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Chapter 138:Species Bloom and Wilt (4)

    Episode 8:Recruit Training / Chapter 138:Species Bloom and Wilt (4)

    TL:emptycube / ED:Obelisk

    {T/N} The beginning is quite gory. You have been warned.

    A Kundle Tribe member was being chewed on by a monster. The monster, which looked like a wolf, shoved its head in, biting into the Kundle Tribe member’s sausage-like body and swallowing.


    The Kundle Tribe member, completely restrained by the monster, could only shed tears as he pled,

    “Please… Please… Stop… Acck!”

    However, as though it couldn’t hear his words, the monster bit off his head and swallowed it. There was no one to save him. Team 8,321 had completely collapsed and had been utterly trampled by the monsters.


    The healer from the Valkyries, who had tried to save everyone in Team 8,321, was pressed under a monster. The monster, whose limbs were transparent like glass and possessed a long tongue like a snake’s, chuckled. It was a monster at the 4-star level that knew how to talk.

    “Are you scared? Scared?”

    The monster chuckled as it used its long tongue to carve out one of the healer’s eyes, swallowing it.


    The healer squirmed, but the monster stepped on his arms and legs as if he was a toy, turning them into paste. Closing his remaining eye, the healer shook his head. When the monster’s fingertip brushed past the healer’s eye, his eyelid was sliced off. The monster gently licked his eye, which couldn’t blink without an eyelid.

    “Should I let you live? Huh? Do you want to live?”

    The monster brought a dying female member of the Extremers, whose stomach was pierced, in front of the healer. A bit of her guts spilled out from her pierced stomach.

    “Eat. Eat? I’ll let you live. I’ll let you live?”

    The monsters that could talk were ones that learned the emotions of the karmalings. They didn’t simply slaughter people but also knew how to step on their pride and dignity and make them tremble in fear.

    “You’re not eating. You’re not?”

    “Healer! Healer!”

    The last remaining Kundle Tribe member of Team 8,321, Moonmoon, shouted mournfully as he rolled on the ground. The healer, who had warmly taken care of their wounds since their team was established, was being mercilessly trampled on in front of him. Moonmoon felt like he would go crazy with agony.

    “Loud. You’re loud? Then you eat. Here, eat?”

    The monster ripped open the healer’s stomach with its hands. It then pushed the steaming stomach in front of Moonmoon.

    “Open your mouth. Open?”

    Moonmoon shook his head. The monster forcefully opened his mouth and shoved the healer’s flesh and organs into it. As Kundle Tribe members lived on sunlight and dust from the ground, they didn’t have a digestive tract, only a respiratory one. The monster filled Moonmoon’s windpipe by shoving the healer’s flesh and organs into it. Moonmoon wretched, but he couldn’t match the power of the monster that was forcefully shoving them down his windpipe. Even now, the healer hadn’t died and was shaking his head in agony. “Please, please… Stop…” His pitiful moans dispersed in vain. Beside him was a Berserker who had resisted until the very end. His face had been completely ripped apart and his corpse was sprawled like trash.

    Moonmoon shed tears.

    He was powerless. He hated himself for having felt proud, thinking he had gotten a little stronger. The moment he encountered a powerful monster… his growth until now was completely inadequate.

    ‘Growth? What’s the point of that? Growth isn’t important. Not losing is! Just what have I been doing all this time?!’

    He inwardly despaired as his windpipe was blocked and he couldn’t breathe properly. As he cried, his regrets had nowhere to go.

    “… You fucking asshole…!”

    Just then, accompanied by a curse filled with bloodthirst, something flashed in front of his eyes. A small figure. He was a young Berserker. He was Lee Jinhee’s eternal follower, Alexei.


    The monster, who had been full of confidence, was flustered by Alexei’s sudden attack and retreated. Alexei nimbly stepped on mid-air and swung his sword at the monster’s face.


    However, the monster was at the 4-star level. It blocked Alexei’s sword with its transparent arm at the last moment.

    “Kihi! You eat too. Huh? Feed you?”

    It seemed it was slightly relieved after blocking his attack as the monster mocked him. However, Alexei didn’t reply and lowered his head as he pressed his sword down. His head rushed in like lightning and bit down on the monster’s neck.



    Alexei ripped its throat out with his teeth. A lot of black blood spewed out into the air. Alexei stabbed his sword into the monster’s head, which had lost its balance, embedding it into the ground.


    The 4-star monster that had been a nightmare for Moonmoon and Team 8,321 had instantly died and was slammed to the ground. This was the skill of Alexei, a top elite of the Berserkers, who was known to have the highest seniority amongst those on the level of team leaders

    Alexei chewed on the monster’s throat he had ripped out before spitting it out.

    “Fuck. Tastes like shit…”

    His eyes were different from the ones of a love-struck youth when he was in front of Lee Jinhee. With eyes shining with madness, he glanced at the monster before looking around the battlefield for another elite monster.

    Moonmoon hastily got up.

    “Reeetch! Reetch!”

    While vomiting the healer’s corpse which filled his windpipe, he clung onto Alexei’s leg.

    “What the hell?”

    Alexei stared menacingly down at Moonmoon.

    Moonmoon clung onto Alexei’s pant leg and shouted,

    “I want to become stronger… I want to become stronger! Please teach me! Please, I beg of you!”

    Moonmoon’s eyes shed tears mixed with blood.

    Alexei heartlessly broke free from Moonmoon’s grasp.

    “What are you saying? You’re looking for a way to get stronger in the middle of war? Look for that as a hobby. For now, just fight. Is your opponent stronger than you? Then what can you do besides getting devoured? But, while you’re being devoured, bite and rip open its esophagus or stomach. Just think about how you will wound it. Stop crying. If you survive by luck, then at some point, you won’t die easily.”

    Alexei clicked his tongue.

    After he left, Moonmoon, who rolled on the ground like trash, screamed.

    He cursed at how weak he was, he even cursed his sadness.

    He wanted to become like the Berserkers.

    He wanted to be like them, who only thought about stabbing monsters’ bodies with their swords even while their faces were being ripped apart. He felt that, if he became a Berserker, this pain that made him want to go crazy would disappear.

    “Euaah! Euuuuuuaaahhh!”

    Moonmoon screamed. At the same time, a change occurred in his body.

    Under this extreme stress, his genes quickly caused a mutation. It was the genetic mutation they had originally used for entertainment. Moonmoon’s body bent in strange ways before returning to normal. It then sprouted wings before returning to normal. His arms and legs thickened before thinning, and his skin became hard before melting… However, in the end, he returned to his normal appearance.

    As if he was dead, he was silent for a moment before getting up. He didn’t tremble anymore. He looked calm. Only, his eyes were dyed red. His eyes emitted a terrifying killing intent.


    This was the moment the gene known as the ‘Berserker Gene’ amongst the Kundle Tribe members was first created.

    As a characteristic of their genetic mutation, it wasn’t a trait that would last forever, but at least, for a moment, these mild Kundle Tribe members could become bloodthirsty demons.

    It wasn’t a will created by Camilla or Bae Jinman, but one they created themselves.


    “Their movements have become better these days?”

    At Baek Seoin’s question, Leah replied,

    “Yes. They are changing their personality on their own by using their ‘genetic mutation’. It’s not permanent as it seems they turn it on like a switch during battle or training… Either way, even without the Camilla Clan forcefully boosting their will, there’s no doubt they can function on their own. It seems that the Valkyrie’s burden lessened because of this as well.”

    Baek Seoin’s lips curled into a smile.

    “It’s the fourth stage.”

    The last stage of the warrior training he had created. It was precisely the stage where the Kundle Tribe motivated themselves without any external interference. It was something he had thought of when he first saw their genetic mutation in the market, but it worked out as expected.

    However, his smile soon turned bitter.

    “But there are too many monsters.”

    Drawing in powerful monsters was incredibly risky. The monsters that appeared on Earth were only of the 1-2-star level. On top of that, there hadn’t been a lot of them. The troops in charge of recruit training were more than enough to deal with them. However, the monsters currently sweeping through the Kundle Planet were at a level that could utterly destroy an entire planet. The Berserkers, the Valkyries, and the Extremers couldn’t avoid suffering losses.

    On top of that, they received a final notice from the alliance.

    {Intentionally letting monsters invade a new planet is a grave crime. We will no longer stand the plundering of resources. In the case you do not seize complete victory against the monsters and obtain results beyond the resources that have been lost, the alliance will immediately dispatch a punitive force to suppress the monsters. We will disqualify the Berserkers from the recruit training mission and take disciplinary measures.}

    It was a notice of unmatched strictness. This was the result of Manta and Hashishi, who were furious with the Berserkers’ actions, resolutely sending an appeal to the alliance.

    There were only 20 days left before the first evaluation.

    The monsters’ force was still powerful. Yet, Choi Hyuk, who had to take down the monsters’ vigorous attack, acted leisurely. Even now, he didn’t go out onto the battlefield and spent his time sitting in the command room of Naro’s spaceship in contemplation.

    Baek Seoin sighed.

    “Leader. Can’t we act a little safer? I think this much is enough… If we keep dragging it on, the gap between us and the Sur and Jangkok troops will only get wider.”

    Baek Seoin had a plan. However, the master of the Berserkers wasn’t Baek Seoin but Choi Hyuk. Choi Hyuk had long since been carrying out a new plan with Baek Seoin’s plan as its base. It was under his command that Lee Jinhee brought over an unbelievable monster army that shattered everyone’s expectations.

    However, Choi Hyuk wasn’t satisfied. He hadn’t personally made a move since the first battle. Because of this, the frontlines were frozen, repeatedly advancing and retreating. There was no progress. Although they were all constantly growing because of this, their losses were gradually accumulating as well. Even now, the monsters continued to pour in from the gate. On the other hand, the Sur and Jangkok Troops were expending all their energy on mining the planet to completely leave Choi Hyuk’s troops behind.

    “Just how far are you thinking?”

    Baek Seoin felt frustrated at Choi Hyuk’s no reply as he looked at Lee Jinhee. ‘Just what is the leader waiting for?’ He asked with his eyes. Lee Jinhee avoided his gaze.

    Choi Hyuk was waiting for the monsters’ force to grow larger. However, he didn’t state exactly how big he wanted their force to be. Every time Baek Seoin asked, ‘Isn’t this enough?’ Choi Hyuk would shake his head.

    Baek Seoin, who sighed once again today, suddenly became surprised.

    The tips of his fingers trembled.

    “… Huh? Huh?”

    Baek Seoin’s innate skill, Intuition, had activated. His Intuition only activated when a situation where his life was at risk approached. It had been a long time since it last activated.

    “What’s wrong?”

    Leah asked in surprise. However, Baek Seoin didn’t answer and looked at Choi Hyuk.

    “Leader… Don’t tell me…?”

    Just then, what Baek Seoin felt through his Intuition, Choi Hyuk had discovered with his keen senses. He opened his eyes, which had remained closed. On his face hung a satisfied smile.

    “Baek hyung. Your plan this time was very good, but there was something that bothered me.”

    Choi Hyuk held his Sword of Vow and got up.

    “I don’t like tricking people and performing. Being conscious of the alliance is enough. There’s no need to perform in front of a species weaker than us, right?”

    His gaze was fixed on the gate Lee Jinhee had opened on the Kundle Planet. A hand was coming out from beyond the gate. It exuded an ominous feeling.

    “If we decided to bring the Kundle Tribe onto our side… It’s only right we enter hell together, right? Aren’t comrades people you overcome hardships with? Including me, of course.”

    {Karma reaction! It’s a monster at the peak of the high rank! It’s stro… strong to a bizarre degree! It’s stronger than Commander Mack!}

    Naro shouted.

    “Uh… Uh… Something’s weird…?”

    Lee Jinhee, who had been tasked with the duty of drawing monster in, spat as she turned pale. Only Choi Hyuk looked like he found this fun.

    A monster that possessed a gigantic horn and hands came out from the gate. However, the real threat was elsewhere.

    No matter how one looked at it, a figure that looked like a human stood arrogantly on top of the enormous monster. If it wasn’t for its eyes, which were black with white pupils, it would certainly look like an earthling.

    It was a never before seen monster that looked entirely human.

    When it hit the enormous monster’s head with a thud,


    The enormous monster let out a roar like a loyal dog. Its roar rang throughout the planet. Surprised by its vigor, everyone stopped fighting. Even the Sur and Jangkok Troops stopped mining.

    Everyone shuddered at the appearance of the new monsters.

    Choi Hyuk’s smile deepened.

    “I can’t let the Sur and Jangkok Troops just watch. Now… Let’s test who will survive this hell.”


    {Choi Hyuk this bastard… He’s strangely passive in pushing the monsters back, isn’t he? Since he’s a high-ranked warrior, he should be able to push them back with his strength, but he’s just watching. Is he seriously trying to screw us over since he can’t win? Shouldn’t we at least go out and chase the monsters out? The amount of resources the monsters ate is quite significant.}

    Hashishi was, yet again, not in a good mood today because of Choi Hyuk.

    {No. Just wait until the first evaluation. Since this loss will entirely be Choi Hyuk’s responsibility. If we make a move, it might become a pain later if he says something like we obstructed his training or whatever. He still has authority in this training. It won’t look good if we interfere.}

    {That’s true, but how regretful…}

    Hashishi licked his lips. The parts of the planet and Kundle Tribe members the monsters had devoured would have been the karma they would possess under normal circumstances.

    However, Manta was at ease.

    {It’s okay. Because of this, we got to know about the species known as earthlings. They were a species I had underestimated because only Choi Hyuk was famous, but they are better at working than I thought. Our labor costs are only a quarter of what they should be, but our mining speed doubled. They are aggressive and enthusiastic. If Choi Hyuk receives disciplinary measures this time, we should bring more earthlings to our side. I think they’ll be decent hunting dogs.}

    Manta revealed a satisfied smile.

    The earthlings were in a quite isolated position within the alliance. If even Choi Hyuk, who was liked by Leviathan and Commander Mack, was overthrown, then there was no doubt they would become more isolated.

    The earthlings had the skills and ambition but didn’t have information or resources… And if, on top of that, they didn’t have a master to watch their backs either… Then they were up for grabs. Wasn’t it the fate of new recruits to say thank you even if they worked for free?

    Manta chuckled.

    Though, it only took a moment for his face to stiffen.

    “… What?”

    Hashishi was the same. As if in shock, he jolted up.

    “… A high-ranked monster? Is it really a high-ranked monster? But… Why? Why is it so strong?”

    “Choi Hyuk that crazy bastard… Just what kind of monster did he bring…?!”

    Manta’s leisurely smile disappeared from his face. That wasn’t all. His face quickly turned pale.

    “Huh… Huh?!”

    The high-ranked monster didn’t head towards the Berserkers. It prioritized the Sur and Jangkok Troops mining inside the planet.

    “Immediately! Escape immediately!!”

    Manta shouted, but the monster was a step faster.


    When the enormous monster it was riding roared, the military gate system went down. They couldn’t even communicate, let alone teleport.

    {You rats dare plunder my planet?}

    Rolling its black eyes, the monster gazed in the precise direction Hashishi and Manta were located. On a planet with three high-ranked warriors, it was exceedingly at ease.

    {It’ll be fun if you all came at me at once… Well, should I go after the two have gathered together? Then the last one will probably come on its own.}

    The recruit training was no longer the problem. The playing field had been completely flipped on its head. All calculations became meaningless.

    A real war, where only the strong would survive, began.

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