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Chapter 135: Species Bloom And Wilt (1)

    Episode 8: Recruit Training / Chapter 135: Species Bloom And Wilt (1)

    TL: emptycube / ED: Obelisk

    To the earthlings, who had recently joined the alliance, the alliance seemed god-like – A centralized organization that functioned on a thorough, standardized system… but that wasn’t the case. As a gathering of countless species, it was an organization where everyone’s rights and values were tangled together with no solution. This was the alliance.

    The division troops were the slaves of the top 4 tribes.

    The regional troops were slaves maintaining their specific region.

    The independent troops were the slaves of desires.

    Although there was only one war, everyone saw this war from different perspectives, and their goals were infinitesimally different. As this was the case, establishing the alliance’s tactics was more pluralistic than unitary, and it was always accompanied by endless disputes and competitions.

    An example of this was the existence of the ‘tactic market’.


    {Investigation Project for the Hourglass Cluster}

    There has been a lull since the large-scale invasion of monsters last time.

    However, we know that it is currently the calm before the storm.

    The monsters’ next attack will be fiercer. Also, when we recall the monsters’ strategy, there’s a high chance that this attack will start in regions of the universe that remain a mystery rather than parts of the universe the alliance controls.

    During this time, exploring uncolonized lands and controlling the resources there, before the monsters can, will be a very important tactic.

    During this time, a… can be of a big help to the alliance and might be able to discover a new species that has a great potential in earning an enormous amount of Mission Points. Like the jackpot in the Virgo Cluster!

    The Mer species, who showed an outstanding performance in building defensive fortresses, the Lenoss Troops, who are exceptional at exploration, and the Bota Troops, who are excellent in training recruits, are all participating in this project.

    Over 95% of the Hourglass Cluster is uncolonized. There haven’t been any karma species discovered yet. However, a karma index of 1,500 has been detected after checking the flow of interstellar karma, and it is expected that many karma species reside there…


    “Do you think the Hourglass Project will take off?”

    “I don’t know. It’s not bad index-wise… But exploring has too much risk. After exploring 90% of the cluster, the treasures might only be gathered in the remaining 10%. Before that, it could collapse facing the monsters’ invasion. There are even cases where people explore all of it and find that there aren’t any useful species despite the karma index…”

    “But still, isn’t it high risk, high return? To be honest, who knew that Earth, which was discovered in the Virgo Cluster, would become so prominent? Those who invested in that project must be reaping in profits.”

    “Ah, stop there. It’s not like one or two species have kicked the bucket trying to get rich overnight. In times like these where uncertainty is growing, it’s better to put your hand in the alliance’s center strategy.”

    “Doesn’t the alliance screw up? The independent troops had to clean up after their shit multiple times.”

    “Still, they screw up less.”

    This place was similar to a stock market.

    It was a place that invested Mission Points and various resources in tactics that looked like they would take off and troops that seemed to have potential. A plaza that was responsible for a variety of tactics which the bloated organization known as the alliance couldn’t fully take in.

    However, the side effects were considerable as well.

    It was originally created as an assisting role, to fill empty holes in the alliance’s strategy and vitalize alliance member activity, but now the bloated ‘tactic market’ could shake important strategies of the alliance.

    “Anyways, wasn’t the alliance’s evaluation of the Nathanial Defense System too exaggerated? I don’t think it’s able to display that sort of effectiveness? Since they say they are going to introduce a controversial system like that to more galaxies… Ah, there needs to be a limit to wasting the budget…”

    “The Nathaniel Troops have an incredibly strong influence in the alliance. They probably had some sort of deal. They have a lot of contacts with the top 4… More than half of their executives are from the top 4.”

    “Damn it… Can those without connections survive in such a sad world? What are the Exalted Wings doing?”

    “They are busy just managing the Net of Fate. Also, aren’t they just a part of the top 4 in the end? …Also, the truth is something that changes depending on the perspective you look at it from. If their experts come out and say, ‘It wasn’t the defense system but something else that was the problem. We were able to defend this much thanks to the defense system,’ what can we say?”

    “I don’t know. I just can’t believe there are people who think about making money in a war that risks the fates of species. Damn it. Don’t they know how many species disappear overnight out on the borders…?!”

    “It’s because the war is too long. In the end, those in the center were able to endure such a long time without much danger. They’ve fallen into simple mannerisms.”

    In the past, the earthlings had unilaterally followed the alliance as Consumables and under the Virgo Cluster Regional Troops. However, by establishing independent troops, they gained the right to participate in the ‘tactic market’ as investors and planners as well. It was the start of their lives as true alliance members.

    This change brought with it a huge opportunity as well as an enormous risk.

    “Tactic market? Forget it. We don’t need to care about things like that and focus on our job.”

    Camilla struck down this new opportunity.

    “However, they say there are species who earned a ton of Mission Points in one go? If we have that much, we can prepare karma weapons and set a good foundation for the warriors we develop in the future. To be honest, our clan’s finances aren’t good compared to other clans of the same size. There’s nothing much we can do since this is our style, but couldn’t we research this market and participate in it as well? Although they say it is a negative influence, it’s also a greatly positive one as well.”

    Penelope said in a slightly worried tone.

    However, Camilla shook her head adamantly.

    “We can’t lose our essence. The goal of our Camilla Clan is the survival and prosperity of species. You can’t have such naïve thoughts that the alliance will protect us just because we joined them. I felt this during the tidal wave of monsters, but their priority is the alliance. If the war becomes difficult, we could be cast aside at any time. Although Mission Points and equipment are helpful, we need to obtain them through our own strength. Don’t think about earning them through risky games. What we need to focus on right now is significantly improving ourselves. As independent troops that have only now become D-ranked, if we get caught up in such nonessential matters, we won’t be able to do this or that.”

    “Yes… If you’re firm on it, why don’t we at least receive some investments? To be honest, we only have two middle-ranked warriors including me… We need to pick out at least one good karma weapon, unni. Overseer Choi Hyuk has been on a roll ever since he created a Sword of Vow… Haa, where did he get the money to create one…?”

    “The moment we receive investments, we need to take the thoughts of our investors into account. Why do you think they call independent troops slaves of desires? There are a ton of those who don’t look back at the safety of their species as they act to obtain more investments and more profits. We can’t be like them, can we? Let’s think about this matter once we accumulate results where we no longer have to be so mindful of what our investors think.”

    Eventually, Penelope sighed.

    “Yes, unni. It seems I became a little greedy after learning about this new information.”

    Of course, not everyone was like Camilla. A new world, a bigger opportunity. There were many more who attempted to sink their feet into it.

    There were even some who daringly jumped into it.

    “Leader. Isn’t there a high risk? They say there are quite a few troops that ruin themselves because of it…”

    It was rather the members of the Jessie Clan who were worried about their daring leader. However, there wasn’t the slightest sliver of fear in Jessie’s shining eyes.

    “Fool. That’s why we need to do it. In the end, whether they are early or late, everyone will end up participating in the tactic market. Humans won’t change even when the world has changed this much. There is no end to greed and they repeatedly make the same mistakes. Then what should we do? We need to take the lead and become pioneers. As we tread towards this demon-abode-like tactic market, isn’t our role to be explorers who find constellations before anyone else? Isn’t that good?! Sovereign Jessie’s tips on tactic investments! Then we can set up a legitimate investment company! Look back at Earth. Wasn’t being an investor more exciting than being a producer?”

    “That’s true, but we are a clan founded on the banner of supplying refined fighting techniques? We aren’t a finance company that deals in money…”

    “Hey, don’t say such words. Do you think this is really like investing in stocks just because it’s similar? This is tactic investments. Tactics. Don’t we know how important tactics are? To be honest, during the tidal wave of monsters, earthlings would have gone extinct right there and then if it wasn’t for Overseer Choi Hyuk and Richard. And Richard died in battle… Damn it! Do you want to want to only look towards Overseer Choi Hyuk if a situation like that arises again? Normally, you can’t give up on tacticians even if you give up on soldiers. This is the only path if guys from the country without any connections like us want to understand and take hold of the alliance’s strategies. This is a kind of fight as well! It’s not simply just dealing with enemies in front of you with a sword. What I’m saying is that tactics are the fighting techniques that can skillfully deal with enemies on the scale of troops and the universe. There’s a need for earthlings to broaden their perspectives.”

    “Haa… Well, who can stop you, leader?”

    “Yeah. Let’s use this opportunity to gather some clans who want to jump into the tactic market but aren’t qualified to and clans that are too nervous to even try. Looking at it, it’s not something we can do with one or two points, and it’s safer if we have more capital.”

    “How are you going to bear all the resentment if we all go bankrupt?!”

    “Don’t worry and don’t be nervous. We just need to keep our heads in the game. Aren’t challenges and adventures our mistresses? Wahaha!”

    Jessie laughed like an innocent child.

    While the earthlings were heading to this new opportunity, the Berserkers, who were the first to establish independent troops, were quite a distance away from this change.

    As their key members were caught up in the important mission ‘recruit training’ soon after they became independent troops, they didn’t have the time to figure out what the tactic market was.

    Well, even if they did know, it wouldn’t change much. Choi Hyuk and his subordinates were like seekers of truth. Seekers of truth drenched in blood. They simply fought. If they fought and fought, things would approach them on their own. They never looked or snooped around.

    Hadn’t the Sword of Vow in Choi Hyuk’s possession and the opportunities the Berserkers received come to them first?

    In this respect, the Berserkers’ method was closer to the Camilla Clan than the Jessie Clan.

    Maybe it was because of this? Camilla, who had been quite wary of the Berserkers, looked upon Choi Hyuk’s proposal in a positive manner.

    “So, are you saying you’ll plant our will of wanting to take care of species into the Kundle Tribe?”

    “That’s right. I think when the Kundle Tribe’s fear encounters the Camilla Clan’s will, it will advance fantastically.”

    Baek Seoin replied simply at Camilla’s question.

    “Then what do we need to do?”

    Asked Jessie.

    “You simply need to direct them such that they think that everything we did was for the Kundle Tribe and so the Kundle Tribe members are moved and proud that they created history. So that their hearts race. The Berserkers just aren’t good at stuff like this.”

    “Make them feel moved… It’s easier said than done.”

    While he picked at Baek Seoin’s vague explanations, Jessie smiled leisurely. His attitude showed that he was confident either way.

    “Then what will the Berserkers do?”

    Asked Camilla.

    Baek Seoin smiled as he replied,

    “We will prepare the props and take the lead role.”

    The meeting regarding the distribution of rewards followed afterwards.

    As the Berserkers used up all their allocated resources to restrain the Kundle Tribe’s karma, they needed to make up the resources they would consume from now on. The Camilla Clan and Jessie Clan decided to take up this role, and in return, they decided to split the rewards, where the Berserkers took 60% and the Valkyries and the Extremers took 20% each.

    “Ah, if the training happens to flop, we might receive disciplinary action… But that’s something we Berserkers will take care of on our own so you don’t need to worry. All you will lose is your investment.

    Baek Seoin said in such a way that it was uncertain whether he was trying to scare them or make them relax.

    However, Jessie and Camilla had already decided.

    “You’ll become our first investment. I hope for your success.”

    Jessie said while smiling brightly.

    “Although the risk is high… Knowing how to train warriors is a skill we absolutely need. Since there is something to be obtained if we fail, it’s fine. If we can reap some profits from this, it’ll reduce Penelope’s nagging.”

    Camilla showed her enthusiasm.

    Screenplay and leading role: Choi Hyuk’s ‘Berserkers’

    Director: Jessie’s ‘Extremers’

    Acting guide: Camilla’s ‘Valkyries’

    All preparations were done.

    Regardless of whether it would be a success or flop, the true recruit training began.

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