you.”

    “Let’s say the dragon one makes sense, but why Richard?”

    “Since everyone was able to live because Richard gave his life. Even if they are young, dragons are dragons. They know who protected them.”

    When he heard this, Choi Hyuk felt a greater burden. The affection of the dragons wasn’t directed at him. When he thought about how it was the affection Mack and Richard were supposed to receive, it felt more burdensome.

    He wasn’t used to this sort of affection from the start, and for some reason, he recalled his childhood where he followed his mother around everywhere, which made him emotional. It didn’t feel good.

    As he separated from the dragons surrounding him, Choi Hyuk moved away and sat at a desk.

    “Anyways, you became stronger, Lantz.”

    Like Choi Hyuk said, Lantz had rapidly become stronger. When Choi Hyuk first met him, he was a low-ranked warrior (4-star). Yet, currently, Lantz had reached the peak of the middle-ranked warriors. No matter how diligently he trained or how rapidly he progressed through experiencing the tidal wave of monsters this time, it was still an incredible progress.

    That wasn’t all either. The majority of the El Tribes became stronger at such a rapid rate that they increased by at least one level.

    “Ah, we received the blessings of the dragons.”

    The El Tribes perceived this phenomenon as a blessing they received after making a pact with the dragons. It was as though the El Tribes’ true potential awakened after they fulfilled their promise. If they were to explain this with the knowledge of the alliance, they could describe it as ‘inheriting the fates of the past species that had lived and gone extinct on Dragonic after gaining full control over it’.

    It was good anyways since Choi Hyuk was able to fill up the lacking number of low-ranked warriors (4-star) with them.

    “Anyways, leader. It seems they really like you.”

    Baek Seoin, who was swaying on a chair, pointed behind Choi Hyuk.

    Flap, flap.

    The baby dragons flapped their underdeveloped wings as they flew and ran towards Choi Hyuk. They sat on Choi Hyuk’s knees, rested against his feet, and even took spots on his head and shoulders. It was a mess. Choi Hyuk couldn’t bring himself to treat the baby dragons badly since he recalled what he received from Mack and simply sat there rigidly.

    “Puhahaha. You really are the dragons’ lover!”

    Lantz laughed loudly as he saw this.

    Choi Hyuk gave up and let out a sigh.

    To be honest, this wasn’t a bad situation. Although the baby dragons annoyed him, the mood was more gentle thanks to them.

    This situation was better for getting their agreement.

    “Anyways, please take care of us. You guys won’t be losing anything through this proposal either.”

    Lantz nodded at his words.

    “Yeah. Although we guardian warriors are tied to the sanctum, which will slow our progress, your proposal asking us to join the Berserkers as honorary members when we have the time isn’t bad for us either.”

    “Exclusively with the Berserkers.”

    “I know, I know. Also, if they saw your current appearance, everyone would agree.”

    Choi Hyuk was surrounded by baby dragons. Looking at his appearance, Lantz’s gaze couldn’t be gentler.

    On their way out, after successfully concluding the meeting with Lantz, Baek Seoin’s expression was serious.

    “Anyways, leader, you said our next mission will be training recruits, right? We have to do the opposite of what we experie-“

    “It’s what Flame-Rain said. Since the rewards will be generous… We have to do it. I don’t know about anything else but we are in urgent need of Mission Points. All those who have newly become middle-ranked warriors need to possess a karma-weapon. And, if possible, Weapons of Sentiment.”

    “That’s right… It’s not like it’s just a couple Mission Points or anything. We can’t miss such a big mission. However, leader, if we are assigned to train new recruits, aren’t we allowed to make our own curriculum?”


    “… Then isn’t there no need to use the method we suffered under?”

    Choi Hyuk stood in place when he heard Baek Seoin’s words. To be honest, it was a thought that never left his mind after he heard it from Flame-Rain. ‘Do we need to train them in the same manner we suffered under? So cruelly? Then how are we different from the alliance?’ There was no way such questions of morals left his mind either. However, Choi Hyuk shook his head every time. It was the same now.

    “If that’s the best method, then that’s what we’ll do.”

    What did he care about what was morally appropriate? Choi Hyuk prioritized revenge.

    “No. Leader, please think about it carefully. Even if it’s difficult, we have to act in a way that doesn’t garner their resentment.”

    Yet, Baek Seoin didn’t retreat.

    Choi Hyuk looked back at Baek Seoin with eyes devoid of emotion.

    “How so?”

    Baek Seoin didn’t lose heart and replied,

    “Only then will you get your revenge. Leader, to get revenge on the alliance means that you are going to make the entire universe your enemy. No matter how deep our resentment towards the alliance is, the alliance is also the last stronghold that can protect our lives. If we become hostile against the alliance, those who are hostile towards us will crop up successively, not because they like the alliance but for their survival.”

    Baek Seoin’s comment struck the point Choi Hyuk had overlooked. Until now, he had thought of revenge in a simple way, to kill everyone at the top of the alliance. However, unless he killed all of them at once, there would be a snag in Choi Hyuk’s revenge like Baek Seoin said.

    “… So?”

    “That’s why we need to show them that we can do better than the alliance.”

    Baek Seoin’s argument included ‘proposing an alternative’ rather than a simple revenge. Instead of blindly trying to get revenge on the alliance, it was a revenge that included creating a new order afterwards. His plan was already too grand to consider it as getting revenge.

    That was why Choi Hyuk felt frustrated. An ‘alternative to the alliance’? It felt like they were taking an excessively long roundabout path.

    “… I’ll think about it.”

    Choi Hyuk couldn’t help but push back his decision.

    “We don’t know what kind of people will receive the recruit training yet anyways.”

    With great timing, this conversation took place the same day they received a new mission.

    {The independent troops ‘Valkyries’ have discovered a new karma species. The assessment and training of them will be assigned to the ‘Berserkers’, ‘Sur’, and ‘Jangkok’.}

    The Sur and Jangkok troops were troops from outer space and not from Dragonic.

    To the Berserkers, who had established their troops, a completely different mission from the ones they had undergone until now had begun.

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